Use NLP To Master Your Emotions-Break Bad Habits And Achieve More Success In Your Life 

Most people in the world are searching for inner peace and happiness, that is everybody's ultimate goal and number one desire, everything we do and want is geared at making us happy.

You have already achieved this in your life, because as babies and young children, we come into this world with a clean slate, so our brains do not know how doing anything else, besides being happy, imaginative, joyful and playful.

But as we grow up, we accumulate a lot of fears and negative programming, and experience a lot of setbacks and ups and downs.

Each bad experience that we have or create, every mistake we make, or every setback we can attach a fearful and negative energy to it. These are known as neural connections or associations.

These fearful neural associations and negative beliefs, can soon start to control and dictate our thinking patterns, actions, behaviours and emotional states.

Your fears and limiting beliefs can seriously disrupt your whole quality of life, confusing you with conflicting thoughts, eroding your self confidence and making you question and doubt yourself and your abilities.

Your negative neural associations are responsible for your fears and anxieties, causing your mind to play out scary scenarios in your mind, which you respond stressfully to. 

They will also sabotage your attempts to be successful and to be yourself, causing you to edge on the side of caution and think the worst all the time.

Your fears and limiting beliefs will keep you stuck in survival mode, instead of being in your natural happiness and calm state.

They make you focus on the bad outcomes, which will stop you from becoming the best version of you, and preventing you from experiencing all that is good.

It is not your fault though, because your mind has been tricking you all this time. Without you realizing it, you were programmed to be fearful and negative from a very young age, and your mind has been programmed to repeat these patterns of behaviours, over and over again.

The good news is, nothing is set in slate, and science is now confirming, that the brain has the capacity to change and replace our negative neural associations, with positive and helpful ones that will support us.

You can develop a fear or a negative association in a matter of minutes, and although they can take minutes to form, they can stay with you for years and even lifetimes, causing you endless sufferingpain and destruction.

NLP is a powerful tool that can be learned easily and applied anywhere and anytime to dissolve fear, negative thinking, worry or anxiety and help you to very quickly change your life, boost your self confidence and change any emotional issues or feelings, thoughts and behaviors  that have been holding your back.

The secret to a happy and successful life is knowing how to manage and quickly change your state, at any given moment and NLP will help you to achieve this.

But NLP is not just for your fears and anxieties, it can also help you to break down barriers, overcome challenges, and guide you to more success and aid you accomplish your personal goals.

NLP is easy to learn and use

Although Neural Linguistic Programming sounds very technical, it is actually a very simple technique that you can start to learn in a matter of minutes, and it is a tool that you can use at any time and any place.

NLP is the fusion of all your five senses, it will allow you to detach the negative energy from your fears as well as helping you to feel calm and relaxed in all those situations where you would normally feel anxious, angry or nervous leaving you feeling more in control in every situation. 

It is a tool that will allow you to be in charge of your emotions, your internal representations of your world, every minute of your day.

NLP will allow you to unlearn your fears and bad habits, leaving you free to be the you that you've always wanted to be and allowing you to achieve all the successes that you want and deserve.

Use NLP To Rewire Your Brain

NLP otherwise known as Neuro Linguistic Programming is a system of methods and techniques that can help to replace negative habits, limiting beliefs, mental blocks and fears with new supporting beliefs as well as bringing about positive changes and behaviours

NLP usually consists of a two step approach and system with the first step being to help people push away their limiting beliefs, self doubts and feelings of insecurity, because you cannot move on or be successful if you're still harboring negative thoughts and beliefs of limitations, lack and fear. 

Stage two usually consists of developing new positive habits, so it's a case of out with the old and in with the new so you can be free of the burden and restrictions of your past which will enable you to go on to live a much more joyful, pleasant and fulfilled life experience

Neuro Linguistic Programming is also ideal for

  • Boosting your confidence 
  • Increasing your self esteem
  • Reducing anxiety 
  • Sharpening your concentration and focus 
  • Help in influence and persuasion 
  • Boost your self belief 
  • Manage your emotions

It can also help you to clear those negative mental blocks so you can find clarity and a new found purpose and passion which can inspire and motivate you to pursue and complete your dreams, goals and ambitions. 

You cannot always control your external world and circumstances, sometimes things go wrong, sometimes we have to face challenging times and situations. 

Bad things happen to everyone, including the most positive of people, but you can learn to control your state and control how you respond to outside influences.

Once you know how to instantly change your state, it will prevent you from all those prolonged periods of potentially harmful and unnecessary stress and negativity. 

The big advantage of NLP is, it is quick, fast, effective and you don't have to spend hours raking up the past. 

