How To Become Successful In Life

How people perceive success can vary from person to person. For some, success can be having a loving relationship and a happy family, for others it could be their career, skill levels, winning trophies, personal achievements or how much wealth they have accumulated.

For the real high achievers in their profession, they will normally channel all their focus and energy on one thing only, until they become very good or highly skilled at that one thing, sometimes to the point of obsession. 

In most cases, success has to be earned. The successful will not settle for mediocrity, they will be backed by a burning desire to succeed, they will get up early and they will go to great lengths, that most people won't go, to get what they want.

They will not allow distractions to get in their way, and they will train their minds to stay focused on their goal, even when they are facing temporary defeat or challenges, 

Because, if you don't put all your energy and focus into that one thing, then you will be significantly reducing your chances of success. 

The successful do not follow what others call the normal, they make the seemingly impossible, possible and they won't allow other people's idea's and conditioning to influence them in any way.

It does not matter where you're right now, because nearly all successful people will start off small, and then they will keep on going, relentlessly building on their current success until they get good at it. 

If you want to become successful, you will have to shift from dreaming to doing, and what you do today will influence your tomorrow, and where you will be in five years from now will depend on the thoughts you have, and the actions, choices and decisions that you take now and from here onward.

Don't rush in

Before you embark on proceeding with your goal, you should always do your homework first, rather than just rushing in. 

  • Spending some careful time planning 
  • Considering all options and choices available 
  • A high level of self belief
  • Covering all angles 
  • Studying other successful people and your competition 
  • Passion, commitment and fight 
  • Develop the attitude of, never give up 
  • Becoming good at what you do 
  • Offering a good product or service

When it comes to goal setting, do not be afraid to set big ones, because although your goals should fill you with excitement, it is perfectly fine to feel a little bit scared as well.

In most cases, success rarely happens by accident or overnight. Sometimes the road to success can be tough, just try to make it as easy as possible.

There are no set rules to becoming successful, but some of the ingredients for a more successful in life requires,

  • Doing things right 
  • Peak performance excellence
  • Learning, repetition and practicing 
  • Replacing bad habits 
  • Progressive growth and getting better 
  • Conditioning your mind for success 
  • Commitment, desire and determination 
  • Making sacrifices

The best way to be successful is to follow the processes and strategies of what successful people do and what they're doing right.

Of course you want to follow your own intuition and idea's and try to better what others are doing, but to begin with, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, just improve it.

If you don't condition your mind for success, then the chances are that your brain will carry on dishing up the same old results, habits and ways of thinking.

Excellence and goal achieving can happen quite quickly for some, but most of the time they take continuing work, commitment and effort, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

If all big goals were easy, then there would be no journey, no sense of achievement and everybody would be highly successful.

You will get knock backs, which you will have to deal with, when they happen, have a day off feeling sorry or angry with yourself, have a rest, then get back up and carry on and vow to come back stronger.

What will work for one person, is not guaranteed to work for others, so, if after a while if what you're doing is not working, then try something different.

Because, if your intentions are good and you keep working, then one day, you will achieve your goals. 

What you want, is to take the journey of least resistance, and to achieve that, believe, trust in yourself and try to feel good as much as possible.

1) Every Achievement Starts Off With A Decision 

Before you can accomplish a goal, you have to make a decision that you're going to try and give it your all, no matter what it takes.

Every great achievement had to have a beginning, because Without a beginning you could have the greatest idea and the greatest plan in the world, but it would always remain at the idea or dream stage. 

If you want to make more money or start your own business venture, then it will greatly help you if you can do something that you feel passionate about or something that resolves around your hobbies and interests.

Focus more on being the best or delivering the best, as excellence and quality is the ingredient behind success, if you have a good idea, then go for it and do it, because taking the first vital step can be the hardest part for many.

Sometimes we can over think or talk ourselves, or even worse, allow others to talk us out of even attempting our goals.

Talking too much about what you are going to do or what you should be doing can drain your energy and your enthusiasm.

You will need all your energy and resources for the actions work, so instead of thinking, start doing, because doing anything is better than doing nothing.

2) Ditch the excuses 

Most people will have a dream, goal or passion that they would like to pursue, many people have good idea's but their enthusiasm soon dissolves when their excuses and reasons why they should not follow their dreams start to creep into their mind.

Some typical types of excuses are

  • It's not the right time 
  • Somebody else is already doing that 
  • It does not feel the right time at the moment 
  • I'll wait until I feel like it 
  • I can't do that

Thinking is good to help you solve problems and work out solutions, but sometimes we can over think and talk ourselves out of pursuing our goals. 

