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The Law Of Attraction Explained - Is The LOA Real And How To Practice It

This article about the law of attraction is not all about trying to over-hype everything and make you bold promises of you how it can help you to be rich, live a perfect life and have the perfect relationship.

Because even thought that is possible; life is not always easy and as straight forwards as it sounds in theory, the key is to try and stay positive, upbeat and cheerful, especially in the face of adversity and failure.

The aim of this article is to help you to handle the difficult and hard times and come through all the bad and to help explain the law of attraction and help you use it to better your life.

Because at the start of your transition to living your best life possible. Their will be some the ups and downs and you will need to dig deep and use all your inner resources to help stay strong and optimistic so no matter what life throws at you, you will get to where you want to be.

It is all about the journey and learning as you go. This should ideally, involve you learning from your life experiences and using you failures, disappointments and setbacks to help to make you better.

The best advice I can give you is to try and take the most enjoyable and relaxed path of least resistance and use your amazing mind to help you learn from your experiences and to help you to figure things out.

To be able to live your best life possible, it will be beneficial to you to get the law of attraction to work for you in the best way possible.

Because it is an integral part of the possess to the transition to a better you and take you on a journey of more happiness, success and a more fulfilling life experience.

If it is your goal to make more money and then sustain that level of income or even increase it, you have to create or do something that people want on a consistent basis.

For the best results, focus more on the long-term gratification

There has been a lot of hype about the law of attraction, many people have heard about it and even tried it for themselves.

Naturally, if you have been struggling, especially financially and then all of a sudden you hear about this magical process that will turn your life around and deliver you unlimited riches, the perfect relationship and anything you wanted, you'd naturally feel excited, who wouldn't?

It also makes a great selling point and this is where we have to be careful. We've all heard the bold claims that go something like this!

Imagine living your dream life; living the laptop lifestyle, travelling to exotic locations, no more living from pay check to pay check and attracting your ideal soul mate!

Sounds very appealing and tempting!

But although anything is possible; you also have to take a look at the small print. Because very often, success and wealth require a lot of effort, knowledge and high skill levels and expertise.

So have to be careful and a honest and you have to know what your doing if you want to become wealthy and successful.

Because with all your new found excitement, positivity and enthusiasm, you can rush in too fast without creating a winning strategy and without doing all the right planning, learning, evaluating and analyzing.

It is very easy create an instant feel good dopamine rush and to want instant gratification and instant results.

What you have to be aware of is; if you don't start getting the results that you expected you can soon come crashing down and you will end up calling the law of attraction a scam.

It maybe be better to just start to get the positive momentum going first and focus more on the bigger picture and go for a more of a long-term, delayed gratification approach instead of a quick term fix.

One of the best and most important parts of the law of attraction which is often overlooked; is its emotional, wellness and well-being benefits.

Because training yourself to think better and to feel good is worth its weight in gold and your inner happiness and feelings of calm, balance and peace, is worth more that any physical possession or situation.

So to the next question is, does the law of attraction work?

Those who have great success with the law of attraction will say, yes it does work and those who get poor to little results will claim it doesn't.

You could say, whatever you believe your right!

Because if it is a law then, then it has to work for you and against you depending on: whether you positively attracting or negatively attracting.

There is clearly a process of creating and there is a right way to become successful; because nearly all the rich, the successful and the high achievers follow virtually the same process and formula!

Because every thing that has ever been designed and created and everything idea always  starts off as a thought or idea in the creative mind.

To make it a reality you have to take physical action on those idea's or opportunities. Our actions and behaviors are largely driven by our emotional state and our belief in ourselves.

When we are positive we expand, grow and move forwards in the direction we want to go; when we are negative and fearful we either stand still, contract or we play it safe.

If you want to create the life you want you have to keep moving forwards in a direction that will move you closer and closer to your goals and desires.

However; you cannot move forwards if you are standing still so it is best to start to focus on what you want and then start taking action to get you moving in the right direction.

But even though many people give the law of attraction a try many of them are not getting the results that they want or intended, in fact it seems most people don't.

So why does this happen, has it been over hyped, does the law of attraction work and why do some people seem to get what they want yet many others don't?

If things are not working out well for you or you're not getting the things and results that you want then it may just mean that you have not found the best or right way, yet.

So it does not mean that the law of attraction does not work it could be more of a case that you may need to understand how the LOA works and how to best use it and apply it to your life to get the best possible results and life for you.

Surely if it is a universal law, it should in theory work for us all?

