Mental Health Awareness-Starting The Journey To Recovery

Importance of Maintaining Good Mental Health

I cannot stand the words “Get over it”. All of us are under such pressure to put our problems in the past tense. Slow down. Don’t allow others to hurry your healing. It is a process, one that may take years, occasionally, even a lifetime – and that’s OK.”

Beau Taplin

“You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared and anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person. It makes you human.”

Lori Deschene

Mental health is very often misunderstood, especially by those who do not really know what you're going through or the ignorant who tell you things like:

  • Pull yourself together
  • Get over it
  • What have you got to feel depressed about

The person who is suffering with mental health issues, in most cases-does not even know or understand why they feel like they do.

Overcoming mental health issues is a progressive process and not something that you can just suddenly snap yourself out of.

Some people seem to do all the right things yet they still suffer. Sometimes low feeling moods can be triggered by other things like, food intolerance and environmental factors.

I have even heard people criticize celebrities who suffer with mental health problems and depression.

When you talk to somebody about a successful and wealthy celebrity who has admitted they are suffering from mental health issues. It is not uncommon to here people reply with a unsympathetic comment like:

They have no reason to depressed or suffer with mental health issues, because they have got everything.

In there ignorance, what they fail to understand is: Externally, you can appear to have it all, but if you are broken and suffering on the inside, then it means nothing.

If you are broken and beaten on the inside, do not despair because you can heal yourself and end your suffering.

The first thing to be aware of is: Your thoughts are not you, they are just thoughts and your negative thoughts and anxious thoughts are also tricking you and lying to you.

The thing about thoughts and beliefs are; if they are making you feel bad or they are not serving you then you have the choice to change them.

Because you absolutely need to:

  1. Let go of anything that no longer serves you
  2. Let go of your past
  3. Let go of your emotional baggage

How do you begin to unload everything that has been burdening you and weighing you down?

You step into a new energy and mindset which will free you from your suffering and help you create a better future and life. It is all about dissolving your negative blocks and building positive momentum.

Because the only way to feel happy and at peace, is to move-out of that negative energy.

Feeling lovable again

If you need help, seek it because you need to learn to speak up when you need help, but there is also a lot that you can do to help yourself because our wellness and well-being depends on us.

The root cause of your mental health issues can be buried in your youth and they can stem right back to your very early childhood.

Pile on top of that all of the negativity, bad news and pressures put on us to do well and to look good, is enough to test the resolve of even the very strongest of people. Try not to engage in too much bad news on TV.

People who suffer with mental health issues can very often feel unloved, not good enough or rejected or abandoned by their mother, father or other family members.

Others are heavily criticized, neglected or teased a lot as they were young children or they were made to feel not good or worthy enough.

You may have been told things like, you need to get better exam results, you are not going to amount to much or why can't you be smart like your brother/sister.

As a young baby you heavily relied on your parents for your basic needs and to form a deep sense of connection, so you would feel safe, loved, worthy, important and wanted.

But many young children do not get that deep connection, love and affection that they rely on so much which can leave them feeling rejected, unloved and feeling like they don't matter.

Maybe your parents both worked long hours and did not spend enough time with you or you spent a lot of your childhood being looked after by others.

Maybe your parents argued a lot, they separated,  you lost a parent, they drank a lot, they did not pay you the attention or loved you needed or one of them wasn't around that much.

This can even happen, if you were well looked after or you came from a good family or if you felt your brother or sister was getting more attention than you was.

When you feel unloved, rejected or unwanted as a young child. It can make you feel unlovable and those who feel unlovable can then make it their sole purpose to want to love those around you and be loved back in return, when you are older.

Relying too much on others to feel loved, will often lead you feeling needy and insecure which can lead to more pain than actually love.

When we are young we rely on our parents to make us feel loved, but if we feel that our parents do not love us or we feel not wanted.

Then this can cause you do believe that your not lovable because you have no experiences or proof of feeling loved and you can grow up feeling that nobody loves you or you don't deserve to be loved.

Feeling unloved or feeling rejected can really affect you more than you know and it can even cause you to believe that nobody will love you, which can cause you to feel very lonely and insecure.

This can make you feel that you need to seek love and approval from others and it can lead you to live a life where you constantly feel let down, frustrated or disappointed by others and everything else in life.

The reason why we feel unlovable when we are older, usually stems from feeling unloved when we were young and we carry this on into our adult years because we learn not to love ourselves.

You may feel that the world has treated you bad, but do not despair or lose hope. Because you have the power, to pick yourself up, empower yourself and motivate and inspire yourself to achieve so many good things.

Learn to be nice and kind to yourself and learn to love and approve of yourself and tell yourself several times a day.

"I love myself, so very much now!"

You may not now even remember or beware of the fact that you felt your basic needs were not met when you were young, but they can still be the root cause of many of your mental health issues today.

To add insult to injury, as we grow up we are bombarded with glossy magazine and photo-shopped images of, film stars, TV stars, celebrities and models, everywhere we turn.

What you see in magazines and on TV is not the same as how they look in reality or without all the their makeup or make overs.

