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How To Advance Your Creative Problem Solving Skills

"We are our own biggest problem"

Problems we all have them, but are you the problem solver type who acts immediately and sees a problem as an opportunity for you to learn, expand, grow and better yourself?

Or are you the type who dwells on a problem and allows it to bring you down, limit you, keep you stuck and cause you endless emotional stress and suffering?

Some problems can take your power away from you and make you think that you're a victim.

When you become a victim to your problems and circumstances, then you will enter the mindset that there is nothing that you can do and you will remain a victim.

But when you make your own decision to face and overcome your problems then you will start to move forwards and you will become more powerful and empowered than ever.

The definition of a problem, states:

"A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome"

The sooner you start to deal with and you learn how to quicklyovercome your problems, the less harm you will do to yourself and your life.

Why is Problem Solving Important 

Becoming a problem solver will make you more powerful, happier and successful and it will help you to master every area of your life.

You and your life can transform for the better in many positive and beneficial ways, once you master the art and skill of creative problem solving.

Because by spending a little less time focusing on our problem and by spending a little more time working on our problems.

We can change our lives and the lives of other for the better.

The benefits and advantages of learning new problem solving skills are: We can better ourselves, physcially, materially, emotionally and mentally which can bring about massive changes for the better in all of our lives.

Analytic and creative problem solving skills are essential, if you want to eliminate emotional stress, worry and suffering and this skill is also very important part of how we learn, grow, better ourselves and expand.

Because by implementing problem solving steps and skills it will help you:

  • Become more successful
  • Help you to achieve a goal
  • Help you to create or design
  • Help you to work things out

All of which can advance your career, achieve your goals, become better and everything you do and even help you to make money.

If it is your goal to be successful or start your own business, then you're going to need to learn how to solve some pretty big problems and challenges.

Great thinkers and high achievers see a problem as an opportunity to make them more successful or more wealth.

The successful and those who have seemingly defied the odds, can see beyond their problems and they can picture themselves having achieved the impossible.

The bigger your goal, the better you need to be at creative problem solving, because you're going to have to face many.

Some physical problems can be annoying, worrying and stressful to start with, but if you put your might to it, then you can easily fix or overcome them.

But when you have a problem, usually a personal problem and there is no immediate solution or you refuse to accept it and let it go.

Then that problem can cause you a whole lot of emotional pain and suffering.

Life can be tough and we all have our own fair share of challenges and problems to face and overcome.

Some are from our own doing and they are totally in our own control and some of our problems are out of our control.

The secret is, to give up on the things that you cannot control or change the way you think about them and work on the things that you do have full control and you always have full control of how you want to react to and perceive a problem.

There are two ways you can react to a problem

You can become emotionally and mentally, stuck and involved in your problem or you can see your problem as a chance for you to:

  • Expand your mind
  • Think better or think differently
  • Help you to find alternative or better ways
  • Help you to become a better and more confident and able you
  • Help you to learn and develop new skills 

If you’re having trouble deciding how best to proceed or you are emotionally struggling to resolve your problems and you feel like you need a bit of help.

Or if you are highly ambitious and success orientated, where you have a goal to achieve then you may like to advance your creative problem solving skills

Developing your problem solving skills

When you are faced with a problem or you create one yourself, you are then left with two choice.

  1. You can immediately start to do something, like; focusing all your energy on trying to figure things out, fix and overcome your problem.
  2. You can do nothing, where you carry on suffering or struggling to cope and manage the best you can, where you take your problem internally and you allow it to create a vicious emotional, stress and worry cycle

Once something has happened you cannot go back so the only way now is for you to move forwards and to find new and better ways.

Where most people go wrong is they spend far too much time focusing on their problems and thinking about the worst case scenario.

When this happens, they make their problem and internal conflict where they allow it to mess them up on the inside, limit them and make their life a misery.

An annoying problem becomes a big problem when we link fear to information and what we tell ourselves.

This causes us to start to live in the emotion of our problem, which creates a negative and stressful open ended loop, which will offer us no way out unless we fix or remove the cause of our problem.

In many cases, it is the amount of emotional significance that you give to your problem or worry, that keeps your problem ongoing.

Problem solving steps

Now it is time to work on resolving your problem which will give you a great sense of relief and make you and your life better.

The first step is to try and identify or pinpoint the root cause of your problem. 

Your mind is very powerful and highly capable of bringing you or leading you to the solution to your problem or guiding you to the outcome that you want.

Try to analyse and break your problem down:

  • Are the consequences as bad as you think
  • Is it the end of the world or a chance for a new beginning
  • Is there a silver lining to your problem
  • Is your problem in or out of your control
  • How can you adapt or better yourself or your situation
  • What is the best course of action for you to take
  • What can you do or what do you think you need to do
  • What are you gaining by holding onto your suffering
  • Have other already overcome a similar problem, come up with a new way yourself to overcome your problem or better things

There is one extremely important thing that you should consider very carefully.

