Benefits Of Having A Massage

Massage is still the best way to reduce muscle tightness and strains, forget all the other methods massage comes top for relaxing tired and tense muscle. 

Massage has been used for decades because there so far as been nothing invented to beat it. When the body and mind are relaxed you will feel good and balanced, when your body is stiff and tense you will feel bad and it can put you in a negative and frustrated mood.

Massage helps to reduce stress and tension and takes you out of the fight or flight state, it can also help to reduce your anxiety levels as well. Massage will give your mind and body the relaxation that is required, and it can also have many other positive effects in other area of your life. 

Massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do, especially as it helps you to stretch and extend those tense and shortened muscles while also relaxing the mind and body .

Massage Involves Manipulating Parts of The Body With Pressure 

Massage involves a combination of touch, kneading and movement of muscles to relax the body, plus restore a sense of balance and feelings of well-being back to the mind and body. 

Massage can increase blood flow to the muscles, and unblock pockets of blocked energy which can soon start to make you feel more relaxed, more comfortable and more alert.

Not only does a massage makes your muscles feel soothed and relaxed it can also restore balance and calm too the mind and body. When your tense your muscles become tight and you hold tension in the body, this can put your posture out of alignment, cause soreness, discomfort, stress and irritability, it can also affect your emotional state and sense of well-being.

A good massage will take your mind off and ease the pain, discomfort, soreness, and stiffness of the muscles. The more tense you become the more you loose your natural relaxed posture stance.

The more stiff your body feels the more you will focus on how tense or how uncomfortable you feel, causing even more tension. When you muscles are relaxed and your mind is calm it will allow you to focus on more positive things again.

The benefits of massage are it will relax stiff muscles, relieve stress and tension in the body and generally leave you feeling more calm and at ease, and it will leave you feeling good.

Massage is ancient form of healing and is one of the earliest forms of therapy, massage has been practiced for centuries, some of the benefits you will receive from massage are 

  •  Aid deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  •  Remove toxins from the body
  •  Improve blood circulation
  •  Relieve tension headaches
  •  Relieves aching muscles and eases muscle pain and stiffness
  •  Relieve symptoms of stress, and aid emotional well- being 

A calm body will calm the mind, allowing you to unwind and think more clearly. Other avdantages of a relaxed body and calm mind are you will open the door to your creativity, thing's will go more smoothly and you will perform tasks more efficiently. 

When we feel balanced with inner peace everything seems to become easier and we handle stressful situations better.

The soothing touch of massage can also help other health related conditions, when you massage the lower abdomen, cocccyx, back and sacrum area and the muscles start to become relaxed it will ease and sooth the nervous system which can help to counter balance the symptoms of stress.

This is believed to help reduce cystitis which has been linked to stress, massage of these area's may also be beneficial in aiding the body to release digestive enzymes which can assist in helping the breakdown of food making the process of passing waste easier;  it can also stimulate the wave like functions (muscle contractions) of the large intestine therefore helping the symptoms of constipation.

What Is Massage 

 The main aim of massage is to ease away muscle tension, unblock and restore unbalanced energy and it can also help in the prevention of any future potential strains and physical stresses.

Muscles can become tight like solid rocks, but with the aid of massage you can pinpoint and target these tense areas which are often found in the neck shoulders and back, and when you apply massage techniques to these tension spots you will start to relax and smooth out those tight and stiff muscles.

Massage is an effective therapeutic tool to relieve tired and tense muscles, reduce tension headaches, it is also beneficial to reduce muscle aches and neck pain. 

Massage will give you much needed relief from knots which can develop in the muscles, massage works by reducing pain and easing muscle stiffness and soreness, plus it promotes the flushing out of toxin waste from the muscles.

Muscle knots are believed to be certain sections of the muscles that have become constricted and this can cause persistent pain. Massage is used today to treat a variety of other conditions beside muscle tension and stress, including premature births, lumber back pain, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, fibromyolgia, nerve damage, it can help you sleep better, reduces headaches and face tension and much more.

Massage is used for treating a wide age difference ranging from babies to seniors. Massage is a wonderful way to relax and revitalize yourself after a busy day. 

Massage restores the flow of energy through out your body by stimulating the flow of energy which becomes blocked and manifests in the form of tension in the muscles. Massage also helps to promote blood circulation and stumulates the flow of blood to those tight and aching muscles. 

Massage also helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol., which is the hormone which can weaken our immune system and increases our stress levels. 

Other benefits of massage is it can reduce blood pressure and help raise the levels of the feel good endorphin serotonin which is the bodies natural pain killer which also helps to reduces the symptoms of depression. 

Some times the cost, embarrassment and inconvenience of having to go and have a massage can be off putting to some people.  But now due to advancements in technology you can now buy a home shiatzu massager, which is a heated cushion and a circular thumb action massage mechanism device.

This unique device performs the same actions as a massage from a therapist and it is the most popular home mas-sager available on the market. These home massage devices are probably the best self-help therapeutic body product available.

 Although some unscrupulous massage parlours have tarnished the profession with a bad name, there are many reputable massage therapist and clinics you can visit, however for maximum benefit it is recommended you see one at least once a month if you can afford to visit a masseur on a regular basis then you can pay to go to see a massage therapist.

If you are a couple you can buy your own massage table and you can train yourselves to give each other a massage, there is also some high quality solo massage devices now available which do not require the aid of a second person. 

You Can Now Enjoy The Benefits of A  Massage From The Comforts Of Your Own Home

Once you purchase one of these you can enjoy the benefits of massage whenever you want. They are an excellent way of bringing deep tissue massage and can bring instant tension relief without having to perform a rigorous workout. In my opinion and I use them regularly they are the best self help device you can get because they are guaranteed to instantly relax your body.

