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How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts And Feel Great?

You have to ask yourself?

Why do you focus on your weaknesses or why do youallow your past mistakes and bad experiences to bring you down?

And why do you engage in useless negative thoughts that are only going to dis-empower you and make you feel anxious and depressed?

Wouldn't it be more pleasing for you to think better feeling or positive thoughts that are going to empower you and make you feel good or why not even start to focus on your strengths and goals?

Because any set of thought patterns and beliefs that live within your mind will become who you are.

Your most dominant thought process and emotional response will determine your character, how you feel, how you behave and what you do or do not do.

Our negative thoughts, memories and experiences that we don't want to see or hear will dance around in our minds and keep us in a dark place and bad feeling state.

Unless we reprogram our minds and disassociate our negative feelings. 

Your negative thoughts will hold you stuck in the dark and keep us living in a self-imposed prison of fear, despair and hopelessness. 

Our negative thoughts can scare us, make us feel bad, make us unwell, keep us small and stuck and prevent us from living the great life that we could be living.

But it does not have to be like this because for every negative and scary though there is always a positive alternative and choice.

Your negative thoughts will trick you, lie to you, bring your to your knees, destroy you and disempower you.

Your thoughts and perceptions are the prelude to the future you.

Therefore; it is essential for your own wellness. wellbeing, quality of life and future success, that you sew the seeds that will lead you to become the very greatest version of you.

The damage caused by negative thinking?

It is well known about the power of positive thinking and how a positive belief can make you feel good, boost your confidence and improve your wellness and wellbeing.

But what about the effects and destructive powers of negative thinking?

Negative thinking is as equally as powerful as positive thinking on how it can affect our bodies, physiology, confidence, wellbeing and wellness.

The problem is, negative thinking works the exact opposite to positive thinking.

This means that too much negative thoughts can cause a physical, psychological and emotional state of resistance and disharmony in the body.

The result of too much negative thinking can lead to many emotional and physical conditions, behaviors and problems.

Many studies have shown that approximately 70% of our daily thoughts are worthless and destructive negative thoughts.

People are not living the happy and peaceful life that they should be because they are playing out the same old repeated automatic and self-destructive negative thoughts.

Imagine the damage that is being caused to your wellness, your body, your quality of life, your relationships and your emotional wellbeing by your constant bombardment of your daily automatic negative thoughts.

Both positive and negative thoughts have a profound effect on our wellbeing and biology.

According to numerous amounts of studies.

Positive thoughts and emotions have been linked to:

  • Better health
  • Better well being
  • A better life 
  • Increased levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness
  • A better quality of sleep
  • Feelings of calm, peace and balance
  • Living a longer life
  • More success

At the other end of the scale, worry and negative thinking have been linked to:

  • Unhappiness and depression
  • Poor wellness  
  • Poor quality and restless night's sleep
  • Poor wellbeing
  • A greater increase of health related issues
  • Higher levels of anxiety, anger and stress
  • Stagnation and zero personal growth

Fortunately, we all have the power of choice to decide

  • What we choose to think about
  • What we want to give our focus of attention to and what we want to change or dismiss
  • How you choose to react
  • How we choose to perceive ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in 
You have a choice

Negative thinking will make you feel bad and it will create you a negative life experience.

If you are a negative thinker, you have to ask yourself?

Why do you spend so much of your time and energy on creating a negative and limiting set of thought patterns and belief systems.

Especially as you know that they are not good, helpful or right for you?

If you believe that you have no control over your thoughts, experiences, life and feelings.

Then you have allowed yourself to become a victim of your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions and your negative experiences.

Whether you want to choose to empower, boost and motivate yourself to feel good and do all the things that you want to do.

Or you choose to carry on thinking and engaging in negative thoughts. Where you disempower, self-destruct and diminish yourself, is your choice.

The obvious, wiser and better choice, should not really be to hard of a decision to make.

The really truth is you are not a victim. Because you are totally free to change your perceptions, change your beliefs, change your thoughts and change your feelings.

Now you know that you have the power of choice, you can begin to start to see things in a different light and you can now start to change your:

  • Thoughts
  • Perceptions
  • Attitude
  • Feelings
  • Life

With a bit of self-awareness and effort, you can transform yourself from a being a victim of your thoughts, feelings and circumstances to the master and creator of your thoughts, feelings and life.

Whatever it is that is bothering you or making you feel bad or unhappy.

Surrender to it, let it go and trust that everything will workout well and everything will be fine.

If you have a problem or challenge only focus on the solution and try and deal with or fix your problem in the best and most relaxed way possible.

Avoid at all costs, taking your problems on the inside and allowing them to cause you endless emotional suffering, stress and pain.

Because you have nothing to gain by holding onto to your suffering and emotional baggage.

It all starts off with liking yourself

If you're at war and conflict with yourself, then you will never find the inner peace, happiness and balance that you're looking for.

One of the most demeaning things that you could ever do to yourself, is not loving and accepting yourself and thinking that there is something wrong with you or you need to improve.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself and your life skills, but never think that you need to improve, because, there is nothing wrong with you.

Another thing that can lead to anxious thinking and negative thoughts, is trying to be perfect, because perfectionism can lead to obsession, especially the obsession to try and stop thinking negative thoughts or the obsession of trying to be perfect.

Like not allowing yourself to make mistakes, fear of showing yourself up or embarrass yourself or the fear of getting things wrong, 

Program your mind with positivity

If you want to use your powerful mind to get what you want then you have to give your mind clear descriptive and powerful instructions.

There are only two ways to program your mind and these are, through the words that you tell yourself or think and the images that you create in your mind.

The human mind and body works by feelings, patterns and associations.