But the impression that you have to look perfect or have super model looks can leave you feeling unattractive and insecure. 

These people are not living a true life and they are terrified to be seen as they really are. The key is to accept, honor and love yourself unconditionally for who you are.

The real way to be loved and to feel lovable is to learn to love yourself and when you feel lovable you will attract more love back from others.

Create something good and meaningful

Another thing than can cause us to feel unhappy and satisfied is when we are not following our true life path and purpose.

Maintaining our mental health, well-being and personal growth is so important for us all and it is a lot more rewarding working on your goals and personal growth.

Than it is, spending to much of our time pursuing materialistic gains and looking for short term gratifications and happiness.

Happiness is an emotional response that we attach to a desired out come or result. Therefore; if you're looking for happiness then you will always be chasing it or hoping it will show up.

It is better to work on yourself and to work on feeling good because through techniques like mind-fullness and positive thinking, you can learn how to feel calm and good without needing anything.

Finding a purpose that is going to give you more meaning and fulfillment, even if it is challenging at times can really help you, by giving your life a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Try to learn or focus on just one job, goal or skill at a time that you can sharpen and become good at as this can really help and make you and your life better.

You are better and stronger than you think and if you are determined and resolute, then you can learn how to overcome a lot as we are all required to do quite a lot in our lifetime. We become more resilient by learning and creating something better from our negative experience.

You are a unique and powerful individual and if you put your mind to it, then you can figure anything out and achieve what you want.

Find a purpose and enjoy the journey because you can learn to find comfort in the completion and resolution of a goal, problem or challenge.

Life is all about the decisions and choices that you make and if you want to feel better and achieve great things. Then you will need to make some new and better choices, and not resist falling back into you old self-sabotaging and self-defeating, victim mindset and bad habits.

You are limitless and you have enormous potential and creativity, people who suffer with mental health issues usually do, but you must put your creativity and mind power to good and constructive use.

Anxiety and depression is usually an indication of a deeper spiritual level knowing and sign of creativity and intelligence anxiety is a form of creativity and anticipation where you use your own powerful mind in negative ways,

Your mind will always try and give you what you want, but it essential that use your fantastic and powerful mind and creativity right.

So you put it to good use by telling yourself what you want as well as using your mind to inspire you, empower you and drive you on to create wonderful and amazing things.

Your mental and physical health and well-being matters to you and the secret to good mental health and well-being is toimplement new, better and healthier daily rituals, habits and positive and beneficial lifestyle choices.

Knowing  yourself

Life is not always easy, but you are strong enough, resourceful enough and capable enough of handling and overcoming all your problems and challenges.

When people look to for ways to feel good, be happier, be successful or obtain good mental health, most people look for something material or external. 

External things cannot give you want you really and your not going to find the long-term and consistent inner peace, calm, love, success and good feelings that you're searching for, outside of you or attached to external things.

Happiness is an emotional response that we attach to external things and if you are always pursuing happiness then you will always be looking for the next thing to make you happy.

Joy, inner peace and the feeling good emotions, you can have nearly all of the time and you do not have to depend on anything and anybody to experience them.

Because how you feel and the results and success that you get in life come from within and you have to realize, if you want more success, if you want to feel good and if you want to achieve better results.

Then you are going to have to change yourself and maybe some of you habits, your lifestyle and your bad thinking errors. 

Because if you want to feel good and live a more successful and fulfilling life and everybody is equal and everybody deserves to live a rich, happy and fulfilling life.

Then you're going to have to learn more about yourself and discover how you have full control over how you choose to think, feel and all the good things you could be doing or achieving in life.

Although you cannot control everything that happens in your outside world, you do have full control over how you choose to react and perceive a negative situation.

Sometimes the best way to handle the bad times is to change the way you think about your bad experience or to completely stop caring about it, who or whatever it is that is bothering you.

When we strip away our name, identities and labels, we are left with whom we really are at source, which is, we are:

We are spiritual and emotional beings, where the larger part of us is non physical; who are self-ware, intellectual-with the ability to think, create, learn and memorize things.

Although we are largely thought and feeling beings, we are living in a physical body having a physical experience.

Here's the problem! 

Our non physical side of us, which is our thoughts, feelings and memories affects our physical body and reality and our physical reality can affect our non physical and the spiritual energetic part of us.

Very often, we spend so much of our time, stuck in a battle and conflict between our spiritual self and inner reality and physical self and external our reality.

We can only find true inner peace and harmony when we align our physical self with our non physical spiritual self.

When the two become in alignment with each other and we allow our life force energy to flow freely around our bodies, then this is where the sweet spot can be found and where all the magic can happen.

First of all, it is important to accept who you are and be proud of who you are, because we are all unique and individual and as long as you treat others well, then there is no reason to change who you are.

Yes, work and strive to be the very best version of you but never think that you have to change or improve yourself.

Because that will suggest and send the wrong type of messages that there is something wrong with you which there is not.

You already have everything you need it is just a case of undertaking how powerful and capable you really are and then work on growing and expanding both your knowledge, abilities and skill levels. 