Some of the principals behind it are, breaking old negative associations and neural connections which are responsible for triggering all those fearful, negative and stressful responses and then replacing them with new positive energy associations.

Some Of The Big Names And Celebrities That Use And Endorse NLP

  • Tony Robbins, "Motivational Speaker And Success Coach"
  • Louise L. Hay Author of “You Can Heal Your Life" 
  • Successful "Hypnotist Paul Mckenna"
  • Wayne W. Dyer Author of “Wishes Fulfilled”
  • Dr. Joe Vitale Author of “The Attractor Factor”
  • Bob Proctor "Law Of Attraction Expert"
  • Oprah Winfrey "Chat Show Host" 
  • Russel Brand "Comedian"

NLP Is The Tool To Make Quick And Positive Changes 

NLP is a quick way to make permanent changes, it was designed to help you understand your own mind so you can rewire those old unhelpful belief systems, fears and patterns of thinking. NLP is all about changing those painful images, sounds and emotions that are controlling your thinking actions and behaviours

Most people would like to make changes to their lives, yet so often they struggle to achieve it, change is definitely possible and achievable, but it is not that easy unless you know what you're doing. 

Why it's seems so hard sometimes is because we have actually been hard wired not to make changes even if we consciously know it's for our own personal benefit. 

To us it does not seem to make any sense why change is so difficult, after all, you might ask yourself what's the point in you holding on to all your silly and trivial fears, what useful purpose are they serving, if you want to become more confident and successful then why can't you just do it. 

Why is it your own mind appears to be blocking all your attempts to improve your life for the better.

There is a reason for this, evolution has taught us that it is safer for us to keep in the confinements of our own comfort zone. 

In prehistoric times when the world was a very dangerous place to live and frequent the subconscious mind which is the part of your mind that protects you soon learned that if you dared to venture outside the realms of your comfort zone and the safe haven where you lived then you would run a greater risk of being attacked and killed by a wild animal or predator. 

Your subconscious mind would therefore try to keep you in the familiarity of your safety zone where here your mind knew was a relatively safe place for you to be. 

When man was forced to venture further a field to hunt for food, any time he encountered a traumatic experience such as being threatened by a ferocious wild animal the emotional part of the brain would record a memory of the thing, time and place which would become stored in the subconscious mind as an emotional memory. 

This would create a new negative emotional neural pathway to newly formed bad memory. So any time that person went near that location or a similar one again or if they came face to face with that same wild animal their senses would very quickly relay the information back to the part of the brain that deals with emotions and memory. 

If their subconscious mind matched the incoming data with a previous bad life threatening experience, then the mind would automatically activate the fight or flight mechanism to give man a greater chance of surviving.

It Is Your Subconscious Mind That Is Holding You Back

The disadvantage of your primitive protective mind is, because it's primary job is to protect you and keep you safe it will try to keep you in the confines of your comfort zone.

Your subconscious mind, will use all the negative data and beliefs that it has stored and filed as a guide to how you act, think and behave in the now and the future which will be backed up by powerful fears and negative emotions.

This means your subconscious mind which controls nearly all of your thinking, actions and behaviours is blocking you from making the positive changes you require, even though we encounter very few real life threatening situations our mind still works off the same principals as it did back in the times of early man. 

Your subconscious mind learns from repetition, experiences, input in and by doing and it will store all your experiences and your learned experiences both good and bad as a program which gets filed in your subconscious mind. 

It's Not Your Fault

It's not your fault that you picked up all those bad habits and negative fears and behaviours because you were never told how they were formed and you had no idea what was going on, but it is your responsibility to correct all your fears and bad habits of behaviour.

You see, from a very early age our parents, our experiences and our society condition us to what is safe and what is dangerous, what we should do and what we shouldn't do, what is good and what is bad, what we can and cannot do. 

We soon form a set of beliefs and neural patterns, and our subconscious mind learns through, experience, practice and repetition what is safe and what is dangerous this then forms what is deemed our comfort zone.

The only flaw in this age old protective process and advanced risk assessment fear network that once served early man very well back in the days when our environment was fraught with dangers is your subconscious mind can learn to associate just about anything with fear and anxiety even if there is no genuine threats or risks.

Then on top of that we create our own fears and emotional benchmarks based on our personal trauma's and how we have responded to our life's experiences up to date. 

All the time your emotional brain is taking in, recorded and storing all this information which forms your self image and who you come to perceive yourself to be, your beliefs, your perceptions and your comfort zone.

Your subconscious mind wants you to avoid pain and suffering, so it tries to keep you stuck or small, so you avoid any further pain or emotional suffering, any previous bad experience are, still recorded and stored as a new emotional memory and neural connection. 

