Positive Health Benefits Of Meditation 

Scientists are continually discovering more and more new health and emotional well-being benefits that can be gained through regular practicing meditation, which clarifies what many eastern cultures have been telling us for years. 

Why meditation is gaining so much interest and glowing reports is because it helps improve and restore balance to the three most important layers of the human makeup and being, which is your mental, emotional, and physical health and it can target all three at the same time.

Nearly all of the most successful people in the world state the importance of allowing at least one twenty minute session a day some two deeply relaxing to boost the creativity and performance levels.

From a health perspective, meditation can help you too

  •  Reduce your stress  
  •  Regulate your blood pressure
  •  It can help to ease pain 
  •  Improve some health related issue 
  •  Boost your energy 
  •  Help you sleep better
  •  Make you look younger

Although those who have long practiced meditation have known of its tremendous healing powers and relaxing properties for years, more recently research has made it more widespread knowledge to the western world that meditation has also been proven to help ease and reduce pain. 

Our emotions are a natural part of our whole body and negative emotions such as anger, fear, depression and stress are believed to heighten our sense of pain whereas positive emotions can lower our sense of pain and discomfort to a degree.

First you have to teach yourself to relax your body, and then whilst you are in a deeply relaxed state your sense of pain can reduce. 

Another theory is, when you're in a deep relaxed state of altered of awareness you tend to take your focus of attention point of the pain and onto something else. The theory behind this which has medical backing is the more you focus on your pain the more severe the pain becomes.

Meditate to reduce negative emotions and stress

Meditation is a really powerful natural fix for individuals who suffer from negative emotions and stress. For some people, especially those who have been stuck in a negative state for such a long time then it can prove to be very hard to make that all important transition to those sort after calm states of inner peace and happiness.

It is everybodies natural birthright to reside in a positive, calm and feel good state, but due to their life experiences and the reality they are currently observing many people become a victim to their own circumstances and mind.

When you allow your past to take you out of the peace of the now or if you live your life in your negative emotions then you can become trapped in a negative and stressful state until you become a prisoner to your own mind. 

When we are stress free and at peace with ourselves and our world our awareness broadens and we become more engaged in our surroundings as we focus more on doing things we want and enjoying life.

Every negative thought you have will narrow your awareness and they will force you to retreat inwards shrinking your focus of attention into survival and fear mode.

Once your mind goes into a negative state of protection mode it can prove hard to shift out of that bad feeling negative mindset and stressful state, and all the time you're in a negative state you're missing out on experiencing nature's natural high and good feeling emotions.

When you get stuck in a negative pattern of thinking, it means you're allowing your circumstances, your imagination and your emotions to control you when it should be the otherway around and that is not a very productive or healthy way to live your life. 

All those racing and seemingly uncontrollable negative thoughts are responsible for all your bad feeling emotions, plus they will trigger the constant release of adrenaline that will trigger a series of potentially damaging and harmful physical changes in your body. 

People know a lot of knowledge and they are very skilled at many things, but most people still don't know how their mind and body work and very few will do anything to change the way they feel even though each and everyone of us is in total charge of how they wish to feel.

For most, as soon as they wake up each day they miss the brief window of opportunity to break those old negative patterns of thinking and it is not long before they quickly slip back into the same destructive negative thought patterns as they had the day before and the day before that.

Life and success is all about building momentum, you can build positive momentum and you can build negative momentum, but will take you in completely opposite directions. 

If you allow the negative momentum to gathered pace then the chances are the rest of your day is going to be filled with more dread, struggle and stress. 

Yet if you would only spend a few minutes each morning meditating it will set you up for a peaceful day and even if you do meet some challenging situations you will find that you breeze through them

When the negative momentum has become so intense and it has become such a dominate part of you then it can be difficult to break out of, a strong focus of positive thinking can do it for some, but there is an easier option which is doing it through meditation. 