We are all individuals, this means that results can vary and be inconsistent for some and more consistent for others depending on your mindset, levels of determination and how much action and effort you put in.

In my opinion the law of attraction is always working but I think the grey area is: The law of attraction cannot give you the guarantee that you will become very wealthy and you will live your ideal life.

It can only bring about the how part: the opportunities, information and the idea's.

The rest is down to you and well you execute the idea's and information as well your mindset and your emotional state.

Although we are told that we attract the things that we want through our focus of intention and our feelings, there is a bit more too creating your ideal life than just that because you have to get the action part right as well and you have to make the most of the physical resources available to you.

The process of manifestation is also all about:

  • Your skill levels
  • How much value you are adding to others
  • The quality of your services or products
  • Giving people what they want or need

Although the mental, emotional and spiritual side of things is extremely important to get right!

The physical action part of the manifesting process is also very important:

Because wishful thinking:

  • Without the right actions steps
  • Without the right idea's 
  • Without the best ways of doing things
  • Without the best strategies

Is probably not going to get you to where you want to be.

Because you can be happy and positive, but if you are offering a very poor value or your product or service is not very good or you're not providing people with what they want.

Then the chances are, you're not going to do that well.

But when you combine the power of your mind, feelings and emotions with the taking of massive action, with a bit of sheer grit and determination thrown in.

Then you have every chance of getting the life and things that you want.

Do we attract or does everything we want already exist?

Some people debate the fact of whether we attract or whether every already simultaneous exists already and it is our own subjective thoughts and feelings that determine what version of reality we observe and experiences.

The late comedian Bill Hicks, could have summed it all up beautifully, in one sweeping statement!

"All matter is energy, that is condensed to a low vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such things as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves". 

As that statement sinks in. In an attempt to try and understand the mechanics of manifestation.

You also have to take a brief look an the other amazing discovery by the scientist Max Planck who devoted a large part of his life studying matter.

"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much":

"There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

The two critical points that we can take from these two powerful statements are:

  1. We experience reality, subjectively through the power of our mind and feelings
  2. There is an intelligent conscious mind

What we can derive from this is, we are the subjective creators of our own reality and life experiences and we co-create our own reality through the guidance of the collective universal conscious and intelligent mind and then by the chooses and actions that we take.

This is basically how the law of attraction works:

  • You state your intentions, desires or what you want
  • The universal conscious intelligent does the how part by either downloading you the information or leading you to the information that will help you to create or bring to you the things that you want
  • Your job is to then take action on the information or idea's received or what you're guided to 

The latest quantum physics is also suggesting, that we live in a multi-world where there are many different versions of you.

Maybe you are a successful sports person in one reality, a well known celebrity or a famous writer in another, who knows?

Could it be that there is only one of us, but there is an infinite amount of possibilities and variations of what reality we can observe and experiences, depending on how we feel, think and what we believe to be true?

All pretty powerful stuff, but there is a massive difference in the theory side of things and trying to put all of this into practice to create your ideal dream life.

What is certain, we all have the power to choose what we want to be, do or have to a large degree.

Only focus on what you want

The first step of getting the law of attraction to work for you is; you have to know exactly what it is you want and you need a strong desire to have what you want.

You have an amazingly powerful mind, who's job is to try and give you exactly what you want. In fact your mind is always working towards, trying to give you what you want.

The trouble is; most people are focusing on what they don't want or what they don't have. When you do this then you are really in a state of negative attraction.

What then happens is! Your mind will then do everything it can to give you what you don't want.

We have all heard the saying!

"Be careful what you wish for, as it might come true"

This may sound a bit strange, because why would your own mind give you what you don't want?

Probably, the reason for this is!

Your mind is split up into two parts:

  • Your conscious mind
  • Your unconscious mind

Your conscious mind could be defined as your logical and decision making mind and your subconscious mind is your all knowing, feeling mind.

You may thing that you make all your decisions and choices, so this means that you have all the power and that is certainly true; as long as you exercise that power of choice.

But here's the stumbling block!

Your subconscious mind is influencing and controlling nearly everything that you do which includes:

  • Most of your thought processes
  • Your feelings and emotional responses
  • Your fears, dislikes and insecurities
  • Many of your actions and behaviors
  • Your beliefs
  • You wants and desires

So why is this so important?

Because nearly everybody is influenced and controlled by their feelings and emotions and if you are a negative and anxious type of person then you will probably allow your negative and fearful feelings to overrule your conscious wants and desires.

