How Do I Keep Myself Motivated To Lose-Weight?

Inspirational Weight-Loss Tips

Losing weight and keeping the weight off is not easy, therefore it is extremely important for you to get yourself motivated and then to stay motivated.

In fact motivation is absolutely crucial if you want to successfully lose-weight as it is one of those decisive factors that will either decrease or increase your chances of losing weight.

One of the biggest motivators is to be inspired and one of the best ways to be inspired is to have a role model who has already lost-weight so you can follow the same path and strategies they followed.

Because regardless of your age, metabolism or size the one important thing for you to beware of is; you can have the body you desire.

Other people who have been in a similar position to you and they have managed to successfully lose weight and you can to.

Otherwise it is so easily fall into the trap of thinking along the lines that the reasons you may have struggled to lose weight is all down to a physical issue.

We've all heard the sayings for why people can't seem to lose weight

  • "I am big boned"
  • "I have a slow metabolism"
  • "It in my genetics"
  • "It's hard for me to change what I eat"

It may be a little harder for you to lose weight compared to others:

  • Maybe you have developed a bad relationship with food
  • Perhaps you comfort or emotional eat
  • You have become addicted to certain bad foods.

The one big truth that most people overlook is.


Once you realize this it becomes a game changer and you can then take total charge of the way you think.

This gives you the power to choose the way you think,  so use that chose wisely and start to make the right decisions and choices.

The right choices for losing-weight are:

  • Change what you eat
  • Learn how to manage your emotions
  • Find better ways to relax and reduce your stress
  • Keep yourself fit and active

Most people think the obvious way to losing-weight is to go on a strict starvation diet but if you take time to study the statistics you will discover that most diets have around a 95% failure rate which is not very inspiring.

The first step to losing weight, should be to change the way you think and to change the way you perceive yourself,

Because if you cannot see and envisage yourself as being slim then you will find it hard to become slim.

Why you should never use pain as your weight-loss motivation?

So, you have made the conscious choice to lose-weight and get healthy the trouble is many people have no motivation to lose-weight.

Therefore; the next step for you is to get yourself motivated so you can lose-weight and sculpt the body that you'll love, even during those tough and challenging times.

It is now incredibly important for you to change your lifestyle and eating habits as this will set the foundations in place and set you on your journey to your desired outcome.

The best way to get yourself upbeat and motivated is to give your mind some positive benefits and feel good reasons to why you want to lose-weight.

Because a positive goal and positive mindset will get you energized, optimistic, enthusiastic, excited and raring to get started.

Most people however use pain and negativity as their main motivator which is neither inspiring or motivational. 

When you watch a seminar of the great motivators they all use positivity and positive energy to get people in the right state of mind and body.

There is a very good reason for this because the primary job of your brain is to try and move you away from pain and move you towards pleasure and things that make you feel good.

The pain-pleasure syndrome is actually one of the biggest reasons why people emotionally eat and put all the weight on in the first place.

Have you ever wondered why you emotionally or comfort eat even when you're not feeling hungry?

Your brain as been hardwired to move you away from pain and push you to seek out pleasure.

Think about this for a moment.

When most people eat they don't eat for the nutritional value, they eat the foods that they love and enjoy.

Because of the pleasure and feel good factor your brain will soon learn to associate the foods that you like with pleasure.

Because your brain is always trying to pull you away from pain and push you towards pleasure.

Anytime when you're feeling stressed or negative your brain will urge you to go and eat the sweet tasting or unhealthy foods you love, because it gives you pleasure. 

Overtime we also learn to create some pretty bad relationships with the bad foods which can stem right back to our early childhood.

When you were a young child you were probably given treats or chocolate to help comfort you or as a reward for being good.

Let's be honest, no young child would pick brussel sprouts or cabbage as their prefered choice of treats.

Again this creates a good feeling association with unhealthy foods that can lead to emotional eating later in your life.

There are many other different ways people use pain as their form of self motivation, such as:

  • They are told or they feel that they're ugly and fat
  • The feel bad about how they look when they see their reflection or photograph
  • They have been constantly told they should lose weight
  • They are scared about their health
Create a positive image of your future self

Some people who have weight issues are also struggling with their own person problems, low self-esteem and insecurities.

Again instead of using positivity, people use negativity and pain to create their future and to forge the future self image of themselves. 

If this is you, it is time to let go of your suffering and whatever it is that is bothering you, accept and embrace yourself for who you are and then start using positivity to create your future and to forge the very best future you.

When you rely on pain as your motivation. Whenever the temptation or urge to eat sweet tasting and high in sugar foods, snacks and treats arises.

When people try to resist these urges or temptations again they will rely on pain and they do it by focusing on how bad they feel about their weight or how they look.

For a while you may be able use pain to put you off eating the bad foods. But eventually most people will weaken and end up eating the bad foods again.

