Keys To Success

The journey to become successful or to be an entrepreneur isn’t always an easy or straightforward one. 

If becoming highly successful was that easy, everybody would do it.

Believing that you can make a difference, believing in what you're doing, can be a great asset to help you get through the times of struggle, especially during those early years, and of course, the most important belief is, believing that you can achieve what you want to become successful at.

Having the belief is the half of the becoming successful, because having a firm belief in yourself and your abilities is what leads to the second step of being successful, which is all the actions and behaviors.

Many people set out to be successful or they make it their goal to become an entrepreneur, and it is not surprising, because for those who make it, the rewards and satisfaction are great and well worth all the effort.

This does not mean it has to be a struggle or hard work, because a lot depends on your attitude, your desire, your skill levels, your ability to learn and being able to mange your emotional and physical state.

Before you embark on the physical action work, you need to be in a state of balance and calm, as it will help you to get to your destination a lot quicker.

Having a calm mind and a healthy and balanced body, is one of your biggest assets, as it will help you think clearly and perform at your highest standards.

How long it takes to become successful can vary from person to person, depending on
  • Time availability 
  • Commitment 
  • How much you are prepared to sacrifices 
  • How strong your desire is 
  • You willing to learn 
  • Your skill level 
  • Emotional and physical balance 
  • Mindset and attitude
But generally, you have to be prepared to put in the hours and the necessary work and effort that is required.

These days, it is a lot easier to get all the tools, help, information and skills that you need to be successful.

To help you on your journey to becoming successful, you will need to develop new skills and positive and productive habits, which are going to replace all your bad and unproductive habits.

Introducing some positive and healthy lifestyle changes, can only help, as you will want to be at your peak performance best.

A positive and success mindset is also a must.

What demotivates people and derails their path to success, is when they allow their old limiting beliefs and fears to derail them.

You will need to learn how to let go of the past, otherwise it is all too easy, especially in challenging times to allow your past mistakes to influence your route to success.

At times when you hit a wall or you're struggling, draw upon your past successes, no matter how small, to help to change your state and mindset, as well as helping to inspire and motivate you again.
Because it is so easy to allow your old negative and self sabotaging thoughts to take over, when things aren't going as well as you would like.

Even the most successful, have times of adversity and major setbacks, the trick is to, allow the bad times to happen and quickly pass, so you can empower yourself to come back better and stronger.

Getting started

Success is a process of following certain procedures. First, you have to know or have a good idea what you want and you will need to have a clear vision of your desired outcome.

You need to take the path of least resistance and you need to put less pressure on yourself and focus more on enjoying what you do.

This  means your happiness, your thought process and your mood should not be a condition of achieving your goal.

The first hurdle to overcome is the fear of failing, the only real failure you can have is the failing to pursue your goals. 

Yes, you will come against challenges and you will probably get things wrong, but if you learn from your mistakes and failures and use them to motivate you to do better then you will have learned a valuable lesson.

Even when people are making steady progress they keep on shooting themselves in the foot by focusing on the lack of results they expected and anticipated and what targets they have set themselves, but not yet reached rather than focusing on the success and progress they have already achieved and made.

Being successful involves many things. This will involve learning and more learning, with most goals you will need to do your research. 

Your journey should be enjoyable, but it can involve setbacks and disappointments, but you should remain positive and optimistic even during the dark and difficult times. 

You need to be fully committed, you need to keep on instructing your mind to what you want and you need to practice and do whatever it takes combined with staying inspired, motivated

You need to be mentally and physically right and even though success requires effort and a certain amount of discipline and work ethic you need to try and avoid too much stress or negative emotions.

The ideal state is calm and in the flow so even though you have to do the action work you also have to let things work out without trying too hard to control everything or force things to happen as well as working on staying relaxed and focused only on what you want.

You also need to listen to and follow the advice of other successful people, but sometimes you also have to follow your own intuition and do it your way as well at times. 

Try not to chase or obsess about the money side of things and focus more on excellence, value and being the best you can in your chosen field. 