If you want things to change then you need to get both your conscious and subconscious minds in alignment with each other, so they are both working together in harmony and balance.

Because when this happens then they will both start pulling you in the direction of your desires and wants.

Instead of them pushing against each other all of the time and focusing on your fears and insecurities, which causes a inner state of negative resistance, conflict and disharmony.

To try and demonstrate how this works!

You might come up with this great idea or you may have a personal goal that you want to accomplish, that you feel very excited and passionate about.

But, let's say that you have a fear of failure; then this can cause a fearful emotional reaction which could put you off doing what you really want to do, so you don't even try.

Why this happens is; because our intense and strong emotions usually defeat and override our logical mind.

In fact it is very rare for logic to eliminate fear. The thing that can eliminate fear is the calm and good positive emotions.

Love and the positive emotions are way more powerful and supportive than the fearful and negative emotions.

Self-hypnosis is a brilliant technique to help you to change your emotional response so you can align up your logical and emotional mind up to help you to get the law of attraction to work for you.

Self-hypnosis will excite and stimulate your imagination as well as helping to change those fearful and negative emotions to the positive and good feeling emotions that you need to create your ideal life.

Self-hypnosis will also hep you to replace all your negative and limiting beliefs and mental programs that are holding you back, limiting you and preventing you from living the life that you want.

Your subconscious mind, also does not have the ability to reject anything.

This means it accepts everything that you tell it as being true and then it will act accordingly on the information, suggestions and instructions it receives.

This means; if you focus on what you don't want all of the time your subconscious mind will act on these instructions and the corresponding negative emotions, so you will get more of what you don't want.

To make matters even worse. When people are focusing on what they don't want they are activating strong negative feelings and emotions.

Our thoughts and feelings have a massive influence on what we experience and create in our lives, so it is essentially that you align your thoughts and feelings with the positive energy of what you want or your desired and favorably outcome.

Therefore; you have to be very careful, to what you give your focus of attention to and it is your job to focus only on; what it is you want.

The best way to do this is by using powerful and positive descriptive words and language.

The first step is to write down or tell yourself exactly what it is you want. It may also help you to focus on all the positive reasons why you want to manifest, what you want. 

Be clear and quite specific; because most people are a little bit to vague, when it comes to their wants and intentions.

Another good idea is to use gently, soft, high vibratonal and pleasing word.

Because our thoughts and the words that we speak are very powerful, potent and influential.

Some typical examples; of how you could phrase your wants and intentions, could go something like this:

"Please can you ----(State your intention or what you want) ------- Thank you!"

"I would be very grateful if you could help me too -------(State what you want) -----Thank-you, very much!"

Self-Hypnosis For Attracting Unlimited Wealth
Picture with a black background and some dollar notes falling in mid air

The common thing that many wealthy and successful people keep on saying over and over again is: The one thing that prevents most people from becoming wealthy is; your limiting programmed beliefs which may have been installed into you when you were a very young child.

If you have parents, who maybe had little money themselves then you may have heard them say things like.

  • Money comes to money
  • Rich people are all bad people
  • Money is the route of all evil
  • You have to work hard to make money

If when you were growing up you had to listen to your parents or others preach or moan about money or the rich people then what you wouldn't have realized at the time these negative and limiting programmed beliefs were being absorbed and downloaded into your subconscious mind.

Once these negative and limiting beliefs became embedded in your subconscious mind they can then affect you, influence you and prevent you from becoming wealthy and successful.

Our thoughts and beliefs are a printout of what we do, have and become in our lives.

If it is your goal to make more money then the first step that is needed is to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can rid yourself from your negative subconscious programs and your limiting beliefs.

Then once you have eliminated your negative and limiting wealth blocks you can program your mind with new beliefs that are going to support you in your attempt to create more wealth and abundance.

Steve G Jones is a world renowned professional hypnotherapist and NLP specialist who helps all the celebrities and high achievers in life and he will help you too, so you can create a vision of a life without no limitations.

Steve G. Jones self-hypnosis recordings are very effective and incredibly relaxing and they work by getting you to imagine what success might feel like. He will connects those success and wealth visions with strong positive emotions to boost your confidence, success and manifestation skills.

The reason why self-hypnosis can be so very effective is because; it will close down that inner critical part of your mind that would normally self-sabotage and talk you out of doing all those amazing and wonderful things that you really what and can do.

This will open up your mind to alternative, new and better idea's and belief systems that are going to help and support you in your quest to be wealthier and more successful.


