Goal Setting-Achieve Your Dreams

How To Set Goals And See Them Through To Completion

Whether you want to own a successful business, make more money, have a loving relationship, lose weight or just be successful at something, you have to first have to believe that it can and will happen. 

Of course you also have to know what it is you want, and you will need to have a strong desire and a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

This should start off by having a mental image in your mind and a clear idea of where you're heading and what direction or path you want to take.

You should be very specific on what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it, then once you have choose what you want you will need a plan and strategy that will take you from where you are now to your final destination.

Preferably, but not always, a goal should be something that you are attempting that you've never done before.

Your goal should be something that excites you and makes you feel inspired, because you need something that is going to ignite your passion to get started.

Many people want to make more money to drag themselves out of a place of debt and struggle, but that should not be the sole foundation for you wanting to become successful.

Your basis for success should be because you are passionate about improving you, your life or the life of others.

Once you've made a decision, decide what it is you want and stick at it through both the good and hard times. 

Then focus on what you need to do to get started on your goal, then focus on what you need to do for each step of your goal.

You can write down each night, what you want to achieve and do the following day. 

Because there will be some dark and challenging times along your journey to your final destination, where you will feel like giving up.

Most people have a dream, a personal goal or an ambition, but very few actually turn their dream into a physical reality.

There can be many reasons why people never accomplish their goals, ranging from social distractions, having to maintain a full time job as well, fear of failure or they become overwhelmed by the amount of work that is required.

To stop all the stress and overwhelm, it is important that once you have your goal, you then need to break that goal down into smaller manageable goals.

You can break your overall goal down into what you want to accomplish in a year, then into months, weeks and then each night, then only focus on what daily action steps you need to take for the next day or time you work on your goal. 

Have a system or strategy to follow

Although you may have a big end goal in mind or objective. Once you have decided what you want to achieve.

You will then need a plan or system to get you through each step or stage. Now it is the time to develop your skill levels, create your strategies and keep on learning as you go.

Let's say you want to be a professional golf player as an example. Your goal might be, to win trophies, but your strategy should be finding ways to improve your golfing skills.

Instead of wanting to win trophies, a better approach might be. To make it your goal to be the best golfer in the world and then work towards that skill level and aim to be the best you possibly can.

It's all about being good at what you do and striving to make continuous and progressive improvements. 

In the example of the golf player. If you become great at golf, you will increase your chances of winning trophies.

Or if you want to make a lot of money. It would be better to focus on, your product service or focus on adding value.

Or maybe you want to lose weight and you have a ideal weight goal. Your system or strategy would then be, to focus on things like eating healthy, portion control and exercise routines.

Keep analysing what you're doing and keep making adjustments or aim to get better and better.

Success involves making sacrifices

Success takes real commitment and often sacrifices, but I guess, if you were content with a normal life, then you would not be thinking about becoming more successful.

You do have to be fully committed and serious about making your goal become a physical reality, all successful people were prepared to do what it takes no matter how challenging or long it takes.

This may mean having to make some sacrifices, this can be hard when everybody else is out enjoying themselves, so you have to think about the bigger rewarding picture.

However, this does not mean you should not enjoy yourself, because you need to have a bit of fun and enjoyment as well.

A goal is designed to give you a purpose in life, a sense of achievement and a chance to follow your true passions, as well as giving you a better life experience.

A goal will also help you grow and expand, it helps you to tap into your hidden talents and unlock your true potential and abilities, which you might have thought you did not even have.

Turning your dream into an actual physical reality will require sustained motivation, inspiration and persistence.

There will be times when you will have to quickly bounce back from setbacks and every now and again. 

At times when you're beat, you will have to keep focused on the positive reasons why you want what you want to re-inspire and give you a motivation boost.

Especially when you find yourself flagging and de-motivated and you think the world and universe is against you.

Enjoy the challenge

Goals can be challenging and frustrating at times, so if you are really serious about accomplishing something, then your goal needs to be something that you really want, desire and feel passionate about.

You will also have to distinguish between wanting something and being desperate, because desperation and trying too hard will prevent you from getting the results that you're seeking.

Although goals can be hard going at times, and success usually does take a certain amount of self discipline, time, dedication and effort.

There will challenges and obstacles for you to overcome, what you have to avoid is allowing your fears to postpone your progress, the more you fear the fear itself, the more you will invite it in.