Accepting yourself unconditionally

Celebrate and embrace who you are who you are, because you should not think that you have to try and impress or care to much about how others see or perceive you.

Neither should you put yourself down or allow yourself or anybody else to make you feel less greater than you are.

Those who are insecure or those who think that they are not good enough, will look externally for things or others to help them feel happy and secure.

Now we all have our wants, needs and desires and we all should do and have the things that we want or enjoy doing. But you should not rely on anybody or anything to make you feel happy and secure with yourself.

When you look outwards for things, people and situations to help you feel secure, good, lovable and happy then you're really looking in all the wrong places.

Because you will always be dependent on others, external situations and material things to make you feel happy, calm and lovable.

Instead of relying and depending on others or externally things to make you feel good, loved and liked, how about being kind to yourself and start to like, appreciate and love yourself a bit more each day?

Because why beat yourself up and focus on your perceived weaknesses which just brings you down, makes you feel bad and makes you feel unhappy about yourself?

Why not show a bit of kindness and love to you and focus on your strengths and all the good things about you and there are many good and beautiful things about you.

Because you are better and more powerful than you think and you are a nice person who has a lot to give and offer to this world and others.

Focus on calming your mind and body and giving your body all the rest, good nutrition and activity that it needs and always focus your mind on what you want, instead of what you don't want.

You have enormous amounts of limitless potential

It is important to keep more occupied with something positive.

You also possess the ability to learn and develop many new talents, skills and expand your potential that is often lying dormant and waiting to be unleashed.

We all need a goal to work on or a more meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful in life or activity and it is your natural instinct to want to  grow, be creative and expand.

When you're having negative thoughts and scary imaginings, you are being creative.

The trouble is you are using your mind to creative negative imaginings, stories and scenarios and your body is responding accordingly.

Your thoughts and what you give your focus of attention to affects you on an emotional, mental and physical level.

This is easily resolved because all you have to do is to imagine and tell yourself stories of everything going well or everything working out for you.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write the story of how you would like your life to go or be and what and how you would love to be, feel, do and react.

Focus on the outcome you want and desire and then write down exactly how you would love to feel and exactly how you would love your life to be.

You can also change the stories and imaginings of your mind to how you would love to feel and how you would like your life to be.

So you can direct your mind and put all your energy focus into doing things that are going to give you confidence beyond belief or make you feel good.

People are way to self-critical about their looks and body and they spend to much of their time unfavorably comparing themselves to others or disliking their body.

It is good to look after yourself and keep yourself in good shape but always accept, love and approve yourself unconditionally.

Looks are not everything and always remember that others are attracted to you for your personality, charisma and inner confidence, so work on developing your charisma, inner happiness and confidence and try not to allow your fears and anxiety to prevent you from being confident and happy.

What canmakes us feel better is by doing more of things that you like or more of the things that are going to give your life more meaning, satisfaction and purpose.

Power of positive words and thoughts

Negative thinking is a powerful destructive force and energy and when people get stuck in a negative energy and state they get stuck in a negative mindset which creates a powerful, but bad negative feedback loop.

To change internally, you need to use positive thoughts, imagery and statements that can prove difficult for many, especially if they don't feel positive.

But it is not just your internal dialogue that needs to change. Because according to the latest findings, the words that you speak out-loud are believed to be up to ten times more powerful that your thoughts.

The research also discovered that negative thinking is a lot more powerful than positive thinking, but not in a good way.

If you speak out-loud using negative or self-critical words then you amplify the negativity even more and that will become even more destructive and damaging

Although it is important to think and say positive affirmations and self statements, it is hard to keep that up all day.

When you speak negative words or language like:

  • "I am stupid"
  • "What's wrong with me"
  • "I am no good at"
  • "It going to go wrong"
  • "I hate myself"
  • "I hate going to work"

Your creating and projecting what you don't want to happen which can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and it is going to make you feel bad.

You have total control of what you say or think, but many people just speak and think on auto-pilot which is often the same types of thoughts and language as they use each and everyday.

The secret is not to think negative or use negative words or language, it takes time and practice, but it is very important for your mental health and emotional well-being.

Many people will say. I have not got anything to think positive about or I'd be lying to myself.

Here's the thing!

If your saying or thinking negative words or thoughts about yourself or your abilities. Your lying to yourself.

As an example: Lets say you have to go to a party and you start saying to yourself"

"I don't want to go, I hate going to parties, I'll have nothing to say, I am not going to enjoy it, I'll need a drink to calm me down and help me feel confident, I just cannot enjoy myself unless I have a lot to drink, I don't want to go"

If you keep thinking and saying these negative statements and affirmations.

Guess what! You're going to worry and stress yourself out about it leading up to the event and when you get their you're going to feel anxious, low and under-confident, and unless you have a lot to drink, you're not going to enjoy yourself.

How about re-framing it in a better way.

