Overcoming Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

There is nothing wrong with taking medication to help you with your OCD and it is always important to work with your doctor. Sometimes medication can be a great benefit to help you to calm and stabilize yourself, which will leave you in a better state of mind so you can seize the opportunity to deal and treat your OCD naturally.

Having said that there are a lot of things you can do yourself that can help you to reprogram your mind and tackle to root source of your compulsivity behaviours and actions. The most natural way of overcoming OCD without medication you possess is your own mind.

Those with obsessive behaviours wrongly think that they are crazy or there is something wrong with them because they are having these thoughts and doing these obsessive ritual patterns. But this could not be further from the truth, all that is wrong is you have developed some bad habits and patterns of behaviours. 

If your are suffering with OCD then you have shifted into a internal state of self doubting yourself as well as losing the confidence to trust your decisions and judgement. 

Your doubting is causing you to lose your self control, you are then left with the only alternative of having to obey your imagination and compulsions to alleviate the anxiety.

Reduce your stress and tension will feel more in control

We experience more negative thoughts and anxiety at times when we are feeling stressed, worried and anxious, adrenaline and tension are linked to danger. 

This means when your muscles are tense and your body is full of adrenaline your mind will start to scan for danger because through evolution it will have come to learn to associate the physical and emotional sensations with something bad is about to happen.

Once you learn how to relax more both physically and emotionally then you will have less trouble with anxiety leaving you feeling more in control and better equipped to deal with your OCD. 

Your state can affect your thought process and behaviours, often when you return to a more calm and balanced state the obsessive and anxious thoughts will disappear.

Change the energy of the negative and the what if thoughts

Most compulsive behaviours are triggered by thoughts and images of danger, disaster and things going wrong, they are often triggered by the powerful negative and action provoking what if thoughts. 

But do you ever stop for a moment and challenge these negative thoughts, first you cannot stop the thoughts by will power or force, the more you try and resist them the more uncomfortable and anxious you will feel.

Have you ever tried flipping the negative thoughts on their head, because the sooner you can ditch the negativity and replace them with feelings of calm and positivity the less trouble you will have with anxiety and OCD. Start to turn the negative energy around, like what if everything goes well, what ever happens I'll be OK.

I have washed my hands once so that is enough, I have already cleaned once today so there is no need to do it again. Nothing bad is going to happen, so I will just embrace and accept my feelings rather than giving in to the urge to take action. I will decide what is common sense and sufficient enough rather than allowing my negative thoughts to dictate my decisions. 

If you just allow the negative thoughts to take hold then they will trigger a chain reaction of more anxiety and unpleasant sensations in the body. Be aware they are only thoughts and perceptions, they certainly don't always represent the truth so try not to identify or become attached to any negative thoughts, just let them pass. You can also intervene and change them to a positive statement or intention.

Focus on more positive outcomes instead of giving all your attention to the worst case scenario, after all you have survived all your worries up until now so they were all unjustified. 

When you constantly give all your attention to negative outcomes then your energy will stay negative which will keep you stuck in a cycle of more worry, stress, anxiety and compulsive behaviour and actions.

It's OK For You To Feel Anxious

Why people struggle so much with anxiety is because they refuse to accept they will experience uncomfortable feelings from time to time, the fear then tricks them into believing they must take action to alleviate the feelings.

Once you can start to begin to accept and tolerate your feelings, and you shift to the attitude that it's OK for you to feel anxious and it does not necessarily mean anything bad is going to happen then you will stop resisting it and you will have less trouble with it.

Because it is the resisting your feelings and compulsions and wanting to stop them that is actually evoking the cycle of fear and dread. When you decide to accept your feelings instead of wishing to get rid of them or taking avoidance measures because you feel feelings must be forcefully prevented is the first step to taking back control of this condition. 

The next time you feel the urge to perform your rituals, stop for a second, do a quick realistic risk assessment then take some deep relaxing breaths and instruct yourself that although it feels like something bad is going to happen, they are only feelings, then accept and embrace your feelings, let yourself know your not going to die and resist the urge to pursue the actions and rituals. 

You will experience a bit of resistance and feel a urge to perform the rituals to satisfy your mind, but remember the mind does not like changes, but this is the point where you have to step in and be strong, stay calm, stick it out and the feelings will subside. 

Be courageous and and as long as there is no real danger, embrace your feelings and do what ever it is that scares you because you have to rewire your brain to accept that the things it has been reacting with fear to are not really dangerous. 

It's all about installing new patterns of behaviours and thinking patterns and remember, small action steps performed repeatedly over a period of time will lead to big improvements.

Natural Ways To Help You Control Your OCD

It is a good idea to find ways how to deeply relax and calm your mind, such as meditation, hypnosis or brainwave entertainment. When your in a calm state your thought processes will change to more pleasing and beneficial thoughts. When you start to relax then that's the time to seize the opportunity to overcome your fears and compulsions.

