Tips To Help You Beat Those Monday Blues 

Monday is just another day no different to any other day of the week that is until you decide to perceive it differently. 

Your Monday blues usually start on a Sunday evening.

You know the feeling, you have been enjoying your weekend, when all of a sudden, that thought about going to work or school, enters into your mind and a sinking and sad feeling, spreads throughout your body.

All those thoughts and wishes, enter your mind, like.

I wish I did not have to go to work in the morning, I hate Mondays.

All these thoughts are conditioning your mind to hate and dread Mondays, which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

What you are doing is, you're creating a negative association to Mondays.

Why you have trouble is because, you're having a good weekend, you feel free and relaxed then come Sunday night the thought of work, school or college enters your conscious awareness this thought fills you with dread and in some cases anxiety. 

You try and get some sleep but the dread of going to work keeps you awake, perhaps you toss and turn all night, you might keep waking up or you awake to early.

This sets you off on the wrong foot for a start, you feel tired and groggy when you should be refreshed and alert. This puts you in a negative state of mind and body and it can feel hard to snap out of this low mood state.

Learn to like Monday's, life is too short to spend any day feeling negative, it's a waste of a valuable day, you cannot afford to sacrifice one day a week too the state of negative energy. 

Acceptance will get rid of resistance so the first thing you need to do is accept it.

Why we feel sad on a Monday is down to one thing and one thing only and that is you don't want to go to or do what you're resisting and fighting against. 

You may have probably told yourself you hate Mondays, your job or school. 

Life should feel like fun, including Monday's and we do have a choice of how we want to feel, but by programming yourself every Sunday night and Monday morning that you don't want to go to work or school you are creating in advance negative feelings which lead to the dreaded Monday blues. 

Because when you affirm to yourself, you don't want something your mind will respond with negative feelings and when you dread the thought of Monday morning you are preconditioning yourself to feel bad come Monday morning.

There are only two things you can do, either change your job or work on starting your own business or accept your situations and stop resisting it. We need money to survive so we have to go to work, so you have to accept the situation. 

When you focus on what you don't want, you will enter a negative energy state.

It would be a much better approach to wake up on a Monday morning with the attitude of I am going to have a great day no matter what. You have the ability to think the thoughts you want, this you have the choice to dictate how you want to feel. 

Unless you change the way you think about Mondays you're going to keep on repeating the same old negative patterns and feelings.

Learn how to wake up feeling wonderful, tell yourself the night before you're going to have a great day tomorrow, get the momentum going as soon as you wake up. 

Look forward to the day, say some positive affirmations tell yourself you're going to have a good day. 

Once you stop all the resistance and start to accept you have to go to work, school or college then you will no longer feel bad on a Monday, you have to go so you might as well adopt the attitude of you're going to enjoy it.

I used to hate Mondays, it used to play on my mind Sunday evening, I would struggle to get to sleep and I would feel low or day. 

Now I am happy all day Monday and I sleep well Sunday night, I have not changed my job all I have done is change my attitude.

We Condition Ourselves From An Early Age To Dislike Mondays

Why you are experiencing negative emotions on a Monday or Sunday night such as sadness or anxiety is because you focusing on what you don't want which is going to work or college, you can only stop feeling low on Monday by changing your perceptions. 

It's all about focus, when your focusing on not wanting to go to work your forgetting about how to enjoy yourself and feeling good.

Let go of all resistance towards Monday mornings, if you notice yourself thinking about dreading to go to work, school or college ignore the thoughts, think about something else, smile and even tell yourself I am looking forward to it.

The seeds are sown from the day we start school and if you're not careful this state of mind and body can stay with us for the whole of our working life. 

So why does this pattern keep happening? 

Because you have over the years conditioned yourself to hate Mondays.

You need to ask yourself is it really worth torturing yourself and putting yourself through this unpleasant routine week after week. 

Monday is just another day and a valuable day, it's really no different to any other day besides the fact that you have tagged it with feelings of dread and even fear in some cases. 