Our brain also like routines and familiarity, it dislikes change or us trying to venturing outside of our comfort zone or think beyond our conditioned beliefs.

This can keep us small and make us stick to what we have always done, how we have nearly always felt.

Even if this is not what we really want, it is not supporting us or it is not what is in our best interests.

Our powerful brains will try to avoid or move us away from anything that will cause us both physical and emotional pain and suffering and it will try to move us towards things that give us pleasure, enjoyment and excitement.

There is a deep flaw with this mechanism and evolutionary programming as it can tend us to only focus on the worst case scenario and make us blind to better options and ways of thinking and doing things.

Also, we can attach pain, addictive behaviors and fear to things that we want, like or need to do and we can attach pleasure and good feelings to things that we know are bad for us and we know we really shouldn't be doing. 

It is your minds job to get you what you want and it is your job to tell your mind exactly what you want and not what others tell you.

The trouble is most people are focusing their mind on what they don't want or they are using their powerful minds in self-defeating ways.

If you want to get the most out of your tremendously powerful brain then it is essential to start to use positive, exciting, powerful and constructive - descriptive, positive and emotionally charged words and soothing self-statements.

An important thing to be aware of is. You mind works best in the present tense. So if you use future tense words like.

  • I am going to have/be/do 
  • Next year I will be 
  • One day I will
  • When I am successful I will be happy 

They are nowhere near as powerful as saying positive descriptive words spoken in the present tense:

  • I feel happy and at peace now
  • I feel fit, healthy and well now
  • I am loveable and I deserve to be loved now
  • I am now, fearless and extremely self-confident, powerful and courageous
  • I am now becoming tremendously successful
  • I now feel terrific, motivated and excited
  • I am attracting more wealth into my life, right now

It is fine to create a positive and compelling vision of the future, but all your really power lies in the peace and calm of the now. 

You have not got to wait for something to happen in the future to make you happy or feel good, because you can choose to feel happy, calm, confident, strong and powerful right now.

Another good tip is to try not to use negative words like:

  • Don't
  • Not
  • Never

Instead use power words that are empowering, positive, exciting, dynamic and powerful that evoke powerfully positive images in the mind and good feelings in the body, like

  • Superb
  • Great
  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Tremendous
  • Terrific
  • Brilliant
  • Unstoppable
  • Unbreakable
  • Fantastic

You are at your most powerfulest, efficient and smartest when you are calm and your mind and body is balanced and in that blissful free flowing energy state.

Stress and fear will transform you into survival mode and in this negative state it will make you less intelligent and it will hinder your ability to perform and you most efficient, instinctive and powerful best.

Positive power words and statements can inspire you, change your energy and reduce your stress.

Use statements that create powerful pictures in your mind and positive feelings in your body, like. 

"I am a lovely and amazing person, I have an enormous amount confidence and a tremendous amount of self belief in myself, I feel extremely motivated, passionate and happy right now

"I am highly skillful, creative and talented, which helps me to perform at my peak performance best, I am moving towards my goal at lightening fast pace"

" I have limitless potential and greatness and I am getting better at everything I do"

Start the day off feeling good and practice keeping up the good feelings throughout the day

Life can throw up a lot of adversity and problems, all of which we observe, take on board and consequently will allow them to affect how we think and feel.

Although you cannot always control everything that happens in your environment and the world, you can control how you wish to react.

Each night you want to let go of all your negative emotional baggage, if you find that you cannot quieten your mind at night,

Practice a bit of meditation mindfulness, as you lay in bed, do not try and stop thought, instead just detach yourself from your mind, let your muscles relax and take some nice relaxing breaths.

Your objective, should not be to engage or suppress your thoughts, instead let them enter your mind, and try to relax around your thoughts.

Whatever it is that is bothering or troubling you, let it go. If you want, you can write down what is worrying or upsetting you on a piece of paper, describe how you felt, during any negative situations, in the day.

Relaxing to soothing music or listening to a hypnosis recording is a great way to destress and let go of your negative thinking.

Negative thinking arises when you give your attention to what you don't want or what you would like but you have not got.

The best time to get that positive or calm feeling momentum going is first thing in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, and before all your old baggage, or negative ways of thinking have a chance to surface.

Start to be grateful and appreciative, focus as if everything is great and think and act as if all is well.

Then try to keep the good feeling momentum going all day, this does not mean you have to think positive all day long, just be mindful of any negative thoughts and either let them go or replace them.

Deal with any problem as soon as possible

Try and deal with the root source of your negative thinking, say you're in a bad situation or a situation where you convince yourself you don't want to be in, such as a relationship or job.

What you can do is, one of two things, if the situation is really bad then getting out of it. 

However, you don't have to change your relationship or your job, all you have to do is change your attitude to one of accepting where you don't want to be and even better still, you can actually make a big shift in your attitude and want you go on to achieve. 

Once you do that, you will also start to shift your state from negative to positive and peaceful. 

Access and evaluate the situation, whatever it is that has been bothering you ask yourself how is it going to help you thinking about it and what' the actual point in thinking this way.

If thoughts are not helping or making you feel bad, then tell yourself you wish to dismiss the thoughts as they are no benefit to me. 

One tip you can try to alleviate the negative emotion is to picture your thoughts on a TV. 

While observing your thoughts and the images in your mind on the imaginary TV visualize yourself turning a dial that controls the sound your thoughts down. 

Every time you make a statement, whether it is positive or negative your subconscious mind will take it as being true and it will proceed to do everything in its creative power to bring about those circumstances for you.

Your thoughts and the words that you speak to yourself act as hypnotic commands and suggestions and theyare the sowing the seeds for your future. 

A typical example of a better statement would be 

  • "All is well, and my future looks great"
  • "I choose to have a fantastic day"
  • " Today is going to be the best day of my life"


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