Having More Fun

The golden rule in life is to have fun and enjoyment no matter what, quite frankly most people are so hooked up in their everyday problems and what they have not got or what they think they are missing out on, that they have quite simply forgotten how to have fun. 

Life is a journey of many twists and turns, your goal should be to have more fun on your journey through life even when things get difficult or even when life becomes a struggle as sometimes it does. 

As we get older we can get caught up in the stresses and strains of modern day living to we reach a point where we start to take life and ourselves just a little bit to serious and we forget to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Because there are only two choices in life, you can feel miserable or you can have fun and enjoyment, we all have good days and bad days, what you want is to make the most of your bad days and make the good days even better. Your situations might not change, but you can have more fun in those situations if you wish.

Most people class having fun with doing something they like doing, but you don't need a special occasion to have fun, you have not got to wait for fun things to come to you, yes doing more of the things you enjoy should be on your priority list. 

But you know you can enjoy your everyday jobs or tasks, so make a self statement, start letting yourself that your going to have more fun and enjoyment at work, home or whatever your doing. 

You can even make those mundane task more enjoyable, put on some music and let yourself go, life is very precious so begin to enjoy each and every moment. Make it your new mantra that you intend to live each day as if it is your last.

Tell yourself your going to bring more fun and enjoyment into all your situations. But before you can start to have fun you have to let go of all your worries and problems, over thinking an issue you have, analyzing things over and over again and trying to battle with your thoughts and worrying all the time will not help you one bit. 

Forget All Your Troubles And Live Your Life To The Full

Do not one day look back at your life with regret, live your life on your terms. One sure thing that will rob you of having fun is spending to much wasted time worrying or if you suffer with anxiety

We get to wrapped up in our fears, the more we try and figure out ways to stop our fears the more intense and frequent the fear becomes. So only focus on having fun, accept the bad days and try and still enjoy them as best as you can.

So ignore your negative thought because why would you want to pursue something that will only make you feel bad, confront your fears, accept your feelings and let then pass then focus on having fun or thinking about doing things that make you feel good. 

Spend zero time resting your thoughts and feelings, accept the situation your in, including work and decide your going to have fun, you spend a lot of your life working so you might as well try enjoying it as much as possible. 

Don't start the day full of dread, avoid telling yourself I hate going to work or college, accept what you have to do and where you are, if you despise doing something you will feel low and sad, so make an effort to have more fun and life will start to treat you better.

Your attitude should be I am not going to sit and wait for something good to happen, instead I am going to bring more fun to what ever I am doing, start to be the person who brings joy to each situation. 

When you adopt the attitude of no matter what I am doing I intend to enjoy it then soon your life will begin to change for the better. The good thing with having more fun is you won't feel so anxious or stressed, life is too short to feel bad and stressed all the time.

The pressures and problems of everyday life can cause you to stop having fun, but don't you just want to forget or your troubles and just have more fun. When you were a young child, you did not worry about money or things going wrong, life was just fun, play and enjoyment. You did the things that you enjoyed and didn't it feel so much better when all you focused on was having fun.

The golden rule here is, when you were young all your attention was held in the now, you only looked forward to things you enjoy and you left the past behind. Your focus was on enjoyment and not about things going wrong or not having enough money or worrying about what others think.

Laugh more and watch programs that make you laugh, it is now well documented that laughter and feeling good is the best medicine, this can go a long way to make you more healthy while at the same time it can prevent the onset of some illnesses, it can also add years to your life expectancy.

Do The Things That Excite You The Most

Although you should aim to enjoy what ever it is you are doing, start to put some excitement back into your life, write down what excites you and then begin to do all those things that make you feel excited. Do this more and more and get into the habit of looking forward to and doing more of what gets you excited.

Do more of what you enjoy doing, it is your life, you come first so do whatever makes you feel good. Often people are criticized for being selfish, and although we should be nice and caring towards others there is nothing wrong with putting yourself first from time to time and enjoy doing the things you want and choose to do.

So think of yourself for a change and do some of the things you like doing, decide your just going to have more fun, look for things that make you happy, stop using excuses that your to busy or you have not got time to have fun and search for things that make you feel good. 

The more you seek out things that make you feel better the more enjoyment you will find will come to you. Day by day this will make you feel so much better, you will feel more empowered and energized.

You need to stop allowing whats happening in your outside environment to control how you feel. Stop trying to hard to be something your not and concentrate more on enjoying your life.

Slow Down A Bit And Enjoy Life Has It Happens 

Sometimes people put to much urgency on achieving their goals, they think they will feel happier when they get what they are seeking to get, however this is going about things the wrong way around, the universe does not work this way, it gives you the things that match your energy state, to achieve and manifest your dreams you first need to feel good instead of relying on the end result to make you happy.

Slow down a bit, remember you will achieve no more by rushing, all you will do is you will end up feeling more stressed and it will make your goals harder to achieve.

When you apply inspired action you will enjoy what your doing more and you will find the quickest route to reach your destination and it won't feel like a chore you have to force yourself to do.

