How To Manifest Your Perfect Life

Are you currently living your dream life, do you have your ideal job and perfect relationship or are you like most people who are living their life by default totally relying on chance and luck. 

It is far too easy to accept what you've got where you just going through the motions each day without any real concrete plans, specific goals or a destination in mind for your future.

The universe and your inner self always know what's best for you, but are you tuning into your emotional and universal guidance?

Because, the best days of your life are still yet to come and your future can keep on getting better and better.

So, don't look back on your troubled past, let go of your problems and instead, begin to design the future of your choice. 

If you feel you would like more or you think that you deserve better, what are you doing or what steps are you taking to make sure your dreams become a reality, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Your mind wants to give you the things and life that you want, the trouble is, more often than not your mind is creating your life on outdated information and limiting beliefs.

Most people get stuck because they are tuned to what isn't or what they want, but they don't have, which blocks off the things they want.

If you allow what you're currently observing or the results you are experiencing to influence how you feel, then you will get more of what you're currently getting.

The number one reason why people fail to get the things they want is because they focus on what they don't want instead of focusing on what they do want, without offering any resistance to it.

Instead of focusing on what you don't want or anticipating things going wrong, focus on how you can do better.

The Universe is always trying to guide you or tell you something, but most people are just not tuned into the right frequency to receive what they want or they aren't listening. 

Usually, most people are more in tune with negative emotions and stress where they live their lives in the negative emotions of their troubles or their past negative life experiences. 

Negative emotions are an indication that we are focusing on what we don't want, and they are a message from our inner being that we need to resolve an issue or focus on a different and more pleasing subject.

You are already a master at manifesting

Manifesting is not a skill you need to develop because you are already a manifesting master and deep down you naturally know what to do because you were born with the gift of creation.

However, most people have lost their natural skills of creativity and they have turned away from the guidance of infinite intelligence.

Nearly everybody these days have heard of manifesting, cosmic ordering and the law of attraction.

Many people have already given it a go with little to no success, this largely down to, either they have not been given the right information or they are doing things wrong.

The hardest part for most seems to be trying to bridge the gap between where they are at the
present and where they would like to be.

Some people even think that they don't deserve happiness, better relationships and abundance or the believe that the good things in life are not available to them.

To begin with, you have to be very careful in what you believe because your mind believes what you tell it and your beliefs will then create you and your own version of your reality.

Many people are told to visualize and repeat affirmations, and although that is part of it, there is much more to it than that.

Your mind wants to give you what you want and the universe has the answers for you, everything you want already exists, your job is to bring it into your reality.

But first, you have to be tuned into the right frequency and you need to have your manifesting antenna's tuned in so you can listen to your messages and guidance.

So you can spot those new idea's and opportunities as they arise and present themselves to you and then all you have to do is, take immediate action to make them become a physical reality.

It is your job to set your intentions and do any physical action if and when it is required, however, it is not your job to work out the how's, that is the job of the universe. 


You get what you believe and not what you want

In life you get what you believe and feel and not necessarily what you want.

First, you need to know what you want, then you need to be in a matching alignment with what you desire.

This means that you have to be already be in your natural manifesting and creating state before the manifestation can take place.

The problem for most people is, they aren't in the right frequency and physical state which is needed to manifest.

In fact, most people are in the wrong state most of the time, which is usually a negative state of attraction.

The first common mistake happens when they ask for what they want.

Because, although you have to know what you want and you have to state your intentions, the asking will fall on deaf ears if your experiencing negative emotions and feelings of stress at the time of asking.

Also asking with emotional attachment will sabotage your good intentions and inner desires.

Because, saying things like I need or I must have, I am desperate for, are a bad choice of words because it means you're coming from a negative place of fear and desperation.

These sorts of statements will generate the wrong type of negative energy.

It would be far better to send out positive  intentions that carry no negative energy or resistance.

You could choose statements like, wouldn't it be nice to have, I would really like or I would love to have/be.

Secondly, you have to believe and trust that the process works, you also have to believe you're deserving and worthy enough to have what you want.

Many people struggle with life and themselves merely because, deep down, they believe that they are not good enough.

So a bit of self esteem boosting, praising yourself and telling yourself you're good enough everyday will go a long way to making you feel good and deserving.


It is all about beliefs and feelings

If you want to be more successful and manifesting then you first need to trust and believe in the process. 

Your belief and faith in the process of the law of attraction is an important step on your journey to more success. 

You might spend some time thinking and being positive, but if deep down you still have any doubts about the law of attraction.

Then this means that you don't trust the process and you will allow those negative thoughts to surface and influence you and sabotage your chances of success. 

Part of the secret to manifesting is having faith in an outcome before it has even manifested.

When you believe in the process, then anything becomes possible, because you can make almost anything happen for you if you're in alignment and you have the right mindset.

To successfully manifest you may first need to let go of the thing that you have been trying to manifest.

This may seem a bit strange, when you may have been told to focus on what you want all the time.

A lot of the law of attraction advice focuses on thinking about you want, visualizing it and feeling and pretending that you already have what you want.

Then you hear, let go of what you want and take the very thing you want out of the equation, it does appear a bit contradictory.

The thing to understand is though, the biggest ingredients of manifesting are, beliefs, feelings and vibration.

There are many ranges of emotions, both negative and positive, but they all fit into two categories.

You have all the positive feelings that fall into the love frequency and positive attraction and creativity.

