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Self-Motivation To Help Your Achieve Your Goals Faster

Everybody knows that if you want to be successful if you want to better yourself or you want to get things done then you need to be able to motivate yourself.

This requires quite a lot of self-discipline at times because every time you want to take action, the chances are; it is going to create a battle of conflict in your head.

Here's why!

The human mind and body is lazy and we have become a society that likes instant gratification rather than long-term gratification.

Success, self-betterment and getting things done, requires a certain amount of effort and a change of your normal routine.

The trouble is, most people would probably rather chill-out and watch TV, watch Netflix or use their laptops or mobile phones or do something else, rather than working on their goals.

It is also easier to go out socializing, pursue your hobbies or have an extra few hours in bed. Than it is to make the sacrifices you need to be successful, achieve a goal or to do the the things that you need to do.

Although the action work may require a bit of effort. It hasn't got to be all hard work, because working smarter and trying to make the action work as enjoyable and fun as possible as well as getting yourself into your peak performance states is a good policy to have.

Because, when you have to force yourself to do the work then it becomes a chore and tedious task, when you love and enjoy what you're doing then it won't seem like hard work and you'll want to do more.

One way to help motivate yourself when you don't feel like doing the physical action work or you feel like giving up, is to focus on all your struggles and hard times and use them to motivate you to get to the next level or achieve the success and results that you want.

The easy options is not the route to success

When you're feel tired then the easier choice is the lazy option, especially if you have to work, go to college or you are looking after a house and bringing up children.

That old you and that voice in your head will always try and push you to doing less work and more play. If you can  strike the right balance than that is fine, because you don't wan to burnout.

But there will be times you will need to show a bit of grit, determination and self-discipline to get you to do what you know is the right choice which is going to make your life better or take you closer to the success that you want.

Even if it requires a bit of hard effort at times. Learning how to relax and work smart is a lot better than rushing and getting yourself all frustrated and flustered.

If you feel like a rest, take a break and come back when you're feeling a bit more refreshed and energized.

There will also be times you will have to overrule that voice in your head and not listen to it, especially when it is telling you to watch TV, go to the pub or take the lazy option.

Developing self-discipline is just like forming a new habit and even though the temptation to do nothing will be very appealing or seek-out the things that give you instant gratification.

Although we all weaken at times. You also have to focus on the long term benefits and rewards if you want to achieve a goal, get thing done or be successful.

Self-motivation and self-discipline can become a constant battle and tug of war. 

But winning that battle in your head is the difference between, why some people become very successful and achieve everything they want and why others don't.

The more you strengthen your self-discipline the easier and more normal the action work will become for you.

Remember, it might feel like hard work and you might feel like your missing out at times.

During these times you need to remind yourself, all the positive the reasons why you wanted to achieve a goal, become the person you want to be or to become successful in the first place.

Very often the answer to that will be. Because you didn't want to be like everybody else and if you keep following the right path it will take you closer and closer to where you want to go.

Keeping up the motivation

Self-motivation has to be self-induced because although others can help to motivate and inspire you, nobody else can actually do all the action work for you.

It is not just about motivating yourself, you also have to sustain your motivation levels.

Especially when you're getting fed up, you're not getting the results that you want and you even reach a point where you want to give up.

Anybody can gee themselves up, get themselves enthusiastic, get themselves all excited and generated high levels of self-motivation when they're just starting a new goal or they're thinking about starting it.

But how do you sustain those much required levels of self-motivation, when you don't feel like doing the physical action work or when what you're doing has becomes another tedious chore that you don't really want to do it but you know you really have to if you want to achieve your goal?

Focus on the reasons why you want to achieve your goals?

What will help you to motivate yourself is to write down or focus on all the positive reasons why you want to achieve your goal.

Because the more you can focus on all the compelling reasons why you want to do something then this can help to keep you motivated.

Anytime you feel yourself unmotivated or you're starting to procrastinate. Keep your mind firmly focused on all the benefits and rewards you will get once you start to see the progress that you're making or when start getting some positive results.

Another important thing that can quickly derail you and something that you should be fully aware of is; becareful about looking for instant success or instant results. 

Achieving a goal or achieving great things can take a certain amount of time, learning, sacrifice and effort.

