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How To Have A Good Relationship

Making Your Relationship Fantastic

The amount of people who are searching for ways on how to save a relationships in crisis or how to prevent a relationship breakup.

Suggests that many people secretly desire to turn back the clock to how great things were when they first met.

It is not surprising that people are looking for ways on how to make their relationships good and to try and rekindle some of the magic that once was, but now may be sadly missing.

After all, your relationship is important to you. It is such a big part of your life and the fundamental factor and basic ingredient that helps to support better health and better well-being.

A good and loving, peaceful relationship. Bring happiness into your life and a healthy and happy relationship is a recipe for a better and even longer life.

When your relationships is good, you feel good and life becomes a whole lot better and smoother.

Perhaps the terms. Saving a relationship in crisis or preventing a relationships from a breakup are the wrong choice of words.

Because, you don't just want a run of the mill relationship, you want better than that. You want to get as close as you can, to how things were in those honeymoon period early days.

Preventing a relationship breakup, kind of suggest that you just want to avoid separating even if it means carrying on as before.

You don't want to just save your relationship or to have a relationship of convenience. You deserve better than that.

You want to spend good quality time together and your goal should be to make your relationship great. 

Because when you're relationship is good, all your stresses, worries and anger will melt away.

If you're going through a difficult period at the moment or you're having a relationship crisis then things need nipping in the bud quickly. 

Otherwise things can snowball and deteriorat making you feel bad and diminishing the quality of your life..

It is worth you both putting in some effort and commitment. Because a happy and loving relationship, free of anxiety and stress. Will bring you so many happy benefits and positive rewards.

Whilst a relationship that has problems and difficulties will put a huge strain on both of you. 

A problematic relationship can lead to negative thoughts and feelings that can manifest into many unpleasant stressful feelings, tension in the mind and body, tension related headaches, anxiety, digestive issues and sleep related problems. 

The couples who are committed to making their relationship great and those who have a deep and loving bond and connection. Feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.

Now that you know all the positive emotional and physical benefits of having a happy and fantastic relationship. 

It is important that you and your partner focus all your positive energy on making your relationship as fun and great as possible.

The first step to a better relationship is for both of you to let go of any emotional baggage and to release and anger or resentment.

Because, if you're both coming from a negative place. Then this is going to drag you both down, make your life a misery and it can have a negative impact on your mental, emotional and physical state.

A good relationship is one of our basic human needs

It is such an inbuilt human nature and part of us to want love and the feel needed, wanted and desired. 

A happy and loving relationship is one of our most basic human needs and desires and it is the secret to a happy and healthier life.

The need to be loved and love back is so strong that many people will keep on seeking it until they find it and because love is so important to them. The last thing they want is to lose it.

So it is no surprize that when we do find it, we want it to last forever. After all, love and a good relationship, full of calm and positive energy, makes us feel good.

And when we feel good within ourselves, our relationship stays good.

Because of the power of love and the need to feel loved. Many people will go to great lengths to try and hold onto it. 

We all crave to be loved, we feel the need to be wanted and we love the attention and affection.

But as a relationship progresses, this can peter out and our old insecurities and thoughts of not being good enough that may have been suppressed in the early stages of our relationship, start to creep back up.

Many people hold inner insecurities like they will never be loved or they have a brain that makes them think that they are not good enough.

This insecurities can stem back to our very early childhood. Maybe you were made to feel unloved, not good enough or not wanted.

When you don't love yourself enough or you think that you're not good enough or attractive enough. 

Then you will rely too much on your partner for love, security, reassurance and approval.

Although you want to have the best relationship that is possible. You should not make it a condition of your happiness or allow anybody to determine how you feel.

The quickest way to improve your relationship is to change your energy to a positive and calm energy.

If you are constantly worried about your relationship ending or you feel the need for you want everything your way. 

Even to the point where you don't want your partner to do their own things or you feel the need to know their every move or what they're up to when their out on their own.

You cannot be happy and at peace living your life like this. And your imagination, the uncertainty and the need to know. 

