How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight So You Become A Fitter, Healthier And More Attractive You?

Want to motivate yourself to lose weight? Better health, more energy, living longer, looking leaner and feeling fantastic are the many positive benefits of losing weight.

You have probably read it many times or you've been told repeatedly about all the health risks of being overweight to the point where you probably fed up of hearing it.

Most people who are overweight aren't stupid, they know that each extra day they are carrying around the extra weight it is damaging their health.

But, sometimes it is so hard to change and undo years of bad eating habits. Especially as it is so hard to resist the temptation to eat unhealthy, because they are so readily available.

These days, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home, because it is so easy to pick up the phone and order a late night takeaway.

Or, perhaps if you have had a bad day, and you need a pick me up. The urge to grab an unhealthy snack is sometimes to great to resist.

The same applies if you're in a hurry or you have a busy schedule or a hungry family to feed. The quick solution is to go and grab a fast food takeaway.

Motivation is the foundation for weight loss

People can advise you to lose weight until the cows come home. But unless you really want to do it for yourself, then this well-meaning advice will be falling on deaf ears.

Deep down, you know you should lose a bit of weight. 

But, you just cannot seem to find the motivation to get started or if you do get started, maybe you struggle to stick at it long enough or motivate yourself to see it through to your desired outcome.

You tell yourself things like

"I must eat healthily"

"I must exercise more"

"I must stop emotional eating"

But, although your thoughts and your intentions are good. Somehow, the actions, that you need to achieve your weight loss target are much harder for you to follow and adhere to.

Why is it so hard to find the motivation you need to inspire you to do all the physical things that are required to successfully lose weight?

To try and answer this.

Often, the reason many people think about losing weight is because they feel they need to do it or they feel pressured into doing. 

This kind of motivation isn't inspiring enough for many people to see it through or even get started. 

The reason why people attempt to lose weight is because they feel guilty about being overweight, they are being nagged into doing it or they see it as a chore or a thing they should be doing because of the health risks.

But deep down, they don't really feel like doing it. 

Does this apply to you?

Really motivation that is required to achieve your weight loss goals and then to sustain your ideal weight. Needs to come from a place of good positive feelings. 

Where you're doing it. Because you want to do it, because you have imagined in your mind, how fantastic you're going to look and how great you're going to feel.

If you use positive emotions to lose weight. Then, you're going to feel motivated and inspired to achieve your desired weight loss targets, for all the right reasons.

Once, you are coming from a place of inspired positive motivation. The physical actions and changes that will be necessary, will be a piece of cake to you.

There are two ways that people use to motivate themselves to lose weight

They use either pain or pleasure.

Most people choose pain and will power to try and lose weight. But, pain evokes negative emotions, and negative emotions make things are task and chore and they can kill inspiration.

You have probably already suffered enough pain and negative emotions, so the last thing you want is to make yourself feel even worse.

People think about or they try to lose weight because they feel bad about themselves or they look in the mirror and they see themselves or they tell themselves that they are fat and ugly.

I hear it all the time. People calling themselves fat and ugly.

If you use these harsh sayings. Let's clear this one big misconception and great big fat lie up.

You maybe overweight. But, you are not ugly. The fat might look ugly, but beneath the fat 

It is the choices that you make that determines the way you look.

There are many examples of people in the before and after photos, where they appear to look unattractive. Yet, through a change of diet, transform to lean and attractive.

There is beauty within you. But, you just cannot see it, because you're focusing on your weight gain.

Some of glamor pictures you see in the magazines, TV and everywhere else, of slim people are the end product and not the before picture.

Often, you will find many of these used to be overweight and seemingly unattractive.

Through making the same changes, you too can transform yourself into the beautiful swan and you to can have the athletic or model body.

Other reasons why some people lose weight is because someone has made fun of them or they have said some nasty comments. Whilst others do it because they have been told that it is bad for their health.

The trouble with using pain as your motivator is. You're coming from a negative feeling place and mindset, which is not very inspiring or motivating.

When people rely on pain to motivate themselves to lose weight. Everytime they eat something they know they really shouldn't.

They feel guilty and bad about themselves after. They then use that pain, to try and help them to pursue their dieting or to force them to eat more healthier.

Or, they might weigh themselves, and if they find that they have had a setback or they're not making the progress they want. 

What happens then is. The guilt and the bad feelings kick in, and they use the pain to try and lose weight again.

These kind of pain and feel guilty tactics may work temporary, you may even see some initial positive results.

But, when you use pain as your motivation weight loss strategy, it creates a bigger problem.

You see. Your brains primary job is to move you away from pain and to guide and steer you towards pleasure.

So, what happens when you use pain to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Your brain, will not like the idea of the pain motivation strategy. 

Therefore as soon as you decide to use pain. Your brain will counteract this by trying to push you towards anything that will give you pleasure.

And what is one of the easiest and quickest sources of pleasure?


And which foods give you the most pleasure?

All the unhealthy foods and all the high sugar content foods.

