How To Get Your Ex Back For Good?

When you lose something that is really important to you, then it doesn't feel good and you naturally want it back.

Because you love your ex and they are such an important and a massive part of your life, it hurts, doesn't it, when your ex leaves you, and all you are left is painful reminders and a broken heart. 

You miss him/her, you're secretly hoping they miss you, and all you can think about is getting your ex back?

If you are the one who has been dumped.

Sometimes, it can be a complete shock and happen out of the blue without any warning, sometimes you may have already suspected, all is not well

But it doesn't really matter, because either way, there is no pain like it when your partner utters those dreaded mortal words. 

"We need to talk, I am not happy or I have got something to tell you".

And then they drop the bombshell. "I want to end the relationship or I am leaving you".

After the initial brunt of the shock, the joy and contentment evaporates and it is replaced with that void empty, sinking feeling.

Within a matter of minutes, your whole world seems to have fallen apart and it feels like you have gone from heaven to hell.

You can feel all the pain and suffering welling up inside of you, and it can feel like your heart has been ripped apart and you have been shot in the head.

As hard as it might seem, if you want to get your ex back. Accept it and try not to say or do anything that you will later regret or harm your chances of a future reconciliation.

Make sure your ego does not take over, because it can be very easy to say nasty and hurtful things, that could jeopardize your chances, further on down the line.

But it is not just the person who has been dumped, who wants their ex back. Sometimes the person who has done the dumping, can make a huge mistake and want their ex back.

Because it is not just the love of your life that you have lost, it is a whole way of life that can drastically change for you. 

The real hard thing to accept and get a grip of is how, one minute you are the closest person in the world to your lover.

The next minute you're out of their life. You go from seeing each other all the time, to not having anything to do with each other, and that is difficult to take.

What makes it really difficult is. Even though your partner has left you, the strong feelings of love, remain with you.

As the days pass, you cannot envision a life with your ex.

To make matters worse. Every song that you hear, seems to remind you of ex, which fills you up with sadness and overwhelming feelings of loss.

If all your friends and family are in a happy relationship. That can add to your hurt and leave you not knowing, what to do next.

All you can think of, is getting ex back.

Although you are hurting at the moment and you are unsure, whether or not you will get your ex back.

If you are really meant to be together, it will workout and your relationship and your broken heart can be fixed.

All is not lost, when it looks like they're not coming back

Anxiously, you wait to hear from them or see them. 

Secretly, you're hoping and praying that they will call you, text you or get in contact with you, but when nothing happens, the pain levels rise.

It can be very hard to come to terms with the thought that you cannot even speak or see, the person you care about the most, in your world.

The mere thought of never being in the arms of your ex again, can send a cold shiver down your spine.

At the moment you're wounded and hurt, and it may seem like you have lost them for good. But, things can and do change.

Then you have got the added problem of having to explain to everybody, when they ask you, where is your ex or having to tell all your friends and work colleagues, that you have broken up.

This can be hard and sometimes it can feel a bit embarrassing and traumatic, having to tell everyone that your ex has left you.

You may feel like everybody is talking about you.

You may start wondering, will you meet anybody else, and the idea of having to go out and find somebody else can feel very daunting.

I think one of the hardest things to deal with is. You don't even get a choice or say in the situation as it feels like your ex is holding all the cards.

May be you thought that you would be together all your life and it can be very hard to come to terms with the sudden loss of something that you have no idea you will get back.

If your partner has already found somebody else. Then that will possibly mean that they're not coming back.

This is not always the case, and couples do get back together, even when they like or they have met somebody else.

In many cases, you should not assume that you won't get back together, because after an initial period apart, many couples do get back together.

Very often, people do not realize what they have lost, until they have lost it. So, your partner, may soon realize, that they have made a big mistake, and they want you back.

There is usually a reason why you split up in the first place, usually one party is not happy.

If you and your ex, do get back together. It is important, that you try and avoid making the same mistakes or allowing the same issues to happen again.

Although you want to enjoy the magic of making up. It is a good idea for the both of you to sit down and have a good heart opening discussion and see if you can iron out any problems.

Because this time you want to make sure you are both fully committed and you want to get it right and keep it right this time around.

Your number one priority now, is taking care of you

Love is the most powerfullest of emotions, so when you lose somebody you love. It can feel devastating and now all of a sudden you find your love has turned sour and now you are seeing the painful side of love. 

