Natural Ways To Increase Your Happiness 

Many people believe that key secret to happiness has got nothing to do with material possession or physical things or even being in a loving relationship.

To set the foundation for solid long term happiness it is important that your emotional requirements are met and the quality of relationships you have with other people, your family and your partner if you have one are also key area's to work on.

But by far the most important of all relationship that you should focus on the most is the one with yourself because your going to spend all your life in the company of yourself.

Therefore it is best to learn how to enjoy your own company and get to know the real you and start to work with yourself instead of fighting against the real authentic inner you thus avoiding all that inner conflict.

Your mind can be your best companion and friend or it can be your worst enemy depending on the information you feed it with. 

Your inner being always knows what's best for you and if your veering of course such as when you focus on what you don't want then it will use emotions to alert you that you need to change your focus of attention to something better.

So be yourself and tell your mind exactly what it is you want instead of focusing on what you don't want and you will discover that your mind is your loyal servant and it will attempt to give you and bring you everything you want once you start to give it positive clear instructions.

Research has shown that those who have healthy, happy, connected relationships go onto to live longer. They will also experience more success and fulfillment, and  they are more likely to look after themselves and maintain their health, both mental, emotionally and physical.

It's hard to be happy if your stuck in a bad relationship or your at war with your family or friends. Try to have better relationships with the people that matter in your life and ditch all the toxic and negative people out of it.

Eliminate your stress and worry

There are two stages to increasing your happiness levels, the first is to manage your negative thoughts, stress and emotions which will bring you some very quick big improvements. 

Once you have become the master of your own thoughts and your emotions instead of being the slave to them then you can then proceed to progressively improving your happiness levels.

Forget all the preconceptions that you might have about what real happiness is, because all you need is to be able to clear your mind and calm your body until you reach a stage of none resistance and flow, like the point you reach during meditation.

That's your naturally state of being and that's all you really need and everybody is capable of bringing themselves into a state of no resistance at any time, and once you've mastered that all you have to do is do do it more and more often.

It is hard to feel good if your burdened with problems, stress, anxiety, worry and emotional issues as they are all negative states of resistance. 

If you want to be happy then it's time to release all that negative energy that is depriving you of your happiness and your emotional well-being, so make an effort to start a fresh each morning making sure you don't carry the previous days negative baggage. 

Most problems have a solution and if you have a problem then it is important not to keep struggling with it, you need to do something about it straight away. 

Sometimes we have to go through the bad to experience the good and once you've tasted the good you will do everything you can to hold yourself there.

Sometimes struggling can drive you onto doing something about how you feel and unless your lucky you cannot really experience true happiness if you have not been in a dark place first.

Because you need the problems and struggles to motivate you so you learn and grow otherwise you will stay average, just make sure you don't hold yourself in a bad place for to long.

Once you discover that you are strong enough and resilient enough to overcome all adversity and overcome all obstacles and challenges then you will have the tools to grow in confidence so you become bigger, better and wiser.

The thing with problems is, sometimes there is not much that you can do so if that's the case then it is better to pay no attention to them and in turn give your attention to what you can change.

If it's really something that is out of your control then you have to accept you cannot change it and let it go, but normally there is a cure for most problems. 

The secret is to accept your situation at the moment and instead of wrestling your problem to the ground each day focus on searching for a solution. Your mind works like a computer, ask it a question and it will come back or lead your to the solution or you can just do some research.

The funny things with problems is, once you get out of the negative energy that creates them in the first place and you look at your problem or situation from a positive light then you will find that most of your problems will either cease to bother you or you will come up with a solution.

If you want to increase your happiness then you will need to spend less time focusing on your problems and make a little extra effort at working on your happiness. If it's not going to kill you, then it's a challenge for you to overcome and not a problem.

Most of people's stress is caused by negative thinking and worrying. You will have nothing to gain by either, it's fine to analyse where you are going wrong or what your doing wrong and try to fix it if you can but that's as far as it should go.

The answer to negative thinking is quite simple, either think the opposite to what makes you feel bad or unhappy or change your perceptions regarding about what is bothering you.

Let your negative thoughts and feelings go

People tend to fight their thoughts and feelings when it is better to let them come and just change the way you reacting to them. Just accept that they are temporary thoughts and feelings that will soon pass on by so long as you don't try to resist them. 

See your thoughts as like a wasp buzzing around you, you might not want it, but if you stay calm and take no notice of them they will not bother you so much and they will quickly move on bye with little disturbance.

But if you start to panic, get flustered and you swipe at them and fight them they will persist, hang around longer and cause you even more grief and feelings of discomfort.