Unlocking the power of faith

Fear is a lie, fear is also destructive, it causes you to play it safe and it makes you make bad and self- limiting decisions and choices.

Fear also puts you in the mindset of survival. This is not good because all your true powers lie in the positive good feeling emotions and having a positive and growth mindset.

Most people are trying to create the life and things that they want when they are coming from a place of fear, lack and limitation which is the exact opposite to the mindset and energy that you want.

The opposite to fear is faith and the important thing to beware of is; faith is way more powerful than fear.

The hard part for many people, is keeping the faith and knowing that something will happen and manifest before it is an actual reality outcome.

Most people won't really believe it before they actually see it and even worse they rely on the having it before they can feel happy.

This is completely the wrong way around, because your real power lies in feeling good, even in the absence of what you want as well as having the faith of knowing that what you want is inevitable before you even have it.

This is where the power of your mind, creativity and faith comes in; because it allows you to see it, feel it, believe it and create what you want in your mind before it is an actual reality.

The hard bit is to keep the faith and to carry on expecting it and feeling it, even though it has actually manifested into your desired outcome.

It is especially hard to keep the faith and to keep optimistic and positive during those difficult or bad times when everything seems to be going wrong or when you're not getting the results that you want.

Expectation and belief are two very powerful and potent creative forces.

So try and expect and believe without doubt and with total confidence that what you want is a done deal even during those difficult and challenging times.

Sometimes when you try and create the situation in your head of what you want your old default settings can try and oppose you and sabotage you, so you have to keep impressing your desired outcome on your mind.

Faith is all about creating what you want in your mind and knowing it can and will happen with absolute certainty, before it has happened because this is how we design and create things.

The how part is not your job

You are connected to the source of everything that is and everything that could be or everything that is possible.

This means that you're never alone, as there is always a helping hand and guide eagerly waiting to help you every step of the way. 

The source energy that you're connected to, your inner being and the universe are always there trying to guide you and give you subtle hints and nudges to help you achieve all your wishes and desires.

A mistake that most people make when they're trying to get the law of attraction to work for them is!

They try to hard and they make things way more difficult and frustrating then they should be as people will try to force the issues instead of relaxing and allowing the idea's, creativity and information to flow to you.

The how part is not your job that is the job of the universal intelligent, all knowing conscious mind all you have to do is state your intentions or what you want and then leave the chill-out and leave the how part to the universe.

There is no need to try and overwhelm yourself, over analyse everything or to try and figure it all out for yourself all you have to do is state what you want and then let it go and hand it over to the universe.

Yes there will be times when you will need to figure things out and learn how to creatively problem solve.

All you have to do, is to tell your mind what you want to solve or figure out and then leave it to your mind and the universe to download to you or lead you to the solutions, information or things that you need to know or do.

Once you have written down or told yourself, exactly what you want you have to relax and shift into the allowing state of zero resistance and just trust that it will happen.

It is all about getting the most out of our limitless and highly creative mind and you and your mind work so much better when you are relaxed and in the zone.

Because this is where you're true power lies and often the solutions, idea's and information will come to you at times when you are relaxed and not even thinking about what you want or your problem.

You just have to get out of the way and let it all happen naturally, just as you would if you were ordering something on 'Amazon.

Because when you place an order on Amazon.

You just trust in the process and you expect it to come.

You certainly don't keep asking, doubting or questioning whether or not it will turn up, you don't get upset or frustrated, you just know it will happen.

When people are trying to manifest or create something, they will often allow their old negative and limiting beliefs to sabotage all their good intentions.

Negative emotional attachment is your biggest enemy, when it comes to trying to manifest your dreams and desires.

Because you can think positive and focus on what you want, but then you can completely sabotage everything very quickly if you spend all day focus on the not having or the not happening.

Most people start of with the right attitude, mindset and intentions.

But many cannot sustain it for very long and it is not long before they fall victim of their old negative programming and limiting beliefs.

You have to change your old negative, conflicting and limiting programming and beliefs otherwise you're not going to start moving forwards and create the things and life that you desire.

During your transformation, you will experience some internal inner conflict and negative resistance, when this happens it is important that you quickly replace and negative thoughts of resistance with better feeling thoughts.

Especially as you attempt to replace your old negative programming and beliefs with the new positive, supporting and empowering ones.

This can be very tedious and even annoying at times but it is an integral part of your transformation to creating the things and life that you want and love.

Releasing all emotional attachment

We speak and think with our emotions and if we allow our minds to run on auto-pilot then our thought processes will tend to correlate with how we are feeling.