The shiatsu cushion helps ease muscle stiffness and tension and relieves the knots in your muscles, plus it is also helpful for stress relief. Shiatsu is based on the Japanese form of massage, shi means finger and atsu meaning pressure. Shiatzu is a traditional Japanese hands-on massage.

 Shiatsu is where hand and finger pressure are applied to relieve pain, ease soreness and relieve muscle tension and restore the bodies natural flow of energy, bringing a calm state of peace and balance back to the mind and body.  The shiatsu cushions are portable so you can take them with you anywhere you go.

Some of the homedics massagers can now be fixed on the back of a chair. This has huge advantages because you can now enjoy a relaxing massage while you work or watch TV.

These are ideal if you work at a desk or spend a lot of time on the computer, which are some of the worst offenders for muscle tension.  You can also use the power of your imagination to induce the same relaxing physical benefits as having a conventional massage. 

If you enjoy the therapeutic, soothing and relaxing benefits that you can gain from a normal massage but you don't have time or can't afford to pay for one. (see sidebar)

Get Your Partner Or Friend To Give You A Massage 

If you prefer to have your partner or friend to give you a massage or you are thinking of becoming a masseur you can buy massage tables, but you can perform a massage on a bed or somewhere flat to lie on.

When some one is giving a massage it is very common to use oils to help lubricate  the hands of the individual performing the massage and also lubricate the subjects body, this helps the hands move smoothly over the skin, the carrier oil also helps to moisturize the skin.

The main source of massage oils are known as carrier oils, these make up all or most of the bulk of the massage oils, some massage oils can leave the skin feeling very greasy and some can even irritate the skin, so it is important you choose the right oils.

 Some of the more popular and widely used massage carrier oils which can be found in most health shops and even in some supermarkets are,

  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Apricot oilAvocado oil 
  • Sunflower oil (low cost but slightly greasy) 
  • Peach oils

The main purpose of the carrier oils is to allow the hands to move freely over the skin by reducing friction, these are also known as base oils and can be used on their own or you can mix low levels of essential oils in with them to add even further benefits.

The essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil, because they are to strong to be used neat, the carrier oils also help with the absorption of the essential oils into the skin.

The benefits of adding small dosages of essential oils in with the carrier oils is to maximize the healing power of the massage add even further benefits, essential oils allows a calming and energizing effect to the massage, and they add a relaxing inducing scent to the occasion.

The recommended mix is approximately, 1 oz of carrier (base oil) and 12-14 drops of essential oil, or if you are using metric 29-5 ml = 1 oz, for younger children, and the elderly use half the dosage.

Ideally use a small separate bottle or container for your mixing, if you have any left over after the massage store it in a cool place, because oils which have been mixed can go off and start to smell rancid if they are not stored some where cool. When they are put in a cool place preferably out of any sunlight they can last several months.

Some of the more popular essential oils are 

  • Lavender 
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Tea tree oil
  • Eucalyptus Peppermint   

Some Basic Massage Techniques 

If you want to give your partner a relaxing massage make sure the room temperature is right so they feel comfortable with few cloths on. A good place to start is the back, start your massages at the upper back and shoulder region and work your way down to the hips area.

The secret to giving your partner a good massage is to take your time and use slow, gliding and rhythmic motions. To induce the nervous system into a relaxed state choose a few strokes and perform them with lots of repetition.  Start at the top of the back using the palms of your hands and make sure you apply adequate lotion or oil.

To begin with use light pressure, as your subject becomes more relaxed you can gently increase the pressure, but keep checking with them to make sure your not applying to much pressure. 

Avoid touching the bony area's and the spine, use the palms of both hands and keep to the soft tissue area's either side of the spine and between the shoulder blades.

Allow your hands to slowly work down their back applying the same amount of pressure as you glide your way down. Reduce the amount of pressure slightly around the kidney area. 

Once you have reach the hip bones sweep your hands back up to the shoulders and repeat the process. Before you begin make sure your subject has been to the toilet and has not eaten a large meal within the last 90 minutes, because they will relax a lot better when they are totally comfortable.

There are several different strokes you can perform when massaging, some are: soothing strokes, kneading, or circular motions either with the palms of your hands or your thumb and fingers. 

The massage strokes should should be firmer on the downward stroke with the pressure should being eased off on the return stroke.

Long pattern massage stokes should be done in a smooth and gliding motion, you can also perfom them in circular movements. The most effective technique is to  make sure your hands and arms are outstretched.

Have A Face Massage And Look Younger

Why not pay yourself a little bit of attention and treat yourself to a few minutes facial massage. Many beauty specialists believe a facial massage is the equivalent to having a mini face lift. 

A facial massage can help reduce puffiness of the face when you smooth out from the centre of your face, you can use a warm wet flannel to achieve this.

A good facial massage can ward off the signs of aging so if you know someone who can give a good massage then get them to do it for you. However you can learn to quite easily perform a short facial massage by yourself if you want.

For a quick facial massage lie down and rest your head on a pillow, relax your facial muscles and open your eyes wide and raise up your eyebrows; then place two finger tips on your earlobes with your thumbs placed under your chin.

Keep your two fingers placed on your earlobes press in with your thumbs gentle for the count of seven then release the pressure. With your thumbs still placed under your chin slide your two fingers up to your temple region then press your two fingers in for the count of seven and release. Then rotate your two fingers in small circular movements over the temple area for several minutes.




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