"That sounds like great fun, I am really happy I have been invited. I am looking forwards to the party, it's a great chance to meet up with my family or friends. I am going to have a tremendous time, I feel really excited, I love a good party it is going to be great laugh and a really enjoyable occasion"

This is why so many people hate and feel low on a Monday. Because they spend all their life telling themselves how they hate and dread going to work or school on a Monday.

Come the Friday, because they have been telling themselves all week that they can't wait to Friday and they're looking forwards to the weekend. They feel happy on Friday.

The secret is to look forwards and tell yourself the you love Mondays and you're going to have a great and fantastic day.

Now, you might think to yourself that you would be lying to yourself, if you said that, but that doesn't matter, because it is the good feelings that you're searching for.

Banish negative words and replace them with positive words or thoughts in your everyday life like:

  • Tremendous
  • Fantastic
  • Amazing
  • Great
  • Terrific
  • Happy
  • Looking forwards

Replace the words anxious and always use the word excited in its place.

Because the physical symptoms of anxiety and excitement are very similar. The only real difference is, you associate anxiety with something bad happening and excitement with something good.

Neutral all general better feeling thoughts are also perfectly fine or get out of your head and focus on what you're doing or focus on your surrounding environment.

Every time you catch yourself having negative or anxious thoughts, you have to create a positive or better alternative and although it can be tedious, it is essential otherwise nothing will ever change.

Some people will find it hard to be positive, when things are going wrong or if they are  going through a bad or difficult time in their lives and although it is OK to feel bad for a while to feel and process the emotions.

If you do not try to find or think something positive, even during those bad or difficult times. The only other alternative that you will have is to carry on thinking and feeling negative.

According to self-help guru Marisa Peers. The root cause of many peoples problems and insecurities are because they think or they have been lead to believe, that they are not enough.

Some of the most destructive of all the "not enough's" are:

  • "I am not good enough"
  • "I am not lovable/likable"
  • "I am not attractive enough"
  • "I am not smart enough"
  • "I am not worthy enough"

These are nothing more than negative beliefs and lies and there is an easy solution to these self-destructive and damaging beliefs and that is to look yourself in the mirror, smile and change them to:

  • "I am good enough"
  • "I am lovable"
  • "I like myself"
  • "I am attractive enough"
  • "I am smart enough"
  • "I am worthy enough"

Probably the single biggest thing that makes people unhappy, is because they have a low self-worth and that's the reason why they are always trying to do something externally to try and prove their worthy, wanted or liked.

You are worthy enough, so you do not have to try and impress or seek approval from anybody. Just learn to love and approve of yourself and avoid unfavorably comparing yourself to others.

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Starting your day off well

What you do or say to yourself in the first twenty or so minutes of your day will determine how you feel and how good if a day you will have, so it is essential that you start your day off in the right frame of mind and energy.

People who are happy and successful,do not just hope they will have a great day, they plan for it. If you do not prepare or plan to have a great day, then the chances are you want have a good day.

As soon as you wake up go, have a good stretch and hydrate and cleanse your body with a big glass of water with a spot of lemon juice added to it.

Take charge of your mindset and use some positive and soothing self-statements.

Spend a few minutes doing some deep breathing exercises, to increase you oxygen levels and each new day say and do things to love yourself up, empower you and make you feel good.

Then go and stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself things like:

  • "I like myself"
  • "I am good enough, I always have been and I always will be"
  • "I love and approve of myself"
  • "Today, I am going to have a fantastic time"

Many successful and happy people will then spend a few minutes visualizing themselves have a great day and imagining everyhting going well.

Because when you practice being successful, you practice and mentally rehearse things going well and you practice and imagine feel great then you will be setting yourself up for a good day and a better and more successful you. 

Your you possess an amazingly powerful mind, and when you focus on what you want it is capable of bringing to you what you want and feeling how you want.

But, equally, when you focus on what you don't want, you're mind will bring and draw to you what you don't want to happen or how you don't want to feel.

Make it a habit, and you only have to spend a few minutes at a time, to mentally see yourself being successful and getting the results and achievements that you want.

Each morning, spend a few minutes of your time, imagining and running through in your imagination, of you have a great day, imagine your ideal day in advance where everything goes exactly as you want it to go.

See yourself looking gradient and glowing and focus on how great, happy and fantastic you feel and do this everyday day.

Close your eyes and imagine turning and fading all the images and thoughts in your mind to a white screen and stay with that image for a few seconds and then start imaging how you would like your day to go or focus on the outcome you want or desire to be.

If you can see it, feel it, hear it and create it in your mind then you can create it in your reality.

Most people look for instant stimulants, gratification or an instant feel good dopamine release to help them to feel good. 

Like grabbing a bar of chocolate, buying the latest gadget or some new clothes, having a caffeine or sugary drink or checking to see if there latest photo or comment as been liked.

You cannot rely in short term feel good boost, if you're wanting look term happiness so give up looking for instant quick fixes or a quick feel good but short lived dopamine release.

Because what your aiming for is to create long-term, permanent and lasting changes, good habits and betterment. 

Start your day off with a highly nutritious meal or a vegetable and fruit smoothie then eat healthy all day long.