If you wait until you feel like it, then you might have to wait an awful long time.

Because if you're relying on feelings or the right circumstances, then you're wasting valuable time.

Sometimes there can never seem to be a right time, this is where you have to bite the bullet and just take that all important first step.

If your gut intuition is telling you to go for it, then do it, regardless whether you're feeling a bit anxious or uncomfortable.

Try not to get too discouraged, or daunted about your goals, because all of the most successful people and high achievers had to start off small and many of these came from normal upbringings.

Although having successful parents can help, you can still become successful no matter what your experience or upbringing has been. 

You don't need to have the top intellect or IQ in your class either and even if your past was not perfect you can still become successful.

What you do need to become successful arethe

  • The determination to see it through
  • A strong belief in yourself that you can achieve it
  • The action steps to move you towards your goal 
  • The commitment, the positive attitude and persistence to see it through to the end

3) You will need a reason why 

Getting started is one step, but keeping inspired and motivated, especially through the difficult times will need a strong determination, self discipline, commitment and a burning desire to accomplish your goal.

Your mind works by feelings and it will always try to avoid the bad ad seek out the good. So try to focus your mind on all the positive benefits and the rewards that you will reap, once you have achieved your dream. 

Think about how proud and great you will feel and imagine how better your life will be having successfully accomplished your goal.

The way to success is by doing, this means each day of your life you should be doing at least one thing that will take you closer to accomplishing your goal. 

Create a blueprint for your mind to follow

  1. The first part of your goal is to know what you want, so set your intention 
  2. You will need a positive reason for why you should proceed with your goal, write down, or think of some reasons or benefits that are backed up with positive emotions 
  3. Visualize and create a clear image in your mind of you accomplishing your goal and notice how good it makes you feel 
  4. Then repeat the process, for at least a few weeks, you can add some feel good music to your visualizing 
  5. Take inspired action and expect to get what you want, it's all about trust and belief

You will also need motivation, determination and a bit of old fashioned will power, especially during those times when you don't feel like working on your goals.

The chances are your willpower, drive and motivation will be weak to start off with,  but the more you use them, the stronger they will become, and although it can feel tough to begin with, the more you exercise your motivation and determination, the more natural and automatic it will feel.

You can also use the power of your imagination to get you motivated, and to improve your performance and skill levels.

Imagining yourself doing well and performing well, can sometimes be more effective than practicing, because when you rehearse things going well in your mind, you do not dwell on mistakes or get frustrated because you only imaging things going right.

Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and imagine seeing yourself performing well or creating a great piece of work, looking focussed, and working in the flow, and watch yourself successfully and effortlessly completing what you need to do.

4) Cultivate a success mindset 

Although you will need to do the action work and it is important to keep on learning and getting better, the one thing that most experts agree on that is absolutely essential for long term success is to cultivate and develop a success mindset

Your mindset and the way you think are more important than everything else, you will need to get your mind on your side and you will need to instruct it to guide you to the levels of success that you desire.

Have you got a positive success mindset? Because when you develop a success mindset you will become more successful at everything you do.

Your mindset is the difference between being successful and not being as successful as you want to be. 

Your mindset decides on what levels of success that you will achieve and how well you do or perform. 

A success mindset will take you towards more success whilst a negative mindset will lead you to fear, not trying and probable failure.


5) Get a Mentor 

You can do it all by your own, but that is the long and hard way of doing it, and why struggle to work it all out yourself, when you can get help and guidance from somebody who has already done it.

Having  a great mentor will make success much easier and quicker for you, they will provide you with valuable information and many positive benefits and advantages, because not only will you be able to learn from all their experiences.

They will also be able to help you learn from  all the mistakes they made and all the pitfalls and obstacles that you will need to avoid.

6) Believe in yourself 

How many times do you talk yourself out of going for your goals, or through your own self doubt or fear of failure do you hold yourself back from going for all the very things that you want and desire, 

You often have you held yourself back from going for your goals because you don't think you can do it, you tell yourself your not good enough  or you don't believe it's possible for you.

You have unlimitless abilities, you just have to learn how to tap into them and develop your skills. Let the past go and look forward to the future with renewed excitement and positive expectations.

Instead of allowing your past mistakes and shortcomings from holding you back, forget and ignore the negative and only focus on the progress you're making and how you can get better at what you can do and achieve.

You do not really have to create a high level of self belief because you already have all the belief you need, all you have to do is to bring it out by focusing only on the good things you can do and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Success needs to be a natural part of you and an automatic way of thinking, feeling and doing, so rather than being something you have to do continually, it just becomes who you are and a normal process and way of life.