Stay focused on your goal, you will probably need to make sacrifices, but don't sacrifice your enjoyment, your well-being and even your health on your goals.

You define your own personal levels of success

Success can be defined in many ways and in some ways you're already successful with something. 

You have to define what success means to you, success to some people could be being wealthy, being successful at what they do and high achieving or just being happy, enjoying life and having good relationships.

You have to feel passionate and excited about your goals, because your dream does not excite you and get you empowered and motivated you will find it hard to keep your focus and push yourself to do what is necessary to accomplish it. 

Enthusiasm and a strong will to drive you to go after what you want is also a good attribute to have, but you will also need to have the required skill level. 

But although skill levels is important, it needs to be backed up by the right mental attitude and the right emotional and physical state because sometimes when things aren't going well you have to look at what's going on inside.

If your goal is just something you think you should do you your doing it mainly because you know you can do it may not be enough, because if you’re not really excited about it the chances are that you’re going to have a hard time focusing on completing your goal. 

It will help if you're passionate about your goals combined with having a love of what you're doing so it becomes something you enjoy doing instead of becoming a chore and task that you think you have to do.

Build on your own strengths

Many people think that their route to success relies on the things that they're doing at the moment, what they think they are good at, what they believe they must do or what they have been trained to do. 

But do you know that you probably have many other strengths or talents that you may not yet, even be aware of.

You can become successful at building on your strengths or by doing the things that deep down you have always felt that you wanted to do, but you never had the time or believe that you could be successful at.

We have all heard the stories where people who have been locked up in prison for a long time, and they have taken up painting, and they have uncovered the artist within themselves.

We all have to earn money to pay the bills, and many of us, struggle to find the time to pursue the things that we want to do or what we feel passionate about.

if you're not doing the job or career that you want to pursue, then this can leave you feeling unfulfilled, especially if you’re stuck doing something that you’re not happy or passionate about..

Sometimes, we do the wrong things we feel we have to, instead of following our dreams and true purpose in life.

If you want to be successful, then it is important that you understand, know and find out what your strengths are.

Your strengths can usually be found by following your heart and passion, your intuition, is always a good guide and indicator of the right path for you to follow.

A good place to start is to make a list of everything that you have ever set your heart on or the things that you have always felt you would be good at.

Once you have made your list and you have identified, the things that you have set your heart on doing or the things that you feel passionate about, then see where you can start to build on your strengths and inner talents.

This should lead you to your goal, which should leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

Then you need to break your goals down into manageable steps which should fit in with your time restrictions and other commitments.

It can be a big leap, and not always an advisable one, to give up your job, to pursue your goal straight away, especially if you have bills to pay, or you have a family relying on you.

Depending on your current financial situation, it might be a good idea to keep your job, and work on your goal in your free time, as you will need a source of income until you become successful.

Finally, you have to make sure that goal steps can be reached on a day to day basis.

If you want to be highly successful, then it is important to want to make progressive improvements, with the attitude of mind, that your goal is to get better and better, so you can excel and aim to be the best at what you do.

Having a success mindset

Nearly all successful people agree, that one of the biggest factors of success is having a success mindset.

Success starts with a change of mindset.

You can have two people who set out to be successful, they both follow the same path, they have the same skill levels, the same tools and opportunities.

Yet one of them will go on to be highly successful, whilst the other one won't.

Often the difference between, the successful ones and the not so successful, is their attitude and mindset.

Your mindset is your biggest asset, and the way you think about, perceive and speak about you and your goal, can have a huge influence on your chances of becoming successful. 

Your mindset can be the difference between success and failure, it is the starting point of how you see your world and yourself.

Your successes are a reflection of your mindset and all your beliefs and attitudes, and a success and winning mentality can  see you through to a successful outcome, even when everything else seems to be going against you.

Your mindset can, keep you calm, composed and positive when you're facing challenges, it can help you get over setbacks and adversity, so you come out stronger and better.

It can also help you avoid the pitfalls that end many people's journeys to success.
If you haven't got a success mindset, then you can end up feeling defeated and overwhelmed before you even get started, talking yourself into all the disadvantages that you have compared to others.