A quick aerobic workout or having a walk outside is also a good way to release any tension, burn off any stress and help give you a feel good boost.

Many people dwell in their past or what has gone bad for them, but if you live by your past or you do that then nothing will change.

What you do, become, accomplish or achieve in the future will be determined by the things that you do now or the changes that you make today.

Most people are looking for a solution outside of themselves.

But unless you change from within, unless you change the words that you speak and unless you change your negative metal programs and limiting beliefs, then you're not going to ever find what you're truly looking for.

At night have a relaxing bath, listen to some soothing or relaxing music or listen to a relaxing and life changing self-hypnosis recording so you can better your life and set yourself up for a deeply relaxing and refreshing night's sleep.

Say a prayer before you go to bed and ask for help and guidance.

So when you wake up you feel energized, calm and happy. Remember creating good lifestyle habits and rituals and sticking to them, is the secret to a good mental health, well-being and better life.

Anxiety relief

It is OK to feel anxious. It is OK not to feel OK and it is OK to feel down at times and it is OK to have weird and unpleasant thoughts from time to time.

What you don't want is to stay down, sad or anxious for very long and you can learn how to feel good nearly all of the time.

We are thought and feeling beings and we all experience a range of feelings and emotions so you should never try and suppress, resist or push away any of your negative or anxious thoughts.

In fact you should do the exact opposite and always acknowledge and allow your mind to explore, experience and think every single thought, even the bad and unpleasant ones.

The reason for this and it is essential that you know this is because you cannot stop worrying or feeling anxious by trying to stop feeling anxious or by trying to stop worrying.

Because the secret to stop worrying and feeling anxious is to start to change the way you feel and respond and it is the calm and positive emotions that you should be searching for.

If you try and stop, suppress or resist your anxious thought or feelings then you are using your fight or flight response to try and stop your fight or flight response.

This is a bit like throwing petrol on a fire to try and put the fire out. If you wanted to extinguish a fire you would use water to cool the flames down.

The same applies to anxiety and stress, so if you want to extinguish your anxiety and stress, replace them with calm and relaxed feelings, responses and sensations.

Each time you start to feel anxious, tense or stressed, do not try and stop, fight or control your feelings, leave them be and focus on relaxing your shoulders, releasing any tensions, smiling and taking some slow and deeper breaths.

People are always asking!

How do you stop worrying or stop thinking anxious thoughts?

You don't nor do you have to! 

Here's how your mind works.

If you try and stop thinking about something, you will attach more emotional significance to it and your mind will return to it more and more.

The worse thing that you could ever do is to deploy thought and feeling suppression or resistance tactics.

If you do, then it will trigger more feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and negativity.

The way to feel calm and at peace, is to transform your mind and body to a state of zero resistance so your allow your life force energy to flow freely around your body.

If you want relief from your anxious and worry thoughts.

Give up the fight with them, otherwise they will defeat you every time and they will cause you endless emotional suffering and pain.

The same principal applies to your uncomfortable and fearful, feelings and emotions, instead of trying to stop them or defeat them. 

When they occur, accept, embrace, feel them and let them travel through you and away, peacefully.

You have the ability not to react or engage in your anxious or worry thoughts. Start to be more aware of the thoughts that come into your mind, but also try and change the way you react to them.

When a pointless and useless anxious or worry thought comes into your mind you will experience a mild bit of discomfort.

Learn to accept the brief feelings of discomfort, they trick is to make the discomfort as brief and as mild as possible.

The more you learn to accept, welcome and let in your anxious thoughts and feelings the quicker they will pass. 

If you try to stop or push your thoughts away, they will come back louder and louder.

The secret is to practice a bit of mindfulness and just learn to relax around your thoughts and let them float through your mind, without reacting to them and without paying them any attention.

Taking charge of your thought energy; is another way of changing your state to that feel good, calm and relaxed state of mind and body.

You have a the power to choose to think better feeling and more self-empowering and self-liberating thoughts.

All negative and anxious thoughts and imaginings will activate a negative energy and unpleasant physical response in your body.

If you are feeling worried or anxious about something, then the thing to do is to change the negative or fearful response to a calm or positive energy.

Most people think they need an external thing or situation to happen or change, before they can think or say something positive.

You will often here people say things like:

  • What have I got to feel happy about
  • Life sucks
  • Nothing ever goes right for me
  • I have got nothing to think positive about

But here's the thing!

All positive thoughts and words have a matching good feeling energy and you can make yourself feel good and happy, with nothing more than the right choice of words and thoughts.

When people ask you how do you feel: What is your reply?

Do you say something negative, like: Not to bad or not very good?

Way to many people also spend too much of their time discussing and affirming to others, how bad they feel.

How about, getting into the habit of replying!

"I feel fantastic or I feel good"

Because you want to make it a habit to generate good and positive feelings, but it is impossible to evoke good feelings using negative thoughts and language.

Caring too much about how others perceive you

One of the worst things that can affect us the most is caring a little too about how other people see and perceive us.