7) Thoughts and energy 

If you want to be successful, then before you begin the physical work, you will first have to master your thoughts and feelings and overcome the battle that most people have with themselves, so you can replace fear and doubt with confidence and certainty.

The biggest factor that prevents people from achieving their goals and living the life they want, is themselves. Most people, through their limiting beliefs and conditioning have turned themselves into their own worst enemy.

If you want to be successful, then you need to keep yourself grounded in the present moment, so you can perform at your peak best and you can unleash your true powers and potential.

Because behind your everyday thoughts and conscious awareness, there is a higher power that you can tap into. 

All you have to do to tap into your true powers is, you have to align your thoughts for success, then take positive action, and great things and success will come your way.

What you need to try to avoid, is getting emotional drawn into any outside distractions. The better relationships you have with your family and friends the better it will be for you.

The less you start to react badly to what's going on in your outside environment and the world the better, you will increase your chances of success, so try not to fall into the trap of allowing others and external circumstances to control your mind, feelings and emotions.

Get your mind on your side and point it in the right direction. If you think negative thoughts, then you will condition your mind to create fear.

But if you only focus on thoughts of getting better and you can do it thoughts, then you will condition your mind for success.

Success, however, will take a lot more than just positive and constructive thinking alone and your first priority should be learning how to manage your anxious and unwanted thoughts.

The thing to be aware of is, you cannot stop unwanted thoughts, so save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy on trying to, and just let them come and go peacefully.

Life is not always perfect and you should not attempt to be perfect to otherwise you will be setting yourself up for failure. 

You're not going to get it right first time every time, it helps to plan, but do not put all your effort into trying to avoid mistakes.

Success is all about doing, improving and learning as you go, and you will make mistakes and you will fail at times. 

If you do, dust yourself down and reassess your situation, learn something valuable, vow to come back stronger and better and go again.  

If your goal is sporting orientated or things like public speaking, then a little bit of adrenaline is fine, because it can help your performance and supply you with the motivation and fuel you will need. 

What you don't want though, is the adrenaline and the mindset that leads to feelings of anxiety and failure.

The secret to success is all about sustaining that calm and positive energy as much as possible and having the attitude so you can bounce out of bed with the intention of having a great day and making the most out of the time you have available.

You want to experience those good feeling emotions, so you can sleep well and be at your most productive best during the day. 

This will also involve looking after yourself physically. Aim to keep fit, eat healthily and relax deeply.


8) Get more accomplished in less time 

You only have so many hours in a day, and you will also have to fit in your other chores and commitments, as well as allowing a bit of quality fun time with your family and friends.

Therefore, instead of working long, gruelling hours, it would be smarter to learn how to get more accomplished in less time.

There will be certain times in a day where you will be more efficient where you will work at your peak performance best. Many successful people find, that the morning time is when they perform at their best.

For some however, especially if you have a job, you may not have the luxury of working on your goal, during the day.

If possible, take advantage of these windows where you work at your best. If you have to work around your job, or if you want more free time for yourself and your family, then try to get more done in less time, by staying energized and relaxed.

10) Work Smarter Rather Than Harder

When people are not getting the results that they expect, it is usually followed by a period of frustration, then a decision to try more or work harder, practice longer or do more.

But very often it is not a matter of working harder, because that can lead to burnout, what you should be practicing and following is, to work smarter and to enjoy what you're, rather than harder and turning into a chore you feel you should be doing.

You should aim to get the best results that you can and make it your mission to be better than your competition.

11) Ask yourself questions

 The only way to accomplish anything is to figure out what it is you truly want, then put all your focus on, how you're going to get it. 

Although having a plan and a blue print for your mind to follow is essential, at some point, which should be sooner rather than later, start doing something and work it out as you go.

Each night decide on what you want to accomplish the next day, or the next time that you work on your goal. 

If you come up against any obstacles or challenges, don't get upset or frustrated, just go off and relax and chill out until you can clear your head, because there is no point carrying on if you're in the wrong frame of mind.

Then, analyze where you think you're going wrong or what you need to do to get better results.

If you keep focusing and worrying about the problem, obstacle or lack of results, then you will cause more feelings of disappointment and frustration and your mindset will turn from optimism to failure and wanting to give up.

To start off with, write a list of all the things that you want to achieve and accomplish and work through your list one at a time, because it is important that you give all your energy and attention onto completing each task or goal before you move onto the next goal or the next stage of your goal.

Take one step at a time, and plan for each step, if you get stuck, do some research or ask yourself questions like, how can I do -------- better or what can I do to improve------, types of questions or write what you need to do down on a piece of paper.