Is all that damaging and toxic negative energy and stress, worst than your actual problem?

When we have a problem it can either affect us on a mental, emotional or physical level.

The emotional and mental consequences could:

  1. Make you feel unhappy
  2. Make you stressed
  3. Cause you emotional overwhelm
  4. Cause you to worry or feel anxious
  5. Cause you to feel insecure or decease your self-esteem and self-confidence
  6. Make you feel sad and unhappy
  7. Cause you to feel angry or annoyed

If you have a physical or external problem it can:

  • It can make your life more difficult than it should be
  • It can cause you a lot of disruption or inconvenience
  • It can affect the quality of your life and your ability to operate at your best
  • It can hold you back or keep you stuck
  • Disrupt your life and your sleep patterns

Sometime, an emotional or mental problem can affect your external life and hold you back in many self-defeating ways.

Five problem solving steps that will increase your problem solving skills

Before you set about solving your problems, it is best to spend some time deeply relaxing first as this will boost your creative problem solving skills.

  1. Accept what has happened and accept the worst case scenario and be OK with it. Try and to look for a positive in the negative as this will calm you and allow you to think clearly
  2. Focus on the best case scenario and see if you can see a positive and better end outcome, look at where you might be going wrong or how you can turn things around for your benefit
  3. Work on trying to figure out or solve your problem and do whatever it takes to turn your situation around or make you and your life better
  4. Develop a strong faith, belief and knowing that you can and will fix or over your problem. Keep on letting yourself know that you'll figure things out and everything is going to workout fine for you
  5. Research and gather as much information as you can then take any action steps that are necessary. Seek help if needed and use your mind and your creativity to help you to fix the root cause of your problem or come up with a better or alternative way

The sooner you can get yourself out of the negative energy and stress that keeps you focused and obsessed about your problem, the sooner you will overcome your problem and free yourself for good.

Worry, stress and negative emotions will cause you to function on fear based, stressful and negative level.

These negative emotional and physical states of being will block-out your creative and destroy your natural problem solving skills.

Don’t get sucked into the negative energy and stress of your problem. If you need to focus then find some quiet and focus on what you want.

Do not try to hard, just state or write down what you want to overcome and let it go and get into the allowing stage.

This means, not trying to think to hard about the how or to try and force the issues, just relax and focus on something else, and the solution will come to you or you will come across the solution, often when you least expect it.

The thing is, you always have options today – the trick is to remember that. Try to stay a little apart from the frenetic and negative energy and choose your own course.

Sometimes you have to get out of the way, put all your trusts in the universe that you'll find a way or figure things out and then just go with the flow.

Thinking your way out of your problems

The words and thoughts that you say to yourself are a very important part of developing your problem solving skills.

When you use the right instructions and intentions you mind will lead you to or come up with ways to find solutions.

When you use negative descriptive words and statements like:

  • I can't
  • There is no point
  • I have not got time
  • There is nothing I can do
  • I'll have to put up with

Then you will dis-empower yourself and you will close all doors and avenues to better and alternative ways of doing things.

Negative statements, will cause your mind to believe that there is nothing you can do or there is no point and you will carry on getting the same negative and disappointing results and outcomes.

But when you use positive words, statements and interventions, like:

  • I can do it
  • I can learn
  • I can figure things out
  • I can find better ways, of .......
  • I'll make it happen
  • The benefits I will gain will be well worth it
  • How can I ......
  • What is the best way to .......

Then you will open your mind up to new possibilities and better ways of doing things and your mind will then help you to find a way or figure things out so you can move forwards and passed your problems and challenges.

Accept, surrender and figure things out

When you accept and surrender to what is, what might happen or what it is that is annoying and bothering you, then you will release all the negative resistance.

Once you release all that negative resistance. Focus on how you can turn things around and let yourself know that everything will be fine and you will figure things out.

By doing this, you will start to dissolve your stress and negativity and you will immediately start to feel better and calmer.

When your mind and body is calm, take full advantage and move forwards, because now you will think more clearly and you will be able to workout a new plan or strategy.

Always be aware, that negative energy, stress and frustration will drain all of your energy, drag you down and prevent you from thinking clearly and logically.

Talking to yourself correctly

You posses the most fantastic and amazingly powerful brain when you instruct it with positive and powerful words.

Did you know that saying the word fantastic can reduce your stress, especially when you say it is a positive statement.

Negative words will diminish you and dis-empower you tremendously, but positive words will empower you and inspire you tremendously.

How you talk to yourself and how you perceive and react to a problem can influence how you handle, solve or overcome your problems.

Many of the great things that we have today are the result of somebody knowing how to overcome a problem.

Its all about how much you allow your problem to affect you on a mental, physical and emotional level.

How you react to your problem and how you think and talk to yourself about it can have either have a positive or negative effect on you and your situation.

