Use The Power Of Positive Affirmations

We all know that affirmations are powerful it has been scientifically proven, if you start to think and say thoughts that make you feel good then your will start to create a better life, positive affirmations are like sewing the seeds for a better future because positive thoughts will result in a positive life. 

Affirmations create beliefs, most of the affirmations we think and we are saying them to ourselves continually on a daily basis without even realizing it are negative based, when we use negative feeling foods what we are doing is affirming all the time what we don't want. 

Thoughts have a massive influence on our lives, we all have the choice to think happy and positive thoughts, we all have control of our thoughts, we all have the choice to think the thoughts we want, so it's best to choose thoughts that will make us feel good, the ones that will create a bright and positive future. 

The thoughts you choose now will determine your outcome and future. All positive affirmations will be the beginning point of creating something good and new into your life, when you say negative things you will prevent all the good things from coming to you and to make matters worst they will make you feel lousy in the deal. 

If you analyse your thoughts you will be shocked at how many negative thoughts you are telling yourself. 

Monitor your thoughts and let go of any negative statements, then quickly replace them with a positive affirmations, anything positive and creative you say is a positive affirmations. 

Your not going to see miracles overnight but if you keep doing to it your going to turn your life around dramatically, the universe responds to the thoughts you are thinking and the feelings that are attached to those thoughts. 

Saying positive affirmation a few times will not achieve the results you want, but make it away of life and your going to experience permanent and lasting positive changes in your life. How good and healthy you look, how successful you have become and how happy you are will be are a reflection of your inner thoughts and the beliefs you have formed. 

You cannot be happy and successful if you carry on being negative, angry or bitter, the moment you choose to think more positive affirmations is the moment you will take a quantum leap forward while at the same time you will begin to free yourself from your negative and limiting past.

Anchor Yourself In The Here And Now 

The best place to live is in the here and now this is the place where you will feel good and safe, the only way you can live in the now is by deciding to think thoughts that will make you feel good. 

If at any time your experiencing negative resistance it's because your still allowing the past or what you think might happen in the future to control how your feeling in the now.

Let go of the past, it no longer existence so don't live your life there, let go of all anger and bitterness, you can only move forward by stepping out of the past. If you feel negative or frustrated then you have lost control of your thinking and experiences.

You can take complete control of your thoughts and the thoughts you think will determine what you will get out of life in the future. Affirmations are the starting point for changing your future, when you use positive affirmations you are sewing the seeds to a better and more rewarding future. 

You set the seeds of a positive future by changing the thoughts you are having now to ones that are going to make you feel better and improve your life, we should all try and do our best and feel as good as you possible can, always remember any thought that is not negative has to make you feel better.

Use Affirmations To Release The Past And Create A Better Future 

You can use affirmations to get rid of bad things, rid yourself of negative limitations, you can use them to create more happiness, improve your relationship, experience more joy and prosperity and create abundance in your life.

You can change your life for the better at any time you choose simply by changing your thoughts. You possess all the the tools you need for change which are your thoughts and beliefs. 

The first mistake most people make is they say their affirmations, then after they have said them they go back to being negative for the rest of the day, if you do this then there is little point in saying them because the negative thoughts will come out as more natural, they wil have the strongest emotion so they win every time.

Although we sometimes like to blame others and everything for how we feel, really it is only us who can influence how we feel and what we experience because we are the only ones who have access to out inner mind, emotional responses, thoughts beliefs and feelings.

The only way to change your life is by changing the thoughts in your mind. With nearly every thought you have you are usually affirming something that will effect your life or how you are feeling in some way or another.

If you feel angry it is because you are thinking angry thoughts, if your feel sad it is because you are focusing on sad thoughts, if you feeling anxious then you are thinking fearful related thoughts. If your lacking money you thoughts are based on a lack of money or not having.

Affirmations just about affect virtually everything that you are experiencing in life, they are the building blocks of you perception of your reality. Affirmations whether they are positive or negative is any thing you say or think which affirms a statement about yourself or your life, most of our self talk is affirming something to ourselves. 

When you say affirmations you are starting to impress a shift of change on your subconscious mind, this is the first stage of changing your feelings and life, affirmations get the ball rolling, they are the starting point to creating and manifesting a new outcome and experience in your reality. 

The trouble is most of what we normally say is usually quite negative, these negative suggestions lead to a life of disaster, when you are say positive affirmations you should start to change your feelings pretty quickly, a positive affirmation cannot have a negative response.

If you affirmations are accepted as being true then what you will be saying in the now will be the foundations for the positive results you will experience in the future. Use positive affirmations to change how you feel from the inside out, the source of all change always starts from the thoughts you have within.