After they have eaten all the bad foods it will often leave them feeling guilty and bad about themselves afterwards.

The truth is, there is no pleasure whatsoever gained through using pain or negativity as your weight-loss motivation, all you will get is more pain and negativity.

Which will lead to you constantly seeking out pleasure and you will probably turn to those unhealthy foods to provide you with a bit more pleasure,.

When you depend on pain and negativity as your motivation to lose-weight combined with all the food deprivation.

Then the probability will be, it won't be long before you return to your old bad and unhealthy foods habits and behaviors. 

Using pleasure as you weight-loss motivation

Your journey to a slim, better looking and healthier you will be much easier and much more enjoyable if you use pleasure as your weight-loss motivation strategy.

Focusing on all the positive benefits of losing-weight will sky rocket your chances of reaching your ideal weight goal.

Pain and negativity will pull you back to your old bad eating habits and behaviors and pleasure will pull you towards your ideal weight and your healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to see how different you feel when you use positivity and pleasure, pause for a minute and imagine it for yourself:

  • Focus on how great you will feel and look
  • Focus on how energized and happy you will be
  • Picture the new future slim and healthier you
  • Think how great it is going to be when you have a new wardrobe full of fashionable and regular size clothes
  • Imagine how mobile, fit and comfortable you will feel, think about the sense of freedom and relief from all the weight
  • Focus on how better you will feel eating all those healthy and high in nutritious foods

If you look after yourself and you take great care of your body then you will be able to take full advantage of your mind and body connection which is essential for your optimal wellness and wellbeing.

When you have a real positive benefit for losing your excess weight the positive emotion will push you in the direction you want to go.

Seeing progress will further motivate you to lose-weight

One of the biggest reasons for the loss of weight loss motivation is not seeing any real positive results and weight loss progress for all your hard efforts.

Most people want to see quick results for all their efforts because it is see progress and positive results that motivates people to keep going. 

Something that will help you to lose weight is to begin to change your relationship with food.

Food can be your best friend, but it can equally be your achilles heel and your worst enemy. 

Your emotions are also your biggest friend or your biggest enemy. When, you are feeling negative or stressed, you feel more vulnerable and weak.

This can cause you to turn to food( Usually, the bad and unhealthy foods) to help to make you feel better.

When we were young children and we were upset, we would turn to our parents for comfort.

When we are adults and we feel upset or emotionally, overwhelmed, we very often turn to food, for comfort.

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Look great, without starving yourself

To lose weight and to maintain your new healthy and great look, a few lifestyle changes and good eating habits will normally be required.

Some people however. Find it hard to cut back on their foods or to make to many dramatic changes to their diet.

If you are the type who likes your food. Then there is another approach that you can take without going a calorie counting and restrictive diet.

Because, for some people and it is not all about what you weigh. What you're made up of, also fits into the equation.

What I mean by this is. Muscle is less dense than fat. So an extra stone of two of muscle is leaner and less compact than a stone or two of fat.

If you have two different people who are the same weight and the same height. Yet, the one person puts in two stone of fat and the other puts on two stone of muscle.

The one with the extra muscle, will look a lot slimmer and leaner than the one who has piled on two stone of fat, even though they both weigh the same.  

Therefore, you can weigh more, yet look slimmer by building and toning up your muscles.

This means, if you build up your muscles, then you can get away with eating a bit more.

Muscle also burns more calories 3x more than fat does. So, again, building muscle will allow you to eat a bit more food.

You have not got to overdo the muscle building. But, depending on your muscle mass, you will be able to consume several hundred or more calories, without having to exercise.

To sum it up, building muscle allows you to eat a bit more without starving yourself.

You, still want to generally eat the right fat burning foods, but at least you want have to punish yourself.

Exercise should be fun and enjoyable

If your overweight and you start an exercise it is a good idea to pay a visit to your doctors first just to get a health check at seek out their advice.

When you start your routine be careful not to go to mad to begin with, start off doing a little exercise and gradually build your way up to it. 

Sticking with the pleasure strategy,

Do activities that you enjoy, try and make exercising fun,if you have to force yourself to do it the novelty will soon wear off.

Because if you have to force yourself to exercise or you see it as a chore or thing that you feel that you have to do. 

Then, you will struggle to motivate yourself.

This does not mean you have to go straight out and run a marathon any form of movement or activity coupled with a reduction in the amount of calories you consume equals weight loss. 

Start your exercise campaign off slowly and gradually increase the intensity, if you find an activity that you enjoy then it will be easier to motivate yourself.

A good brisk 30 minute walk each day can be very beneficial, you can buy yourself a dog as this will encourage you to take it for a walk each day to benefit you and the dog.

When you know you have to take the dog for their walk it will motivate you to get out of the house on those cold winter days where normally you might give it a miss if you were going by yourself. 

Ditch the car whenever possible and walk to the shop, work college or if you have to take the kids to school.




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