Ways To Get More Happiness

Happiness seems to be a hot topic these days as more and more people just want to be happy and there is good reason for it because the research is clear to why.

Happy people on average live seven years longer, they have better relationships, they experience better emotional well-being, they are more successful, they are less likely to get sick and they generally make more money. 

But the biggest reason and benefit why you should increase your happiness levels that out ways all the physical gain is, when your happy you cannot feel negative emotions and it is the good feelings that everybody is searching for.

Lets dispel the biggest myth about happiness. Most people think that you need a valid reason to be happy. 

They will often rely on something physical to make them feel good, like losing a bit of weight, making more money, buying the latest gadgets, cloths or technology or just having a day out.

The truth is you do not need anything special to be happy because except for exceptional circumstances like bereavement, break up of a relationship or a traumatic event you can learn to be happy despite your current situation.

Your happiness is completely under your control and it always has been, because you can be happy without having to depend on external outside circumstances. 

Take young babies and very young children as an example, they are generally very happy and they know how to laugh and enjoy themselves with very little. 

Your happiness should not be at the mercy of what you have or have not got or what's going on in your outside world

You don't need to try and find it either or wait for it to show up because you already have total access to unlimited happiness already within you and as true happiness is a state of inner being then this means you can access it without any external conditions a bit like when your sleeping and your detached from the stresses of the outside world.

Happiness is a mental, physical and emotional state of well-being where you will experience good feeling emotions, inner peace and balance and feelings of joy and although we can link it to specific things and situations it is just a state which anybody can access at any time with a bit of practice. 

If you already rely on material things to make you happy then your doing things the wrong way because although it is good to have, want and do things they should never be the conditions of you happiness. 

If you are searching for ways to make you happy then this implies that you are not as happy as you would like to be at the moment, it also indicates that you need to work more on your spiritual happiness and your general well-being.

Find out the reason that your not feeling happy

If you not happy at the moment then you need to look inside and dig into the reasons why your not feeling as good as you want to be.

This could be partly physical, it could be that you feel that your emotional needs are not being met, it might be due to what your thinking about or how your perceiving the world or you maybe experiencing difficult times at the moment.

Life can be tough at times and it can be hard to keep happy when bad stuff happens or if your struggling to bring up children, your having to work long hours and you have bills to pay plus all the other pressures and stresses of modern day living then it can leave you feeling tired, irritable and exhausted.

Add on top of this all of people's worries, concerns, problems and anxieties then it's no wonder people are struggling to find happiness. But although life can seem tough most happiness is under your control because what's under your control can be changed.

We all go through bad times and bad stuff does happen. The things to do when things are not going well or if you are going through difficult times is to release the emotion, let it all out, have a good cry or scream and rant because you do not want to hold onto the negative emotions any longer than you need to.

Then you need to accept what is or whats happened or even what might be and move on, after you've released the negative emotion make a declaration of intent that you're going to come back bigger, better, stronger and more happier then start to focus on the positive things that will be.

Just by expressing and releasing your emotions and accepting your current situation as this is how it is at the moment but it's only going to be a temporary situation and then starting to plan and focus on a more positive future can increase your happiness levels because you will be letting go of some of the negative resistance.

The things to remember is, what ever you resist you will get more of it especially your thoughts, your situations and your feelings. Once you have let go of all negative resistance and emotions you will then need to take action steps to increase your happiness levels eve further/

The first stage to becoming more happier is awareness, this will involve the awareness of why you feel bad or unhappy, the awareness of the thoughts that make you feel bad and being more aware of your body.

These days more and more people are experiencing to much stress and negative emotions which will deprive you of your natural right to be happy. When your worrying to much, your having endless anxious thoughts or your constantly stressed you will flip over in to survival mode which is the opposite state to calm and happiness.

Most people think that the reason they feel bad and emotional overwhelmed is down to their current circumstances and situations, but although the initial bad experience or event can hurt or upset you the real pain comes afterwards.

After a bad experience what you should do is to release the emotion then let it go, but where most people go wrong is they allow whats happened to hurt them or a long time after the event is over.