The more you can choose to think good thoughts the sooner your life is going to change, it can take time for the affirmations to work, but some changes in the way you feel can happen quite quickly. 

Every negative affirmations or any affirmation you say which is directed at complaining will attract more negative feelings and experiences into your life. 

When you complain your affirming to yourself that you lack something yourself, say you moan about others having more money than you what your really affirming to yourself is that you have a lack of money, complaining blocks your success. 

Make Positive Affirmations A Way Of Life 

There are several problems people struggle with when they try out affirmations, the first and most common one is people start off saying their affirmations with all the good intentions in the world for a couple of weeks.

But inpatients soon creeps in which then turns to doubt when they don't see or notice immediate results, then they convince themselves they don't work which is a negative affirmation in itself so they give up. 

The thing with affirmations is they can take time to embed in and bring you the results you are looking for.

Secondly sometime the changes are more gradual and subtle so even though you might be changing you may not notice the difference even though you may be getting better each day. 

Small changes each day can make a huge difference over a period of time, always be grateful, thankful and appreciate all that is good in life.

Another reason why affirmations may not be working for you is because either you still doubt what you are saying or you don't really believe that what your telling yourself is true so no matter how many times you repeat them your mind will just reject them.

Conjure Up Positive Emotions 

There is little point in saying them if there is no real conviction or meaning, to get the best out of positive affirmation you need to evoke positive feeling when you are saying them. The more positive emotion attached to the affirmations the faster and more lasting the changes will be. 

Affirmation means to make firm, when you say an affirmation this means you are making firm new pictures in your mind. 

Affirmations are easy to use and they are one of the most powerful ways to change, any body can use them and they are easy to apply. When we first start saying affirmations it is because we want to change a certain aspect of ourselves.

Say you want to be more confident, this would mean you are not satisfied at the moment with your level of confidence. 

So if you start to say to yourself I am confident, but you don't really believe it then your mind will reject them, sometimes people say positive affirmations but they will follow them up with a negative statement and guess what the negative affirmation will be accepted because it will have more feelings attached to it.

Subconscious mind loves to work on the affirmation with the most emotion, so if your telling yourself I am confident but your self talk is saying a negative statement like I still don't feel confident then that is also an affirmation and because it is the one that carries the most emotion then this is the one your subconscious mind will believe.

So if you not getting the results you want then it is because the negative you still hears and believes you are not confident. There are two things you can do for this, first you can use emotional freedom techniques to knock out the negative emotion and once you have done that you can then just keep on repeating you affirmation as normal.

Or you can instead of saying I am confident you can to start with you can say, I am becoming more confident, this is more believable because it is still in the present tense but it is more believable and you have feelings attached to the affirmations. 

You are stating you are starting to begin the process of change. Or you can try each day I am becoming more confident or everyday my confidence increases. 

Another example could be; I am becoming more successful or each day my wealth increases, then after a while when you notice changes you can switch to I am confident and so on. One of the most power-fullest affirmations for attracting money mentioned in the science of getting rich is. 

"I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources of income on a continuous basis."

Before you begin your affirmations you must first want to change with desire and passion, you must want to change and your goals should be realistic to you. 

Try and keep your affirmations as short as possible. Sometimes you might encounter a bit of resistance when you try and change a belief but just over power the resistance. 

Give Your Affirmations Time To Bring About The Changes You Want

Do not but a time line on your affirmations, if you really want something keep saying them, in some case it can take months. Affirmations can be more powerful when they are said when your meditating or relaxed. 

When you start using your affirmations, don't look for changes or doubt or question whether they are working or not, just say them and let things happen by themselves. State what you want, use affirmations in the present tense, I have or I am are two of the most power fullest.

The best times to say your affirmations are just as you first wake in the morning or when you are about to fall as; other times to say them is when your alone and relaxed. One of the most power-fullest affirmation which was used by someone who was terminally ill was. 

"Everyday in every way I am getting better and better."

Seize the right moment to say your affirmations and positive self talk and self suggestions, any time you feel calm and relaxed make the most of that window, successful people don't feel good twenty four hours a day, but they know when to milk the moment. 

You can either think your affirmations, you can whisper them to yourself or you can say them out loud.

That's why meditation and hypnosis are so powerful, they install new beliefs when you are calm and at peace. Remember what you believe will be true to you, there are no problems or issue's that cannot be resolved or fixed, every question has an answer and what you out into your mind will come back out. 

Life is to short to think negative thoughts, every negative thought you have is a waste of time and they will block your path to success. If you find that your affirmations are not working then it is probably because you doubt or don't believe them, you may have a deep seated belief that needs addressing.


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