Use positive motivation, to improve your health

If you are going to use health reasons to motivate you to lose weight, Instead of coming from a place of fear and pain.

Turn the negative into a positive. So instead of focusing on bad health, focus only on better health.

There is plenty of evidence and facts to back the claims that being overweight is damaging for your health and we are always being told how being overweight is bad for your heart and many other diseases.

Along with the standard health risks of being overweight like heart diseases and strokes, obesity has been closely linked to type 2 diabetes, especially in men, this alone should help you stay motivated. 

The latest research suggests that if you lose approximately around 7 to 8 kg of weight after you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and exercise more frequently than you can prevent it from developing into type 2 diabetes. 

But again, although you should be aware of the health risks, it should not be your only motivator. All this is playing on the pain strategy, which can make people worry and feel bad.

So, flip all the potential health risks, to all the positive health gains and benefits.

If you must use pain as your motivator. Bare in mind, Every time, you eat too much bad or unhealthy foods. they will cause you to get fatter and it will be doing more damage to your body and health.

Being to much overweight is potentially bad for your health and when you're overweight, each time you eat more bad foods, your body doesn't handle the unhealthy and fat storing foods very well. 

When your body is not functioning properly and efficiently, you're increasing the risk of health related illnesses.

But once you change your eating habits by getting rid of the bad stuff and replacing it with the good stuff. The weight will fall off, and once you start to lose weight and your health will naturally improve.

In fact. You will be amazed at how quick your body can heal itself.

Anyway, that is enough of the pain strategy.

Wouldn't it be much better to word it or reframe it from a pleasure or positive lens and perspective.

Like losing weight can significantly improve your health.

A recent UK ITV program. Revealed how people were reversing type 2 diabetes or getting themselves out of the high risk type 2 diabetes range.

By losing weight fast over a period of 4 weeks. 

The best source of motivation is when you can see the weight fall off quickly. Because, when you have successfully managed to lose a stone in the first two weeks. 

Then this will inspire you to carry on if it is necessary for you to lose even more weight.

The one thing that de-motivates and demoralises, people the most, is.

When they start a weight loss campaign, they go on a diet, yet after a few weeks, they find that they have hardly lost any weight at all.

You can lose weight fast and healthily, without starving yourself.

Need to lose weight fast?

If you feel that you could do with a bit of help you to get really visible results in two weeks, even if you have struggled to lose weight in the past.

The Two Week Diet can help you to lose 16 pounds of fat (Not muscle) in as little as two weeks, which should inspire and motivate you to continue, until you reach your target healthy weight and you get your new attractive, lean body. 

Although this program is designed, for you to lose weight quickly. It also creates a snowball effect, where you set the foundations for a new healthy weight loss lifestyle and good healthy eating habits and changes.

The Two Week Diet is not just another fad diet strategy. It is different and better, and you will probably discover that a lot of the nutrition and weight loss advice you thought was right is wrong.

The program helps you target and eliminate fat fast by using quick and effective fat burning strategies. The truth is, it is possible to lose weight rapidly, as long as you do it the right and healthy way.

The Two Week Diet system uses your body’s natural chemistry to make it a fat-burning machine, so you don’t have to starve yourself or spend hours at the gym.

Exercise and eating healthy is important.

But, it is evident, if you look around you. That, the usual eat less, exercise more” and “Count every calorie” seem to be actually ineffective for the majority of dieters. 

Why It is better to use pleasure as your weight loss motivation

People who successfully manage to lose weight and then go on to maintain their new healthy and ideal weight, don't use pain of fear as their motivator.

Instead, they choose to use pleasure and positivity as their inspiration. 

Because there is just to much fear, negativity and pain around and the chances are you have already suffered enough pain and negativity already.

Those are the emotions that drive emotional eating. Many people who are overweight, already have low opinion of themselves and they already suffer with low self esteem.

So, why add to your pain misery?

Pleasure and positivity are a much better feeling and a much better motivator.

Try to think, imagine or write down as many positive reasons you would like to lose weight and only focus on the positive benefits and rewards.

Some typical positive benefits of losing weight

  • How great you are going to look
  • How much better you're going to feel
  • How much your health is going to improve
  • Imagine living longer and feeling happier
  • The joy of being able to wear the cloths of your choosing
  • Think about how more flexible and mobile you will feel
  • Think about the relief on your joints
  • Imagine how more comfortable you will feel, standing, sitting and walking
  • Imagine having more energy and stamina 
  • Think about how it will boost your confidence and do wonders for your, self esteem
  • You will sleep better and be fitter
  • You will have better glowing and radiant looking, hair and skin
When you have a real positive benefit for losing your excess weight the positive emotion will push you in the direction you want to go.

The more positive feeling words you use the better. Focus on how you're going to love your new body and how your body is going to love all the good nutrients you will be feeding it.

Focus on how great you're going to feel and look,.

Ramp up your motivatation by losing weight fast

We are our body and it is important to love and respect your body. 