Love can be the most wonderful feeling and experience in the world. But there is a flip side to love, and when you lose it. 

Then it can be heartbreaking and one of the most painful feeling and experience, that you ever have to live through.

So, it's no wonder, you want to get your ex back.

Your initial reaction, maybe to panic, you may find it hard to accept, that your partner has left you. 

But before you can even think about getting your ex back, the most important thing is for you to take good care of yourself and for you to maintain your self worth and for you to keep your dignity. 

Even though there is probably a high chance that you can get your ex back. You also have to accept that they have left you, and you have to accept, that there is a chance that you won't get your ex back.

The emotional pain you're feeling at the moment, might make you feel like it is the end of your world at the moment, and you may be thinking to yourself, you cannot live without your ex.

All the painful feelings, will leave you feeling like you can't move on and because of all the negative emotions, you may that you're life is going to be a wreck living without your ex.

But, It is not the end of your world, just possibly the end of an experience, and you must believe that if you have to, you're going to move on and you're going to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Whatever happens, things will work out for you and everything is going to be alright, it always does.

Have you ever considered, that something better might come out of this?

Although you want to get your ex back. You and your own well-being, should be your number one priority at this very moment.

It can take time to get your ex back, but it will probably happen a lot quicker, if you treat yourself well, you let it go, and you put all your attention on to you and your emotional well-being.

The first few days can be very hard. 

People handle the breakup in different ways. Some like to shut themselves off from the rest of the world, whilst others like to be in the company of others.

If you're really struggling to come to terms with your ex leaving you. Find somebody to talk to like a friend or family member or visit your Doctor or see a professional, if you're feeling really down.

Pamper yourself, visit a health spa, take a short break or just try to do the things you enjoy, just to get you through the initial difficult stage.

I have known many people take their own life, after their ex had left them, and you can feel very vulnerable, pessimistic and down at the beginning.

The trouble is, those who take their own life, will never know what might have been.

No matter how bad it feels. It will get better, and there is a good chance, that you might get your ex back.

If you feel like crying, have a good cry, do not try and suppress your emotions. If you feel like spending some time on your own, do that.

Try to bear in mind. Nothing is more important than for you to feel good and for you be happy. And there should be no conditions put on your own happiness, including your ex. 

This may sound a bit new age. But, when you feel good, calm, carefree and happy, you will increase the chances of getting your ex back.

Don't come across as being desperate

In the early stages of the split. All the emotional overwhelm, can cloud your judgement, and make you act in, rash ways or push you into taking drastic measures, which you will probably regret, later on.

Desperate times can lead to desperate measures. But try to resist the urge to plead for them to take you back or come across as too needy.

As hard as it may feel, just accept it and walk away. Try not to show them how hurt or upset you really feel.

If you are too, get your ex back. You want them back, because they have realized they can't live without you and they want you back for all the right reasons. 

What you don't want is for them to have you back just because they feel sorry for you.

It has to be a mutual agreement, otherwise, it is never going to work.

When you're ready, put on a brave face, keep yourself busy, join a evening class and when you feel up to it. 

Get out and enjoy yourself, because if they see that you're happy and doing well without them, then that can make them think or even panic a bit.

To put it another way. If your ex just wants some free time going out with their mates and they think you cannot cope without them and you desperately want them back.

You are handing them all the cards and they will play on that, because they know, when they're fed up of partying and going out with their mates or if things don't work out for them.

Then they know, they have always got you to fall back on. But, if they feel they have lost that option because they see or hear that you're getting out and having fun yourself.

Then, this can be a game changer and it can start to swing things back in your favor.

Get your ex back, in the shortest possible time without coming across has been desperate and needy. 

Take your time

It is important that you take your time and you allow for a cooling off period. Depending on your circumstances, your ex might soon find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Sometimes people split up in the heat of an argument or they leave because things have been a bit tense or they have not been going as good as they should have been.

In many circumstances, after a bit of time, people realize their mistakes and they get back together again.

Sometimes a trial separation period, can be a good thing.

This is a good time to reflect on yourself, your own interests and what you want out of life.

Some people might tell you to forget about your ex or look for somebody else. But, that is not the best approach, whilst you're still hurting too much.

Setting yourself a goal or getting yourself fit and lean, can boost your confidence and make your ex start to regret their decision.

During this cooling off period time. Unless your ex makes an effort to contact you or they show genuine interests in you. 

