Develop Your Creative And Emotional Problem Solving Skills And Make Your Life Better

Without doubt, the biggest single cause of human emotional suffering, poor quality of life and a lack of growth and success.

All comes down to.

Unresolved emotional problems or not fully using your creative abilities and your natural resourcefulness, to resolve your personal issues and challenges.

Everything that you want, already exist within you and for every problem or challenge that exists, there is a solution, awaiting.

You just have to know how to resolve your problems, learn how to extract the solutions or discover how to let all your creative genius and true potential, out.


The kind of strange thing with people's approach to dealing with a persistent or nagging ongoing problems, is:

They seem to spend way more of their time, emotionally engaged and focusing intensively on their problems, than they do, looking for the best possible solution.

What is important to understand about problems, is:

The more emotional significance, the more attention and the more emotional attachment you give to your problems or challenges. 

The longer you will hold onto your problems and your suffering, stagnation and struggles.

Some people prefer to keep their problems to themselves where they spend all their time stuck in their head trying to do battle with themselves, their thoughts and feelings and their external problems and difficulties.

Whilst others, prefer to discuss and talk openly to others about their problems, worries and the challenges that they're trying to overcome.

Either way. It does not matter if you thinking internally about your problem or whether you're discussing it with others.

Because each way, unless you're focusing on the solutions or how much better your life or your goal will be, when you have overcome your problem, obstacle or challenge.

You will activate those strong negative emotional feelings and sensations.

Ideally, you should take a step back from your problem or more importantly, detach yourself from those intense feelings and all that self sabotaging and self defeating negative energy.

Which is causing all your emotional arousal and switching you into a negative and physical state of imbalance and disharmony.

Because, when you're in a relaxed and balanced state, psychologically, emotionally and physiologically. 

You will be able to take a closer and more problematic solving look, at what is actually causing your problem or what is holding you back or what is keeping you stuck.

In this calm and balanced state, you will be at your peak performance and your most efficient and creative problem solving best. 

This will allow you to be more able to figure things out or come up with a strategy or plan, which may involve, determining what needs to be done or changed.

Once you have a clear mind and a more relaxed body, you can then put all your energy and attention on finding the most favourable solution or level of growth and development.

That will give you the best chance of resolving your problem, achieving betterment or acquiring the success or desired outcome that you're looking and hoping for.

You may also benefit from analysing or even better, writing down what you want or by asking yourself.

What can be done or changed or how can you feel or make things better?

As this will allow you to be able to fully utilize your creative problem solving powers to creatively search for ways to fix or resolve your pending problems.

Or come up with alternative ways, to improve what you're doing or make your life better?

What, usually tends to happen, when people feel emotionally overwhelmed or they first develop a problem.

Instead of resolving their problems or freeing themselves from their perceived limitations and emotional suffering.

They begin to live their life, more and more, in the emotion and the severity of their problem, issues or challenge.

Which causes them to magnify the intensity of their problem and leaves them feeling a victim to it, rather than becoming a conscious creative problem solver.

Because of all the intense feelings, suffering and negative perceptions, that you're experiencing.

The problem then starts to feel so huge, hopeless and insurmountable, when in reality, it is not. 

Unless you address this.

Then you're going to end up spending more time focusing on their problems, than you will spend, looking for the solution.

What you have to realize and this is really, important.

Unless you work on identifying the real root cause of your problem and you then put all your attention on, finding the solution and then proceed with a strong determination and inner resolve, to work on, addressing your problems.

You'll, probably going continue to carry on needlessly, suffering or struggling in the meantime, looking for a quick, but very often temporary, fix.

There are many quick fixes available, which very often offer a short term solution, but because they fail to address the real root cause of your problems.

In the longer term, the problems very often, ends up getting worse and more debilitating.

Use your intuition and inner powers

Real growth, success, creative skills and betterment comes from continuous and progressive development and application.

Sometimes, you can become so emotionally involved with your problem that you will remain forever stuck in your head, going over and over, with the same old the problem. 

As a result of all the intense emotional suffering and stress, you will block out your natural inbuilt creative problem solving abilities and powers.

Instead of working on the solution.

You will just end up, focusing more and more on the problem and all the emotional suffering and stress that it is causing you.

As a result of this.

You'll going to continue to carry on suffering or struggling in the meantime, going around and around in circles, and getting nowhere fast.

Yet, there is a much better and much simpler and easier, way of doing things, that does not involve all those unpleasant feelings of emotional overwhelm and suffering.

Because, the answers to all your emotional suffering or the secret to finding the solutions to your problems.

Or if you want to access, all the necessary information, your creative talents and your problem solving skills.

Already exists and the can all be found, in the calm and positive range of feelings and emotions.

To maximize your inner creative problem solving skills and abilities, you need to be in a relaxed and feel good, flow like state.

Out of the bad, you can create something good

All of our worries, all our negative emotional feelings, all of our lack of growth and success and all our troubles are a symptom of an underlying problem. 

Fix the problem, and create the right mindset and emotional balance and inner peace, and very often, your problems will fade, the answers or solutions you're looking for will come to you or you will find it much easier to overcome your challenges.

When you focus all your energy on fixing or overcoming your problem, then you will be targeting the root cause of it and once you resolve the root cause all the symptoms will dissolve.

People often resist change or considering doing new ways of doing things even though that change and the new ways of doing things, in the long term is going to make them and their lives better.

Sometimes you have to experience the bad to get to the good and sometimes before you have to experience a bit of suffering and discomfort, before you can fix and resolve your problems.

For others it can take years of suffering or frustration and emotional and physical suffering, following the old ways of doing things.

Until they finally reach a stage in their lives.

Where they either reach rock bottom or they decide, enough is enough. 

Then they make a serious and determine commitment to do whatever it takes to free themselves of their emotional suffering and bring them the success or better life, that they truly want and desire.




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