See them as challenges that you can and will overcome, challenges that are going to help you grow and bring you closer to your goal.

Try to enjoy what you're doing and try to keep positive and optimistic, even during the difficult times, see it as delayed gratification and constantly remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end. 

If your goal becomes a chore or task that you have to force yourself to do, then that indicates a weak desire and passion, the more you can enjoy your journey the quicker you will arrive at your destination, and if you enjoy what you're doing it won't feel like work or effort.

Mistakes and failures help you to become better

Very few people achieve their goals without making mistakes, getting things wrong, so do not get upset or disappointed if you have a few setbacks or failure, it is virtually impossible to succeed without making mistakes.

Setbacks can either bring you down and keep you stuck or you can use them as a springboard to getting things right or finding better ways of doing things.

See setback and failures as a chance to learn and grow, so use them to access your current situation and then turn them into an opportunity to do even better.

Another thing that can derail your goals is, when your happiness depends on achieving your goal or you put too much pressure on yourself.

Under no circumstances should your happiness be a condition of you achieving your goal, but if you work on your happiness levels, then that will help you in accomplishing your goal easier.

If you link your happiness to achieving your goal, it can lead to disappointment and even depression at times when you're not getting the results you are hoping for, and those are not the ingredients for success.

Staying Motivated

It is easy to motivate yourself at the start of your goal, but sustaining that motivation, especially through the tough and dark times will require you to dig deep into your resourcefulness.

Focusing on the positive benefits and reasons that achieving your goals will bring you, will help to motivate you and keep you motivated.

Making your goal personal and something that you want to prove to yourself or your doubters can also help to drive you on through the stormy periods.

What you want to avoid on your journey to success is attaching negative emotional attachment to your goal.

It is easy to fall into the trap of becoming negative, disappointed and frustrated, especially if you're not getting the results you expected or what you think you deserve.

Negative emotional attachment, can quickly lead you into the self sabotage mode and if you're not careful, it will push you into a negative mindset of giving up.

Other hazards and pitfalls that you need to avoid are, try not to try too hard and don't seek perfection.

Depending on your goal, yes, you want to provide and strive for excellence and value or you want to keep getting better at what you're doing, do not dwell on your past mistakes or failures.

But to be at your peak performance best or to allow your creativity to flow, you need to be in a relaxed flow state.

Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and negativity, as well as negative external distractions, will block your creativity and prevent you from performing at your peak performance best.

If you find yourself being distracted by outside circumstance or you have some negative emotional issue's going on.

Then you need to stop fighting with the world and yourself, and you need to bring your emotional and physiology back into balance.

Because, your mindset and your emotional and physical state need to be in balance and alignment if you want to be at your peak performance best.

If you're not at your best, then you need to pinpoint the area's where there is imbalance, such as stress, tiredness, burnout or negativity, and you need to address and restore back the balance.

Have faith in your own abilities

Once you know what you want, you need to ask yourself is

 "How far do I want to go, how big of an impact do I want to make?"

  "What am I willing to do to make it happen?”

Your goal will need to inspire you and get you empowered and motivated. Your dream needs to be an exciting challenge, preferably one that is going to bring about positive benefits and results for you, your family or your society, 

Or one that is going to change or better your lifestyle or somebody else lifestyle for the better, or both at the same time.

Your goal needs to be believable and realistic to you, because without a strong belief you will probably be destined to fail, the belief is the halfway to the becoming.

If you have any niggling doubts or fears or you don’t really believe you can achieve your chosen goal, you probably won’t make the sacrifices that will be needed to see it through to completion.

Have faith in your own abilities, there is nothing wrong with feeling a bit fearful about taking on your new challenge, but do it anyway, despite how you feel. 

You are more powerful and capable, than you probably can imagine at the moment, and with the right positive attitude, mindset and gritted determination, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

One of the biggest resources we have is called time, but there is only so much time available for each day, so make use it to your full advantage so you become more productive in the same amount of time. 

Your goal will require a certain amount of self discipline and persistence, your intentions will need to be strong, because a weak intention and desire will result in giving up early.

Creating successful habits

To achieve your goals quicker it will help you to be in the right frame of mind as well as having your physiology and body in balance.

With practice you can stay in control of almost situation regardless of how difficult or how challenging it may seem.