Your mindset can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

If you have picked up any negative and limiting beliefs or unhelpful conditioning, such as a failure or self sabotaging mindset. 

Then you're going to have to some mental and emotional work to change your mindset from a play it safe or failure mindset, to a success mindset.

This can take time, because your mind will be reluctant and resistant to change, your mind likes things how they are, even if you don't, so you will need to be strong and persistent.

But it is not just about your mindset.

Your body is equally as important, and looking after your body, such as eating a good nutritious diet, keeping fit and having a relaxed body, can increase your performance levels.

A healthy body, equates to a healthy mind.
Overcoming problems and challenges

On your route to success, you will come across many problems and challenges, that you will need to face and overcome if you're going to end up victorious.

We all make mistakes, and learning from your mistakes is a part of being successful.

But what you want to avoid is making the same mistakes over and over again, as that will cause you a lot of wasted energy, frustration and time.

The thing to be aware of with problems are, you will tend to hold on to your problem when you either treat the symptoms of the problem or you stay focused on the problem, instead of the finding the solution.

Solving a problem, can itself bring about financial and personal success.

When you react badly to a problem, you will stay in the emotion of the problem, whereas, to find the solution you have to be in the calm and positive energy of the solution.

You cannot think clearly, or tap into your creativity, when you're in a state of stress and frustration.

Therefore, the first step to overcoming your problems and challenges, is to release the frustration and stress of your problem, just accept it and allow it and the emotions, to happen.

Just, leave what you're doing, and go away and relax yourself, so you can calm both your body and mind.

You need to identify the source of the problem, and do what you can, to fix it.

Once you're feeling calm, you can start to analyze, the why's, what went wrong, what you need to do and how can you do things better.

The chances are, you will also have many setbacks and failures, these should only be viewed as a chance to learn and do things better.

Use your failures as important feedback, and an opportunity to grow.

Again, when you are facing adversity, take a break.

When you are feeling calmer and energized, then you can reflect on your situation.

Begin by trying to find out, the cause of your failure or lack of results or progress.

Try and figure out, the things that are contributing to your failures, take a look at where you might have gone wrong and how you could have done things differently or you can improve and do things better next time.

Ask yourself what can you learn from your setbacks.

Make a list of all the things that you can do, to try to prevent things going wrong again and what is needed to make things better, keep your focus of attention on making things better and growing, and follow up with positive actions.

Be prepared to make sacrifices

Although you may need to carry on working, to begin with, most people who become successful understand that they will have to make sacrifices and changes in their lives.

This can feel as if you will be missing out on some of the normal things that you would enjoy, but if you want to be successful, then you probably want to escape the normal type of life.

This does not mean that you have to give up on the things that you enjoy completely, because you will still want to have fun and enjoyment, in fact, a happy you, can help to accelerate and improve your chances of success.

You may feel at times that you are giving or sacrificing a huge part of your life in your quest to be successful.

But the reality is, you will be creating a better you and a better quality of your life by changing and following the path to more success you.

At times you will have to step out of your comfort zone to grow, and you will need to be fully committed to achieve your goals.

Set aside a bit of time each day to learn

All high achievers and successful people learn and grow.

You should never stop learning, and it does not matter how much you know or what your current skill levels are, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow.

Information and idea's are changing and improving all the time, so if you want to continue improving and growing to keep up with your competitors and stay one step ahead, then you need to move with the times and the latest trends.

Learn from the people who are already successful in your chosen field, but do not be afraid to be different or to think outside of the box.

Focus on your personal growth as well. 

Try to improve yourself in every way possible, so you are ready to achieve your goals. 

Invest in time in and in improving your various skills, such as your work, solving your problems or solving the problems of others, improving your communication skills or enhancing your hobby, life or goal.  

Stick at your goals, many people make the mistake of jumping from one thing to another, instead of giving all their focus and energy to achieving their original goal.

If things aren't working out for you or you find that you're not getting the results that you want, then instead of changing your goal, change your thinking, techniques, habits, attitude and approach.

Make reading and learning a habit.

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