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Tips For Longevity-Live Longer-Feel Better-Look Better

Chronologically, we all get older and things change as we progress through life, sometimes for the better, sometimes life can surprise you and sometimes life can be hard.

Sometimes to a degree we use age as an excuse to justify our bad lifestyle habits, weight-gain and ways of living.

But even though we may not yet be able to maintain our youthful looks forever, we can certainly slow down our aging process and keep bodies and muscles fit, toned and healthy.

Because there are no rules to how we should age and there is no reason why we cannot keep ourselves fit, healthy and toned.

Age does not mean that you have to follow a set of rule and age is certainly not a limitation, but the wrong perception of it can be.

If you look after yourself and you live a healthy and active lifestyle and you regularly relax and you keep your stress levels low then you can remain fit, healthy and active right into your later years.

Thinking about your younger years

We all have times when we think about our younger years, when we were young and carefree and although you may not be able to turn back the clock of time back to your teenagers years.

There are plenty of things that you can do to slow down that aging clock. 

As we chronologically age, it can often leave you feeling as if the good days are all behind you.

But this does not have to be the case, because if you take good care of yourself and you keep fit, positive and healthy, then sometimes, in many ways, you can get better with age.

Everybody is looking for the elixir of youth and although nobody has yet found the secret of eternal youth, it is possible to look and feel younger than your actual chronological years, as they say.

"You're only as old as you feel"

You may not be able to look twenty one again, but if you look after yourself and you maintain a positive mental attitude and mindset, then it is possible to:

  • Feel happier
  • Feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself 
  • Keep healthy and fit
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Get wiser and smarter

As you chronologically grow older.

The reality is, life is always moving forwards, whether you embrace it or fight it or whether you like it or not and it is far better to embrace it, accept it and enjoy it.

Although our genetics and programming play a role in the aging process. We still all have a huge role in whether we age before our time or whether we age well and look and feel as young as we possibly can.

Bad habits and bad and stressful lifestyle can cause premature aging and good habits and a healthy lifestyle can slow down the aging process.

A good goal to set yourself is to work on being happy, healthy, fit, with the aim to live a long, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

I think sometimes, many of us use old age as a bit of an excuse to neglect ourselves.

Some of the main causes of premature aging are caused by: 

  • Our environment
  • Our lifestyle
  • Our habits
  • Our mindset, beliefs and emotional state

If it is your goal to look good, feel alive and to keep fit, healthy, vibrant, active and energized, right into your older years and beyond.

Then there are a few simple changes that you can make to your mindset and lifestyle that will help you to live a healthier, happier and even longer life.

Positive psychology

According to numerous studies, it is has been well documented, that having a positive mental attitude and a positive psychology has been associated with better health, better well being and a happier and longer life.

It is also known that too much worry, anger, negativity and stress can increase the risk of many illnesses and mental health related, conditions.

Our body and nervous system reacts to our mindset and imagination, a positive mindset and mental attitude, will trigger positive and good feeling emotions, actions and behaviors.

Whilst a stressful or negative mindset and attitude, wil evoke negative and uncomfortable feelings and emotions.

To demonstrate the power of the mind and body connection. A BBC and Harvard University experiment have both shown that the mind has the power to slow down and even reverse the aging process to a degree. 

The Harvard University experiment, took a group of men, who were previously living at a nursing home and arranged them to spend a week together in a retro styled environment that had the theme and culture of about,  twenty years previously.

Everything from the decorations, the TV programs, to the newspapers and posters on the wall, was specially designed as it would have been about twenty years before, giving them the impression that they had gone back in time, too about twenty years in the past.

Before and after the experiments, the group of selected men were given a series of cognitive and physical test and the results of the tests, conducted after the experiments showed considerable improvements in all areas.

After the tests, people who had never seen the men before, were asked to try and guess the age of the men, and amazingly, all of them estimated their ages, as being younger than they actually were.

The BBC also conducted a similar experiment, putting a group of elderly people in an environment, which resembled the past, and they too, produced spectacular results. 

This shows that if you can trick your mind, that you feel younger and you act younger, then your body will follow and turn back the clock. 

These tests, may not prove that you can perform miracles, but it does demonstrate you can slow down and even reverse the aging process, to a degree if you can use the assistance of your subconscious mind.

This clearly demonstrates the power of the mind, and it also shows what is possible. If you use techniques like self hypnosis which utilizes the power of your subconscious mind, then you might beable, to really, turn back time.

Remaining upbeat and positive and maintaining a healthy, positive emotional state, isn't always that easy.

But it can be achieved if you work on it and if you can keep happy, calm and balanced and you use powerful techniques like mindfulness, meditation and self hypnosis, then anything is possible.

Other ways to harness the power of positive energy are to love yourself and to love life, try to do more of the things that you enjoy as well as trying to love and enjoy, what you're doing.

Creating positive and good lifestyle habits

The key to living longer and living and enjoyable and fulfilling life is to work on yourself as a whole.

Which should involve, keeping your mind and body fit and keeping your mind and body active, calm and balanced, alongside changing some of those bad habits to more healthier habits and ways of living.

Some of the main principles for staying in good shape and health, so you can keep active and enjoy your later years are:

Eating healthily and eating right 

These days, many people eat for convenience or taste, rather than eating good healthy foods, especially in the west where many people consume too much bad foods, too much sugar and too many simple carbohydrates.

