Beat Stress And Become Less Anxious 

What is better in the world than feeling relaxed and balanced and stress free? Nothing. Stress is every bodies number one enemy, originally though stress was not a risk to our health or a serious disruption to our quality of life. In fact in early civilization it was vital to help us survive if we came under threat. 

The difference between then and now though is that in those times we would only experience a few minutes of stress which would help give us a quick boost of energy so we could make a rapid get away, the adrenalin would be used up and we would return back to our natural relaxed and balanced state. 

Today there are very few genuine threats except ones to our ego and pride, yet we spend so much time worrying over things or change what we cannot always control. 

This keeps us stuck in a fear based state, these days our stress is not caused through fear of being attacked by lions, it is self created by our negative thought patterns and the social pressures we heap upon ourselves and the way we have learned to react to situations which are out of our control.

The more harmful long term chronic stress is caused by the unnecessary pressures we put on ourselves, worrying turns on the same physical stress responses has a physical threat to our safety would, the big difference is we cannot find the off switch to negative thinking and to make matters even worst most people are doing it continually.

Responding stress-fully to a traffic jam is not life threatening, being late for work is not life threatening, not getting a job done on time is not life threatening yet we still respond with the same physical symptoms as we would if we were being attacked by a lion and because there is nothing to run away from the stress response is not turned off so the harmful stress hormones are not used up.

Our Safety Protection Mechanism Has Turned Into Our Biggest Threat To Our Health 

The very thing that once helped us to survive has turned into the single biggest threat to our health, well-being and our quality of life. Scientist, healers and doctors are all telling us the same thing which is, stress is not something you should just ignore or put off doing something about it must be attended to immediately yet still so many people are still ignoring the messages at a huge cost and risk to their health.

If you are suffering with stress then you simply cannot afford to just carry on regardless, stress is a killer. The impact of stress can be devastating to our bodies, stress in the mind manifests into defects and diseases in the body. 

The scientist are now admitting that the effects of chronic stress are now even worst than they first thought, it will destroy your body, relationships, well-being and health.

Most people have got their own problems with stress, the first thing you need to find out is what's causing it and secondly you need to know how to lower stress. To many people resort to taking a tablet, this just mask the problem, what you must do is deal with the root source of your stress and change the way you respond to the triggers.

Relax The Body And Relax The Mind

We all face uncertain times in our life, we all have our own mini crisis's, traumas, personal problems and challenges we have to endure, the problem really starts when we make mountains out of mole hills.

The biggest causes of stress are our negative thinking patterns, how we respond to situations and challenges and poor time management. To lower your stress it is essential to deal with the mind and body as they are both inter connected. 

Just by adopting a upright, relaxed and aligned balanced posture you can instantly calm both the mind and body, your will feel more energized, your tension will melt away and you will experience less stress related and anxious thoughts, a relaxed and balanced posture is fundamental to feeling good. 

Worrying and negative thinking is probably the biggest cause of chronic stress and because people do not know how to eliminate those needless and pointless worries they stress is permanently ongoing, the long term effects of worrying can be catastrophic and very damaging on your health and well-being.

Why do we worry so much ? Because we are focusing our attention on thoughts and things we don't want to happen or we are thinking about something going wrong. What most people fail to realize is you have total control of what you choose to think, so focus on things and thoughts that make you feel good, secondly ignore any thoughts that cause you any negative resistance.

There is always something going on in our mind whether it is a good related feeling or a bad one, we tend to find something that is troubling us, something that gives us negative resistance and that's all stress is, then we give the concern our undivided attention, if you adopt the same approach by thinking about thoughts that make you feel good then you will have no time to to feel worried.

If you have a problem, try to spend as little time as possible on the problem and think about finding a solution or focus on everything going well for a change, you don't have to always think the worst. If you want an answer to your problem, either to some research or just ask yourself a question.

