Tap Into Your Bodies Natural Healing Properties 

Complementary medicines and natural self healing techniques are becoming more and more popular, the body seems to have an inbuilt mechanism to heal itself when everything is balanced and working in harmony. 

However they should be used alongside the advice and help from your doctor and not as a substitute for proper medical opinions and treatments.

It is always sensible to visit your doctor first to get a professional consultation, work with your GP and don't try and go it alone especially if your condition is quite serious. 

Although you should not over look natural healing treatments you should also make the most of the already proven medical treatments that are available thanks to western science. 

The medical skills and the technology of the west are for ever advancing and improving and it would be foolish to ignore the expertise of your doctor and surgeon. It is also important that you do not stop your treatment or come off your medication without your doctors approval first. 

However we cannot ignore the ancient natural healing arts of eastern cultures and the Chinese. If we could combine the two different strategies then you would have very potent healing powers. 

If your considering using holistic and self healing methods then it is important for you to understand that the human being goes much deeper than just a physical body. 

We are physical and spiritual beings of mind, body and spirit. When we are vibrating in harmony everything functions better, when we are in a negative state of resistance then we become out of balance. 

Some of the basic natural ingredients to good heath are deep breathing love, peace of mind and water so our body vibrates at its natural frequency. 

It is believed that diseases will struggle to survive in a relatively stress free body, there is no time limit to how quick you will get better as everybody is different and nothing in life is guaranteed. But the right thinking has to be more beneficial than negative thinking.

Prevention Is The Key In Most Cases

Although sometimes things cannot always be avoided where possible prevention is always better than any cure. This means there is a lot we can do to prevent many of our illnesses. 

As the human body is primary made up of mostly water then it stands to reason that we should make sure we drink adequate amounts of water each day in order to keep us hydrated. 

Some of the basic natural ingredients to good heath are deep breathing, love and water so our body vibrates at it's natural frequency. It is believed that diseases struggle to survive in a relatively stress free body.

Although we should drink plenty of water or water based fluids, you should never drink accesses amounts in a short period of time. It is recommended to drink water before and after a meal as it will help the digestive system.

A healthy diet is also an essential part of staying healthy, it is recommended to limit the amount of junk food and processed foods, avoid consuming to much sugar and foods high in fat although a certain amount of the healthy fats are essential.

You cannot ignore our habits and lifestyles, the obvious bad ones are to much alcohol, over working and smoking. 

Our sleeping habits and patterns are also important as well as getting an adequate amount of weekly exercise. Regular deep relaxation methods such as meditation and hypnosis can play an essential role in improving our health both emotionally and physically.

Posture and our bodily mechanics is very often overlooked yet it plays a significant role in our health and emotional well-being, poor posture can lead to many problems including tension, emotional issues, aches and pains.

Control Your Thoughts And Emotions 

We can do a lot to help in our own healing process. Our thoughts and emotions can have a big impact in how we feel. Stress and worry can damage our health. If your ill, first of all get the best medical expert advice you can.

Work with your doctor and get the best treatment that is available to you. Then do everything you can to help yourself, try and reduce all your worry and stress. 

This may seem easier said than done, but it is of utmost importance that you release all negative resistance especially as stress and worry is now recognized to be the biggest contributor to many illnesses.

You need to let go of any negative resistance and try and forget about the illness. When people become ill they then start to focus all our attention onto the problem which causes even more worry and stress, let you doctor treat your symptoms and you focus on being fit and healthy. 

You have a far greater chance of recovery if you focus your attention off your problem, you learn to let go of your worries and you only give your focus of attention onto positive things or everyday general none resistant thoughts. 

You can help to heal yourself by just ending all your negative resistance, stress and worry. Good health and well-being occurs when your in a relaxed and positive energy state. 

Apart from our general day today thoughts our thinking usually consists of two other categories. These are either constructive and helpful thoughts or self sabotaging and self destructive thoughts. 

Whether you believe it or not our thoughts help to create our reality, they determine how you feel and they can have an influence over our body. 

When we spend long periods experiencing negative emotions it causes a constant release of adrenaline and the stress hormones which can leave the body full of toxins among-st other things. 

Positive minded people are generally more healthier than negative.

Now that we know our focus of attention affects our health and how we feel and we have a choice to think the thoughts we want, then it is wise to think only about constructive thoughts or thoughts that course us no negative resistance. 

Try and focus only on what you want and believe and have faith that you can get better.

When we worry to much or think about thoughts related to ill health then we run a greater risk of becoming sick. 

You have to follow and co-operate with your doctor, but the more you can distract yourself of your illness the better.

Instead of thinking about ill health it would be far more beneficial to focus on good health and well-being as it is always better to look for a cure rather than focusing on the problem/

Just by reducing your anxiety, your stress levels especially that it is well documented that stress is the source of most health related problems.  

Ending all that needless worry and reducing your stress can sometimes be enough to start the healing process.

Self healing starts from within. 

The Chinese have proven that they can cure cancer through belief and quantum energy techniques, it seems like the human mind has a great healing capacity over the body, it appears that the body follows what the mind tells it. 

The Chinese believe there are lines of energy field that run around the body which are known as meridians. 

When we are out of balance it causes a disruption in our energy fields which causes blocked energy, this is associated with emotional and health problems. 

Our mind and body are a whole and they work in conjunction with each other, this is known as the mind, body and spirit connection. 