These are all the happy and peaceful feelings, such as love, enjoyment, inner peace, balance, bliss and happiness where you're in a state of deserving, abundance, good enough and worthiness.

Then you have all the negative feelings that fall into the fear frequency and negative attraction and these feelings are ones you associate with worry, sadness, anger and anxiety.

The feelings of fear hold you stuck in a place of self doubt, self sabotage, not good enough or deserving, lack.

To successfully manifest and live the life you want, you first need to be in a state of nonresistance and allowing.

The problem for most people, they are usually stuck in a state of negative emotional attachment and it is their emotional baggage that is responsible for most of people's problems and blocks.

Our trapped emotions often keep us stuck or they push us down a different path to the one that we would like to take.

Negative emotions, especially fear and anxiety will tend to interfere and block our path to success and a better life.

To live the life that you want, you need to feel good most of the time, however, shortly after most people wake they slip into the same old destructive negative thought patterns.

There is a divine greater intelligence that you can tap into that will guide you and supply you with the information, idea's and creativity that can help you or guide you in any area of your life.

To access this infinite intelligence you first have to be in a feel good flow state, because when you do, and all you have to do ask, pray or write down on a piece a paper what you want.

Then the information will filter down to you when needed, this is the creative dimension which all the great writers, artists, musicians, problem solvers and inventors tap into. 

This universal intelligence and guidance has all the answers you want and it can be accessed by just asking.

The Universe is always trying to guide you or tell you something, but are you listening or are you blocking out or unaware of the guidance of the infinite universal intelligence? 

You can want something too much

Another thing that blocks people's path to life and things they want is because they want something to badly.

When it does not happen or manifest immediately, they try even harder, what they don't realize, sometimes the harder you try the more you repel the things you want away.

It is important to know what you want and it is important to tell your mind what you want, but you should avoid getting frustrated or coming across as too desperate and needy.

Because it usually means that they have become too desperate, disappointed, annoyed, or frustrated because they aren't manifesting or getting the very things they want the most.

This happens because they want what they want to badly, which leads to emotional attachment and negative resistance.

When this happens, they either stop trusting or believing in the manifestation process or they are putting themselves in a state of fear and not happening which will block off what you want.

This causes you to become emotionally attached to what you want, and you get all those negative thoughts and feelings which causes you to create stories in your mind about it is not happening.

You then create limiting and negative beliefs of, this manifestation thing does not work, it is not going to happen or feelings of disappointment and frustration which makes you feel bad.

Another stumbling block is when we allow what is or the not having, to hold us stuck in a negative state of stagnation and it's not happening.

To take away some of the negative emotional attachment, try to take out the equation, what it is you want or stop trying so hard.

You can also tell yourself, that it's OK if what you want does not happen.

This does not mean you should give up on your desires, it is just a way of taking away all your negative emotional attachment, so you can put yourself in a state of allowing.

Practice feeling good

The reason why you need to let go of the negative attachment is, it will take away all your natural powers of creating and manifesting.

Because if you are experiencing negative feelings because you're not getting what you want, then you have given all your control to the not having or not happening.

You should always expect good things to happen to you, but to make those good things become a reality you have to be in alignment and balance to let them into your experience.

When you resist what you want, then it will keep you stuck in a place of not allowing what you want to manifest.

We are all free to make choices of what we think, how we choose to feel and the actions we choose to take.

You just have to practice finding thoughts or doing things that will match you up with the frequency of the things and life that you desire.

Most people have gotten into the habit of practicing thoughts or engaging in thoughts that make them feel bad.

The opposite to this is to think about things that make you feel good until it become your natural way of thinking and feeling as well as engaging in things that you like doing.

Although to manifest, physical action is usually required, there is nothing more important to you than feeling good.

Because when you feel good, you will be in control of your vibration and when that happens on a consistent basis, things will start coming good for you.

One of the first steps to manifesting is to practice feeling good without having a reason.

Whatever it is you would like to manifest in your life, no matter what it is, you must match and align up with the feelings of the thing you want.

Your feelings and emotions need to match up with your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

But before you even begin thinking about manifesting your perfect life, you may have to release and trapped emotions otherwise they can block your path to success and happiness.

Facts about manifesting

1) It is not your thoughts that create your reality, your beliefs create your reality, and you create your beliefs and then those beliefs make you and your reality.

2) Your beliefs that do all the creating are mostly unconscious beliefs, therefore if you want
to change your life have, you have to start to change your subconscious limiting beliefs.

Your intentions and core beliefs play a vital role in determining the successes and outcomes of your life. 

3) You will find it easier to shift your beliefs if you're in a relaxed feel good state, and you will often find that when you're calm and happy your beliefs will match your state.

4) Having a good stable family and home life with no bad distractions can help speed up your manifesting powers. 

5 Keep your thoughts positive or neutral. Thinking positively or neutral thoughts will allow you to bring about a mindset of gratitude  and creativity.

Beware of any time your mind starts to shift to negative thoughts and do whatever it takes to correct the problem, or release them and let them go.

Replace negative or bad feeling thoughts with positive affirmations or self-talk as soon as they occur or simply ignore them and think about something more pleasant.

Your true potential can never be reached because when you've reached on level, there is always more to create, achieve and learn.

Everything that you want wants you and all your desires already exist in a world where anything is possible.

This place where there are no set rules or beliefs, only idea's and possibilities that are waiting to happen are all available from a place within you.

All you have to do is allow them to flow through you and into your experience, and before long you will find yourself manifesting miracles easily and effortlessly.


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