This demonstrates that it's the thoughts, the stories you tell yourself and how you perceive the situation that causes all the emotional hurt. 

The pain lies within the thoughts or to take it a step further it's the negative emotions and physical sensations that are activated by your thoughts that deplete your happiness levels.

Therefore if the hurt is linked to the thoughts and thoughts are nothing more than an illusion then you are in total control to whether you want to carry on engaging in the negative chit chat in your mind or if you want to let the thoughts go and instead focus on something more pleasant.

Allow for times of grief and pain

It does not matter how happy you are there will be times in your life when you will have to endure periods of grief, pain and mourning

If you are going through a grieving process then it is a perfectly natural process that has to take place, try to get some support or counseling if you feel you need it. 

Grief is a natural reaction to a loss and you should not try to immediately fix or try to force yourself to snap out of it or try to make yourself happy, but just try not to wait to long before you attempt to pick yourself up/

If you are struggling to cope with a loss, a tragedy or any other problem in your life seek out help or try to help yourself before things get to bad because the quicker you act the better as you don't want to fall deeper into a negative spiral.

If your going through a relationship split, then give it a bit of time, don't rush out to try and force yourself to meet somebody else straight away because you will need space to mourn and grieve your loss.

Sometimes after a bad experience we try to blame ourselves, such as if only I had done this or not done that but there is no point doing this because what's happened as happened and it should be left in the past, just learn from your mistakes in the future.

Master your thoughts and emotions

One reason why you may feel unhappy is down to bad thinking habits. Although it is our circumstances and experiences that cause us the initial stress and negative emotions.

The real hurt and pain that proceeds our bad or unwanted experiences is not down to the situation, it is caused by the after thoughts that your having about what's happened or what your worrying about.

You cannot feel good if your worrying or if your having anxious or negative thoughts and if you do not feel good then you cannot be happy. 

Negative or worrying thoughts will take you out of the power and peacefulness of the present moment. 

If your feeling pain or bad feeling emotions then this will mean you have ventured out of the now and you need to be aware and mindful to all those negative thoughts.

What give our attention to will determine what energy you are feeling within and what energy state you should be aiming for is the peaceful and positive emotions. 

The reason why you not feel happy is probably due to the fact that your reliving or allowing a past painful memory to influence how you feel in the present or your worrying about what might go wrong in the future.

Another reason why you may feel bad is because your only looking at your life or your future from a pessimistic and negative perspective.

We all have those thoughts about the past and future and most of them are negative, often we allow what's happened in the past to affect how we think about the future.

Awareness of why you feel bad will give you the power to take control. be aware of the onset of negative emotions and start to observe the thoughts that your having in your mind. past. present future

People waste a lot of time and energy trying to stop all deal with their negative or unwanted thoughts, what you have to realize is you cannot stop thinking a negative or anxious thoughts.

What you can and must do is, you need to learn how to take no notice of any unwanted or bad feeling thought and istead you should make more of an effort to thing better feeling thoughts and first thing in the morning is the easiest and best time to seize this opportunity.

Life is what you make it

How you perceive you and your life will effect your happiness levels, Sometimes it easy to blame everything and everyone but your happiness  levels and your life it all boils down to what you make it. 

If you want to change how you feel or you want to boost your happiness levels then the best way to achieve this is not by relying on any physical things or waiting and hoping your outside circumstances will change for the better.

The far more easier way to do it is to control how you feel on the inside because if you carry on seeing things and forming your thoughts by how it is at the moment or how it has been then you will stay exactly where you are or even worst you may become more unhappy and disgruntled.

You can feel better without any physical attachments or conditions because your emotions can be controlled by your thoughts and your imagination. 

Think happy or just general good feeling thoughts and your energy and your physiology will have to follow suit, just by changing your attitude and your perceptions to the glass half full can boost your mood so all you need to do is to focus on the emotional side of things and in time as your energy changes things will automatically change for the better on the outside.

Let's say you're stuck in a rut and you think your life has become mundane, maybe your single or your in what you see is a dead end relationship and your life has gone a bit predictable and repetitive and money as become a bit tight.