Those who are seeking instant success or instant gratification, very rarely achieve their goals because they end up going from one thing to another so they never really put in enough time or effort that is required for goal success.

Those who do achieve their goals or those who do go onto achieve great and amazing things tend to focus on the bigger picture and instead of looking for instant success; they focus more on long-term success and delayed gratification.

It can be quite damaging to yourself if you go rushing in a seeking instant success or fame without preparing yourself and doing all the planning and preparation work first.

Because if you're not mentally, emotionally and physcially prepared then you might find it hard to come through and overcome all those challenges and problems that comes with being successful.

Success and goal setting is a skill, process and journey that requires a lot of learning, doing and failing, those who eventually succeed will succeed because they showed a lot of grit and determination when they were staring failure in the face.

There are components of goal achievement:

  • Study and learn from others who have achieved what you want to achieve
  • Learn as you go and keep on striving to get better and better each day

When things aren't going to well or during those difficult and hard times it is essential that you try to keep your faith, stay as calm and cheerful as you can when you're faced with adversity and to be able to get up and bounce back quickly.

Success and goal achievement is a mindset and a new conditioned way of thinking and doing things.

Making the action work your new normal way of life

Self-motivation and staying motivated is incredibly important. But motivation alone won't always be enough to carry you through to your goal completion.

When the motivation takes a dive and it will many times and you really feel like quitting or not doing the action work.

These are the times when you have to dig really deep and tap into all your inner resourcefulness to help you to keep pushing forwards when everyhting seem to be using against you.

These are the times that separate those who succeed and go onto to be very successful and those who take what they think is the easier option and end up giving up.

You may be surprised to know that the successful people do not always feel like working on their goals because achieve a goal usually requires with you making changes or having to do things that you really do not feel like or want to do.

There is no magic formula that is going to keep you highly motivated all of the time especially when it involves doing things that you don't want or even like doing.

Achieving goals can sometimes be quite tedious and hard and they can require quite a lot of self-disciple, sacrifices and hard work.

This is why you have to try and keep your focus on the long-term gratification and all the reasons why you wanted to achieve your goal or work on your personal development and growth,

It will certainly test you when you have to make those sacrifices, especially when all your friends and family seem to be out and enjoying themselves.

But you have to sometimes remind yourself that there was a very worthwhile reasons why you wanted to achieve your goal.

Sometimes the highly achievers and the successful have to literately force themselves to do the action work even though they don't feel like doing it, until it eventually becomes the new norm for them.

Especially has their are so many distractions these days that can provide us with a bit of short term gratification, pleasure and stimulation.

But short term gratification very often leads to a life of struggling, a lot of ups and downs and life of lack mediocrity and regret.

When you're faced with a problem, obstacle or challenge, then you need to draw on all your self-discipline, self-courage and self-motivation.

Because when times get hard your going to struggle to come through it or get what is needed to be done without calling upon that inner grit, strength and determination.

What Is Motivation?

So what is motivation? It is the fuel we need to complete our journey, it carries us through when we feel like giving up. 

Motivation helps to keep us focused and to stay on track so we reach our final destination.

It is the energy that drives us to make sure we stick with our intentions so we will go on to accomplish our dreams, 

The motivation is the force that keeps us on course when we believe our goals will improve our standard of lives if we follow them through. 

First, you need a goal or a firm intention, but more importantly, you need a valuable and positive reason which is going to benefit you on the inside as well as the outside because you need a reward for all your hard effort. 

One of the biggest enemies that will get in your way is your own inner self, if you want to succeed then you will have to overcome any of your self doubts or fear of failure.

1) Mindset

All it takes is one simple change and shift  in your mindset to set the ball rolling to make your dreams come true.

Without the right mindset, you won't get very far, that is why you need to cultivate a powerful and unwavering optimistic, confident and highly driven and motivated mindset. Developing an optimistic, motivated, confident, loving, and resilient mindset is everything. 

The first step to being successful is to develop a winning mindset, see yourself as being victorious, and if you're prepared to see your goal through, then one day your vision will be a reality.

You will need a vision and a plan and strategy to follow that vision through, at the start of your goal, visualize what you want and see yourself having achieved it.