People think it's the bad situations that cause them all the pain but although an initial situation can upset you, it's the after thoughts you have about the situation that evokes all the bad feelings and sensations. Nearly all our pain, suffering and fears are attached to thoughts.

If your having a bad time, release the emotion have a good cry or moan then change your perceptions and outlook and make it your intention to learn something and vow to come back better, stronger or more successful.

If you struggling with negative emotions then you can get a piece of paper and divide into into two columns.

In the first column write down all the things that are making you anxious, stressed, worried or unhappy then once you have written down all the things that make you feel bad you will have a list of all the negative things that will indicate what you don't want or like.

Then in the the other column you can write down the exact opposite things to each one, this will give you clear view of what you want and what you should be thinking about and doing, try and find the opposite expression or make a better statement or intent.

Examine the don't wants and try to see where you've been going wrong and then look at the wanted column and keep your focus on those thoughts and follow those positive  idea's.

Happiness is your choice 

In the end even though your upbringing and your experiences can have a impact on your happiness it does not have to be like because you have a choice to be more happier at any given time regardless of your outside circumstances (accept exceptional cases and situations).

If you have gotten into the habit of moaning and complaining all the time and playing the victim instead of playing the creator of your own life experiences because your life is what you make it then you will struggle to be happy.

The secret to happiness is learning how to stay calm and chilled not matter what is happening around you, so be mindful to the thoughts that suck you into a negative vortex and instantly dismiss them and only think about what does not make you feel bad.

Train yourself to stay calm in the situations around you, especialy those that are not really under your control. Look after yourself and take good care of your body and grow old slowly but gracefully.

Being grateful and showing appreciation is still one of the best ways to keep up your happiness levels and be nice and kind to others and you will find that others will treat you better. Just remember everybody wants to live their lives differently.

There is nothing wrong with you 

Why most people are unhappy and stressed all the time is because they somehow think that there is something wrong with them or somehow they have come to believe that they are not good enough.

This is however a false conception because you are no different to anybody else, you have a mind and body that functions exactly the same as everybody else's and you are fully capable of overcoming any challenges or obstacles.

You can achieve or become anything you set your mind to, all your need is desire and commitment and if you apply these two principals the results that you want will follow, or you can just carry on being yourself and enjoy living your life on your terms.

If you find yourself putting yourself down to yourself or in front of others even in joking format, then stop it now. If you think or tell yourself your not good enough then change it and start to like yourself and begin to redefine who you are based on how you want to be.

Learn to respect and appreciate yourself, do your best but don't be hard on yourself and remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with you other than you may have picked up some bad thinking habits and you may have developed a few unhelpful beliefs about yourself.

Learn to enjoy being you, start to enjoy your own company and do more of the things you want to do and the things you enjoy.

Modern society is conditioning us to be perfect and somehow we should all be flawless and not make mistakes or get things wrong.

But life is not always easy or perfect and trying to be perfect or trying to conform to other people's standards and idea's is not a very good way to live. You do not have to be super confident or extrovert if that does not suit you and you don't have to be the social party animal.

Introverts are usually more creative, more caring and more interesting people to be around because they spend a lot of time learning and observing. Be yourself and grow at a rate that suits you and not because your trying to impress or out do others because you have nothing at all to prove to others.

Trust that things will get better

Sometimes bad stuff happens and you can reach a point where you just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, no sooner do you get over or get through  one difficult situation then yet another problem seems to rear it's ugly head.

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable but it can appear tough at times especially when the odds seem stacked against you or everything seems to be going wrong.

We all get those periods in our life. Money can be an issue or your might not be getting the results or successes you want which can pull you down a bit. 

Sometimes you just have to trust and know that things will get better and better and as hard as it might seems whilst you are waiting for things to pick up you need to try and pay no attention to what's going on or how it is at the moment and just concentrate on doing things you love doing.

Things always work out in the end if you get out of the way and you trust and allow it to happen. Have you ever noticed that when you in a good feeling place everything seems to flow and run smoothly and the positive momentum and your optimism grows,

But as soon as you allow something on the outside to negatively effect you or knock you back then your can soon fall into a negative vortex and all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong.

The thing to remember when you have a setback or life knocks you down is, although you might not be able to change your physical conditions or situations immediately you always have the ability to think yourself back in a better feeling place.

The beauty of using your thoughts and you imagination in a positive manner is, you can make good stuff up without needing a reason or a physical condition to validate it.

The good thing with your thoughts and imagination is your mind and body has no idea the imagined situation is not real so it has no other option but to follow the lead set by your imagination so it will have no choice but to bring your energy back to the happy and good feeling emotions.

