How To Read And Learn More In Less Time

Whether you're in a career that requires you to read or study a lot  or whether you want to be more successful, self educate yourself or learn more and you want to devour as much information as possible, in the shortest possible time, then teaching yourself to speed read, will give you a distinct advantage. 

Because, if you're short of time and who isn't, but you still want to better your life so you can expand yourself and grow then you will need a constant source of information which you can absorb and store as quickly as possible.

The more you can read the more information you can get through, the more you learn the more you know and the more you awareness will expand.

Information can help improve yourself especially if you apply it to your life to make it better, but it's only going to benefit if you can retain all the information you have took in.

So it's equally important to understand and remember about what you have just read.The more books or articles you can read the more you will learn, but reading is not all about learning and fun.

Sometimes we have to read things for our jobs, if we are studying or we even have to begrudgingly read mundane things we don't want to like forms, so the quicker you can get through them the better.

Most people think they read with their eyes but it is believed you actually read with your brain and because you are using your brain this means you have the ability to rewire it and change your reading speed.

The brain has this new term being branded about called plasticity meaning nothing is set or fixed and even though many people believe or have been conditioned to believe you cannot change things and you are what you are, this is no longer true and the brain has the unlimited capacity to change and improve.

We only use an estimated !0% of our brains true capacity and potential. When you think of the most successful people out there, you think of their attitude, their vast amount of knowledge they have amassed, which expands their experiences, and they grow from strength to strength.

Experts are now starting to realize the true awesome powers and capabilities of the mind and the potential is there for all of us to speed read. This as many advantages the obvious one is you can get through more books and read more articles.

Benefits Of Speed Reading

But there are many other advantages gained from speed reading for both adults and teenagers such as it will give you a tremendous advantage if you or your children are studying for exams because you can get through more information quicker and retain it for longer.

The grades we get are mostly determined by how much information you can cover and how much you can remember

Speed reading can also help you save money especially if you are in business, it is estimated that many business executives spend over two hours of their day reading material, if you could triple the time of your reading that's going to make some big savings.

With the explosion of the internet, blogging, all the emails to get through and the many thousands of E books which are now available alongside the more traditional ways of reading like books and the ever increasing amount of magazines in our shops we are all spending more time reading.

The quicker you can get through an article the more time you will have to either read more or do other things.

With all this knowledge and information readily available there has never been a better time to expand and grow, learning how to speed read will allow you to get through the mass of information more quickly because we all know how precious and limited our time is.

If you like entering quizzes then the more information you can amass and retain the better your chances are of winning, there are so many life empowering self help and educational books and articles available to help improve your life; the more you learn the better the chances you have of becoming more wealthier and successful.

People think we have one speed of reading but you can speed up your reading or slow it down if you choose. It's not just about speeding up your reading you also need to improve your focus, you might think reading faster will cause you to lose your focus but it can actually do the opposite and improve your it.

Some people especially when they are studying or learning something new will keep going back if there is a paragraph or sentence they don't understand, experts however suggest that you finish at least the page or paper and then go back and re-read the article or sentence you did not fully understand again.

Sometimes the article or paper will not make sense until you have read it all, so if you keep going back before you finish at least the paragraph then it will not really benefit you because you need to read the full chapter, document, section or page as a whole first.

A Few Speed Reading Tips

Speed reading can improve your reading skills by allowing you to teach yourself how to increase the number of words you read in small chunks in each paragraph or small block of words.

Try and find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed, the more you can relax the easier the task will be and the more information you will be able to absorb and remember.

You can only improve your reading speed through practice and effort, it can take a little time but there are really no limits to the progress you can make. To help you speed up your reading it may pay you to hold the book a bit further away than you would normally hold it, by doing this you will be able to scan more of the text.

Don't just try and rush yourself to go faster, do it more gradually, if you try and rush at it too quickly then you may struggle to absorb all the information, just keep on pushing yourself to try and go a bit faster each time until you reach the level that suits you.

You should sit upright but relaxed, hold the book down with your left hand, you can use your other hand to place on the page so you move it down as you start to read, this will allow you to focus on small blocks at a time. The key to speed reading is smooth and guided consistent eye motion and movement.

Try and keep to a steady, smooth and gradual motion, keep the movement of your hand slow and but constant, use your hand to determine the pace you go at.

If you don't want to use your hand you can use a piece of paper or a piece of card but this work from the top and once you have read a paragraph or block of words slide the paper down so you cover the words that you have already read.

The idea of this is to make sure your reading is continuous and flowing, also what you want to avoid is keep going back and reading sentences or certain words you have already read.

The idea of speed reading is to train yourself to pay more attention the first time you read something, its not just about the speed you also need to be able to take in and store the information otherwise it will be pointless. After you have read the chapter you can always go back and go over any bits you did not understand.

What your aiming for is to start reading and then carry on without stopping, normally when we read we tend to quietly speak the words to ourselves, to quicken up your reading, read with your mind and read in small blocks instead of one word at a time.

The more words you understand the less time you will spend stopping and starting because you have to look up that particular word so it is a good idea to try and improve your vocabulary.

Some experts recommend skimming and missing out the bits of information that are irrelevant, however this would not be practical if your reading stories or non fiction.

How To Speed Read Course

We all know how reading can benefit us emotionally, spiritually and it can give you a greater chance of success in every area of your life, the more you read the more you will grow and expand yourself intellectually.

The one thing most people lack though is time. The average person reads about 200 words per minute but what if you could triple your reading speed in just under just 60 minutes, this sounds far fetched but this is what Dr Michael Masterman claims is possible. Imagine with that skill how much you would benefit in your life.

Most people believe it takes hours of training to increase the speed of your reading, some even believe the speed you read at now is your limit but Dr Michael promises his course can trible your reading in under an hour, this is achieved without any fast music or other fancy gimmicks like some programs use.

His audio course includes tests to prove it. He also claims you will be able to maintain that super-fast reading speed, even weeks later after you have done the course. It offers some simple, easy to implement pointers that really work.

Not only can this program triple your reading speed, it also increase your comprehension, and helps you to retain more of the information you have read.

If you want to blast through e-mail messages, Web pages, books or reports, then check out his site The course includes tests, so you can literally see just how well you've improved.

And if you don't improve enough, claim your money back through his complete satisfaction promise! Michael predicts the average American could save one day a week following his advice.




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