Meditation will allow you to still your mind and relax your body which will change your energy. And once you have done this the you need to cease the moment by taking control of your thinking.

People who meditate are less likely to suffer with emotional problems such as

  • Stress and tension 
  • Depression and low moods 
  • Anger and frustration 
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Leaves you feeling more positive and empowered

More benefits of meditation 

But the benefits of meditation do not stop there, because it can also help you to improve your mental faculties. 

When you're stuck in a constant state of fear and anxiety, then your mind will shift into protective mode, this will begin to shut down your mental faculties and awareness as the sole job of your mind will be to focus on survival and danger and when you're in this state your mind and senses will become more heightened to danger.

Your mind will shift into your negative files and whilst you're in a state of stress it will scan for anything it remotely perceives as a threat. This is why you get all those fearful thoughts and imagined scary scenarios flashing in your mind.

When you're stressed or stuck in a fear ingrained survival mode it will

  • Block your creative talents 
  • Lower your intelligence
  • Stifle your learning abilities
  • Play havoc with your short term memory and concentration 

When you're constantly stressed, anxious or depressed, it can also seriously disrupt and interfere with your sleeping habits. 

Thirty minutes of meditation is believed to be equivalent to several hours of sleep and although it should not be used as a substitute for sleep, it's a great way to get some much needed restorative relaxation which will leave you feeling more creative and productive. 

If you're only having a few hours sleep each night, then meditation can help you to make up for the lack of sleep you're getting, plus it can help you to relax and restore you and your body as you would normally achieve through sleep so you may find you need less sleep. 

It is also a great sleep inducer if you do it before you about to go to sleep. Meditation can also help us change our negative and limiting beliefs. 

During meditation we are able to access and change our negative beliefs and then the deep relaxed state allows us to make new choices and replace them with more positive and useful beliefs.

Meditation can improve your mental state such as

  •  Improve your memory and recall
  •  Increase your intelligence 
  •  Calm an overactive imagination 
  •  Help you problem solve 
  •  Improve your focus and concentration 
  •  Help you to perform better 
  •  Boost your confidence 
  •  Open the door to your creativity

Return back to your natural state of calm and happiness

So if meditation is so beneficial, why is it that so many people still don't meditate on a regular basis? 

One of the biggest reasons is, when people give it a go they find it too difficult to switch off their racing mind and regulate their breathing, whilst some claim that they do not have the time or they think that they need to spend hours at a time to reach the levels that they require. 

At times when we're experiencing tough challenges or difficulties times, those old self sabotaging ways, negative thinking patterns or those old limiting beliefs that everything is going wrong or were not capable or good enough seem to surface and attack us from within which can grind us down and eventually affect our happiness, confidence levels, thinking abilities and behaviours.

To break free of these negative states of mind and body you need to do two things which are, quieten, then redirect your mind and relax your body. 

You can achieve this through meditation and the good news is you don't have to stop all your thoughts and you have not got to spend hours at a time meditating to get real benefits.

First of all, the idea is to learn how to let your negative and anxious thoughts come and go whilst you learn to relax your body so you stop responding stressfully to your thoughts.

Secondly, with a bit of practice you can get tremendous benefits from just spending 10 to fifteen minutes a day meditating. Thanks to modern day technology you can even purchase recordings that can entrain your brain and body to reach a deeply relaxed state in a very short time.

Master the art of meditation to become more successful in all area's of your life 

Meditation can connect you to your true spiritual self, it can open the door to your inner wisdom, it is the secret to quieting a negative and racing mind whilst at the same time aiding you to restore back your inner peace, balance and harmony. 

You can just use meditation for relaxation purposes or you can take it to the next level and use it help you to catapult your life to a more fulfilling life of abundance, success, happiness and personal development. 

Regular meditation can also help you to sharpen your focus which will allow you to be able to tap into your inner resources, your higher self, your hidden genius, productivity and creativity. 

