The Universal Laws Of Attraction  

Everybody has heard about the Law of Attraction and many have tried it, some have got great results, others have had a few successes but not the expectations that they had hoped for whilst many have been left disappointing because they are still stuck at the same place where they started off from. So how can something be described as a universal law if it only works for a few?

To try and answer that question ? The Law of Attraction by itself is not complete and it's not enough, but it is a huge part of the process of creation. You see, the Law of Attraction is only part of the equation to getting what you want in life and most people do not get passed the first stage of the process.

Think about it for a minute. You want to manifest something in your life, you do the asking and set your intentions, you imagine and project what you want in your mind and you try to stay positive and happy.

Maybe you want more money, but do you then turn your focus onto the idea's, chances and opportunities that will bring you a constant amount of money flowing to you. 

Do you study and keep on learning and improving your skill levels or do you just keep thinking about the money or even worse you endlessly worry and obsess about not having any money or why you cannot seem to attract more.

Or do you hope you will win the lottery, do you expect the money to be delivered through your mail box. That might happen for the rare few but for most it takes a little bit more than just wishing and waiting for a miracle to happen.

Or perhaps you want that ideal relationship, but do you sit around waiting for someone to come knocking on your door or do you do everything in your power to try and meet your true soul mate. 

Perhaps you want good health, but do you go the extra mile to get rid of all your stress and negative thinking, changing your diet to healthy balanced one as well as focusing on good health. Desires without action end up as unfulfilled dreams and desires.

 The universal laws of creation

The Law of Attraction is a part of the creation process, but there is more to it. If you have been using the Law of attraction or if your thinking about using it for the first time to create changes in your life then you need to realize that their are more ingredients to the process. 

If you want to apply the Law of attraction to make positive changes too your life, then in the majority of the cases that usually indicates that you want things to be different. 

And it probably means that you want to get from where you are now to where you want to go, but to get your desired outcome you will also need direction, guidance, focus and action otherwise it usually ends up with disorder, confusion and frustration. 

But when you make changes with the guidance of the universe, combined with direction, positive energy and focus as well as inspired action from you, then you will have the winning formula to deliberate design and create the life of your choice.

The other missing components

The Law of Attraction is one component of the process of the Law of Creation, the other missing pieces which also need to be engaged to create and manifest the changes and things you want are

  1. Mind 
  2. Belief
  3. Intention and desires 
  4. Energy/emotion
  5. Motion and action 
  6. Attraction
  7. Expectation


The first part of the creation process is intention and desires. There are two levels of reality, the first is our internal reality otherwise known as our mind and imagination which is the part we create with our thoughts and feelings.

Everything that exists has come to fruit and first originated in the mind.The second level of reality is what we observe as the physical world. We create from within and we use the resources and materials of which we have available to us in our physical world to turn our idea's and desires into physical form.

People think the best way of going about things is to try and change things externally, when in fact we control the outside from within and the easiest way to change the results your getting on the outside is to change on the inside.

So the starting point is to know and ask for what you want and then state your intentions because intention sets the universal forces into motion and a strong intention will give you a target to follow as well as giving you the inspiration and drive to achieve your desired goal or dream.


We live in a belief and feeling generated universe and without a strong faith and belief your chances of success will be minimal and you will be probably doomed for failure without it. The moment you tell yourself " I can do it" is the moment you begin to make it possible and probable.

If you want to change then you have to first change your beliefs because you cannot get what you want if your still using the old beliefs that were holding you back. Many of our unhelpful beliefs don't belong to us, we pick them up through society conditioning, therefore it is important that you work on creating new helpful beliefs.


Emotion is energy and energy is the power force behind life and consciousness. Their are two main energies, positive and negative or good and bad, all the other emotions reside in either the positive range of frequencies or the negative range of frequencies.

Emotions do the attracting, negative emotions make you feel bad and they attract negative circumstances whilst positive emotions attract positive make you feel good and they bring you positive circumstances circumstances, there not called positive and negative for nothing.

To attract the things you want and to live a happier and stress free life you should try and aim to feel good and relaxed. The most powerful emotion is love, although we are not sure what love really is, we all know that we want love, joy and happiness closely follow. 

In the negative range you have the emotions such as fear, anger, resentment and sadness and these are the bad feeling emotions that you want to avoid as much as possible.  What determines your emotions is, your focus of attention and how your reacting to the things you are observing or experiencing in your surrounding environment

When we give our attention to things we don't want or we allow our current results or what is to control how we react then this will cause a negative resistance. The best way to avoid negative emotions is to not focus on the thoughts, memory or situations that is activating them. 

You can quickly change the way you feel by either changing the way you respond or perceive a situation or if you give your attention to what you want. Thoughts of hope and optimism will shift your energy to a positive vibration, showing appreciation is another way to feel good. 