You Have To Go To Work So Try To Enjoy It

Most people don't want to go to work, but we have to, if you hate your job, then you can always look for another one, but if that is not possible and there is no guarantee that the next one will be any better then the only thing you can do to beat those Monday morning blues is you must accept you have to go to work or college. 

This is the best way to feel better on a Monday and you can go from feeling down all day to actually feeling good all day on a Monday by simply changing your perceptions. 

To put things into perspective Monday's are a seventh of our life, by feeling sad on a Monday you are wasting years of your life  feeling miserable. 

You can forget about work on a weekend, you can sleep easily on a Sunday night and you can actually enjoy your day ahead just by changing your perceptions and attitude towards Monday's and just accept you have to go back to work or college the more you fight it the sadder you will feel, it just is not worth it..

Weekend booze binges, long lie ins and the stresses of going back to work can take its toll on your happiness levels and contribute to feeling depressed, anxious and it can even increase your chances of heart attacks on a Monday. 

A 10-year study carried out in Scotland suggested that up to 20% more people die from heart attacks on a Monday than any other day.

The best way to overcome your Monday blues is to first change your perceptions about Monday, you need to make a shift in your attitude from dreading Mondays to not minding and even enjoying and looking forward to Monday. 

You need to be grateful for being alive and healthy even on a Monday, you have two choices you can continue to feel bad and ruin your Sunday evening and Monday in the process or you can accept the fact that you have to go to work or college on a Monday so you might as well enjoy it..

When you hate Mondays you will feel lousy and mildly depressed all day, at some point you have to decide enough is enough. 

Mondays don't have to suck, in reality, it's just another day that should be cherished, the only way to achieve this is to first accept that you have to go.

How you will feel on a Monday will depend on how you perceive it, because you have been practicing feeling bad for so long now you have probably conditioned yourself to automatically feel bad come Monday morning because the mind works by association this means it links feelings with situations and experiences. So it may take a few weeks to break this habit. 

But it is well worth it because soon you can begin to feel good every Monday and you can carry on feeling good all day long. Once you change your perceptions about Monday you will gain another big advantage because you will no longer even think about work come Sunday so your Sunday will become a better day.. 

There are nothing worse feeling low and lethargic all day when it is not necessary, you dread it because you don't look forward to it, change your perceptions and attitude and you will eventually begin to feel better. 

You Have Two Choices, So Decide Which One Feels The Best

There are really only two choices and that is either being happy or sad. You need to start to convince yourself that you enjoy and you like Mondays, once you accept it and change your perceptions not only will you feel better on a Monday you will sleep better come Sunday night.

This will also leave you feeling more alert and refreshed. Other things you can do to feel better on a Monday is to listen to a relaxation cd before you go to bed or as you wake up in the morning.  

Do some exercise first thing Monday morning like going for a half hour brisk walk. Plan a treat for Monday night so you can have something to look forward; like going to the cinema or going out for a meal or even join an evening class which takes place on a Monday evening instead of doing everything on the weekend.

Some people find that keeping a diary and recording all their thoughts and daily activities is beneficial. This can help reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol and help you feel calmer. 

Eat more happy foods like green leafy vegetables, Brazil nuts, bananas all of which are rich in magnesium, which can help regulate our mood, you can also buy a magnesium supplement. 

Try and avoid long sleep ins on a Sunday morning. Listen to some upbeat music when you get up or go to work, learn how to be happy. 

Prepare your morning so you begin the day on the right note, you need to already be in the right frame of mind.

If you have time listen to a relaxation session before you go to work or college or do twenty minutes of exercising. 

Practice setting yourself up to feel good on a Morning, you do this by putting yourself in a good and relaxing mood Sunday night. If you drop off to sleep in the right mood you will wake up in a good feeling mood.

Meditation is a great way to relax you and make you feel good, twenty minutes of meditating as you go to sleep will set you up for the next day. 

Showing gratitude and appreciation is another way of changing your emotional state to a good feeling one, spend five minutes each night and each morning being grateful for all the good things you have.

Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones, don't into those old negative patterns of thinking, tell yourself you are going to have a great day, set out your intentions, visualize the night before yourself enjoying your Monday.

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