Meditation can help you bridge the gap from those unhealthy and bad feeling negative states to those sort after calm feeling positive states. 

After your meditation session you should feel more relaxed, positive and energized and this is the time to seize the moment and only focus on good feeling thoughts or just neutral general thoughts. 

Once you have reached a state of inner peace, be mindful and quickly dismiss and ignore any negative thoughts that enter your mind. 

It may take you a few sessions before you start to get good at meditating but once you have become more relaxed be careful not to allow yourself to slip back into your old negative patterns of thinking. Just keep the positive momentum flowing.

Guided meditation and creative visualization

Although meditation can balance your emotions and restore inner peace and harmony, many find it difficult to reach the states and levels they want by doing it themselves. 

Guided meditation and creative visualization are two great tools to  help you reach even deeper levels of relaxation as well as helping you to take your meditation experience to the next level. 

You can perform guided meditation and imagery by yourself, but it can be a lot easier with the help of someone guiding you, especially if the recording is playing soft relaxing music or binaural beats or other specialist recordings like. 

Guided meditation or creative visualization can also help you too become more successful as well as helping you to move more quickly towards achieving your goals. 

When you've reached a state of inner peace, you will be able to reset your future blueprint and vision for your goals and this will give your mind a map to follow and it will also inspire and motivate you to do the action work.

Visualization and guided imagery is a great stress reliever and you can take full advantage of the altered, relaxed states of mind and body that you can reach through meditation to either visualize yourself calm by imaging you're on a tropical beach. 

During the deeply relaxed states you will reach under meditation you will be able to start to redefine yourself and your success.

Meditate away your problems

Meditation is also very good for helping you to problem solve, because when you're able to sustain a calm, good feeling state over a period of time you will open the door to your creativity and your problem solving abilities. 

You will find that some of the answers to your problems will start to come to you, and when you're feeling calmer and upbeat you should notice that your worries will fade away or seem less significant as you discover inner stillness and clarity of your mind.

As a general rule, you will have more worries and problems when you're in a negative and stressful state. Negativity and stress will also bring your underlying fears and insecurities to the surface of your mind, but the more relaxed you become the less threatened you will feel. 

And as you switch to a more peaceful and happier state, your new calm and relaxed state of being will enable you to view any problems from a more productive, solvable and realistic perspective. 

How you think and feel on the inside can positively affect what happens to you on the inside as your thoughts and feelings can have a profound affect on your outer reality. 

Most people try to control and change things on the outside, but you will soon discover that things will work out much better for you and your life will become a lot easier if you manage your inner state better.

Regular meditation not only calms you down, which will make you a better person to be around but it will also help lift and improve your mood as you start to feel less stressed, tensed and irritable. 

This can have a big positive impact on your relationships with you partner, family, friends and work or college colleagues as you become less niggly and more tolerant and fun to be with.

Research into meditation and how the brain functions when you meditate revealed that deep meditation expands the functions of the brain by encouraging a healthy balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

 Meditation can help to lower your blood pressure

Because meditation is a great stress reliever, once you have transformed into a peaceful and tranquil state your body will begin to return back to its natural resting state.

As you begin to regulate your breathing again, then the you will find that the rest of your body will follow the lead of your breathing. 

Meaning your heartbeat will slow down, your digestive system should become more efficient and your blood pressure should drop a bit. (If your blood pressure's high consult with and work with your doctor)

When you attain this restful state of meditation your body will become free of tension, your heart rate will begin to slow down as less oxygen is consumed, the levels of cortisol which is the damaging hormone associated with stress is then reduced. 

Meditation can also lower blood pressure and help maintain it at a lower level when you meditate on a regular basis. 

This relaxes the nervous system switching it over to the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system which is responsible for keeping the body calm and working efficiently which can help reduce anxiety and stop emotional sabotage.

Best times to meditate 

Meditation helps you tap into a deep power within you, when you learn how to tap into this deep spiritual power which exists within all of us you can discover an incredible sense of inner peace, clarity and tranquility. 