Then anytime you find your motivation dipping, return back to your vision and spend a few minutes focusing yourself being successful.

The more emotionally charged you can feel about your goal the more inspired and motivated you will be. To help you feel more emotionally charged, focus on the positive reasons and benefits to why you want to achieve your goal.

2) Ambition

To achieve any goal, especially if it is a big goal, then it will really help if you're an ambitious person who truly wants to accomplish it, because you will need to draw on your ambition when things get tough or you get knocked down.

To find out how ambitious you are, ask yourself how bad do you want to achieve your goal and are you prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed.

You only get one opportunity at life, so give it your best shot, because you don't want to get to the end of your life and look back with regrets.

As the famous quote goes.

" If you really want to do something, then you will find a way, if you don't you will find and excuse".

3) Expectancy and faith

It is hard to achieve any goal if you don't really believe that you can do it, without a strong faith and belief, you will probably quit too early or you won't even get started.

Faith is knowing that success is inevitable before it has actually happened and a strong faith can help to motivate you and carry you through the bleak and dark stages.

Failure will always be an underlying current that will try and trip you up at the first opportunity, failure is a big part of success, it can help to drive you on to do things better and get things right.

4) Focus

To see a goal to completion or if you want to be the very best at what you do, or you want to be on top of your game then you will need to maintain a laser sharp focus.

 If you want to be successful, then you need to be able to keep focused on what you want and how you’re going to get there, without allowing anything else to distract you. 

A lack of focus is one of the main reasons why so many people fail in their attempts to achieve their goals. There are many things and reasons that can take your focus off your goals, both emotional and environmental circumstances.

It is just as important to balance yourself emotionally as it is do focus on the action work, the secret is to balance yourself emotionally, then when you're grounded in the peace of the present moment then that is the ideal time to follow up with inspired action.

Most people have trouble focusing on one thing for a sustained period of time, often their mind will wander on to something else.

Whilst others will start one goal or project, then after a short while they will start on something else.

Maintaining a sharp focus, might take time and practice, if you notice yourself drifting on to something else of less importance, then bring your mind back on to what it is you're wanting to accomplish.

Get yourself a day planner or weak planner and jot down on it all the things that you would like to get done.

This does not mean that you have got to spend all your day thinking about your goal, but when you need to focus on your goal you should try and remove yourself from any distractions.

If any problems crop up, you need to try and get them resolved as quickly as possible because you will want to maintain a positive and calm focus as much as possible.

Any action work is better done when you're feeling energized and you're feeling motivated and inspired. Once you have your bigger picture, it is best to break your goals down into small daily action steps, and just focus on what you want to accomplish day by day or for the week ahead.

The right preparation, which is best done last thing at night and first thing in the morning will help to boost your performance levels.

Relaxing yourself before you go to bed and expressing what you're grateful for, will put you in the right frame of mind and the right calming energy, allowing you to get a good restorative and restful nights sleep.

It is also important to set yourself up in the morning to help you have a great day, a light exercise routine, saying a few minutes of positive and optimistic statements or a quick meditation session will put you in the right state of mind and body.

Although you will face setbacks, failures and challenges, make sure avoid slipping into a negative downward spiral.

5) Actions and effort

Although you will need the right mindset to succeed, you will also need a strong work ethic, which will normally require you to make some sacrifices. 

With nearly all goals and achievements, results are not instant and effort will be required. Most people want fast results and some expect instant results without making any effort, but if you want to be successful, effort is required. 

If you want to get big results and you want to make a difference to your life or the lives of others, then a certain level of skill, knowledge and effort is needed, often you get back what you're prepared to put in.

Work hard, but smart and never quit, all success takes action and dedication, and even though you will need to go on a journey with many obstacles and challenges to face and overcome, you should try and take the path of least resistance and the most fun.

Also, although you will need to do the action work, unless you get somebody else to do it for you, make sure you do not overwhelm or burn yourself out and allow yourself some free downtime to have fun.

The more fun and enjoyable you can make your goal the better, we perform better when we are relaxed but alert.

Take one small step at a time, because small steps will equate to big results, because when you break your goals down into smaller manageable steps, instead of focusing on the bigger picture, then it will stop the feelings of overwhelm. 