"I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves" 

-Louise Hay

This powerful quote, is all about changing the way you perceive a problem because how you perceive a problem will cause you more emotional trauma than the actual problem itself.

The reason why you should do this is because it will help you to release any negative resistance or emotional attachment.

Which will help create a sense of ease and calm in your mind and body.

There are two ways that you can treat negative and fearful resistance:

  1. You can push your way through it
  2. You can accept it, be OK with it and release it

Every problem, failure, setback, challenge or problem offers you a better, alternative or different way of doing things or thinking about it.

Although we all have things that go wrong or our problems are caused by others.

Many of our problems are caused by our lifestyles choices and our negative ways of thinking.

This means you have total control over them and there is a lot that you can do to fix your problems by yourself.

It is believed that 4 out of 5 people do things the wrong way, partly because we have evolved and been programmed to focus on the worst case scenario.

Which creates an uncertainty loop and the belief that there are no other possibilities, ways out or better options.

But you can turn a negative into a positive and in times of adversity and crisis's, it is is a wise choice to look for new opportunities and better alternatives.

Because there is always a better path for you to take as long as your prepared to open your mind, learn and take action every single day.

An action and creative problem solving mindset is essential to help you resolve your problems, make your life better and get you where to you want to be.

Very often the solution to a problem or challenge require, either removing the cause of your problem if you can or creating a plan and strategy.

If you cannot always immediately remove the cause of your problem then you will really need to try and change the way you feel, handle and react to what is causing your problem.

Taking away the cause of your problem

Although many people will advise you to find a solution to your problem, one of the best ways to resolve a problem is to take away, treat or remove the cause of your problems.

This may not always be possible, but if you can remove the cause of your problem then your problem will dispensary.

If you cannot remove the cause of your problem then the second best thing might be to change your situation or get out of the situation that is causing your problem.

If that is still difficult then the next best option might be to change the way you think about the person, thing or situation that is causing your problem.

Fixing the root cause of your problem

Focusing on your problem and going over and over your problem in your mind, is never going to resolve your problem.

When you first develop a problem. It is incredibly important that you try to overcome or resolve your problem in the best, quickest and most relaxed way possible.

All you can do is to find out what is the root cause of your problem and then find the best way to fix the root cause of it. 

Yes, initially, your problem might stress you out and annoy you at the start, but it is important that you do not allow your problem to mess you up and stress you out on the inside.

Finding a solution

Every problem usually has a solution and everybody posses a powerful and awesome mind that is highly capable of figuring things out or leading you to the solution.

Problems can stick around and keep coming when you're stuck in a negative energy and pessimistic mindset.

The more you worry and stress yourself out over a problem the more stress and negativity you will create.

If you have a problem then immediately look for a solution. 

You can do some deep research or you can ask or find somebody to help you solve your problem.

Tell your mind, what you want or what you want to learn, know or overcome or you can write what you want down on a piece of paper.

Remember to only focus on what you want instead of worrying and focusing on what you don't want and keep your mind focused on what you want.

You will either be lead to the solution to your problem or it will come to you in the form of thought and internal information.

If there is no immediate solution available, then try and figure things out for yourself.

Once you have done everything you can to fix your problem, then release it and let it go.

Relax deeply

Our minds are at our most creative best when we are feeling relaxed and in the flow.

This is when we are at our most power-fullest and creative problem solving best.

All the solutions and answers for what you want will come best to you at times when you're feeling calm, balanced and relaxed.

Stress, tension and negativity cause us to switch over into fear and survival mode which keeps us fixated more on our problems.

When we are feeling calm and relaxed, then we become more solution focused.

Very often, once you're feeling relaxed and calm, you will think more clearly and better, which can make your problem seem less overwhelming.

If you can, try and be grateful for some of your problems and see them as a chance for you to learn and better yourself.

This might feel strange, but it can help to relieve all the stress and tension, leaving you feeling more clear headed, which will help you to handle your problem better.

When you're feeling calmer, you can find somewhere quiet, relax and visualize your self or your life, as if you have already solved your problem and everything worked out great for you.

Imagine and visualize the outcome that you want and now you, your life or your situation is better.

Out of the bad, you can create something good

If you can, try to look for a positive in the bad and negative times and see if you ca come up with some new or better idea's or solutions.

People often resist change or considering new ways of doing things even though in the long term it is going to benefit them and make them and their lives better.

Sometimes you have to experience the bad to get to the good and sometimes you have to experience a bit of suffering and discomfort to help motivate you to grow in confidence.

For some, it can take years of suffering or frustration, emotionally and physically where they consistently follow and repeat the same old mistakes, patterns and the old ways of doing things.

Until they finally reach a stage in their lives. Where they either reach rock bottom or they decide, enough is enough. 

Then they make a serious and determine commitment to do whatever it takes to free themselves of their emotional suffering and bring them the success or better life, that they truly want and can have.




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