Be The Glass Half Full Optimist And Look At The Bright Side Of Life

Evolution has programmed us to always perceive the worst, we have been conditioned to seek out the risks and dangers first, this was once necessary to keep us safe in a once hostile environment. But in today's world, at least for most of us, our environment is relatively safe, yet we are still prehistorically conditioned to give all our attention to the worst case scenario. 

But for every negative experience there is always different and much better ways to perceive each situation. 

Sometimes you have to try and take a look passed the grey skies and venture further into the future, because if you do then you will find that beyond the storm lies a bright shinning sun and many new exciting opportunities and possibilities which are for you to light up your world.

Stop Thinking The Worst

Often out of bad situations can come good if you search for it so take a look at the sunny side of the street for pleasant and welcoming change. 

We create much of our own doom and gloom but on the same token we can co-create a bright and positive future, we and only us are responsible for how we choose to think, feel and what life we want to live.

We are conditioned throughout our lives to always see and think the worst, we are literally our own worst enemy, when you always think the worst your risk more things going wrong because very often what we expect happens. 

Most people spend the majority of their lives focusing on themselves. In our early periods of life man needed our mind to react on the side of caution before logic thinking could have a chance to put things into perspective, this was vital to recognize and see a potential threat in time for us to prepare us to fight or runaway.

Evolution has taught us to focus and be aware of the negative in order to stop getting eaten by the tigers and wild bears. This was essential for primitive man and woman to survive, but it is not so useful in today's far more safer world.

The downside to this conditioning is it has trained our brain to look on the downside of things and pick up the bad stuff. 

The second problem is the brain has become very good and remembering the bad things; this again was good to keep us safe and warn us of any dangers but in modern society it can make our life a constant misery. 

We remember past events through the feelings that we attach to them, this can sometimes give us a negative and some what distortion look of our life and experiences so far because negative emotions are very powerful and destructive. How many people hate their job or leave a relationship because they only focus on all the bad events.

The Past As Gone So Let It Go

Most people are anxious and stressed because they are constantly focusing on themselves all the time, we become haunted by all our bad memories. Focusing on yourself and turning inwardly on yourself in a negative manner will keep you stuck in a negative state of both mind and body.

The more you do this the more you will increasingly be affirming to yourself that you are weak and not good enough; this will dent your confidence, diminish your social abilities and lower your self esteem. If you live your life by your bad memories you will create scary futures.

There are only two parts to us, positive things or negative things, you are either feeling good or bad, you are healthy or unhealthy you are successful or unsuccessful. You will either be having a good day or bad day.

 All good and positive things stem from the most powerful emotion of love and the good thing is we can quite quickly switch from a negative state to a positive feel good state by switching your thinking. 

We all get knocked down but we have the choice to get back up again. Think about all the things you love about your life, focus on a positive future, try and build up some good feelings then amplify those feelings, spend some time thinking about stuff that makes you feel good or has made you feel good in the past, return to your happy memories and drum up some happy feelings. 

All that is good comes from love, all that is bad comes from a lack of love." Love your life, love yourself and love all the good things that surround you. Love is an energy and it is powerful, much more powerful than negativity. It is not just a feeling you associate with people close to you.

So if negative thoughts are so powerful and they make us so miserable then why don't we just simply stop thinking about the things we don't want. Because first of all negative thoughts are driven by emotions and fear. The more you try and stop negative thoughts the louder and more frequent they become.

Your Emotions Are your Guidance System

Emotions are designed to help and guide us, all emotions our emotions are based on patterns of behaviour. They indicate how we carry our body; the thoughts we are having and our emotions are driven by what we think is certain to happen. Emotions are a good thing they let us know that we need to change or take action about something. 

The images and language we use trigger our emotions, the words you say in your mind and the things you tell yourself affects your emotions, uncertainty and not knowing what might happen can cause havoc on your emotions. The way we carry our physical body can reflect on how we feel, a relaxed flexible body calms the mind.

Intelligence and wisdom can help us to live a more calmer balanced life, we have a choice to how we react to outside influence, if you respond angrily or you act in a stressful way to events and situations outside your control then you are going to feel bad more often. 

Once you use your wisdom and start to remain calmer to what people do or say then you will feel so much better and you will start to attract less negative situations in your life.

Emotions are a state the problem starts when we fight our emotions, you cannot stop your feelings but you can ride them like surfing a wave. Learn to listen to your emotions, try and workout what they are trying to tell you then come up with a plan of action or strategy to rectify the problem. do what you can until you have tamed your emotions then let them pass bye. 

We have conditioned ourselves to see the dark side of the street,what we need to do is condition ourselves to look on the the bright side of life. Condition yourself to feel good, don't wait for it to happen, every time you do something well reward yourself with a bit of self praise because your inner soul loves praise and your mind will give you back more of what you want.

Take notice of your feelings, change what you can, ask yourself what can I do to solve the problem, but do not live your life stuck in a battle with your emotions, when you live your life by your emotions this is what causes all the worry and stress.

Trying to fight or suppress negative thoughts actually makes them stronger, the more you resist them the more they will come back at you causing more feelings of misery. Telling yourself not to be afraid can put thoughts at the focus of your attention. 

We can become trapped in a feedback loop because we cannot let go of the strong negative emotion that keeps that loop active.

So what you focus on will reflect back into your life both emotionally and what happens in your life in your reality. 

Tell yourself your not good enough or nothing good ever happens will create the belief that your not good enough or you will never achieve anything. This will lead to a fear of failure or a fear of being inadequate ultimately effect your physiology and emotions.


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