Will torment you, constantly wind you up and cause you endless frustration, anger, stress and upset as well as putting a huge strain on you and your relationship.

Understanding your partner has their own issues to deal with

At heart everybody wants a good relationship. However, many relationships will have their ups and downs.

If you spend a large part of your life with your partner. Then they it is important to understand that they will have their own worries, fears, upsets, problems and stresses that they will have to deal with.

The important thing is to make sure the downs don't build up momentum and get out of control. The things that can damage a relationship are.

The silent treatment, resentment and trying to punish your partner. A bit of understanding and support when it is needed can really help.

Emotional intelligence is an important skill to have in a relationship and we have to be considerate to the fact. That our partners will have their own problems and emotional issues to deal with.

Therefore, they will not always be able to give us the love and attention that we want or they may be a bit snappy or irritated with us at times.

lf you're in a serious relationship with somebody. Then you will no doubt, devote a lot of your time to your partner and because you probably wants to please your partner and keep the peace.

Some people will make sacrifices or they will change, compromise, back down or adapt to their partners.

The fear of being single again or the fear of your relationship ending and the thought of having to start all over again can be quite upsetting and daunting.

In some cases it can even cause people to think that a bad relationship, is better than no relationship, so they will often shut up or put up, rather than risk losing their partner.

Our relationship can do wonders for our health and well-being and it can provide us with company, enjoyment, a friend, a councellor and a lover, all rolled into one.

But on the flipside. When our relationships goes bad. The same person can cause us so much pain, frustration, grief, anger and sadness.

When you have an unhappy relationship, you both suffer and life becomes stressful, tough and painful. 

Although most relationships can be salvaged and saving your relationships should be the first priority.

If you are being cheated on, treated bad or your health, happiness and quality of life is suffering. Then you have to ask yourself. 

Would you be better off, ending the relationship. This has to be a head versus heart moment and decision. 

Ask yourself, what is your head telling you and what is your heart telling.

You will usually find the answer you are looking for. Is the one that is coming from your heart. The brain, tries to resolve things,  through analyzing and trying to work things out.

The heart, is connected to our intuition and inner being and it just seems to know what is right.

If you're having a bad time with your life and your relationship. 

Then you might be mentally, emotionally and physically imbalanced and you will be perceiving things though an awareness and perception of anxiety, anger, sadness or stress.

These negative emotions can become your dominant source of perceptions and behaviors which can force you into taking the wrong actions or influence your decision making.

This is why it is always better. To wait until you are feeling calmer before you make any decision. So you can listen to your heart and intuition.

f you decide, that you want to give your relationship another go. 

Then, you will want to work on having a great relationship rather than just staying together and going through the motions, just for the sake of it.

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Many couples get stuck in a rut and end up in a relationship of convenience. But, a relationship of convenience is not usually a happy relationship and it is not ideal for anybody.

If you do want to continue with your relationships. Then you want to have the best relationship possible and you want to reignite the spark back into your relationship. 

You can have a loving relationship, even if the passion has died down, and it can still be a loving, happy and fulfilling great relationship.

But a relationship without feelings and respect, is a relationship not worth having.

Some couples stick together for the sake of the kids and then they make the decision as soon as the kids grow up, they will separate.

But, this sort of relationship does not really benefit anybody and life is too short to spend years with someone, you have no feelings for.

How to be happy in a relationship again

If you were happy at the start of your relationship, then there is no reasons why you cannot be happy again and rekindle the spark and passion. 

All you have to do really, is to be more like you were in those loving and happy early days of your relationship

As you will spend a lot of time with your partner. Ideally, it can really be helpful to have things in common or to share each others interests. It also helps to be compassionate and to be a good listener.

Communication, is necessary for a good relationship and if you both have the similar values and beliefs, then that can help to keep your relationship running smoothly. 

However, not everybody is the same and it is important that you both recognise that you are two different individuals.

Who may have different values, backgroungs and opinions.

Therefore if this is the case. Then it is important that you do not try and force or impose your values and opinions on to your partner or you do not try to change or influence their personal values and opinions. 