The right success mindset is essential, successful people keep their minds focused on their goals and off all the things they don't want.

You will become what you think about, so it is important to keep on track with your goals by thinking about what you want.

We live our life based on our habits, successful people develop habits of the success, so if you have any bad habits, then you may need to replace them with success habits.

Being negative can become a habit, and if this is the case, then you will need to break those negative habits and self sabotaging thought processes.

But rather than trying to break a negative habit, it is better to replace the bad thinking habits or any habits that are working against you with new good positive and constructive habits.

Replacing bad success habits, like any other bad habit will take some effort on your part. You create a new habit through repetition.

Some of the habits of the successful are

  • They believe they are good enough and smart enough 
  • They know they have the ability to work through challenges
  • They get up early each morning and meditate for twenty minutes 
  • They start the day off by doing the task they like the least 
  • Successful people read and learn a lot 
  • Successful people eat well and look after their bodies 
  • They don't get distracted socially or by others 
  • They keep focused on their goals 
  • They keep their mind on ways of improving their results or performances
  • Break their goals down into manageable steps for each day

Getting Started

At some point you will have to move from dreaming too taking physical action steps that will take you towards your desired outcome or your final chosen destination.

Some people never even get started on their goals, whilst others will take a while to get started, because they are waiting for the right time.

Then you get the ones who stop and start, but for the ones who are really serious and determined to achieve their goals, usually end up succeeding. 

Your mind is a powerful tool, so take full advantage of the awesome capabilities that your mind can bring, by telling it what you want step by step or give your mind clear directions to follow. 

Positive believing and expecting will significantly help you to feel good, inspired and motivated, and it can help you to set yourself a realistic timeline for your mind to follow.

Depending on the size of your goal and the time you believe it will take you to achieve it, you can tell you where you will be in a year from now, two years or five, like this time next year I will be.

Or you can visualize yourself having already accomplished your goal, see yourself as victorious and successful.

Another good way of stating your intentions is to write what you want down on a peace of paper, you can also add what you would like to have, be or do.

Or you can write down, what you would like to achieve in a year from now or whatever you think is a realistic time to achieve your dream.

If you want more money, try not to make money the reason for your goal. 

If you intend to have more money, instead of focusing on and chasing the money, which usually ends up with you becoming too emotionally attached and too needy.

Focus on the positive lifestyle improvements, that money can bring, like freedom, travel, better quality of life, lifestyle changes, bigger house and new car etc.

You can also focus on becoming the best you can and what you intend to do or become.

If it is your intention to make more money, then also focus on the value you can bring to other people's lives or how you can entertain them or help them solve a problem or better their lives.

Taking action 

All high achievers have a vision, strategy and plan to follow, some people might already have a vision of what they want, others will have to give it some careful thought and consideration. 

By now, you should already know what you want but maybe you're still not quite sure how to go about it or which line of action you should take. 

Spending time learning as much information as you can about your subject or goal before you start is priceless and it will save you a lot of time in the future.

Because you can save so much time by doing some careful research and planning about your chosen goal first.

You will need to be organized and efficient, ideally it can help if have a clear vision and a plan and strategy to follow, but you can also learn as you go.

You don't have to cast your goal in stone because there may be times when you need to modify your goals a little bit as your life and desires change or your circumstance changes. 

Once you have created a vision of your desired outcome try to forget about the bigger picture and break your goals down into  smaller and more manageable steps and then just focus on one thing step, or activity at a time. 

Because, if you keep focused on the end outcome and you keep thinking about all the work you need to do to achieve your goal then it can cause overwhelm and stress. 

Plan each step as you go, keep asking yourself questions because when you ask your mind a question it has to search for an answer, use the why's, what's and how's.

Keep learning more and studying as you go, remember you're never alone and you do not have to work everything out by yourself. 

That is the job of the universe, just keep asking yourself questions about what you want next or what you need to know to get you to the next level.

There are always plenty of resources available to you and you have the capability to work things out as you go. 

If you stick at your goal with a positive energy, a strong determination and a calm focus then over a period of time you can amass the information and skills you require to achieve any goal you want.

Once you have done all your planning, setting your intention, you have to take your plan and idea and make it a physical reality.

This will require taking some form of physical action or getting others to help you with the action work, you can also out source some of your tasks.