See and visualise a happier you, and feel and experience those good feelings. Laughing and smiling is also a great and natural way to boost your mood and you do not need a reason to laugh or smile.

Glass half full or half empty

Are you the glass half empty type or the glass half full because which category you fall into will go a long way to determine whether you happy and successful or you just take the average and not so happy route. 

For every situation you will always have the person who expresses doubt and doom about every idea, or you will get the type who is forever the eternal opportunist that can turn a tiny ray of hope into a cascade of possibility. 

Which category you fall into can depend on many things, including you upbringing and your social conditioning, we tend to mimic our parents and the people we grow up with or how you have come to perceive the world based on your life experiences so far. 

If your the negative type you can blame it on evolution because early man used to rely on negativity and caution first because it helped them to survive their environment that back then was fraught with dangers from many predators and harmful foods.

This way of thinking and behaving is closely tied to our ‘fight or flight’ response and how we have come to react with fear. Many recent studies support this idea that fear is instinctual, and comes from our reptilian part of our brains. 

But if you allow your brain to operate on survival first and enjoyment second then it will rob you of your right to be happy. If this is the case with you then you should begin to flip things the other way around and put happiness and pleasure first and safety second.

Although the fight or flight process and the anxiety process is still necessary to help to keep you alert to any real dangers it should only go off when it is absolutely necessary and you should not spend all your day plagued with anxiety and fearful thoughts.

If you suffer with high levels of anxiety then your fight or flight process has become to heightened to arousal and danger and it will need resetting. 

Because if you are to anxious and fearful for no real reason then this means your fear is not protecting you, in fact it is actually putting your health at risk. The emotions that really protect you and keep you safe are the positive range of emotions such as love and calm.

Some people have evolved passed this prehistoric way of living and thinking and they have learned to ignore their fearful feelings their reptilian brain and they have taught themselves  how to override or ignore their negative inner safety voice as they have preferred to take the positive approach.

If your the pessimistic and negative type then you can laugh at your puny fears and you can you know choose to take a more optimistic approach to the challenges and obstacles life throws at you

Positive minded people have consciously chosen to take on an optimistic approach to life and the challenges it throws at them. 

Your primitive part of your brain will focus on the risks and what could go wrong scenarios which will generate anxiety and sensations of fear, but you can learn how ignore and bypass that negative you and go ahead and take on small risks so long as their are no real dangers involved 

Being mindful, that you are not going to be at the mercy of your negative self means you have taken the first step to consciously choose to explore new views towards your life and the world and it is first stage towards adapting a more positive outlook in your life. 

Work your way up the happiness scale

If you have been feeling negative for a long time it will probably be to big of a jump for you to go straight to a state of blissful happiness and although your goal will be to be happy your number one priority should really be to get out of that negative state first and then work your way up the emotional ladder to a state of joy. 

You don't necessarily need things or a reason to be happy either, they can help of course but there not compulsory, the real foundation for happiness is being able to feel relaxed and in control when things aren't always going to well.

Because there are varies ranges of happiness which go from being calm, content and relaxed, while at the higher end of the scale you have joy, love and excitement. 

These are all classed as positive states of emotion and happiness reside anywhere in these ranges, so as long as you can stay in the boundaries of relaxed to joy then your life is going to be so much better.

But to get to that state of positive emotions you have to make some changes to your life, there could be many reason why you are not happy and every bodies circumstances might be slightly different. 

This means that there is not always one single factor that can pinpoint the reasons for you feeling unhappy and you may have to work at and change many area's of your life.

You will have to move up the emotional scale bit by bit because if you have been experiencing negative emotions and stress for quite some time then the gap from feeling unhappy to blissfully happy will probably prove to be a jump to far in one go.

So if your struggling or your feeling stuck and it feels like your going around in circles and getting nowhere then acknowledge that you don't know what your doing wrong and why you cannot move forward. 

You already know what you want and where you want to be but to get where you want in life you will need to do the emotional work first. 

Some people recommend focusing on what you want and although this is good advice, if your feeling frustrated or annoyed with yourself because your not getting what you want or the results that you expect then this can just make things worst for you.

Because there is little to gain when you try to override negative thoughts with forced statements and affirmations that state your doing well, the most important thing for you is to feel good right now so it's better to just reach out for general good feeling thoughts with no physical conditions attached.

So to get those good feelings that you will need to boost your happiness levels or take you closer to achieving the goals and the physical life and things you want then it can pay to take what you want out of the equation for a while and just focus on general thoughts that will make you feel good and bring you back to the power of the now, such as.