But you don't have to think positive thoughts all the time so long as you don't think negative ones. The secret in life is momentum, we always have momentum going on in our lives. 

You have positive momentum, which takes you in direction that you want to go, or you have negative going on which will take you away from where you want to be. 

By listening to your emotions you can gauge whether your focused on what makes you feel good or bad, if your experiencing negative emotions it means you may need to pay attention to something or you need to think about something that makes you feel better.


The first part of the creation process is your job, this is where you decide and ask for what you want. This is the job of your mind. You will need to have a clear vision of what you want, you may want to visualise your desired outcome as already achieved which you will need to add positive emotion to, when we imagine something in our heads and we add emotion to it, both positive or negative imaginings we tend to create it.

You will also need to keep a strong positive focus as you work towards you goal, keep giving your mind clear instructions and directions to what you want as you head on your journey to success. 

When you ask your mind a question it will search for an answer, so keep asking yourself questions like, how can I or what's the best way. The simple formula to life is, " What you give your attention to expands" so with that in mind only give your attention to the things that you want or things that are going to make you feel good.

Most people who want to try the Law of attraction want to attract more money, many say they want to be a millionaire, but very few think focus on the ways and means that will bring them more money every day, every week, every month, or even every year. 

The key to success is a strong focus of mind, because you will need to adopt the attitude of continually bettering yourself and what your doing.


Once you have stated what you want, release it because the next stage is the job of the universe, you don't have to try and work out the hows because that is not your job. The next stage for you is to act on the information, opportunities, chances and idea's that come to you.

We attract both what we want or what we don't want with our feelings, this means that you project out what you feel from within or you control what happens on the outside with how you feel on the inside. 

When your feeling positive and calm you gain access to information you cannot access when your feeling negative emotions, your creativity will increase and everything will workout better for you. To get what you want you have to be a vibrational match to it.

The Law of Attraction will bring you people, events, information, and circumstances that are necessary to either bring you what you want or bring you closer to your goals and wants. 

The thing that trips a lot of people up is, the Law of Attraction cannot do the action work for you or it cannot give you what you want. What the Law of Attraction does is, it arranges and lines you up with all the information, circumstances, idea's,opportunities and chance to help you get what you want. Sometimes the information and idea's are fed to you bit by bit as and when you need them.

Motion and action

The third part of the manifesting and creation process is motion and action. This means once you have your idea's or opportunities you will need to take action. 

Motion is the conversion of energy into matter and physical reality and you will need to use the resources that are currently available to you to bring your vision into physical reality.

Wanting and intending without motion and action causes people to stay at the dreaming stage. There is a big difference between having a wish and a dream that you strongly believe in and there is an even bigger difference between having a dream without taking action.

You need to have a dream or desire, but you also need to advance to the next stage which is to put that vision into motion, because a goal without action will remain just another missed opportunity.

This is where many people come unstuck when they attempt to apply the Law of Attraction to create the things and life they want. The Law of Attraction is a powerful force that brings everything together but it cannot do the action work for you, it can only provide you with opportunity and information as well as helping to draw what you want towards you. 

The manifestation process is part physical and part none physical, therefore to complete the manifesting process you usually have to take some form of action, the bigger the goal the more action is required, because what you want does not magically appear in front of you. 

The universe is always trying to give you subtle clues and nudges it is always trying to guide you if you ask, but to bring what you want from the none physical to the physical will require you to get the wheels of motion going and taking positive action steps.

The Law of Attraction will not provide the information and opportunities for the next stage of your journey and goals until action on your current step is completed. This is why it is better to stop thinking on the end outcome so much and only focus on one step at a time, whilst continually asking and focusing on what you need to complete each stage as you come across it.

Getting In The Zone 

Although it is largely known as the law of attraction, a more ideal name would be the law of vibration. The better you feel the more in alignment you will be with your true powers, nothing is more important to you than it is to feel good, but only you can control how good you feel.

Your thoughts are important to set your beliefs and intentions but unless they are matched up and backed by those feel good emotions then the chances are the things you want will not manifest. 

Everything you want is already within you, all you have to do is state your intentions and then become a vibrational match to what it is you want.

The second and probably the most important part to getting the things and life you want is to get into that peak performance state which is known as being in the zone. You cannot access this sort after flow like state if your in a negative emotional state such as fear, anger, stress or depression because they will keep you in a state of resistance and negative energy.

When your in the zone then you will become more powerful, this balanced positive flow state is where your true creative and performance powers can be accessed, in this peak relaxed and alert state of mind and body. 

  • You will be more creative, 
  • You will be more intelligent 
  • You will connect to the universal intelligence 
  • You will perform and do things better 
  • You will have better focus and concentration 
  • You will have better mental alertness 
  • Things will go well for you 
  • You will handle pressure better 
  • You will feel good 
  • You will be free of negative emotions and have less stress 
  • You will have more energy and enthusiasm 
  • People will treat you better


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