12) You will have to make sacrifices

In your quest to be successful, you will have to make sacrifices, and although you will have your to do list, you might want to make a, things not to do list as well.

You can’t do everything yourself and if you can outsource some of your tasks, then that will allow you more free time to work on your goals. 

Prioritize your tasks, and ditch some of the wasteful activities that will rob you of the time you could be spending focusing on your goals, your health and your well-being.

Start the morning off right, the secret to feeling good in the morning is to set yourself up the night before.

If you go to bed feeling relaxed and stressed free, then you will sleep better and you will carry those good feelings into the next day.

So at night learn to relax, let go of your troubles so you leave your emotional baggage behind you. Show some appreciation as you go to sleep and you will wake up with that positive energy.

When you win the morning game, you will have a better day. As you wake up, and most successful wake up early then they focus on the things they should be doing and they instinctively know the things and mental traps that they should avoid or not do.

If you want to be productive and successful, you must prevent your bad behaviors from becoming your everyday habits. Start to replace any bad and unhelpful habits, with good supporting habits

Try to avoid getting in trouble or arguments and conflicts and avoid doing the wrong things, because as the famous saying by Albert Einstein goes,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

If you find yourself in a rut, doing the same wrong things and making the same mistakes over and over again, or if you're not getting the results that you want, then you must take time to chill out, and look at what you need to do or change.

This could be, working on your mindset and your emotions, or it could mean you need to make some lifestyle changes or you need to do things differently.

13) You have to take inspired action

Although positive thinking, feeling good, visualizing and planning are all part of the success process, at some point you will have to take action and do some physical work, unless you can afford to pay others to do it, because in the end action speak louder than words.

It will be a lot easier for you, if you can take inspired action, and if you find yourself procrastinating or you're resisting doing something, then you might need to go within to try and find out why you're struggling to motivate yourself.

Each day, or after you complete a step of your goal, ask yourself, what is your next step or what do you need to do next.

Keep yourself focussed on your goal and what you want, and keep on asking yourself, what inspired action can you take towards your goal. When you're feeling calm and you go within and listen you may receive universal guidance and advice.

You don't have to rush, and you don't have to always push yourself to hard or take big and difficult steps to make progress.

Sometimes all you have to do, is to  just take small, inspired progressive steps, but always try to enjoy what you're doing, and stay committed until you accomplish what you need to accomplish.

14) Change your limiting beliefs and negative conditioning

Success isn't always easy and to begin with, it can seem extremely challenging, especially if you have limiting beliefs and negative conditioning around success or wealth.

Many people are left feeling frustrated knowing that they have so much potential and they know that can achieve more and do better, but they are stuck to exactly where they are because they are being held back by their old limiting beliefs and life conditioning.

One of the reasons success can seem difficult to achieve for some, is because for many, their brains have been trained to resist success or they are living their life by default, due to their conditioning that is controlling their actions and behaviors.

You might be wondering, why is your brain resisting the thing you want the most, after all our brains are meant to help and guide us.

The reason why our own brain, will sometimes resist and block our chances of success are because our primitive and reptilian part of our brain, which is sometimes more interested in keeping us safe, does not like change or venturing into the unknown.

Our reptilian brain has evolved to resist and even fear anything and everything that appears unfamiliar, and because success is something we have to create and build, because people aren't born successful, when we attempt to become successful, we are going into unfamiliar territory. 

And it does not matter who you are, at some point success is something new, so from your reptilian brain's point of view, when you do attempt to become successful. 

Your brain will class it is unfamiliar and it can cause you to start to doubt and subconsciously self sabotage your efforts or create a sense of fear of failureSo try to create some new supporting beliefs and condition your mind for success.

15) Keep the positive momentum going 

As you travel through your journey of success, keep the positive momentum going, because you should never stop growing, even after you have achieved your goal.

When things are not going as you would like, try to avoid slipping into a negative mindset and energy, just ignore what is, and keep planning for a better future and keep focused on inevitable success.

Keep gaining new skills, keep on learning, read more books, keep asking questions and researching  and keep on trying new things.

And allow some time to celebrate and enjoy your success, both during your journey and after you have made it, so enjoy each small and big success.

Keep a journal and write down any progress you have made, no matter how small and give yourself credit for what you have achieved or for the effort you have put in.

If at any time you notice yourself sabotaging or knocking yourself, or if your results are not going well and the gremlins are tormenting you, just remind yourself how well you have done and that you're already successful in many ways.

Give yourself some welcome praise now and again, give yourself a small treat after each success, so you can feel the emotional satisfaction of your success so far, because to keep you inspired and motivated, you need to make your goal and all your hard work and effort feel it has been worth it. 






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