Things will and are get better all the time, out of the situation only good will come, everything always works out for me, I am figuring it out, I am making progress, I am improving each day and I will continue to get better, good things are heading my way, and so on.

Instead of focusing on what's going wrong or what you don't want or any of the other things that makes you feel bad or what you think your lacking or underachieving in ad start to focus on the things your doing right no matter how small just to get those positive feelings flowing again. 

Just enforce the positive beliefs of what you already know, this should involve you thinking and reminding yourself of the things that you already do well or what your good at because at the moment your just searching for the good feelings which are the exact same feelings of great success and everything else that is good.

Then once you've practiced for a while learning how to bring yourself back into alignment and in the flow, you can then start working towards the goals, things and life that you do want.

It's good to think big but sometimes if you set a goal and your set your expectations to high to soon then if you don't start seeing the results you want then it can drag you down and leave you feeling even more low and frustrated.

Other things that you may need to let go of include, 

  1. Stop complaining or blaming other or your circumstances for how you feel
  2. Ditch the negative self talk and focus on the positive
  3. End all the self doubting and self sabotaging 
  4. Learn to let go of the past 
  5. Learn how to forgive others 
  6. Stop criticizing or beating yourself up 
  7. Love more, hate less
  8. Replace any limiting beliefs with more helpful ones 
  9. Give up on trying to please others or caring what they think 
  10. Change what you can and accept what you cannot change

It may also involve building your self esteem which has probably took a battering as well as discovering the real you and developing a more optimistic and positive outlook on life. 

Modern techniques to increase your happiness

Some of the natural ways to be happy are, become and optimists, try and redirect your thoughts of the negative and onto more pleasing and better feeling thoughts, this does not mean you have to spend all your day trying to think positive just ignore anything negative. 

You do not have to go about laughing and putting on a false happiness front but do make a conscious effort to laugh and smile more.

Exercise regularly, this does not mean you have to over do the exercising but try and keep more active at the very least. Make sure you get outside in the daylight a bit, sunlight in moderation can uplift us, just be sensible and don't get sun burnt or spend too much time in the mid day sun. 

Get into the country side or visit the seaside as being outdoors in a natural scenic environment can increase your happiness. Being grateful will put you in a more positive vibration, be yourself and be grateful with what you have got, this does not meant you should not want more but just don't be desperate for it. 

Imagine living your ideal and fantasy dream life, envisage everything going right, you might not always get what you want but it will make you feel better and who knows one day your dreams could become your reality.

Get plenty of high quality sleep, this does not mean you have to spend hours in bed, what you ideally need is good quality restorative sleep and relaxation to help to reduce those negative emotions. 

Do the things that you want, if you like socializing get out and circulate with your friends and family, if you like staying in then do that, it's all about what suits you.

Meditation although it is nothing new is still a great way of quietening your mind and redirecting your focus of attention off the negative and onto the positive. 

This might not make you blissfully happy immediately but it can make you feel so much better as well as improving your health and your emotional well-being. 

These days you can cheat at meditation as the latest technology does the once hard work for you, meaning no more spending hours trying to reach that flow state of inner calm and peace.

Hypnosis is still one of the best ways to relax and help you rid yourself of negative emotions and negative beliefs. To reach joy and happiness you have too do the emotional ground work first and the latest self help technologies and methods can help you get there much quicker.

The All Natural Happiness Booster

Sometimes we can think or snap our way out of a low mood but sometimes those low periods can be hard to shift out of and no matter how optimistic or upbeat you are it can seem hard to lift yourself out of a bad period. 

Because sometimes with all the best will and intentions in the world trying to remain upbeat and happy when you have to work hard all day, cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life combines with bringing up a family and maintaining a home can be tiresome and exhausting.

If you have been feeling flat lately and you feel slow and sluggish, especially during those long winter dull months and you just want a help in hand to give you a burst of energy and a pick you up then you might benefit from a natural help in hand.  

Then if you want to begin each day in a good mood without having to force yourself to think positive then the technology is now available that with the aid of sound can boost your mood, give you a natural high and put your mind and body back in sync and in the flow state.

If you have been feeling low, anxious, worried or stressed lately then trying to make yourself happier can prove to be very tricky, sometimes you can feel low for no obvious reason, but there are easier ways to boost your mood without having to try.

Sometimes through no fault of your own life can throw up some difficult challenges and circumstances and even the most happiest of people have bad stuff happen, but the quicker you can dust yourself down and get back up the better,

These recording can help you to bounce back quick because they work by entraining your brain and your body to come into alignment with your natural feel good feelings and emotions and they can work when all the other conventional mood boosters have failed.

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