We all would like to come across as being perfect, calm and confident all the time, but in reality we are human and we all make mistakes, feel embarrassed or get things wrong from time to time.

Sometimes other people can gossip or talk about us in a negative and self-critical way and although we should express ourselves and stick up for ourselves in calm and assertive manner.

We should all stop caring about how others see us or what others say or think about us so much and maybe we are all a bit guilty of being to judgmental and critical about others.

Sometimes, others can speak about you or they can paint a picture about you than is not true or accurate, which can make you feel upset or angry and sometimes you have to let it go otherwise the anger and stress will continue.

In the end it is how you see and think about yourself that matters the most and if you feel good and happy about yourself then nobody else can diminish you, despite what they think or say.

This is why it is important to like and believe in yourself and to develop a strong and positive sense of self-worth and self-respect about yourself.

Because others will always probably talk and gossip about you or what you have been doing or involved in.

But as long as you stay true to yourself and as long as you love, accept and respect yourself, that's what matters the most because the only real person who has the power to diminish and hurt you, is you.

As far as feelings and emotions go, it is important to understand and become aware of all your fearful, stressful and bad feeling triggers, then once you know what is causing them you can change them.

If we really want to feel better and better our lives, we have to accept that we need to change what we have been doing.

The root cause of most of our emotional issues and the reason why we are not getting the results that we want, we are not achieving what we want or we are not living the life that we want.

All comes down to our limiting beliefs and our negative mental programs and perceptions.

Because it is our mental programs and beliefs that control nearly all of our habits, automatic thought process and behaviors.

Nothing will really change or get better, unless you change your limiting beliefs and you change your negative mental programs.

The way we change is through repetition and doing, this is the only way our brain knows. If you are experimenting mental health issues, then you have been affirming, imagining and thinking negatively.

If you wan to change then you have to think, speak and imagine the exact opposite to what has been making your feel, unhappy, anxious, angry or stressed and you need to do it all of the time.

Self-hypnosis is really helpful and it is one of the best way to change your self-sabotaging, self-limiting and self-destructive mental programs, it is also a great way to relax and boost your mood at the same time.

Create something good

Instead of focusing on how bad you feel or how bad things are; why not focus on how you can feel good., because there is no point or nothing to gain by thinking about anything that makes you feel bad.

Sometimes your mind can play cruel tricks on you and say things, like you can't do it, you're no good or it is a waste of time you trying.

When you're brain says no or you can't, you say, yes you can, because you have to ability to learn and get better and better at everything that you do.

Work on yourself, it can take a while, but even if you are only making small progress, if you persist you will eventually over take those who are doing nothing or those who are making no progress.

If you feel anxious or fearful about doing something, embrace the fear and do it anyway, because each time you do it, it will get a bit easier and do not be afraid to make a mistake or fail and when you do, use it as feedback so you can find a better way of doing it.

If you want to give your life more meaning then why not create something good or set yourself a goal that you can work on and throw yourself at it.

We are here to create and it is good to give your mind something worthwhile or constructive to focus on.

You have a very powerful and amazing mind that can bring you what you want, if you give it the right instructions, so always tell your mind, exactly what you want.

Your mind is capable of figuring everything out and your mind will answer all your question or lead you to the solutions if you relax, surrender to what is, then just wait for the answer or guidance.

Build your own blog or website channel or take up some new hobbies and interest. Art, crafts and photography are just a few ways to focus all your attention and energy and help boost your mood.

Try and love everything that you do and do more of the things that you love and enjoy and know that you will be happier by letting go of your emotional baggage.

Whatever you have convinced yourself or whatever you have allowed others to make you believe and no matter what you're going through.

There is a way out, there is a solution and there is always a better way of doing things and even if your do not believe it right now, you have loads of potential and an opportunity to turn your life around and achieve something wonderful and great.

You always have the freedom to choose to love yourself, to choose to think a better feeling thought and to choose to work on feeling happy.

Always remember that there is a bigger spiritual part of you that loves you, wants to help and guide you and knows that you have so much to offer to the world.

Creating positive and constructive thinking habits

Positive emotions have been many times linked with better health, better quality of life, more success, longer life, and greater well-being according to numerous scientific studies.

The flip-side is, negativity, angularity anger, worry, and conflict are known to increase the risk of developing many illnesses and disease.

Because our bodies react to these negative feelings and emotions with raised blood pressure, stress, tension, toxins in the body and disharmony.

Maintaining a positive emotional and mindset, takes mindfulness, time, effort and practice. But once you start and keep going you're going to feel better and better until it become your new normal.

You can use words to empower you and make you feel good and sometimes the right words and thoughts are all you need. 

Practice saying positive and self-soothing statements to yourself about yourself, without attaching anything physical or external to them.

Here are some typical examples:

  • "I feel calm and at peace, now!"
  • "I feel happy and joyful, now!"
  • "I am lovable and deserving, now!"
  • "I am amazing and special, now!"
  • "I feel fantastic and great, now!"
  • "I am worthy and loved, now"
  • "I love and approve of myself, now!"