Your neighborhood is not the best and your health and your emotional well-being is not as good as it could or should be, nothing seems to be going your way and you feel down on your luck.

On top of this you think your getting old and life is just passing you by and your not living the life that you think you deserve you should have or life is not treating you fairly.

There is always more than one way to look at your situation  

You can look at your life and your situations and you can say, my life is rubbish, nothing works out for me, why me, I have not got enough money, I cannot afford this/that, I l don't like where I live, my job is boring, I feel unhappy, I keep getting ill. 

I'll ever meet my ideal partner/my relationship is loveless, I am not good enough, life is so unfair, I live in a lousy apartment/house and so on. 

All this type of pessimistic and negative thinking will carry on making you fee bad and it will take it's toll on your health and well-being.

Or there is always a better and alternative way of accessing your situation and perceiving a brighter and better future.

I have a regular paycheck that pays my bills and puts it pus food in my mouth and keeps a roof over my head leaving a bit left over to spend on the things I like. This gives me the ideal platform to go on and better my life.

I have the access to the internet why I can learn and better my life or meet new people. There has never been a better time and opportunity to improve myself and make some extra money or learn the skills to get a better job and move to a new house.

I can work on improving my relationship,/one day I know I will meet my true soul mate and it will be worth the wait. I know things can and will get better and there are no limits to my potential or what I can do or become, I like myself, I appreciate all the good things that I have got and where I am going. 

The first attitude projects a negative energy meaning more of the same or worst, the second projects  a more positive and optimistic energy of appreciation for what  you have and what you can have. 

The key to a happier life is to be grateful for what you've got then want and focus on having more.

 Take care of your body

Not everybody is blessed with model looks but everybody has the potential to become the best version and the most attracted version of themselves and if you exercise and eat well then this will reflect in your body appearance and looks boosting your confidence and happiness.

To increase and sustain long term happiness and well-being you need to get down to the roots of it both biological and spiritually.

It is important that you focus on both your mind and your body because to feel good you need to be emotionally and physically balanced and although it's good to learn from others sometimes you just have to it your way and follow your gut intuition. 

If you feel run down, confused, or you are lacking in drive, focus and energy then it could indicate that you could be lacking in some of the basic ingredients for good brain health and well-being.

Your brain and body craves for proper hydration and nutrition to work and to function efficiently and smoothly.

Leading scientific research has now proved that better brain health is easy to achieve, and with the adequate supply of nutrients can mean that you will become sharper focused, you will perform better it can help to reduce stress and worry, which means you will generally feel more happiness.

It is believed that keeping a healthy and balanced gut is essential to maintain a healthy body and a healthy brain. The foods you eat play an important role in helping you to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Some of the foods that should be eaten in moderation are sugar, caffeine, alcohol and to much junk or bad fat foods. 

If you feel run down, low in energy or your experiencing mood fluctuations or low mood then you could be sensitive to certain foods so if this is the case then it may pay you to talk to a dietitian or get a food intolerance test.   

Magnesium and vitamin B can help to reduce stress and anxiety, so long as you stick to the daily recommended dosage. Magnesium can help to boost your immune system and it is also good for helping to keep a healthy gut and promoting good muscle functions.

Although you should aim to eat a healthy range of good foods which will supply you with the sufficient amount of good fats, fibers, proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals. 

What can deplete your body of the vital nutrients that it requires to function efficiently is to much negative emotions such as the like as anger, worry, anxiety, unhappiness and stress.

Even if you have a good well balanced healthy diet if your experiencing negative emotions and a worried mind it will disrupt and play havoc with your digestive and nervous system.

BriteFocus, inc. is a leading supplier in brain health and healthy quality nutrients, so eat well, exercise and keep active and get plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Having a balanced relaxed and aligned posture is also crucial if you want to feel good because if your sitting or standing in tense and unhealthy postures then you are going to feel frustrated, tense and uncomfortable, it will also effect your mood and thoughts.

 How to fast track your happinness

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