When things are going wrong or we are still not getting the results that we want then we tend to resort back to our old negative and critical thinking habits.

Such as; this doesn't work, it is a load of rubbish, it is not going to happen, it is a waste of time, I might as well give up or what is the point.

If we allow this to happen, we can start to fall into the victim mentality and instead of admitting that it could be partly our own fault, we start to make excuses or we blame everything and everyone, bar ourselves.

When the truth could be! We just have not found the right way or we have been sabotaging ourselves and we have been subconsciously creating our own downfall.

Sometimes we have to stop and take a look at ourselves emotionally and then we need to re-adjust and come back better.

When you allow what is or what your currently observing or you're telling yourself self-sabotaging and self-defeating stories then they will become your reality.

This will take you from the creative allowing state to the negative state of resistance. Which some people call, negative attraction.

Be extra aware of what is bothering or burdening you then surrender to what is or whatever it is or what is bothering you and then think some better feeling thoughts.

You can use this simply process if you like:

  1. Know it
  2. Name it and acknowledge it and how you feel
  3. Change it

Another thing to be aware of is; conditional happiness. This is where people wait to get what they want or the wait until their successful, to make them feel happy.

When you rely or depend on something or someone to make you feel happy then you're going about things the wrong away around and you are giving away all your power.

Changing your feelings and the stories of our mind

There are three critical components that you need to get right if you want the law of attraction to work for you and many people try to over-complicate the process.

Some people will have you believe that the law of attraction is something that you have to learn which is not strictly true.

Because although it is always important to learn and study the right and best information available, you were actually born with everything that you ever needed.

These three essential parts of the process are:

  1. The stories that you tell yourself, the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak
  2. Your feelings
  3. The actions that you take

We all talk to ourselves on a daily basis and if you are a positive person who is the type who is always optimistic, you're the kind of person who looks for the positive, even in the negative and you are an action driven person, then that is great.

But far to many people do not fit into that category and many will give to much of their attention to the useless negative thoughts and emotions.

Negatively minded people will tend to repeatedly tell themselves stories that will limit them and keep them stuck where they don't really want to be.

The stories that you tell yourself and the beliefs that you from are often the reason why you are not getting what you want.

Many of these self-defeating and self-sabotaging stories people tell themselves are things that you make up or you kind of convince yourself of or you allow others to influence and convince yourself.

These negative and self limiting stories usually consist of all the reasons and excuses for why you cannot have what you want or you allow these stories to talk you out of doing what you really want to do.

Some typical example, go something like this:

  • I cannot do it and then you tell yourself all the reasons and excuses why you can't do it
  • I have not got the time
  • I cannot afford it
  • Its just too difficult

The rich and the successful do not think like this, in fact they think the exact opposite. They would probably tell themselves something like:

  • I can do it and I will find a way, I'll figure it out or what is the best way to
  • I will make time and I am prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to get what I want
  • How can I find a way to get the money I need
  • I can learn how to do it and I have the ability to learn and master new skills

What you want is to start to create stories in your mind that are going to empower you and inspire you to take action and create stories that are going to influence your action strategies.

The stories that you tell yourself will determine your actions, behaviors and the way you feel and when you change the stories in your mind to positive, empowering and self-inspiring ones then it will change your state to those powerful positive and feel good states.

Tell the story of the future you or the future outcome that you want and desire as if it had already happened or everything is guaranteed to turn out, exactly as you want it to be.

Use the power of your mind to work and figure things out and use your powerful inner resources with the physical external resources to create what you want.

The missing ingredient of the law of attraction?

We have covered some of the main emotional and mindset factors but unless you take continuous and progressive action steps then your goals and desires will remain a dream.

You are a co-creator of your own reality, that makes you a very special and powerful person.

What this also means is; because you are a co-creator and even though it is the job of the universe to do the how part.

You have to be prepared to take action on all the ideas, information and opposites that will start to come you're way because even thought the universe will do all the how part. it can not do all the action work for you.

So you need to back that up with positive and decisive action and even then this does not necessarily mean that you are going to suddenly strike it rich.

Because now it is all down to you and there is one essential and often overlooked part of the process of manifesting which is, your level of skill.

This certainly applies to anybody who wants to make more money, become successful or advance in their careers.

The higher and better your skill levels and your knowledge base is, the more value you will be able to add which will make you more valuable to others.

Your biggest asset is the amount of time that you invest in yourself and when you master the skills that you need and you require as much knowledge as you can, especially on your specialized subjects or the fields that you want to go into so you can offer the best value or be the best in your chosen field.

