How To Feel Good 

Whatever you goal in life is, the reason why your doing it is to feel good. We all want to feel good it is the number one priority and the number one goal in every bodies life. Your dominant intention should be to feel good and then to keep on searching for ways to feel better. 

The first key to feeling good is to not allow others or your circumstances to determine or destroy your good mood, you have to have the attitude that nothing is going to make you feel bad. Things go wrong in life, but we have to accept the situation and move on.

To feel good you have to stay in the now, yes we should all have our own wants and desires but you must practice feeling good first then set your goals and let the universe know what you want, the golden rule is to be happy in the now and then have a positive vision. 

Sometimes you have to forget about what is going on in your life at the moment and find things and thoughts to make you feel good, shut the door on all negativity, negative emotions rob you of you happiness so give them no attention what so ever. 

If your happy and in a positive state life will be good to you, you get back what you put out, what ever it is you desire go there in your mind first. All the successful people preach the same mantra, you have to be happy first then follow your dreams, you cannot live the life you desire if your coming from a negative state the two don't go together, how you feel should in no way be tied to your goals and dreams.

If your goals feel like a challenge or struggle then your not in alignment with them yet, because what ever you want or what ever you do should be fun, goals should fill you with excitement and passion. 

If you find them to be like a chore or if you feel obliged that you have to do them then your not in the right frame of mind. If you become frustrated with what your doing then that suggests that you don't really trust and believe in your own capabilities and the process of manifesting.

Feeling good is not all about having more money, amassing material possessions or better relationships, they all help but that's not the means to happiness and experiencing good moods. It's more about being grateful for what you have got then building on it.

Feeling good is about not taking life to seriously and focusing on having more fun. This includes doing want pleases you, enjoyment, thinking good feeling thoughts, living in the present moment and dreaming about a better future. Having what you want is not the way to a happy life, in fact it is the complete opposite, happiness is the route to getting what you want.

We all have the ability to change our thoughts and focus of attention off the things that make us feel bad and onto things that make us feel good or at least think about things that don't make you feel worst. 

It's just as easy to think good feeling thoughts than it is to think bad feeling ones. We also have the choice to do more of the things that makes us feel good or what we enjoy. You should always strive to do the things that excites you the most.

The Benefits Of Feeling Good 

The biggest benefit of feeling good is you won't feel bad and that itself is reason enough for you to choose to feel better, other benefits include. When your in a positive feel good state your creativity and ability to problem solve and work things out will improve, you will experience better health, it will improve your short term memory and concentration levels, you will b able to think more clearly. 

Feeling calm and happy will make you more intelligent and thing will go much better for you in your every day life, positive people have a better quality of life, they achieve more and things work out well for them and they even live longer.

Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you want to feel good right now and then you want to keep on feeling better, make it your number one goal in life, you don't need anything to feel good except a decision and the basic necessaties in life which are warmth, shelter, food, water and good health. .

Things That Can Help You To Feel Better 

The first thing you need to understand is that feeling good is not just about the mind, yes the right thinking will have a massive impact on how you feel but the often ignored side about how to feel good is to learn how to look after your body. 

Working with your own body is instrumental if you want to feel consistently great the other key component is to learn how to have fun and stop taking life to seriously.

Feeling good is all about our emotionally energy and on the contrary to what many people think our emotions are linked to our bodies energy system and it's not all in our heads. The Chinese link the emotions to specific parts of the body the heart area is associated with joy the lungs are linked to courage.

The heart energy field is much more powerful than the brain, when you think of love you will feel the emotion in the heart region, if you listen to the body when you're feeling strong emotions both either positive or negative you will notice a strong feeling in some part of the body.

Our emotions and feelings are connected to our experiences in life, how we perceive things and situations. Other things that influence our moods are our body posture, where we are in life, how we view ourselves, our needs and wants, whether we are achieving our goals and desires, what we are focusing our attention on, feeling safe and secure and whom we are. 

Although you should always sit and stand upright, avoid a tense and rigid type posture, when your posture is aligned and relaxed you will automatically begin to feel better. A tense body will put you in a negative state.

Use Positive Inner Self Talk  

Another important part which can determine how good you feel is what you tell yourself, self statements like I am not good enough or if you take notice of negative statements said by others is a sure way of feeling bad. 

The first thing you need to understand is you don't need anything to feel good except for your basic needs, which are warmth, shelter, food and water, good health.

Fear is the number one enemy of feeling great, only focus on the things you want. Although it is important to goal set, it helps to keep us alive and motivated, keep you goals in line with what you think your capable of at the moment. 

The body responds to images we create in the mind positive thinking evokes good images and associates these images with good feelings, negative images are linked to bad and unwanted feelings. 

 If you take on to big goals straight away without having the good feeling that you can achieve them or your goals are to unrealistic for you at this present time it can leave you feeling bad and disappointed if they do not materialize right away, you must always have clear clarity of what you want. 

Setting realistic and achievable intentions and focusing on them in a positive manner will help you to feel better. Listening to music or songs that make you feel good can lift your mood, however sad love songs can actually make you feel negative.Having dreams and feeling passionate about what you want and keeping focused on achieving your dreams will make you feel good.

