Increase Your Skill And Creative Abilities

We are all born on an equal level footing, we all possess the ability to achieve or become anything we want, physically and spiritually we are no different. The only thing that sets high achievers apart are levels of desire, determination and the choice of thoughts they think.

We come into this world as a potential creative genius, but it is not long before our natural creative talents are lost as society and our own conditioning starts to limit our real true potential that sadly often lies dormant in most people.

 We all have the ability to tap into our true hidden creative undiscovered talents and powers, the magic is already within you, waiting at your disposal. No matter what your current situation is or where you are at this present moment, you can improve on your own individual skill levels. 

The more skills you amass and develop the more valuable you will become, because the more people will want you instead of you depending on them. Making an effort to better yourself will result in more opportunities being presented to you. 

What ever you might think or whatever yo may have been led to believe, there are no limits to what you can do or achieve, unless you impose those restrictions, limitations and beliefs onto yourself.

We all fall into the trap of self limitations by our thoughts, actions and behaviours. The wrong unhelpful thoughts soon turn into beliefs which manifest outwards into our reality as limitations.

We are all talented in some form or another, everybody has a talent and everybody has the ability to improve their creativity and skill performance levels, and it is never to late to learn and develop new skills.

Relax And Focus On What You Do Want 

The secret to unleashing your god given talents, whether it be improving on what you already doing, becoming more creative or learning a new skill is to learn how to relax and feel good, you goal should be to be inspired and creative.

Ideas come when we are most relaxed, creativity flows when we are relaxed and we are at ease with yourself and the world, this is why meditation is so good at releasing your creative powers, because it allows you to quieten the mind, relax the body and shut out the rest of the world.  When you allow other people to influence you moods or you let the outside world effect how you feel then this will stifle your creativity.

If you want to tap into your creative powers always carry a note book and pen with you. Creativity flows in short periods of time and then it suddenly stops, it will flow into your conscious awareness usually at the most inconvenient times, when you least expect it.

If you cannot jot down the thoughts and ideas that come to you, by the time you have got home you will probably have forgotten most of those inspiring idea's and information.

How To Become More Creative 

There are several ways you can tap into your creative abilities and improve your skill levels. To improve your skill levels; you can do it through repetition and practice or you can improve your performance levels through visualization. 

Many athletes and sport stars visualize themselves succeeding over and over again, remember when your visualizing you only imagine things going right, all the stress and negativity is cut out.

To do things like designing, creating, inventing, writing or coming up with new ideas, you will need to tap into the universal intelligence. This is a process anybody can apply. 

The first stage is to ask or set you intention, focus on what it is you want. Then you have to allow the universe to take over, there is a force of higher intelligence, much greater than us. You do not have to try and work things out yourself just let the universe bring to you or guide you to the information you need. 

The last part is to relax and let what you want come to you, the only thing that will prevent the information or thing from coming to you is yourself. 

You cannot get what you want unless your in the right matching energy to what you want. If you want to achieve or have something yet you focus on not having them; then your attention will cause a resistance to what you want. 

Resistance comes in the form of negative emotions, such as frustration, desperation, lack, not having, scarcity and focusing on what you don't want or you still don't have.

The most important thing to consider, is no matter which way you choose you need to practice feeling calm and relaxed first. Great ideas and creation flow to people at times when they are most relaxed, what separates the sports winners from the losers is being able to stay in the zone and control in times of pressure.

To get it to that flow state takes practice at first, but you will perform better and be more creative once you learn how to control your thoughts and feelings. 

You have to know that what you want is coming to you with absolute certainty, then you have to stay positive while you wait patiently for it to turn up. When you feel good what you want will flow to you and then nothing becomes beyond you capabilities.


Stress And Tension Block Your Creativity And Destroy Your Performance Levels

To allow your creativity to flow and to be able to perform better at the things you do, you first need to still the mind of all negative resistance and relax your body. When your mind is calm and still and your body is relaxed and balanced then you will do things better and your creativity will flow effortlessly.

To reach your peak performance levels and to tap into and unleash your creative powers you need to be in the zone. This is a positive energy state of none resistance, meaning when you are feeling good, relaxed and free of all negativity. 

Stress, fear and all negative emotions will stifle and block your creativity, they will also keep you focused off the very positive things you should be giving your attention too. 

Stress, worry, anxiety and frustration will also cause you to struggle to perform as good as you are capable of. If you are experiencing negative emotions then your not focused on what you do want, and things won't work out so well for you.

To open the door to your true potential you have to be in a flow state of being, when your in alignment with who you are and what you want then you will access your true inner powers.

Deliberate constructive thinking of your choice will take you closer to your goals, a negative focus of attention will take you further away from what you desire. 

Listening to relaxing and soothing music can help to boost your creativity as can any form of deep relaxation techniques like meditation or even just a nice pleasant walk in the park or country side.

Improving Your Skills And Talents

We all have the ability to do better and achieve more, confidence in your own abilities to perform well at what you do is the key to performing better and being more successful at all the things you do. 

The stumbling block for most people when they try something new or they want to improve on the things they are already doing is you first need the confidence in your abilities before you attempt doing the thing they want to or have to do. 

Self doubt will make you task much more difficult, most people are beaten before they even start, due to fear, nervousness, self doubt or a lack of belief in themselves. To perform well you need to feel calm and relaxed first and then you need to stay calm and controlled during your learning or improving process. 

The common scenario though goes something like this, you learn you have to do something new or you won't to develop a new skill. You start to worry or doubt your ability to be able to do it well, you begin to feel nervous about it. 

This makes you feel stressed and tense, you are already starting to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Many people talk themselves out of trying or attempting new things by declaring they can't do this or they are no good at that. They have self defeated themselves before they have even given themselves a fair chance.

We have to take risk and challenge yourself to grow and improve, too maximize your peak performance levels, before you start give yourself a bit of self encouragement first. 

Focus on things going right, tell yourself I can do this, try and remain calm and relaxed while you're performing your task at hand, if you feel tense, breathe slowly and relax your body.

The same principal applies if you want to improve on your current skill levels at a specific thing or task you already do. Again give yourself some positive support, like I am already good at this, I am getting better all the time.

What often happens is we want to do better but we get stuck at a certain level and struggle to go beyond our current standards. The harder we try the worst things get, we focus on what is and how bad were doing, as the frustration mounts so does the negative statements like I can't do this I am no good. 

Your mind goes on auto pilot telling you you cannot do it or you no good at it, this belief needs stamping out immediately. Sometime we are so desperate to achieve something we try to hard, avoid putting any form of self pressure on yourself.

The harder we try the more frustrated we become, instead of keeping the positive momentum going our negative ego makes us focus on how bad things are going. If you find yourself struggling, take a break for a few moments, calm down and come back feeling more relaxed and positive. 

Stop focusing on what is and how bad your doing and concentrate on relaxing yourself, confidence is a feeling, you need to feel relaxed and your mind needs to be still. 

When we observe ourselves struggling, we soon get irritated and angry, if you can forget how your doing and just relax yourself, your performances levels will naturally improve, relaxed and alert is the energy for peak performance levels.

Once you can learn to ignore what your observing and focus on being calm and in the zone, then you will automatically do things much better. The secret to being more confident is to feel calm and at ease with yourself and the situation, you cannot feel relaxed if your stressed, fearful and frustrated.




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