See how many you can come up with yourself and notice the difference in how you feel because you can induce a natural high, simply by picking the right thoughts and words and adding the word now.

The real truth is: You can feel happy without a reason and once you start to shift your energy you can the focus on creating your ideal life.

Your bad, intrusive or negative thoughts are not you, because they are not who you are, they are just random, useless thoughts that are floating through your conscious awareness.

Negativity, feeds more negativity and draws towards you more emotional pain and suffering and the only anti-dote to negativity is a change in your perceptions and by picking better feeling thoughts.

Try and avoid using negative words like:

  • Never 
  • I can't 
  • I am not 
  • I hate/dislike 
  • I don't

Instead, change any negative words to positive ones.

Show yourself more self-compassion and self-respect

To help you to promote good well-being and wellness it is important that you learn to show yourself a bit of self-respect and self-compassion.

Ways to boost your self-compassion

Take a moment to think about how you treat yourself when you make a mistake or fail to reach a goal. If you tend to beat yourself up when things go wrong, you, like most people, can use a little more self-compassion in your life.

Forgiving and nurturing yourself seem to have benefits in their own right. Strong self-compassion can even set the stage for better health, relationships, and general well-being. So far, research has revealed a number of benefits of self-compassion.

Lower levels of anxiety and depression have been observed in people with higher self-compassion. Self-compassionate people recognize when they are suffering and are kind to themselves at these times, thereby lowering their own levels of related anxiety and depression.

By learning to harness and cultivate the power of inner happiness and mindfulness as well-building your inner strength can help increase your happiness and promote good well-being.

Far to many people are to hard, judgmental or to critical of themselves and to many spend too much time dwelling on their painful past instead of creating a better and more compelling and fulfilling future.

Self-compassion and self-respect is a skill that anybody can learn and develop with a bit of practice and commitment.

Here are some quick ways to help you improve your own well-being and welfare 

  • Look after your body and get enough physical activity
  • Spend at least twenty minutes deeply relaxing, listen to a relaxing self-hypnosis recording
  • Eat healthy and high nutritious foods
  • Buy a electrical massage device
  • Take a walk, in nature if possible and get out of your head and just engage and observe the soothing sounds, smells, noises and sight's of nature
  • Get yourself fit and in shape
  • Set yourself a meaningful goal 
  • Set yourself some fresh new challenges and seek-out new opportunities. 

Every time you have an emotionally impacting, negative or bad experience.

When you're alone, think about the negative situation and write down what caused you to think and react negatively or badly, what caused you the pain or why you think or felt or reacted like you did.

Because when you express how you thought or felt then it can help you to process and release the negative or blocked emotions.

Try not to blame anybody or yourself. At other times when you are suffering and struggling. Try and give yourself a bit of self-respect and self-encouragement. 

Become your own Councillor and speak to yourself, support and advise yourself as you would if you were giving somebody else a bit of friendly, helpful and encouraging advice.

What types of things would you say to them to help encourage them, lift them up and make themselves feel good about themselves and then use those kind, compassionate and encouraging words to yourself.

Learning the skill of mindfulness can be a game changer or spending a few minutes in the morning, at night or even during the day mediating can really help you.

The secret is to nurture, take care and be kind and compassionate to yourself and do it every day.

Accept yourself

Learning to accept yourself and accept whatever it is that is upsetting or worrying you and be happy with yourself can help you to feel better and ease your pain and suffering.

These days, especially as we are being constantly bombarded by airbrushed and seemingly beautiful and flawless glamour and super thin models and celebrities in magazines and splashed all over the TV and the internet, it can leave many of us feel inadequate and inferior.

Too thin, is not attractive or healthy, nobody admires someone who is super thin.

Many people struggle with body image, but, we are a race of all sorts of different shapes, colors and sizes.

Learn to accept your body and looks, remember, beauty is only skin deep, so just make the most of what you've got.

You are attractive both on the outside and the inside, even if you don't really believe it.

We all must have a healthy self-image of ourselves, because only then will our relationships with ourselves and others start thrive and blossom.

Accept, you, and the parts of your body that you cannot change, and work on improving the things that you can change if that is what you want.

When you obsess and worry over our bodies, then this will cause you to fall into a cycle of obsessive thinking, which won't change a thing, but it will cause you endless upset and emotional stress.

Obsessing over your body will eat away and erode your self esteem, change what you can, and let go of what you can't change, keep fit, exercise and eat healthy. 

When you constantly obsess about and create a negative body image, it will cause insecurities and obsessive and repetitive thought processes that will result in endless stress and emotional pain, which will prevent you from focusing on the wonderful life that you can have.

On top of all that, many of us feel as we have to impress others, look good, and often we feel the need to come across perfectly socially, for the fear of being ridiculed, embarrassed or teased.

Social factors and social pressures, can put a lot of pressures on us, socializing should be fun, we are all social creatures at heart, however, for some, socializing can be an uncomfortable experience.

If you worry about embarrassing yourself, blushing or making a mistake, then this can lead to social anxiety.

The best way to stop your social fears, is to start to develop a couldn't care less attitude, such as stop caring about going red, stop caring about what others think and say and stop caring about making a mistake.