6) Attitude

To succeed at your goal and life you will need the right positive attitude. How much you want to be successful depends on your attitude towards life and yourself.   

Before you can develop a positive attitude you have to forget about and let go of your past, because if you allow to dictate your now, you will struggle to create a compelling future.  

The right attitude will motivate you and see you through the tough times, it will help you attract the right people, circumstances and resources which will kick in the powerful law of attraction to help you overcome the obstacles, challenges, solve problems and guide you towards success.  

Your attitude is almost as important as your skill levels and it is critically important to long term and lasting success. Your attitude is who you are, they will decide your actions and your actions will affect the outcome of your goal.  

Be aware of your attitude in every area of your life because when your life is running smoothly then you will be more successful and productive, because small adjustments can make a big difference and impact. 

Along with a positive mental attitude, the second important thing is to create a stick to some daily positive success habits.

We have all heard of the power of intention and expectation, but you can have all the intention in the world, but your intentions will need to be followed up by taking positive and repetitive daily actions and routines which are going to move you you forwards in the direction you want to head.

Otherwise, you will remain forever stuck in dream land and wishful and hopeful thinking. Spend a few minutes each night planning what steps or things you want to achieve next, to stay motivated and to accomplish your goals, then it will help to have a strategy and routine set in place for you to follow.

People like the feeling of certainty, uncertainty breeds fear of failure, it can prevent you from being decisive and from taking calculated and sensible risk taking.

However, if you want to be successful you have to step out of your comfort zone, the fact is, life is full of uncertainty, and uncertainty can either break you or you can use it to motivate you and drive you forwards.

The foundation of success is confidence, conquering the fear and anxiety caused by any insecurities or uncertainty starts with developing an inner core confidence. 

You need to install into you the belief and knowing that deep down no matter what happens or what problems come your way, you will figure it out. When things are not going your way, then dig in deep and do whatever you need yo do to win.

Be prepared to keep learning and keep growing with the attitude of, as long as what you're doing is ethical, then you will do what it takes to achieve your goal.

7) Become the very best at what you're doing 

The best way to succeed is to become better than your competition, strive to be the best you possibly can at what you're doing. 

Put all your energy and focus into your goal and try and do it at the very best of your ability, keep on trying to improve, small daily improvements can make a massive difference over a period of time.

You can always improve no matter what you're doing or what skill levels your at at the moment, the more quality information you gather the more successful  you will become. 

However, knowledge is only power if it is applied in your life to make it better. 

Invest in programs or new skills that will improve your chances of success. To gain an advantage in your niche or goal you need to become better than the others. 

This takes dedication and self discipline so you need to take control over your mind and actions, once you achieve this your onto a winner. 

There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to help keep you motivated and to help you grow and become better at what you're doing.

8) Environmental factors

It will help you a great deal to have a good network of friends and family to support and encourage you in your quest to achieve your goal.

It can pay to mix and surround yourself with positive and like minded people, because If you're surrounded by negative people or you have your own personal problems and worries, then this can drain all your energy and enthusiasm.

Aim to be organized and productive, be efficient and make the most of your time. Many people have developed tension habits, sometimes we expend and apply more force and energy than what is needed.

When you're in the relaxed and alert state of being in the zone then you will be at your most power-fullest.

Anytime that you notice yourself becoming stressed, find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, take ten deep breaths in, and remind yourself to be calm.” 

Or transport yourself, and imagine that you are relaxing or walking in a tranquil and peaceful beautiful location.

Several times throughout your day, do some quick stretches or and try to incorporate a bit more activity into your daily routine, you have not got to spend hours performing exercise routines, but fifteen minute walk combined with regularly relaxing will give you more energy.  

9) Have fun

Although your goal will take time and effort, it is important that you try to have as much fun as you can, it helps a lot if you can enjoy and look forward to what you're doing rather than it be a task that you think that you have to do.

Look after yourself, keep yourself in good health and do the emotional work that will keep you focused on your goals and what you want and off what you don't want. It is a lot easier to do the action and physical work if you are in a happy and calm state.

Motivation tips

  1.  Be happy
  2.  Be healthy
  3.  Love life


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