The difference with our fears and worries today is, more often than not they are no real genuine threats involved, however, your emotional brain still responds with fear to situations that have given you a negative experience or it has caused you emotional pain, shame or embarrassment. 

We soon amass a set of beliefs about ourselves and our environment along with our capabilities, as soon as we attempt to change or step out of our comfort zone our subconscious mind which believes is protecting us tries everything it can to prevent us making those changes we seek because it thinks by keeping us stuck will keep us safe and free of further emotional pain. 

The tactics that your subconscious mind uses to hold us back and keep us small are negative thought patterns and emotional responses and feelings. 

It does not matter how determined most people are their will power alone cannot override their all powerful subconscious mind. Just like it was for our ancestors your subconscious mind tries to keep you in your familiar but safe comfort zone. 

These days, however, that is not necessary, helpful or appropriate, the last thing you want when you attempt to change, get rid of a limiting belief or you just want to do or try something new is your mind activating your flight or flight process and inflicting emotional pain, hurt and suffering. 

The only way to make quick and lasting changes is to rewire your brain so you replace the old negative beliefs and neural connections with new more helpful and supporting beliefs that will serve you well and NLP can assist you in doing that. 

NLP Can Help You To Rewire Your Brain

NLP is a technique that can alter the coding of the mind by changing the structure of our thought patterns and belief system.

 NLP is based on the idea that all behaviours have a structure. This powerful tool deals with the language and workings of the brain which in turn affects our behaviours and how we feel

The inner world which is made up of pictures and sound works in relationship with how we have learned to respond to outside stimuli and events. 

Once you know how your mind and body works in relationship with what's going on in your outside world you will understand how to change the operating system of your mind.

NLP is a powerful tool which deals with the language and workings of the brain, which in turn affects our behaviours and how we feel. 

The big advantage with neuro linguistic programming is once you have learned it you will have one of the fastest methods for getting rid any negative state at your disposal.

NLP lets you change your thought patterns and what's more, because you 'learn' these new behaviors immediately, the change in your personality and performance is instant. It is one of the quickest ways to change as it will allow you access to your blueprint of your mind 

Neuro linguistic programming is like having a manual to fix and control your own brain, thoughts and feelings which will free you from that inner domination allowing you to achieve that personal freedom.

We go through many different states throughout our day, these states are a direct result of our brain neurology. If you feel anxious then if you look deep inside your mind you will find that you're making pictures in your mind about something you dread happening or a scary scenario. 

The Pictures In Your Mind Will Influence Your Body

These states and neural connections in your mind also affect and influence how your body feels, the stronger the emotional feelings the more powerful and colourful the images in your mind will be.

Everybody represents the world to themselves in the form of visual, auditory and feelings, the brain processes information in the form of pictures and sounds.

NLP is all about communication and personal change and it is one of the most powerful and effective therapeutic tools there is for self-development and personal growth. NLP is often described as software for the brain.

Some of the principles of NLP are based on the concept that our experiences in life and perception are often a distortive view which only represent our beliefs, experiences and perceptions of how we represent them to ourselves. 

These perceptions and memories are an internal representation and they are not necessarily the truth or as bad as how they materialize in our reality. How we respond in the world and how successful we become in any area of our life is due to how represent the world to ourselves. 

Whatever emotional state we are in is determined by the language and pictures which are going on in our minds. 

When we change the language and pictures in our mind it can have a profound and powerful effect on our subconscious neurology which can change nearly any aspect of our life and success. 

Neuro linguistic programming is about using your conscious mind to reprogram and re-align your subconscious mind and it can be a very effective and powerful tool to have at your disposal 

The Benefits of NLP 

If you have annoying habits you want to break, sluggish energy levels you want to boost, or confidence/ego issues you want to resolve; you can 're-wire' your brain to let go of any negative patterns of behaviour and completely change any of those old unhelpful traits on demand.

It is a great all round tool which can be used for many things, it can improve your speaking, many presidents and influential public speakers use neuro linguistic programming to improve their performances.

Other popular uses is it can help you overcome any addictions and it is good for weight loss. NLP is widely used to help people increase their sales, it can boost your sports performance. 

NLP is commonly used to improve people's golf swing and better your tennis performance to name a few. It will help you to change limiting beliefs and eliminate fears and emotional issues.

NLP is endorsed by some of the worlds leading self-help gurus including the likes of Anthony Robbins and Paul Mckenna. NLP has been going for around 40 years and it is practiced and used in most countries throughout the globe. 

The founders of NLP spent many hours studying how people got over fears and emotional problems and then took what they learned. 

They then added and advanced these learning until they tuned them into a highly effective set of simple exercises and techniques designed to allow you to fix your own problems and take control of your own brain.




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