Our feelings are rates at which the body vibrates, when you are content or paying attention to things you want to think about and your attention is fixed on the here and now your body vibration will speed up, the moment you shift your attention onto past negative experience or you start to worry about the future then your vibration will change to a more slower and dense vibration of feeling bad.

This means you have total control of how you feel, once you change your concept that life does not happen to you which is the victim mentality and you decide that you are in control then you will be able to determine how you think and feel.

Focus on thoughts and things that make you feel good, it can take time to change your vibration but get the feel good thoughts started, you will find yourself drifting back onto negative thoughts but just be aware of this and switch to better feeling thoughts. 

Remind yourself how good you feel good, change your inner story to one that pleases you, we all to often keep focusing on how bad we fee.

More Ways To Help You Feel Good 

You need a proper diet with a good source of nutrition coupled with an exercise regime which fits in with your realistic abilities. When you get the right balance of vitamins and nutrients your immune system will stay in prime condition so you will suffer less with colds and illnesses which will stop you from feeling run down so often. 

To feel great you need to re-connect the body and mind, calm the mind and look after the body you can use the power of your mind to determine how good the body feels. When you think good feeling thoughts the universe will be on your side. 

Your mind can change your physiology, you can change how your body feels by taking control of your breathing or aligning your posture, always be aware and careful of what your focusing on because it can quickly influence how you feel.

 Staying in shape by doing a bit of regular exercise or visiting the gym as well as a healthy diet will not only make you feel better it will also make you look better and healthier, when you feel good about yourself and you treat your body right this alone will boost your mood and make you feel better

 To feel good you also need adequate good quality sleep and rest, the mind and body need ample amounts of both so it can rest, repair and function efficiently. Feeling tired and exhausted is not going to help you feel good. You need to release all negative and unhelpful emotions. 

Stop focusing on all the negative things which make you feel bad and try and think the opposite to what is dragging you down, learn how to get your mind working for you.

How To Feel Good And Boost Your Mood

We all have to deal with potential stressful situations on a daily basis, stress and negativity can surface from the moment we wake up. Our day is full of potential stressful challenges from computing to work, raising children, the economy, work issues like the annoyance of other fellow workers, plus demanding schedules and so on which can all mount up and get on top of us. 

With the shape of the economy people are experiencing more worry and anxiety which all chips away at our emotional well-being, but no matter how bad thing's may seem right now they cannot rob you of your right to feel good. Listening to some upbeat music can help to boost your mood, while at the same time listening to sad songs can make you feel sad. 

There is no point in living your life in the past, what has happened has gone, pining about thing's we have had but lost will drag you down, accept you situation then do things to improve it. 

Look forward to the future and start to plan a better life. Do more thing's and make an effort to learn new information, the mind craves information, read for at least thirty minutes a day and keep your mind occupied.

Too many people have come to rely on alcohol, smoking and even recreational drugs to help them deal with their worries, stress and make them feel good. 

However this only gives them a temporary high or short term relief which neither fixes their problems or situations and the downside is these measures can have a serious impact on their bank balance, health and relationships.

After a quick boost their mood soon dips again and you usually feel worst than before. Some people practice positive thinking to help them feel good and although positive thinking is a habit we should all strive to adhere too, many people find it hard to maintain and soon slip back into a negative mood.

Food That Help You To Feel Good And Boost Your Mood

  • Broccoli 
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Beetroot 
  • Carrots
  • Nuts especially Brazil Nuts 
  • Ginger
  • Greens And Lettuce 
  • Garlic 
  • Berries such as blue berries and cranberries 
  • Grape Fruit


How to Feel Good Without Any Effort On Your Part

Wouldn't it be great if someone could come up with a system that would reduce stress and automatically boost your mood at the same time without you having to put in no effort? It is everybody's Holy Grail and quest to learn how to feel good. 

Have you heard about or seen the movie Limitless?. Well just in case you haven't in the movie the protagonist discovers a little pill that when swallowed' it unlocks "superhuman powers and personality traits that transform the way he thinks which helps him to feel good and makes him super-smart and successful.

Well; we all know this is Hollywood fantasy at its best, unfortunately there as yet no magic pills, but there are new techniques which can now instantly transform your emotional state and put you in a great mood as well as reducing your stress; while at the same time it will increase your concentration levels and hard wire your mind to focus on succeeding,

Even though no one has invented a magic pill there is a fast, safe and extremely effective alternative which can boost your mood that actually works and delivers all its promise. It's called "All Natural High". 

There is no reading or exercises to follow and all you have to do is simply strap on a pair of headphones, press play and let this expertly engineered brainwave session induce an "alpha" mind state that will quickly boost your mood while at the same time it will reduce your stress and send you into a state of feelings of' calm and euphoria.

The makers of this session are well aware of all the previous products that make similar promises that sometimes fail to deliver so they state that if you are concerned and your expecting another one of those pseudo-scientific feel good CDs this is not what their offering. 

So they advise you before you make a purchase, when you click on the link below make sure you visit the "Science" page to learn how it works first. This technology is based on proven neuroscience and it is backed by a 100% promise. 

It either works for you or get every penny refunded, This is a quick and effortless way of how to feel good because it deals with your emotional well-being, makes you feel good and brings calmness, inner peace and balance to you spiritual side. 

For the "All Natural High" on how to feel good easily and effortlessly visit this link below




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