 It states in the bible ask and it is given, there is an answer and a solution to every problem, get your mind and the universal intelligence to find you a solution, ask yourself or write it down on a piece paper, "how can I" then state what you want a solution for.

There Is No Such Thing Has A Stressful Situation Only Stressful Responses

But it's not just our thought patterns which evoke a stressful response, another problem is the tone or pitch of our inner voice. When you use a harsh and stern or critical inner voice it can immediately start to trigger a stressful response. 

This connection and association probably stems from our childhood when are parents would shout at us in a harsh and motivating tone of voice like you're going to be late for school etc. Allow more time to get ready, try and changes your inner voice to a more calm mellow and soft tone of voice.

We cannot always control the circumstances and the situations that happen in our environment or world, but we can control how we respond to external events and people.

Other causes of stress happen when you create yourself deadlines such as

"I have got to get - - - - - - - done." 

or you start the morning off by telling yourself things like

“I am going to be  late"

All you will do is activating an immediate stressful reaction, get up a bit earlier, if you are running late, accept it and let it go, there is nothing you can do so let it go.

Although it is important to set goals and to get motivated to do things try and avoid at all costs on putting deadlines on your goals or pressure on yourself. This is a mistake many people make on two accounts, firstly deadlines cause stress and frustration. 

One of the worst time for stress is usually first thing in the morning, especially if you are planning to do something like a bit of DIY or even a hobby and you have over motivated yourself or you getting ready for work, attending a business meeting or you are going somewhere and you have not allowed ample time.

It is important to become aware of the fact that how we begin the day can determine how we feel during the rest of our day, so a few simple precautionary measures and good time management you can prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.  

Stress Busting Tips

A simple way to reduce your stress levels is to find some where quiet close your eyes and spend about five minutes or more humming a tune, this is believed to calm your mind and stabilize the rhythms of the body, just hum a tune at a pitch that feels comfortable to you.

Exercising is very good at burning of the excess energy and ridding your body of some of the toxins that can build up in your body from bouts of constant stress. 

You need to get into the habit of exercising on a regular basis, especially any aerobic type of exercise where your heart rate increases, this will  reduce the physical symptoms of stress and help rid the body of the stress related harmful toxins, exercise will also help calm you by aiding the release of the bodies feel good endorphin's.

Eating regularly will help stabilize blood sugar levels and help reduce irritability and improve you concentration levels, and it is important to eat healthy and balanced diet, which includes good carbohydrates like whole meal bread, pasta and brown rice along with meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables, and cereals and do not skip breakfast, also it is wise to cut down on caffeine and alcohol, and avoid too many sugary snacks as these are all stimulants.

Allow some quality time for yourself, spend some time doing something for you alone, you could simply get in touch with nature because being around nature is relaxing in itself and research suggest that taking a walk in the park or county is an effective therapy for reducing stress and depression, or listen to a relaxing cd or read a book, or just find somewhere on your own.

Having a power nap especially at mid afternoon will help reduce stress and tension, and try to laugh more often, watch a funny movie or comedian and try and laugh more in you every day life, because laughing will also help reduce stress by producing endorphins and lifting your mood.

It is also essential to get some quality restful sleep, and it is believed that getting less than five hours sleep is not very good for your stress levels, try and go to bed and get up roughly the same time, if you are having trouble sleeping a hypnosis relaxation cd or download will relax you and help you drop off,  you also need to deal with your worries.

A lot of stress starts first thing in the morning and a certain amount of the stress hormone cortisol is released into our blood stream in order to wake up and prepare us for the day ahead. However if you are constantly running behind and rushing about you can over produce the amounts of the hormone cortisol.

You need to spend a minimum of thirty minutes a day deeply relaxing, hypnosis and meditation are two excellent ways of achieving this. 

This is not an option we have it is fundamental requirement that our mind and body needs which is absolutely necessary to allow the body to rest properly and repair itself from the day's events and challenges. Deep relaxation will calm the mind and body, reduce harmful stress and tension and restore balance.




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