Again, many people who are overweight worry about their health. But, worrying is focusing on the pain and the negative.

Therefore, instead of worrying and just carrying on with your old bad and unhealthy eating habits. At least, use, your worry and turn it into a positive to help motivate you to change your eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest reasons for the loss of weight loss motivation is not seeing any real positive results and weight loss progress for all your hard efforts.

Most people want to see quick results for all their efforts. Because, when you start to lose weight fast and you can visibly see and notice the weight falling off in those first few weeks.

Then you can use that weight loss as encouragement to carry on and to keep you motivated through those tough and challenging times.

Something that will help you to lose weight is to begin to change your relationship with food.

Food can be your best friend, but it can equally be your achilles heel and your worst enemy. 

Your emotions are also your biggest friend or your biggest enemy. When, you are feeling negative or stressed, you feel more vulnerable and weak.

This can cause you to turn to food( Usually, the bad and unhealthy foods) to help to make you feel better.

When we were young children and we were upset, we would turn to our parents for comfort. When we are adults and we feel upset or emotionally, overwhelmed, we very often turn to food, for comfort.

Look great, without starving yourself

To lose weight and to maintain your new healthy and great look, a few lifestyle changes and good eating habits will normally be required.

Some people however. Find it hard to cut back on their foods or to make to many dramatic changes to their diet.

If you are the type who likes your food. Then there is another approach that you can take, without going a calorie counting and restrictive diet.

Because, for some people and it is not all about what you weigh. What you're made up of, also fits into the equation.

What I mean by this is. Muscle is less dense than fat. So an extra stone of two of muscle is leaner and less compact than a stone or two of fat.

If you have two different people who are the same weight and the same height. Yet, the one person puts in two stone of fat and the other puts on two stone of muscle.

The one with the extra muscle, will look a lot slimmer and leaner than the one who has piled on two stone of fat, even though they both weigh the same.  

Therefore, you can weigh more, yet look slimmer by building and toning up your muscles.

This means, if you build up your muscles, then you can get away with eating a bit more.

Muscle also burns more calories 3x more than fat does. So, again, building muscle will allow you to eat a bit more food.

You have not got to overdo the muscle building. But, depending on your muscle mass, you will be able to consume several hundred or more calories, without having to exercise.

To sum it up, building muscle allows you to eat a bit more without starving yourself. You, still want to generally eat the right fat burning foods, but at least you want have to punish yourself.

Exercise should be fun and enjoyable

If your overweight and you start an exercise it is a good idea to pay a visit to your doctors first just to get a health check at seek out their advice.

When you start your routine be careful not to go to mad to begin with, start off doing a little exercise and gradually build your way up to it. 

Sticking with the pleasure strategy,

Do activities that you enjoytry and make exercising fun,if you have to force yourself to do it the novelty will soon wear off.

Because if you have to force yourself to exercise or you see it as a chore or thing that you feel that you have to do. 

Then, you will struggle to motivate yourself.

This does not mean you have to go straight out and run a marathon any form of movement or activity coupled with a reduction in the amount of calories you consume equals weight loss. 

Start your exercise campaign off slowly and gradually increase the intensity, if you find an activity that you enjoy then it will be easier to motivate yourself.

A good brisk 30 minute walk each day can be very beneficial, you can buy yourself a dog as this will encourage you to take it for a walk each day to benefit you and the dog.

When you know you have to take the dog for their walk it will motivate you to get out of the house on those cold winter days where normally you might give it a miss if you were going by yourself. 

Ditch the car whenever possible and walk to the shop, work college or if you have to take the kids to school.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight 

Successful and permanent weight loss begins in the mind and then transforms to the body. Most people struggle because they don't know how to deal with the emotional and thinking side of things.  

To successfully tame your emotions, break the bad habits and rebuild your self image you need to deal with the subconscious programming.

What you should be aiming for is you should naturally want to be slimmer, fitter and healthier, you need to have the inspired motivation to lose weight and so you will enjoy doing exercise and eating the right healthy diet. To achieve this you need to make a shift in your thinking and attitude. 

Hypnosis is one way of achieving all this, hypnosis for weight loss will allow you to naturally reprogram your mind so you change the bad habit. You will make the shift so you want to lose weight for all the right reasons. 

You will take action automatically because you will have eradicated all the negative bad habits and cravings and you will install new positive behaviours and thinking patterns just like the ones of slim and healthy people. Change your self image and begin to think and act like a slim person does.

Once you deal with the emotional side of things you will be left feeling inspired, optimistic and fully motivated to tackle the physical aspect which is the actual weight loss.

So you will feel fully equipped to go forth and achieve your desired weight target and more importantly, you will have less chance of slipping back into those old negative habits preventing putting the weight straight back on. 

The banner below is the new hypnosis weight loss plan by leading expert in this field doctor Robert Anthony. Hypnosis is totally safe, highly effective, very relaxing and therapeutic.


The 2 Week Diet


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