Otherwise this could cause tensions and resentment.

You have not got to agree with your partner all the time just to keep them happy. But, it is important that you both learn to discuss things in a calm and sensible manner.

Having things in common can help you to have a better relationship as will sharing the same interests and doing the same things together.

But, at times you are both want to going to do different things. 

Therefore it is important that you both have a deep sense of trust in each other and you allow each other to pursue their own hobbies, careers and interests or do things separately.

Supporting each other to pursue their own careers and interest, can do wonders to your relationship.

But as far as the physical, love and passionate side of the relationship goes. In most relationships this is where things should be different.

Although we are living in the modern ages. From the dawn of time. Men have played the muscular role and energy and the woman have played the femminent role and energy.

If you want your relationship to be passionate then the male needs to be masculine and the female needs to be feminine. 

Because when the woman become more masculine and the males become more femminent, then this is when the passion can be lost.

If your a man, even though as far as the physical side of things go. You need to keep your masculinity.

This does not mean being arrogant, self centered or disrespectful.

However. There will be times when you need to pay attention to your partner and listen to them whilst coming across as genuinely interested in them, their day, their interests and try to understand their problems.

There maybe times when you need to show a bit of understanding and connect emotionally and share your feelings with your girlfriend or wife.

If you're the woman. 

Men like to be praised and approval, and they don't handle criticism very well. They also like to play the masculine role, and if you try a change this part of him, then it could cause friction.

Even though these days many women have their own careers. Some men, still like to play the hunter and provider role.

Woman like to share their thoughts and feelings and they like to open up. They also like to know what their partners think or what they are thinking. 

Whilst men, would rather hide their feelings, side step the issues, topic or problem or not open up and say what's on their minds.

As far as sex is concerned, men and women's brains are programmed differently and they do not function quite the same. Men are more physical whilst women are more emotional. 

The man does not really need a reason to have sex, and many still take the caveman type of approach of anytime or place will do.

As for the woman. They often need a reason to have sex. 

They may need to be treated well, maybe wined and dined or they may need to be in the right mood where they feel happy and relaxed as well as feeling, desired, safe and secure.

Relationships should be a lot more than just a physical thing. They should also involve love, passion and close intimacy and the appreciation of each other.

Although times and things change. The secret to a good and happy relationship is to try and carry on being like you were when you both met or better.

At the start of the relationship. You were both on your best behavior and you both paid each other a lot of attention.

People always say that the first six to twelve months were the best. So, why change things?

Love in a relationship

Because you will both probably spend a lot of time together, it is essential that that time you are together is quality time.

Just being with each other is not alway enough and just because you might think that everything is fine, does not necessarily mean it is. So try not to take your partner for granted.

You cannot have quality time if one or both of you are irritated, stressful or angry. And even though you should make an effort to have some quality and fun days or nights out together.

Quality time is not all about, making and effort once or twice a week and then being grumpy or tetchy with each other the rest of the time

Quality time, is all about, being present together and spending time with each other or with your family and children, in a calm, friendly, happy and peaceful energy and atmosphere.

Spending some me time, relaxing and chilling out, whilst letting go of all your worries and concerns, will help you to feel calm and balanced.

And, when you feel calm and at ease. It will help to create a calm energy which will make your partner feel more calm and safe.

Till death does depart

Physical attraction is a powerful force that brings two people together and it makes you want to give your partner a good time and it will drive you on to want to please and keep each other happy.

At the beginning of a relationship, physical attraction plays an important role. 

Looking after yourself and keeping yourself in good shape can only help and these days there is so much you can do or not do, to slow down the aging process.

But, we all have to accept, that everybody ages and it is essential that even though the physical appearance and the physical attraction side of things, may slowly fade with time.

What should not change, is the emotional and spiritual attraction and connection. If your partner has given you, the best years of their life.

Then, you should not leave them because they have reached a certain age. Companionship, love and friendship, should never die.

Another thing that can kill a relationship is complacent, familiarity, which can lead to taking each other for granted.