It is believed that low levels of the endorphins serotonin can contribute to negative moods and compulsive and obsessive behaviours. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which allows nerve cells to transmit information to each other. 

Serotonin is responsible for mood, aggression, pain, poor sleep, energy levels and much more. From a spiritual side, your are in a state of negative resistance and you are experiencing a negative vibration.

There are some things you can do to raise your serotonin levels which include, regular exercise which will also help burn off any stress and tension. Eating proteins which contain tryptophan is also believed to boost serotonin levels, proteins containing good levels of trytophan include turkey, chicken, cheese. nuts, fish, beans and eggs.

It is recommended that you consume some good carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, oatmeal brown rice or nuts with the tryptophan, as this helps process the trypophan in to protein. 

Omega three is also believed to be a good mood booster and although it won't increase your serotonin levels, it can play a vital role in maintaining a healthy brain. Some fish which contain high levels of omega three are salmon. mackerel and tuna or you can take an omega three supplement.

Other natural ways which are believed to help improve is  Inositol or Vitamin B8, studies have shown that they can improve people's OCD symptoms. 

They discovered that a balanced level of Inositol / Vitamin B8 proved to have positive improvement for OCD and depression. You can find high quantities in natural foods such as: nuts, cabbage, peanuts, raisins, wheat germ, brewers yeast, oats and bananas, liver heart and brain.

Also a deficiency in the Vitamin B12 may help lower the symptoms of anxiety, foods which contain high levels of B12 are: fish, poultry, meat, eggs and milk, you can also get some of the B vitamins in a supplement. (do not exceed the recommended daily dosage). 

Some herbs can help to calm you

Some people have improved their symptoms with the help of herbs. The Bach remedies have helped many people reduce their symptoms, especially passion flower which has proved to have some positive results. Other herbs that may help are valerian and st. johns wort. If you take herbal remedies consult your Doctor first as some can react with prescription medicines.

Things to avoid or cut back on are caffeine, high sugar foods and alcohol as these act as stimulants and will increase your stress and anxiety levels, also it is advisable to limit the amount of bad fats in your diet, and consume more good fats. 

It is important to get some quality sleep and try and stick to a good sleeping pattern where you go to bed and get up at the same time where possible

Laughter, smiling and having a positive and optimistic outlook are all very good mood boosters and will help increase serotonin levels, what you think about or focus your attention on determines how you feel so try and force yourself to think positive, we all have the power to shape our inner world and change how we feel and behave.

Regular and deep relaxation will also boost your serotonin levels reduce, stress and help you sleep better, that's why hypnosis is an effective way to help overcome OCD disorders because it will provide you with the required deep relaxation, reduce stress and increase energy levels. It is also an effective therapy to help you overcome your compulsive obsessive disorder.

Stress and tension are one of the biggest factors in lowering your serotonin levels, and OCD can be triggered by a stressful experience, a traumatic event or from periods of depression and worry. Tension will also put your mind and body in a danger mode, 

OCD has been linked to poor posture

If you experience any form of anxiety or negative emotion the you need to eliminate all stress and tension. The correct relaxed and balanced posture is also instrumental to how you think and feel. Always try and practice good posture, sit and stand upright but relaxed, by relaxed it means you should use no physical effort to hold you up.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that apart from our physical body we have a flow of energy that is distributed along energy channels called meridians, traditional Chinese medicines call this "chi," translated to English it would mean "life Force" The correct posture is considered necessary to allow the flow of "chi"

OCD is linked to anxiety and danger, the obsessions and compulsions are being the fear or worry. When this energy is flowing freely we experience calm and harmony and our mind and body are brought back into balance. When this energy flow becomes blocked it can lead to tension, stress, depression which can lead to an increase in our anxiety levels increase. 

What causes blocked energy is poor posture, unresolved emotional problems and obsessive thinking patterns, all of which can make OCD symptoms worst and therefore making it hard to gain control of yourself. 

For the body to attain it's natural rhythm of inner peace and harmony, the body should be relaxed, aligned and free of tension. This means no slouching or tensing your body, good posture is all about body alignment and feeling comfortable, not standing or sitting to ridged or stiff.

It seems that people who sufferer with Obsessive disorders tend to think differently, studies have shown that people with OCD are highly intelligent and they will analyse things over and over again. They don't stop and think logically about the potential risk factor they just accept the negative thoughts as being true

If you wash your hands 100 times cut it down to 99 then 98 and so on until you have got it right down, start to condition yourself that the obsessions are not needed. 

Some people have used acupuncture to help them overcome OCD others recommend EFT and TFT which is a substitute for acupuncture and you can use this technique at the height of the fear and compulsions to discharge the emotional arousal. 

Thought Field Therapy is especially good for reducing the feelings and sensations when you feel the urge to do your rituals or you want to avoid doing something because it makes you feel anxious.



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