Learn How To Banish Those Negative And Anxious Thoughts And Emotions 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that it is the negative thoughts that cause you all the harm and pain, but all thoughts are harmless until you attach meaning and emotion to them. 

When your thoughts have a negative energy and personal meaning and trauma linked to them, then that is when they will start to cause you suffering. 

So it is not just the thoughts on their own that are causing you all your trouble, the problem you have is how much emotional attachment you have and still are giving to the situation. 

If it was the thoughts alone that activate the emotional arousal then this would mean that everybody would have the same emotional response to the same situations, however this is not true.

Very often it is not even the actual situation that causes all the pain, it is how you respond afterwards and how much you worry about what could happen in the future.  Sometimes long after a bad experience has passed, the emotion and the negative thoughts can make you carry on reliving the hurt indefinitely, making your current situation seem much worst than it actually is. 

Also don't always believe and take as being the truth everything that you think, your mind and emotions can trick you into believing as if you world is thwart with dangers and disasters when in reality it is relatively safe and full of positive opportunities and possibilities waiting to be discovered and lived.

Your thoughts and feelings are powerful, if you realized how powerful and destructive they can be then you would think twice about thinking negative thoughts again. Learn to dismiss and let go of any negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind, because one negative thought will cause a little bit of mild discomfort. 

However if your allow that one negative thought to carry on, then it will soon be followed by another and another until they merge into a train of negative thoughts, once this happens those negative feelings will gather momentum and it will be to late, your day will be spoiled again. 

The best time to take control of your thoughts is in that brief opportunity the moment you wake up, because have you ever noticed you wake up feeling good but it is not long before your mind gets into gear and switches on to yesterdays problems.

The more attention you give to your negative thoughts the more you run the risk of actually beginning to believe them, when you believe them then they will start to dictate your feelings, actions and your behaviours. 

The moment you start to ignore those negative thoughts and feelings and you begin to replace them with more general or positive thoughts then you will start to see and experience more opportunities and positive results.

The more you hang onto your negative thoughts and emotions the more harm you will do to yourself and too add to your pain you will also evoke more negative feelings and even more negative thoughts, and unless you do something about it the pattern will continue. When those negative thoughts start to run through your head, don't chase after them, just let them carry on running without you.

Negative thoughts and emotions destroy lives, you will gain nothing by holding onto them except more misery and suffering, they are the only thing blocking your success, they will hold you back and keep you stuck.

 One cause of negative thinking is feeling sorry for yourself or believing you are not good enough, if this applies to you then you need a shift in your attitude about how you perceive yourself and your life otherwise you will never move on.

Get Rid Of Those Negative Thoughts And Feelings

The secret to controlling your emotions is to understand how they work, this is where so many people get it all wrong. Why? Because negative emotions feel unpleasant so it is only natural and understandable that you would won't to make them go away. 

But that approach can cause you to end up fighting with them and your feelings, which will prove disastrous, because when you engage in a battle with your feelings it will cause you to become more emotionally involved with negative feelings which is not the state you want to be in. 

Your emotions act as feedback they are trying to relay an important message to you, the more you try and suppress the stronger they get, so give up resisting them and try and listen to their messages.

If your having negative emotions and negative thoughts then it could mean several things, the message is coming from your inner self, it could indicate that there is something you need to pay attention to or it maybe a negative program that needs correcting. 

Or sometimes it's you source that is trying to let you know that you need to focus your attention off what it is that is making you feel bad and redirect your attention onto more helpful and better feeling thoughts. 

Many of our anxious thoughts are usually being triggered by a negative bad memory and experience. Once you have had a bad experience it can form a negative neural connection, this means every time those thoughts and images crop into your mind it will instantly activate a negative energy charge. 

These bad memories can be very troublesome and reoccurring at times, causing you endless anxiety and stress. What you need to do is to disassociate the negative charge from the thoughts and images that keep on tormenting you, and the best way to achieve this is through using NLP.

Sometimes you can get rid of negative thoughts by just observing them peacefully and letting them pass bye, if they are frequent and persisted then you need to remove the emotional charge from them, once this has been corrected those images and bad emotional memories will be neutralized.

Once the neural connection from the bad memory of feared situation has been broken and replaced with positive feelings of calm you will have little trouble from them again. The difference between a happy and peaceful life and a miserable sometimes even unbearable one is all about changing those neural connections. 

Emotions and feelings travel through your body, when this happens don't try and fight your feelings because if you do you will cause more negative resistance which is totally unnecessary. All it takes is a bit of self control, slowing down for a minute rather than going into a full blown panic state and just take stock off the situation.

With a bit of mind fullness, you can consciously stop the negative momentum from building up, once you know how to do this and NLP will give you the tools for those in the moment situations, when those anxious provoking and negative thoughts enter your mind you will be able to control your own emotions, meaning no more endless hour of stress, anxiety and inner torment.

If you want to do it with out the aid of NLP, when those negative thoughts and feelings do strike, stay calm then just embrace them and allow them to move up through you and away. 

Learn to identify the negative thoughts that are creeping into your conscious awareness and then instantly disregard them, you can observe but ignore your thoughts, but if the are persistent and frequent and you know the root source of then it will pay to change the neural connections. 

What cause us the most discomfort in life is when we allow our minds to run on autopilot and we let it carry on presenting us with pictures and thoughts of how our brain perceives and thinks what is going to happen or what are life is supposed to be like. 

Life can seem challenging at times, sometimes because of all our worries we become oblivious to all the good things that happen to us and the beauty that surround us.

Meditate To Stop Anxiety And Negative Thoughts

Nearly everybody now knows about how beneficial meditation is for combating anxiety and negative feelings, the problem most people have with meditation is they cannot stick at it long enough to quieten there racing minds. 

The idea of meditation is to stop thought, when you stop your thoughts you will end all that negative resistance, thus you will return back to your natural positive free flowing peaceful state.

To become successful at meditation requires patients and practice, some people even give it up because they fail to stop all of their thoughts. 

The thing you need to understand with meditation is, you have not got to stop every single thought, the mind is nearly always active, you can quieten it to a degree, but it does not mean you have to stop every passing thought.

What you do need to do is when those thoughts do enter your mind, stay calm and allow them to sail on through.

Once mastered meditation will allow you to quieten your racing mind for long enough to allow you a window to switch from thinking negative to having more neutral or even positive thoughts.

The great thing with regular meditation is, not only will it calm your mind it will also relax your body. 

What this means is, because the body is emotions, and as emotions drive your thought patterns, then because your body will start to relax and as the mind and body work together then you will automatically shift to thinking more positive and better feeling thoughts.

Another advantage of meditation is, because it quietens your mind and body, then if you use it at night then you will begin to find that you will fall asleep more easily. After practicing meditation for a while you will become good at staying calm around your unwanted thoughts, with time you will get better at detaching yourself off those negative thoughts. 

Once you can do this through meditation, you will discover that you can stay calm around any negative thoughts that come into your conscious awareness in your waking day time state. 

This will give you the tools you can use to stop any negative train of thoughts before they have a chance to cause and pain or destruction. What this means is no more unnecessary long periods of anxiety or stress. 



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