People practice meditation for increasing their manifesting and creating more abundance in their life, finding their ideal soul mate, improving their self-confidence.

Although to meditate, there are not any specifically required times or routines you need to follow, it can pay to stick to a specific time.

Last thing at night is a good time because it will help you to drop off to sleep and because you fell asleep feeling relaxed and worry free you will wake up in a relaxed and good mood.

As we have already covered, spending a few minutes each morning can help you to set yourself up to have a happier and stress free day. You can also spend a few minutes visualizing your whole day going well.

Watch the video to hear the science behind meditation


Meditation Techniques

You can try a simple medication with a candle. Just sit yourself comfortably on the floor or you can sit upright and relaxed in a chair as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Place a lit candle in-front of you and then try and focus all of your attention on the flicker of the flame, while you are doing this take some slow deep breaths. Breathe in for the count of 5 and then breathe out for the count of seven for a few minutes to further calm you down.

The secret to good meditation is to focus your attention on one thing so you can open your mind to allow a deeper state of calm and inner peace thus letting you open your mind to either make the changes you want, heal yourself or just to allow you to relieve yourself of stress and worry. 

You don't need to do this for hours on end just enough time to achieve your needs and give your mind a break and relax your body. 

If you're having difficulty then gradually build up your duration times, if you find yourself becoming emotionally engaged in your thoughts, then just return back to your breathing and just let those thoughts sail on by.

Guide To Meditation For Beginners

If you prefer to practice meditation by yourself sit in a way that makes you feel comfortable, try and maintain your spine in an upright, but relaxed and comfortable position, but although you should be sitting upright do not strain or over stretch your back.

You should always sit as straight as your back will allow you without going over your natural posture, alignment, in other words sit upright, but poised, balanced and relaxed, do don't strain. 

It is also recommended that you try and avoid crossing your legs as this can restrict the blood flow.

Try not to expect too much to start off with, as like anything else, the more you practice the better you become, you can start off by just doing a couple of minutes then gradually build up your time. 

You can meditate somewhere quiet and peaceful where you won't be disturbed or if you prefer, you can listen to some relaxing music or sounds of nature cds

Once you have found a comfortable position to sit and there is no need to rush anything next concentrate on your breathing techniques. Again, it may take a little while to master your breathing exercises.

Breathing should be the natural rhythm of your body, You should focus on slow rhythmic breathing where you inhale through the nose in a slow and deliberate motion filling your lungs full of air. 

Then you can slowly exhale out through your mouth, most experts recommend making the exhalation longer than the inhale.

A way to measure this is to breathe in for the count of three and out for the count of five or you can breathe in for the count of five and out for the count of seven. Some people also hold their breath for a few seconds before exhaling out.

 Fully expand your chest as you breathe in. As you continue your breathing, focus on the motion of each in breath and each out breath, follow your breathing pattern and at first just focus all your attention on the rise and fall of your body and the air entering and leaving your body. 

Become aware of your lungs filling with air and then relax as you focus on releasing the air from out of your body. To begin with you all you need is to spend about fifteen minutes as you develop your meditation skills and then you can increase the amount of time once you master it if you wish. 

Just keep focusing your mind on the air coming into and going out of your body, if any, negative thoughts enter your mind just acknowledge them and allow them to drift by. Some people visualize a pure white healing light above their head.

Then they allow the beam of pure white light to travel down into their heads and then visualize this beam of light travel down and through to every part of their body. 

You can keep focusing on this white healing light letting it radiate through and around your body allowing it to heal any emotional memories and fears and even physical pain, if you have any physical injuries you can concentrate the healing light on that specific area for a while.

After the end of your meditation session just allow the white healing light to travel back out of your body and leave your head, then just relax for a few minutes focusing on how calm and peaceful you feel. 

The benefits of meditation can have a profound and positive effect on your state of mind and health.


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