Build your self confidence, but be yourself, don't try and fake it or try to be something that you're not as this will just make life hard for you.

Although it is OK to have high standards, because there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and wanting to come across confidently.

However, avoid trying to be perfect, because wanting to be perfect, or wanting to have everything perfect, is not a very good way to live your life, and you will never be able to settle and relax. 

Perfection is hard work, exhausting, frustrating and energy draining, for the perfectionist, things will never be right and they will never be satisfied.

The need to be perfect is the quickest route to low self worth, low confidence and feeling not good enough.

Perfectionism leads to stagnation, worry and anxiety, it will hold you back and keep you in your comfort zone, the truth is all human beings have flaws and weaknesses, even the glamour models, want to look better.

The reality is, you're never going to be perfect, if you try, it will lead to a life of misery.

To be at your best socially, you need to be relaxed, outwardly focused and spontaneous, and you cannot do that if you're focusing on yourself, you worried about what might go wrong or you're too scared to let yourself go.

Perfectionism, causes you to give in to your anxieties and be controlled by your fears. 

Striving to be perfect, can stunt your spiritual and growth and prevent you from expanding yourself, to grow as a human being, you have to step outside your comfort zone and take risks, it also hides and masks the real authentic you.

There is a big difference in wanting to be the best version of you and thinking that you need to improve or be like others.

You can still strive for excellence and have high standards, but to not be afraid to expose your flaws and weaknesses.

It is good to grow, but you should not see yourself as a lesser person than anybody else or that others are better than you, otherwise this can lead to developing an inferiority complex.

When you highlight and focus on your weaknesses and insecurities, then you will expand those weaknesses and insecurities. 

Not accepting yourself, including your perceived weaknesses and flaws, can lead to low self esteem and confidence issues.

Ignore any negativity or unfair remarks of others, and ignore any negativity or criticisms from your own mind.

Accept yourself, learn to like you and keep telling you that, "You're good enough", and in time you will find that others can no longer diminish you.

Emotional healing and clearing

Thought Field Technique is a unique style of mind, body therapy which has been designed to release your old limiting beliefs, energy blocks and unhelpful behavioral patterns and associations that are making you feel worried, anxious and stressful.

All you have to do is to think about, or return back to a memory or situation in your mind that is causing you to feel anxious, worried, angry or stressed, and then perform the tapping technique that is demonstrated in the video below.

You can also use Thought Field Therapy to get rid of any unwanted or repetitive thought processes.

Because when you learn that you might have to do something that makes you feel anxious or stressed, like giving a presentation, going on a first date or having an interview to name a few.

If you think about it, it is not the situation that is the big problem, it is the thoughts that you're having about the challenging situation that is making you feel stressed, worried and anxious.

So if you have learned the Thought Field Therapy technique above, then what you can do is, lets say you're worried about giving a presentation.

Think to yourself repeatedly or tune into what is making you feel uncomfortable or imagine yourself in that situation.

Whilst you perform the tapping routine and ritual, because most of your fears and anxieties are linked to the thoughts that you're having about you, other people or the stressful situation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques are also a great, quick and proven way to release and free yourself from trapped or blocked negative energy as well as been a highly effective way to change your negative mental programs and success blocks

Listening to your body and taking good care of yourself

The brain and the body are not separate, they are one whole mechanism and they both operate together to bring about the functioning of a very efficient and complex system.

When your mind and body are working in complete harmony and balance, and they are fed the right amount of nutrients and fluids.

Then you will feel at your best and you will perform at your peak performance best. For you to hit these peaks, your whole physiology needs to function efficiently as a whole where it is at its optimum best, 

This will be when you're feeling generally relaxed and rested, where your body is free from tensions, your breathing is rhythmic and natural so you have the right amount of oxygen being supplied to your cells to give you enough energy.

Exercise and physical movement are a necessity to strengthen your mind and body connection that is required to promote good wellness and well-being.

 Ideally you want to aim to try and maintain your body in a relatively stable state.

Things that will throw your physiology out of balance are:

  • Stress, anxiety, worry and negative thinking 
  • Tense and slouched posture, stiff muscles 
  • Stimulants, such as caffeine, too much sugar, alcohol 
  • Hormone imbalance 
  • Poor diet, food sensitivity

Maintaining good poise and balance is essential so you can sit, stand and move with the least amount of effort and tension.

The secret is to release and reduce your stress and tension is to develop good poise and movement, where you try and move and do things smoothly, effortlessly and gracefully.

Deliberately slow yourself down until it becomes a subconscious habit to you and try and avoid the urge to rush, over stimulate yourself or apply to much physical tension, where it is not needed.

Techniques like the Alexander Technique and "Tai Chi" are two great ways to release tension and feel more happier, charismatic and confident.


Each day pick at least five things that you are grateful for and try and use the word thankyou and appreciation as often as you can.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this page is for information use purposes and it is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information for the diagnosing or treatment for health conditions. If you suspect that you have a health condition, consult your doctor.


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