Try not to make contact with them or reveal to them, that you are missing them and you want them back.

If they're showing interested in you, then it is OK to be friendly and sociable. The biggest mistake most people make is start chasing, looking for their ex or they make an attempt to talk to them, too soon.

Resist the urge to chase them or text or phone them.

If your ex does make contact with you or if you randomly bump into them. Try to remain cool and spontaneous, do not attempt to interrogate them or be pushy or ask awkward questions. 

If you were the one who dumped your ex, then you can show them that you are still interested. 

But, if you were the one who was dumped. Then, try to come across, as if you're doing fine and give off a bit of a subtle, could care less attitude, but don't go too over the top and put them completely off you.

Act a bit like you would, if you had bumped into an old friend.

Reclaim your happiness and then rekindle those flames of passion 

The first thing you need to do is to take a step back from all the emotional upset and turmoil and sit down and decide is it worth your while fighting to get your ex back. 

If deep down you know that your ex is adamant that it's over then maybe you should accept it and focus on rebuilding your life and finding someone else and starting again.

Having said that, in the majority of cases after a short cooling off period, which may take several months a majority of people realize that splitting up was a mistake and things tend to sort themselves out in the long term. 

You will certainly need a temporary break if you have been arguing a lot or you have not been getting on.

Sometimes we say the wrong things in the heat of the moment, we tend to make rash and more often than not the wrong decisions during a full blown argument which can have a negative influence on our actions and behaviours at the time. 

Sometimes what we say and mean can be different, we tend to try and hurt the ones we love to keep our ego's intact. 

We need to look at ourselves and try and work out where we have gone wrong and more importantly,  we need to ask ourselves what can we do to make things better next time.

The first you need to do is to give them some space, don't try to rush to get them back, try and keep active after the break up, there is no point in you mopping in the house dwelling on losing your ex while, you know they are out enjoying themselves and having fun. 

Because sometimes that is what your ex will want and expect you to do. 

Even if the situation seems hopeless at the moment and even if your partner has entered into another relationship, it is still possible to get your ex back if your desire is strong enough and you still believe that the relationship can be redeemed.

A lot will depend on your mental attitude and approach, although you cannot force someone to love you all is not lost if you have enough love for your ex. 

There is rarely a relationship that cannot be worked out and there is no such thing as a hopeless case as long as there has been no physical or severe mental abuse,  if you really and truly believe it and want to get your ex back. 

Getting your ex back is not just about one person if there are children involved making up can also re-unite whole families and benefit the children as well. 

A relationship break up can be a very traumatic and emotionally difficult time for all those involved.

Take one small step at a time

Before you rush back into your relationship you both need to get together and sensibly talk things through and try and understand each others needs and concerns. 

Many relationships break down as soon as people start taking each other for granted, remember you are dealing with real people with real feelings.

An initial separation is a good idea because you and your ex will need to step back and have some free time, especially if there have been a lot of arguing. You need to allow your ex some free time to make them realize if the grass is greener on the other side. 

Try not to overreact and do not under any circumstances put any emotional pressure on your ex, in fact,  instead of coming across as desperate try and play it cool even if deep down you are really hurting, because if they sense you are desperate they might have you back for all the wrong reasons or they will walk all over you.

The best thing you can do to get your ex back is pretend your fine about break up and let them know in a subtle manner you intend to get on with your life and make the most of it, wish them luck with their new life and say you still would like to remain friends. 

Do the opposite to what your mind is telling you and give the impression you agree with the separation, don't immediately start to bombard them with emails and text messages. 

Your ex may be some what surprised by your casual and agreeable reaction especially if they were just telling you they wanted to split up do each you a lesson or it was a spur of the moment decision on their part. 

Because you may not be appearing to respond how they thought you would, they can even start to worry about actually losing you, especially if they too deep down don't want to split up, ex this can make your ex start to question their decision to leave you. 

How do you get your ex back, first it is important to be positive and optimistic. 

Although everything may seem hopeless at the moment, things and circumstances can quite quickly change. 

Just remember that nearly all relationships can be saved, you just know what you should do and more important what you should not do

If you are really serious about getting your ex back then you just need to learn how to do and say the right things at the right moment and at the most appropriate times.

Timing can be so critical, it can be the difference between make or break. You need the knowledge to seize the right opportunity and it is even possible to make your ex want to get you back. 

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