Yes you should always visit your doctor if you are not feeling well but you should always try and maintain a positive mental attitude. 

Faith and belief also play a major role in overcoming many illnesses, you must be determined to want to over come your problems and believe you can. The emotions you experience and generate can have a big influence in your eventual outcome.

The aim is to stay happy, positive and optimistic. Complementary health practices and herbal remedies are aimed at enhancing the body to heal naturally. 

Before we can improve our emotional state and end our stress and worry, we have to accept what is. This does not mean your problem cannot be fixed. 

What has already happened is done and cannot be changed, thinking about what is or what has happened will only make you feel bad. The first stage of letting go of negative resistance is acceptance.

Once you accept what is your energy will start to change because you will have released the resistance you have been holding onto. Once all resistance has ceased then you take full advantage and build a more positive attitude.

But you will not be able to end the health damaging negative emotions until you accept your situation at the moment, what can be changed is what happens to you now and in the future. 

Forget what is, then search for a cure with a positive attitude, you have a much greater chance of recovery once you accept your problem and you start to enjoy your now.

Your Mind Is The Greatest Healer 

Try to not think about what's wrong with you or change the inner story you are telling yourself. 

Because believe it or not, people who speak more about others than themselves in conversations are less likely to suffer from heart disease! according to  Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D. who is a research scientist from the University of California' 

He conducted an innovative study in which he taped the conversations of  approximately 600 men where he He counted how often they used the words I, me, and mine in conversations. When he compared his results, he discovered that the men who used those words the most had the highest risk for heart trouble. 

You constantly here people telling others how bad they feel or they have got this or that wrong with them, some even self diagnose themselves, how often do you here people tell themselves I feel fit and healthy.

The more attention you pay to what's wrong with you the more stress you will endure and the worst the problem can become. 

Again you cannot totally ignore any health concerns and you should seek professional help but focusing on the problem can only make things worst.

Relaxation is a great way to heal your body, it is now recognized that when you change your vibration into the frequency range of love and positive feelings then this is the energy band where miracles happen. 

Your mind and body work in harmony, even though we see each organ as being a separate thing really the mind and body are one and when the mind is quiet and the body is relaxed we are then at are optimum health.

Aim To Feel Good On The Inside

Our feelings can effect on our health, good feeling's send signals to the brain which can keep us in a good state of health, while negative thoughts and feelings can create problems. We all have a lot of control to improve our well-being and keep in good health.

How we react to our circumstances and the world around us can affect our well-being, disease is often referred to as the body not being at ease. 

Our perceptions of ourselves and our environment can cause us to become fearful and stressed, our emotions are triggered by our personal perceptions of our environment and our experiences. 

Most of our negative beliefs are wrong, outdated and not helpful, most of our fears don't make any senses and the belief that we are in danger is often way over exaggerated and even sometimes ridiculous.

Our perceptions are nothing more than our point of view and they are entirely based on our belief systems we have gathered or we have made them to suit our own idea's. 

We see thing's in pictures and the pictures in our mind affects how we feel. We can alter our feelings at will by changing our thinking and creating positive pictures in our mind.

Our heart is the center of our emotions, when we think negative our heart speeds up it's vibration and it instructs the brain to release stress hormones and adrenaline into our body to give us extra fuel which in most cases we don't need and don't use up. 

Spending to much time in this negative and stressed state weakens the immune system and reduces the bodies natural healing capacity.

The positive emotion of love and feeling calm and good triggers the brain to release the good endorphin's and restores balance to the body promoting better healing, whilst negative thinking can promote the onset of bad health. 

To demonstrate how belief can affect our health, the placebo effect can improve people's health. If people believe the tablet they are taking will improve their health or well-being then they can get better even if the tablet consist of nothing more than sugar. 

The tablet does not cure their problem and it is the positive believing that does.

Creative visualization can be a powerful healing tool. Our three levels of self are emotional, mental and spiritual, but there is another important level and that is our physical side and our physical health.

All levels of our being are interconnected and work in harmony with each other. We have the power and ability to raise our vibration to the frequency range of good health and emotional well-being.

If the mind believes that it is inevitable that you’re about to feel sick then it will instruct signals to the body to change its vibration so the body will display symptoms of feeling sick and you will soon begin to feel sick.

Use Your Imagination To Help Heal Your Body 

We communicate from the mind to the body through creative visualization we create images in the mind through thought and these images are sent as signals to the body which manifests itself as physical symptoms.

One way of self healing is to replace the negative images of illnesses with new positive images which eventually will heal the body. 

To heal using visualizing you also have to keep in a more positive energy state throughout your day, otherwise if you’re doing your positive visualization but your spending all your day worrying then it will cancel it out to a degree.

The mind is a great tool to heal the body, the body follows the lead set by the mind, but because of the mind body connection it is also vital to look after the body and keep it relaxed and balanced.

Always visualize and affirm yourself as if you’re already healed and cured, affirm and visualize yourself already cured and in good health. If you’re in good health already carry on focusing on being fit and healthy. 

If you are not well try and focus on feeling better, sometimes we prolong our problems because we focus on how bad we feel instead of concentrating on good health.

As of yet not all illnesses are curable this does not mean they can’t be in the future but sometimes we have to accept things as best as we can, in some cases when you stop focusing on the problem it it can improve itself.  

Other forms of natural healing is reiki, yoga, acupuncture, emotional freedom techniques, meditation, holistic and herbal remedies.

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