In some relationships, The man can start to lose their masculinity and the woman can become more masculine. 

When this happens, it can put a strain on the relationship. 

Always stay committed and focused to your partner's emotional needs

As a relationship progresses, if your not careful you can start to notice and allow those little things that your partner does to start to annoy or irritate you.

This can become more prevalent at times when you are going through a bad patch or you may be feeling a bit stressed or tense yourself.

Sometimes, certain traits or mannerism or annoying little habits that your partner has might start to bug or upset you. 

You may not say anything or those little annoying things can build up until you let it all out, and then you probably regret saying it later, because it upset you partner or led to an argument.

If your partner is annoying you. Then the best thing to do is to deal with it straight away before it turns into a bigger monster within you.

You can either let it go or try and have a subtle word with your partner. If you do, try and say it ina pleasant and soft tone. You can even try making a joke of it.

Sometimes, it is not what we say but how we say it. When you use a harsh or angry voice, this can cause resentment or resistance from your partner.

When you do communicate a potentially hostile situation. Do not try and prove them wrong or come straight out and accuse them or tell them that they are wrong.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes and get things wrong in a relationship. If you are in the wrong, admit that you're in the wrong or you made a mistake.

If you feel an apology is needed or justified, say your sorry.

Resentment is a relationship killer, and sometimes after and argument or when we feel we have been treated badly.

It can be so easy to harbor a grudge that will eat away at you, and the negative energy that you're feeling can drive you to try and punish your partner or make you want to get your own back.

Sometime the silly little things can annoy us and wind us up. Like, your partner being late, taking a long time to get ready or leaving an untidy mess in the home. (Especially the men)

If you find the stress, anger and tension building up inside of you. Let it go, change your focus of attention and change your energy and your physiology.

Go outside for a minute to calm down or do something that will occupy you and take your mind off things.

Otherwise your stressful and angry responses will become habit and an automatic response which will make you feel bad and it can put a strain on your relationship.

Try to communicate what your feeling as soon as it starts to bug you.

Sometimes we can create some bad and annoying habits and traits and we are not even aware that they are upsetting our partners.

Some couples who have been with each other for years can lose the love and magic and they have lost the attraction and interests in each other.

You often see them having a meal together where they hardly speak to each other. When they are at home, one or both of them are more interested in doing their own things.

It can get to the point, where they are still living together, but they are really living separate lives.

Now, there is nothing wrong with doing your own things, if there is still love and feelings in your relationship.

That can work. But, the times you are together, should be fun and interesting quality time, where you give your undivided attention to your partner.

Even though, you may have your own hobbies, goals and interests. The one key element that you should never compromise, or let slip is your levels of commitment and trust in each other.

The moment you lose the lack of attention and interests for each other is the moment you lose the essential commitment.

Another critical element of a happy and successful relationship is making sure you and your partner's emotional needs are being met.

In a good relationship. Your partner's emotional needs, should be your emotional needs and even if you're not that keen on your partner's emotional needs and wants, you should still support them and go along with them.

If you're both happy, at ease and content emotionally, then you will have a recipe for a great relationship experience.

If you want to have a good relationship. Then, you must pay your partner some attention. A relationship where it is all about you and not abou your partner, is going to have problems.

Traditionally. The men was the provider and the woman would stay at home and bring up the children.

Maybe, this loss tradition, was the right way of doing things. However, in many cases, because of the high cost of living. Very often, both partners have to work or the woman wants to pursue her career.

If the two of you both work. Then you should pull together and share a bit of the household chores and tasks.

Sometimes in a long term relationship, you can feel trapped and you might even think that the spark and passion has gone and your relationship is finished.

But, if you have been through so much together and you have set up your own home. Then, is would be a shame to just throw in the towel and give up on your relationship.

If you have reached this stage, then perhaps you are to focused on meeting your own emotional needs and desires and you're not spending enough time focused on your partners.

If you want to put the spark back into your relationship. You sometimes have to ask yourself. 

What are you prepared to do to reignite the spark and what are you prepared to do to make your relationship great, fun and fulfilling?

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