Then you will be giving yourself a distinct advantage over the others or your competition.

If it is your goal to be successful or make money then the key area's you might benefit on focusing on are:

  • Value
  • Entertainment
  • Providing the best service or products
  • Quality
  • Solving people's problems
  • Making people's lives easier or better
  • Information and knowledge

Depending on what you want to be or do. The thing that you should be focusing on is; giving people what they want, need or require.

All your power lies in the now

If you want to be at your peak creative best then you should practice putting all your attention on the present moment, because the now is where all your true power lies.

When we look backwards to visit or examine our negative past and what was or we look forwards to worry and fear the future. 

Then they will prevent us from feeling the peace and calm of the now and it will switch our vibration to the negative low frequency levels.

Many people carry around a lot of negative emotional baggage. If we focus on our old negative thought patterns and we continue with our same bad habits and patterns of behaviors. 

Then this will prevent us from having new positive and helpful ones.

To live your best life and to be at your creative and most talented best. You need to be in the zone and in that free flowing, calm and balanced state of being.

Because, to get the law of attraction working for you. It is important for you to feel good and to feel as relaxed as as possible. 

This does not mean that you want have your ups and downs or challenges to overcome.

There is much debate about expressing and managing your emotions.

Whilst it is a bad idea to repress and suppress your emotions. 

Does expressing them help?

Expressing your emotions can make you feel better and it can certainly give you some temporary relief, but it will not fix or resolve your problem.

If you want to control your emotions, then the better option would be to learn how to solve your problems or learn how to change the feeling or the way that you respond.

Lets say. Somebody is reacting angrily to the same person or situation on a frequent basis.

Expressing their anger, won't stop getting repeatedly angry every time they face that situation. 

In fact, expressing our emotions to much can backfire because it can reinforce to the brain that the expressing of our emotions makes us feel better.

The more we think it is a good idea to express our feelings the more we learn to feel those negative feelings. 

It is almost as if. In our brains pursuit to move us towards pleasure. It makes us feel negative because it learns that after we express our emotions we will feel better.

A far better choice would be to train themselves. Not to get angry in the first place, reduce our stress or find ways to improve a negative mood..

Our emotions act like our inner guidance and advisors.

Some of our emotional responses may be valid and they could be an indication that we have a problem that needs resolving or we have some negative or limiting beliefs that are holding us back. That we need to change.

Other negative emotional responses may not mean anything more than we just need to give our attention to something more pleasing or something that does not make us feel bad.

You cannot experience to emotional states at the same time.

This is why it is a more wiser choice to learn how to change the emotion. 

Because .

  • When you're feeling calm and relaxed you cannot be anxious, angry or stressed
  • When you're feeling happy and positive, you cannot feel sad or unhappy

We are always experiencing a particular emotional state at any given time. Our emotions are just ways we are currently feeling at the time.

The best way to change your life and change the way you feel. Is to practice working on changing the feelings.

You may have some bad memories or past emotional conditioning that may be responsible for your current emotional patterns and problems.

This may require doing a bit of emotional clearing and healing work if they are persistent and repetitive.

But in many cases. All that is often needed is to find ways to calm or change your current emotions or physical state of being.

Things that can help you change your state are

Gratitude, love and appreciation

To boost your chances of success in life it is important to try and vibrate in the positive and feel good emotions as much as you possibly can.

Love is the highest frequency, so finding things to love will quickly help to raise your vibration. You don't need anybody or anything specific to love anything will do, as it is the feeling that you're searching for.

Loving your family, loving your car, loving yourself, loving your pet or loving anything else is a great way of raising your vibration.

Gratitude, thanks and appreciation will also help shift your vibration to the feel good frequencies.

Gratitude means, counting your blessings, being appreciative or being thankful.

Again you are searching for the feelings.

Therefore: you do not need a specific reason, situation or thing to be grateful for. 

Just being thankful for simple pleasures or acknowledging and showing appreciation for all the good things you receive or all the good things that you have on a consistent and continuous basis is sufficient.

When we are being grateful or appreciative it shifts our focus off your problems, negative thinking, lack and limitations.

Psychological research has shown us that positive life transformations and betterment can stem from the regular practice of showing gratitude and thanks.

Being grateful, appreciative and thankful transforms our energy frequency to the positive frequencies. 

With repeated practice, being grateful can make you happier, reduce anxiety and stress, lift your mood and improve your general health and well-being.


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