New Years Resolutions Goals And New Idea's

Each year millions of people set their new year's resolutions yet after a few days most people have either broken them, disregarded them or just forgotten all about them. The new year should be an exciting time of new opportunities and better choices because there is always a better life waiting for you.

Most people want to change because they are not happy with something. If you search hard enough, you will usually find a reason why you're like you are or why you do or behave like you do.

A little bit of time spent trying to work out and understand the reason why and analyzing the root source of your troubles can save you a lot of wasted time going over and over your problems. 

Once you have pinpointed where you have been going wrong or why your life is not what you want it to be you can then either try to correct it, change it or find better or alternative ways to do things. 

If something is not working for you or your not getting the desired results or outcomes you want, then this will indicate that something needs changing. Before you can change your life you have to change the way you think and do things.

Achieving a goal is not always straightforward and part of succeeding is all about making mistakes and learning from them so be prepared for setbacks and relapses. 

For some slipping back to the habits they are trying to break can leave them feeling guilty or failures. But you should never punish or beat yourself up just because you have had a relapse and as long as you're doing your best that's good enough.

The first thing to understand is just because you have had a setback of you've weakened does not mean you have to feel guilty about yourself because you always have the opportunity and chance to try again and you don't have to wait for the start of a new year so don't be hard on yourself if you don't succeed the first time.

Although the start of a new year is a good time to forget about and the past and put the bad stuff from the previous year behind you and start afresh by setting yourself new goals and developing positive and empowering new idea's just because you don't get it right to start with doesn't mean you've failed it just means you have eliminated what does not work.

The new year is an excellent time to review your life and decide whether you want to make new and healthier life style changes and open up your mind to new idea's, possibilities and to seek out new exciting challenges and fulfilling opportunities.

Start the years as you mean to go on

To change your life, to make permanent changes for the better or to become successful and then sustain that level of success you have to be fully committed to your new lifestyle and new way of perceiving and doing things.

Most people try to hard to change old habits and beliefs and although all goals and changes require effort and physical action instead don't try too hard by trying to force things to happen too soon.

Trying too hard is a route to not getting what you want. People think they have to try hard and then when that does not work you think you have to try even harder, spend more time on working on relaxing, allowing and working smarter. Sometimes you may have to work hard, but without the trying hard.

Once you get that positive momentum and optimism you have to keep it going because it does not take much to slip back into the old destructive thinking patterns, self doubting and unwanted behaviours.

What you need to avoid doing is setting yourself goals or making resolutions because you feel you should or you're edoing it as a form of punishment too yourself for your bad habits or your perceived shortcomings or previous failures.

When you attempt a new years resolution because you think it is something you should be doing, then there will be a high risk that you will be setting yourself for a fall. You should only pursue something that you truly want or desire.

One reason why resolutions are are often discarded is because most people are not really in the right mindset and energy state that will be required.

Sometimes people make resolutions because they think it's some kind of tradition they need to follow or somehow the start of the year will magically change and improve their situation.

Although the beginning of a year is a good time to set yourself some new goals unless your coming from a a good feeling place of optimism and enthusiasm then the changing of a year will not magically rid you of the troubles of the previous ones.

The foundation for change and success is based around feeling good, being optimistic and positive as well as being backed up by desire, determination and commitment

The new year and the new you should first revolve around having more fun and you should steer clear of trying to punish yourself or push yourself too hard if it's not what you want.

Make your journey a happy and stress free one

Goals, change and desires are about getting from where you are at the present moment too arriving at the destination you want to be at. To increase your chances of success, it is important to enjoy the bit in the middle.

The last thing you want is to make your goal a tedious chore you also want to make it as stress free as possible. Although self discipline is important you do not have to devote all your time stick to strict regime all the time.

Allow some time to relax and have fun, do plenty of the things you like and don't deprive yourself of all the things you like. If you're going through a tough or difficult period, take a short break to recharge yourself and your enthusiasm.

If you're making new year's resolutions without working on the fun side of things, the positive benefits and enjoyment side of things, then the chances you will struggle to stick to them and you want perform so well.

Setting new year's goals for the wrong reasons, especially if your in the wrong state of mind and wrong place emotionally can cause you to end up in a worse feeling place than you started leaving them beating themselves up and feeling guilty because they have not stuck at it.

Although it's good to want to make your life and yourself better, what you don't want is to put unneeded stress and pressure on yourself. Change and success takes time, what you should strive for is more fun and enjoyment and less stress and pressure.

Your goals should be made as fun and enjoyable as possible and they should be something you feel passionate about. You should even see the challenged and there will be many as fun and something you need to overcome. 

The basis of your new life and new you should be to grow and have fun and the new year should be seen as an opportunity to explore new exciting opportunities and idea's.

Do it for you and because you want to

Sometimes setting new year's resolutions unless they are backed with purpose and a strong intention to achieve your desired outcome, especially if your resolutions revolve around making more money improving your love life, giving up smoking or becoming fitter and healthier can backfire on you and leave you feeling more frustrated which can leave you feeling even more stuck and in a rut.