If you don't make things fun and enjoyable to do what's the point in doing them anyway. By taking this approach you ditch the frustration and pain, yes you need to sometimes make an effort, but don't allow urgency for results and completion of your goals to rob you of your fun and enjoyment of the journey of getting there. 

The biggest amount of effort you should make in life is to mentally focus on things that make you feel good. When you become urgent and to desperate to achieve things and get things done all your doing is you 're taking away the fun of the journey to get what you want. 

Have more fun, live the best possible life you can, ditch the serious side of you for a while, focus on fun and fun will find it's way to you more and more.

Focus on fun and the feeling of fun as much as you can and the positive emotion will follow, recall any fun memories and it will make you feel good or focus on the fun things that you want to come into your life. The more you focus on fun the more fun things and activities will come into your reality because you get more of what you focus on.

As the fun flows into your life your new found optimism of joy and cheer will spread to the other people that you surround with yourself, avoid as much as possible anybody who tries to drag you back down from your new place of happiness.

Happier People Have More Fun 

People who are happy and have more fun, they also seem to attract more positive circumstances and events into their life’s and more importantly when you’re happy and upbeat you feel good and life runs much more smoothly. 

Life is all about having fun experiences, but far to often we allow a few bad experiences to rob us of living a happier life. Forget about whats already happened unless you are reliving happy memories because those moments have gone so why should we carry on living the hurt long after the event.

Boredom can eat away at our happiness, setting goals without putting any pressure on yourself to achieve them can be a great way of improving your life. Unless we challenge our self's or keep ourselves occupied with something we like doing then we can fall into the trap of mediocre and stagnation.

By setting yourself goals or doing something creative you can make your life more worthwhile, having a dream to follow or when you do something you are passionate about will keep you more alive. 

First, it will keep your mind occupied, you will be focusing your attention on something positive and satisfying. Planning something positive or constructive will help you to feel better especially if you start something that you enjoy. 

Break Out of The Negative Habits And Live Your Life To The Full

We can all get trapped and caught up in the day to day rat race where we become too immersed in trivial worries, too much negativity and modern day stresses. Sometimes we all need to escape reality for a while and become engrossed in something which will take our mind of the daily grind and troubles.

Try immersing yourself in some other forms of activity such has reading or writing a novel or maybe something which involves nature or the outdoors, even a bit of daylight in the winter months even if it's cloudy can still boost our mood.  

If you’re bored and fed up you could always try some voluntary work to give you a change or help you meet new people plus you will also be helping others improve their life and make you feel happier because helping others is a great way to feel better yourself. 

Do something spiritual or get more in touch with your spiritual side which many of us tend to overlook. When you're feeling calm and balanced you will experience more harmony and peace in your life.

Learn some awesome and inspiring stuff and facts. Reading or learning mind blowing and awesome information or articles, watching science or discovery TV which can stimulate the mind and help our brain to become more alive. The mind is a never ending processing machine and it thrives on knowledge especially when it learns new awesome and inspiring facts, never stop learning.

Sometimes as we get older we become to serious and we forget to have fun. Children are constantly having fun because they don't take life to serious and they don't have a care in the world. One thing you can do to create more fun in your life is think back to when you were young and write down and make a list of all the activities you used to do when you were a young child growing up.

Once you have made your list try and incorporate some of those old activities back into your life now, you can also try and think of some new fun activities and do them as well. But you don't just have to have special activities to have more fun. 

You can also try and bring some more enjoyment to your normal daily routines if you wish. We all have to go to work or bring up a family so you might as well try and enjoy it, try and do something different each day no matter how small, do something which will bring you more enjoyment.

Stop Taking Life So Serious

Try to laugh and joke a bit more and stop caring so much what other people think, do some things that make you feel good and think about yourself for a change. remember it's your life so start living it a bit more on your own terns for a change. 

Be more creative and optimistic, when you're more creative and focus your mind on things that are going to be more constructive and useful to you like writing, crafts and hobbies you will start to train your mind to think different which will divert your attention off negative things causing you less stress and worry. 

Be more self-indulgent, there is no one more important in your life than you, life is not just all about pleasing others. 

Having fun and feeling good is also about doing the things you enjoy and what suits you and not what you perceive is the right thing to do, so if you get pleasure out of reading a book, going for a walk, or watching a funny film or comedy show or whatever makes you feel good do more of it.

Try and become more optimistic because optimists have better relationships, they have more fun and achieve more out of life and succeed at their goals, where as pessimists tend to suffer more with stress, anxiety and depression. Try to avoid listening to sad songs where possible and also avoid watching or reading to much doom and gloom from the media.

Tell yourself I want to feel good right now and then I want to keep feeling better. Lighten up and try and see the funny side of things whenever you can, develop the confidence and attitude with the knowledge that everything will turn out right in the end if you just laugh and let things happen

Although sometimes some tragedies cannot be laughed at the majority of modern day trivial problem will tend to turn out right in the end. It is your life and you can choose to have more fun. If what your thinking about makes you feel bad, change it and think more pleasing thoughts.

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