If you have a goal that you wish to achieve then having a good mentor or coach who is already a leading authority figure and expert in the field you are entering in, can serve to be a huge benefit for you, in some cases it is essential.

Preferably you will need to choose somebody who is already successful so they can pass on all their experience, knowledge and wisdom that they have learned which was a defining factor for their own success. 

Everybody will give you their opinion, but if you want to be successful or you want to achieve great results, then you will want to learn from the very best who are at the top of their game.

To achieve a goal you will also need to grow, a growth mindset if you want to get where you want to be in life, and having a good mentor will help you to develop a growth and winning mindset and positive mental attitude. 

As you progress along your journey you will need to make decisions and you will need to keep on planning in order to get from where you are now to where you want to go. 

Because you have to keep moving up to the next level, and to do achieve that, then sometimes to understand things better you will need expertise help. 

A good mentor will be able to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, in the quickest time possible because they already know all the pitfalls to avoid.

If you take advantage of their wisdom and knowledge, there will be able to show you where you're going wrong and what you need to do things right or better. 

Have a mentor to follow 

Never give up on your dreams

So many people in their quest to turn their dreams into a reality give up way too soon, some are so close to success, but they quit when they are inches away from the finishing line. 

Everybody who has a goal to achieve, experiences rough and challenging times, and it is OK to feel frustrated and disappointed at times, but not for too long.

The secret is to remain optimistic and positive through those tough times. 

Sometimes you can use your frustration to motivate you other times it could be a sign that you're not getting the results that you want and you may need to evaluate things or try a different approach.

Just because you may not be progressing as fast as you would like to does not mean you're not making progress, sometimes it's much better to do a good job and to get things right than it is to rush ahead and do a bad job where you have to do go back and do it again. 

Be patient, your goal might take longer than you had planned, but hurrying just leads to mistakes and doing things poorly.

Avoid getting frustrated and beating yourself up because you think you are behind schedule or you're not yet getting the results you want, make it your mantra of, "it isn't over until I win".

Many successful people after completing their goal say the journey and figuring things out was the best part of it.

Life is all about challenging ourselves and growing and achieving a goal requires dedication, determination and patients, other attributes that you'll need are persistence and perseverance.

At times we are our own worst enemies, we get in the way by allowing our logical mind to butt in. One of people's biggest downfalls is the human natural urge to hurry and rush.

On average, most things take time, if you give in then you will never experience what might have been. 

You have to work your way through all the various stages bit by bit, if you're patient and calm them everything will unfold just as you want it.

Develop a winning and successful mindset, because there are two types of mindsets, winning mindset and a losing mindset.

Review your results every few months

Every month or so, do something that will de-stress you and make you feel calm and relaxed, then once you're feeling at ease, spend some time reviewing and reflecting on the results you have or have not achieved compared to the action and work you have been putting in.

When you analyze your results it will give you an indication as too, whether you're on course and you're where you think you should be or whether or not you need to make a few changes and adjustments. 

Because if you're not where you should be, then perhaps you will need to review what you're doing and focus on how you can do things better.

Where you are now is a result of the work and actions that you have or have not taken, 

If you're not achieving your expectations, then this could mean,

  • You have not allowed yourself enough time 
  • Your thinking and emotions is not aligned with what you want 
  • There are certain things that you have not done, which you should have done 
  • You have taken your focus off your goal a bit

Then after you have done your reviewing, ask yourself the question? "What can I do in the next few months/year, to make me and my goal become better. 

Track your progress and jot down your results, have a journal and write down any progress you have made. If your results are not satisfactory, try to improve on them.

Try to work at your peak performance best and aim to keep getting better, you have three speeds, fast, steady and slow. 

How much activity and action you do may vary, but the ideal thing to do is to pace yourself so you don't get too overwhelmed and burnt out, but the one thing you must not do is, quit.

Stay in the now

To reduce stress and negative emotions such, fear of failure, doubt and emotional overwhelm practice grounding yourself in the present moment. 

It seems to be a human trait to think the worst first and then give it all our undivided attention to make ourselves feel bad about things that have happened in the past or things that have not even happened.

When you spend all your time dreading or being negative about something, it will make that thing a lot harder for you to do. 

When you stay in the present you will feel calmer and you will perform better and your creativity will increase, so spend each day only focusing on your current stage of your goal or just thinking pleasing thoughts and enjoy your day as best as you can.


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