Unless you have a strong intention and you're setting your goals because it's something you desire, you know that you're going to positively benefit from doing them and you're really passionate about them, then there is no point in torturing yourself and putting yourself through all the pain barriers if you're going to give up too soon because your intention is weak.

You should only set goals because it's something you really want to do or achieve and because you know it right and the best thing for you and not because it's something you think you ought to do or if you're doing them to please somebody else.

To complete a goal and to achieve the success you want, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and there may be more than one thing that you will need to change. 

If you put too much importance on the result of outside outcomes, then if it does not work out for you it can erode your self esteem and leave you feeling as if you have failed which can put you off setting new goals or trying again.

You have to be able to self motivate yourself, if you have to force yourself to get motivated then the chances are you resolve and commitment will soon weaken.

Most people end up setting the same old resolutions without being totally committed and passionate about them. Some end up repeating the same old goals and patterns as they did the previous year and the year before that and they keep getting the same old dissatisfying results.

You have to change from within first

Once you have decided that you want to accomplish your new years resolutions, then the first step is to program your mind that your goal is going to make your life better because success depends on your mindset and attitude. 

To reinforce this you can focus on all the positive benefits of the new you and you can drum up some positive emotions by spending some time thinking about how great it will be once you have accomplished your goal or how good you're going to feel or look.

Set your intention, but make your goals realistic and achievable and not difficult to start with until you build up your confidence, especially to start with otherwise if you put time limits you cannot adhere to then it will result in frustration.

To begin with, becareful you don't set yourself to higher targets, standards and expectations and although your aim should be to be and do your best to remember that any sort of improvement is a success.

When you put too much pressure on yourself and you make your targets to unrealistic and achievable in the time frame you are allocating for yourself, then this can soon lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment which can leave you feeling low and disheartened causing you to quit. 

Before you put too much of your focus on the action work or getting outside results you should focus on your inner self first because before you attempt a goal you want to be in the right frame of mind and feel as good emotionally and physically as you possibly can.

You do not have to make dramatic shifts or changes just because it's the start of a new year either just get the ball rolling and keep on progressing. 

Your goals and resolutions should be set on your terms and in the long term, it can pay to spend a bit of time first to think about your current lifestyle, habits and behaviours then decide on the choices and changes that you want and do them at a speed that is right for you.

Before you begin your goal or resolution spend some time reading, listening or learning from others who have already achieved what you want. Doing this will help you avoid the mistakes others made enabling you to take the best options, choices and the quickest route possible.

Although thinking, planning and giving your mind clear instruction about what you want, try not to overthink, because sometimes the more you think about it the more you can think yourself out of not doing it. Sometimes you should cut out all the thinking and just do it.

Visualizing or focusing  on how great and better your life is going to be when you have successful accomplished your goals or you have made the changes you desire is a good way to get your all powerful subconscious mind to become in agreement and alignment with the new positive idea's and changes.

Once your mind can see a vision and a new perspective of what can be achieved or what is possible then you will have a far greater chance of success and accomplishing your goals. 

Hypnosis is a great way of reprogramming your subconscious mind because it works on the same level as you bad habits and behaviours.

Goal and resolution Setting

Take a look back at the last year and reflect upon what you achieved and what you wanted to do but didn't

  • What mistakes did you make 
  • Did you learn from your mistakes (you should always try and learn something from your mistakes) 
  • Write down any mistakes you think you might have made and then ask yourself or write down, what can I do to put  things right or improve on specific areas or how can I do thing's better next time. 
  • Did you achieve your goals or intentions If you did not achieve or attempt your goals, ask yourself why, then write down how can I achieve my goals this year. 
  • Try a new resolution instead of sticking to the old tedious ones that did not work
  • Keep your goals simple and achievable so you will have more chance to fulfill them
  • Ask yourself what's the best way to achieve my goals and what can I do to achieve my goals this time
  • Write your goal down, you can break it down into stages and estimate the time you are hoping to complete each stage. Writing down your goals will set the blueprint for your brain to follow and it can increase the chances of achieving your goals
  • Break big goals down into smaller and more achievable steps 
  • Do not be put off if your results are not instant 
  • Use positive self talk and keep motivating yourself that you can do it even when things seem to not be working out 
  • Jot down any progess you make, no matter how small 

New Year New, New Life 

As you embark on your journey to a better life, keep on learning and studying, the more you learn and the more skills you develop the more successful and wealthier you are going to be. Use daily positive affirmation to further enforce your new beliefs.

You were born with all the capabilities to be happy, successful, confident and successful and the only thing that can rob you of your natural happy and fulfilling life is your conditioning, learned behaviours, your limiting, bad habits and untrue beliefs.

A goal will take time to accomplish, the bigger the goal the longer it usually will take so set yourself realistic and achievable targets, then keep adding to your targets and wanting to get even better.

To start off with just do something no matter how little because as long as your moving in the direction you want to go and away from where you were then that's all that matters.

Make it your intention to make the coming year your best year yet and there is no better mentor than Brian Tracy, if you want a mentor who has already done it all then you will benefit from his program the Maximum Achievement Goal Planner



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