Take Control Of Your Powerful Imagination 

Have you heard the quote "The only thing that can limit you from becoming who you want and getting what you want out of life is set by your imagination." 

But are you aware of how powerful your imagination really is. 

We have all been given the gift to create just about anything we wish through the use of our imagination. 

What you imagine on a consistent basis, you create both good and bad, your imagination affects how you feel. 

The true purpose of our imagination is to create and design a better quality of life, you are a co-creator and you have been given the awesome power to design your own reality. 

It is a valuable tool and the most powerful-fullest force that exists. 

People's imagination can and does forever continue to create good things such as all the marvelous modern day technology, art, engineering and building, it can also be used to create destructive things.

 Everything that you see around you is a by-product of someone's imagination, it is the source of all creation, therefore it is intended for you to use it wisely. Your imagination creates your reality and when used productively you can add to the bigger picture of the world around you. 

All that has previously existed and those idea's that are still yet to be born in the future have come from or will come from somebodies imagination. 

We have two levels of reality, everything is created twice, firstly in the he metaphysically plane and the secondly it gets created in the physical reality. 

Everything starts off in the none physical world and then we transform it into the physical world in the form of material objects.

Without our imagination, we would live like animals, this would mean the only thing in our environment would be water, greens, plants and rock. 

That's how powerful your imagination is, we see things within our minds through images and pictures, this is how we create, we design it in our minds first, our mind is the starting point of all that is created. 

What Is Your Imagination

Your imagination is how you interpret your reality, in our waking reality we interpret our world through our senses, at night we interpret our reality through our imagination which we call our dream state, imagination is thinking, in thoughts and images. 

To define your imagination, it is you, tuning your mind into something that has not yet actually happened, your imagination, however, is so vivid and real that you feel and experience the emotions of what you're envisioning. 

This is great if you're designing a positive, compelling future for yourself because you will enjoy pleasant feelings, however, if you're imagining things going wrong then you will experience the same fearful emotions and sensation as you would in a real life threatening situation.

We often use our imagination to try and anticipate what might go wrong or bad things happening to us or our family, this causes fear, stress and anxiety. 

Always use your imagination to help and benefit you, practice imagining things that make you feel good. If you're using your imagination for manifesting then always imagine already having what you want to create. 

Our imagination can be our best friend, we can use it to relax us just by imagining we are laying on a beautiful tropical beach or we are taking a stroll through a beautiful forest. 

We can use it to deliberately create our lives or makes us feel happy, the best authors and writers allow their imagination to roam to create their best selling books. 

Due to the stresses of everyday life, we do not make the most of our creative imaginations, even worse, many people miss-use it, although our imagination was designed to help us design and create things, it can cause us endless misery, suffering, anxiety, stress and pain when used in a negative way.

Far too often we become slaves to our imagination, at times when we feel stressed or anxious it will torment us with all the negative what if questions and what could go wrong scenarios. 

Use your imagination wisely and productively, do not follow it when it is causing your misery or pain, if you're not happy with what's playing out in your internal world, change it. 

The next time you feel anxious, imagine things going right and notice the difference in how you feel, because our feelings are determined by what we're imaging, the nervous system responds to the pictures and images in your mind.

Use The Power Of Your Imagination To Help You To Feel Good

To benefit from your imagination you need to generate good feelings and keep focused on already having what you want even though it still might not have shown up in your physical reality. 

Everything already potentially exists, all possibilities exist in the none physical world as idea's waiting to be created and manifested. It just takes someone to see it in their mind's eye first as an idea. 

All idea's come from the source energy otherwise know as, the universal intelligent mind, this database of information is available for us all to tap into.

We all have access to this information, there is only one super mind, all your idea's don't come from your own brain, your brain is a transmitter and receiver of information and we have the ability to access this universal intelligence or super mind.

All you have to do is bring it into your mind, all music and lyrics come from an outside source of intelligence, great artist write their best music at times when they are deeply relaxed. 

The same applies to all the best idea's and discoveries, creativity will seek out the quiet mind. When you are stressed and anxious you block out the incoming information.

 There is no such thing as limitations in your mind, your imagination exists outside the limits of normal time and space, you can design and create anything you want in your imagination. 

It has no limits or boundaries, the only limitations, it has are the ones we enforce upon it by our beliefs and perceptions, the ones we use to fit in with how we view the world around us at up until now.

When we go to sleep our imagination is set free from its waking state restrictions and then you can see it's full potential through all the wonderful and bizarre dreams you have and experience.

Only Use Your Imagination To help You Better Your Life Or Other Peoples Lives 

When used constructively your imagination can help you design and create anything you wish, it is designed to help you make and build things, you can use it to rehearse things going right such as if you need to make a presentation, it can help you to build your confidence and perform better. 

However, some people turn it inwards on themselves in self defeating ways, your nervous system cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. When you misuse your imagination, then it can destroy your life. 

Most people allow their imagination to roam freely and they let it get out of control. 

When used wrongly, we become scared of our own vivid and sometimes overactive imagination, it can lead you down a path of self destruction.

What you focus your attention on you get more of, what you imagine you create, what you feel you attract so learn to relax and allow your imagination to wander onto creating things that you want, this alone will make you feel better. 

Many people have mastered the art of using their imagination to create and manifest a better life and reality.

Once you learn how to turn it around in your favor then anything becomes possible. The late comedian Bill Hicks summed life up with the ending of his famous quote " We are the imagination of ourselves."

There is only the now, that's where we exist physically and spiritually, the past and the future only ever exist in our imagination, the general rule is stay out of the past, unless your thinking about good times, only see the future from a positive perspective, because all fear lies in the negative projection and planning of the future.


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