To eat more healthier, you may need the expert help of latest nutritional science, combined with making sure you get the required dose of the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as drinking enough water. (Stay well hydrated, but don't consume excessive amounts of water in a very short period of time)

What puts many people off, eating healthier, is they often associate healthier foods as being a bit boring, new age or bland.

It is important that if you're going to embark on a new healthier diet, then you still want to eat foods that you will enjoy and they will taste good and with a bit of researching and experimenting, you can make healthy foods taste good.

We all know that fresh salads, berries, plant based foods, oily fish and slowing down when eating are better for us.

But for many, changing our current eating habits and lifestyle and making the leap from eating unhealthy food to more healthier once, can be hard transition to make, but the positive rewards that you will gain, are well worth the effort.

If you're really set in your ways or you're struggling to make the shift to healthier eating, take it one small step at a time, and don't totally deprive yourself of your favourite treats and don't cut out all unhealthier the foods you like, all in one go.

Regular exercise and physical activity   

Look after your body and your body will look after you. Your body is a beautifully designed and complex mechanism and when you take great care of it, then it can help you to feel good and live a better, longer, healthier and happier life.

The secret to staying youthful, fit and active is to keep your muscles and bones strong, which can help you to keep fit and mobile as well as helping you to prevent other issues, later in life.

Keeping your muscles strong and toned, by getting enough regular, physical exercise or activity will help you to strengthen your muscles and strengthen your all important, mind and body connection, which is fundamental for good health and wellbeing.

You have not got to join gym if you don't want to or have you got to start performing vigorous, long and grueling exercise routines.

As there are many ways that you can incorporate less vigorous physical activity into your daily lifestyle, like walking, dancing, swimming and playing games.

Exercises that target the whole body muscular system, are particularly good for strengthening and toning your body.

Rest and repair

Learning how to listen to your body and learning how to understand, the messages and signs, that your mind and body is trying to to relay to your is essential for optimal wellness and wellbeing.

Your body will let you know:

  • When it is time to rest 
  • When it is time to exercise
  • When it is time to slow down, relax and reduce your stress, anxiety or anger
  • When you should focus on what you want, instead of focusing on what you don't want
  • When you should let go and move on
  • When you should forgive and forget

If you feel tired and exhausted, then this is your body trying to tell you to rest and take it easy.

If you feel fully energized and motivated, then it is time to do your tasks or pursue your goals.

If you feel stressed and tense, then this is telling you that you need to relax and reduce your stress and tension.

Although we all need to keep active and proactive, we also need to get plenty of deep and high quality rest and relaxation, so our bodies can rest, repair, energize and recover.

A calm and positive mind and calm and balanced body:

  • Makes us feel better
  • Reduces frown lines and gives us the appearance of looking healthier and younger
  • Is good for our self esteem and self confidence
  • Improves our short term memory, focus and concentration
  • Makes us smarter and more intelligent
Looking after your skin and body

The things we put into our body and the natural elements that we expose our bodies to can have a huge affect on the aging of our skin and body.

We all need to ge outdoors, especially during those warm summer months. Keeping your skin from being over exposed to the sunlight, by wearing a hat or using a high factor sun screen protector, can help the premature aging.

Consuming to much sugar, overindulging in too much alcohol, smoking, too much stress or putting any other harmful substances in our bodies, is bad for our health and skin.

The Ageless Secrets Of The Hunza People

When someone comes up to you and tells you that they are selling the secrets of eternal youth and immortality for an affordable price, your first reaction would most probably be disbelief. 

After all, through several thousand years of human history, it has been proven time and again that no one lives forever and that everybody grows old.

However, The Ageless Secrets by Chris D’Cruz promises to throw all that on its ear and uncover the true mysteries behind immortality. 

The first thing you must understand, as a reader of this book, is that D’Cruz isn’t actually teaching you the mystical secrets behind immortality. 

He admits that humans are a mortal people and that growing old and passing on is a reality everyone has to face.

But he then gives examples of entire generations of tribal village folk, living high in the Himalayan Mountains who all live to be over a century old.

Add to that factually accurate historical references to long-lived men and a scientific breakdown of how such longevity can be achieved; The Ageless Secrets gives you the next best thing to immortality. 

The mentality that D’Cruz wants to instill in you is that anyone can add another 30 to 40 years to their natural lifespan, just by eating healthy, living well and exercising.

This isn’t a strange concept – doctors and scientists have said as much over the past few decades of medical research. But D’Cruz also wants to provide a fountain of youth, and he does so with a shocking simplicity.

You see, D’Cruz tells us that there is not much point to live to be 120 years old if you’re just going to be tired, miserable and lonely for all that time.

To him, youth is vibrancy, vitality and companionship, with both friends and family. The Ageless Secrets isn’t just a health-focused self-help manual, it’s a guide on how to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Beyond the metaphors of eternal youth and immortality, D’Cruz provides great information on staying healthy and energetic, no matter what your age might be.

He explores modern concepts likes nutrition and diet, to more classic exercises of yoga, chakra meditation and tai chi, all of which have been proven to increase your lifespan and give you increased reservoirs of energy.

The Ageless Secrets System comes in your standard e-book format, but is accompanied with the Longevity Suite which is a series of brainwave entrainment programs that are meant to work in tandem with the manual.




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