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Do We All Possess Hidden Psychic Abilities?

This is not an article to make wild claims, what it is about is to examine the evidence that suggests we all possess a sixth sense power and psychic abilities to some degree.

Evidence suggest that we have a inner ability, that operates, beyond our conscious logical thinking and our everyday, five sense reality, perceptions.

Giving us the power to connect with our all knowing and all powerful subconscious mind that is able to tap into the source of all creation, itself.

Which is hooked up to the all powerful inner guidance system as well as being capable of transmitting information from one person to another.

For some the thought of having a sixth sense, can seem to be a bit far fetched, but in reality, our sixth sense, is just a another of our senses, that we often neglect or don't take full advantage of.

What we need to look into is; Have we got the ability to predict the future, and see things that our normal senses cannot pick up or detect or do we create our future? 

Our sixth sense, is not all about, trying to see into the future, it is more about our spiritual connection, to all that there is and all that is possible.

As well as helping us connect to the universal cosmetic internet of creativity and our spiritual conscious guidance and intelligence, system.

Whatever you think, the larger part of us, our thoughts, feelings and imagination, is non physical and our thoughts, feelings and perceptions, influence our behaviors, actions and physical reality.

It is said, that everything already exists, simultaneously, and to create the reality you want, all you have to do is to tune into and become a energetic match, to the reality that you want.

This means, that all possibilities already exists and are waiting to be manifested into the physical reality, through the process of conscious thought and physical action.

Which concludes that everything already exists, on an energetic level of consciousness.

Through the power of your thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, you're capable of turning a possibility into a physical reality.

Have you already experienced, psychic tendencies?

Learning how to develop your psychic and sixth sense abilities, can help you to tap into the fabric and source of creation and help you to consciously start creating your own reality and destiny.

By allowing you to look into and utilize the power of the unseen reality, that creates the physical reality.

The real advantage of being in touch, with your inner powers, is; you can use it to better your life and boost your creativity.

Maybe we cannot see the future, but we can create it through our beliefs, imagination and our expectations of what we think or we tell ourselves, what will happen?

When something happens; have you ever said to yourself.

I knew that would happen?

Remote viewers and psychic detectives, have demonstrated how it is possible to see and look at things. times and memories, with your third eye, beyond what our physical eyes and senses can see or detect.

It may all sound far fetched, but everything seems impossible until it is proven possible and remote viewers have already been deployed during war times to predict and find enemy danger points and targets through telepathy and ESP.

Psychic detectives have been used to successful solve police cases in America.

Have you ever thought about someone and they called you shortly afterwards?

Have you been thinking about a song just before it is played on the radio?

One thing's for sure, many of us, don't make the most out of our sixth sense abilities, intuition is one example of our hidden guidance.

Maybe there has there been times when someone has said what you were thinking, at exactly the same time, you thought it?

Do you sometimes know something is about to happen with absolute certainty before it does or have you ever felt fearful before an event took place.

Our emotions and gut feelings can act as guidance systems to future events.

They say, there is no such thing as coincidence 

It is often said, that there is no such thing as a coincidence, that everything happens for a reason.

Our physical reality itself is an inner manifestation of your consciousness. What this means is; everything that has happened to you in your life, so far.

Is a result of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, and how you perceive yourself and feel about yourself.

Without the power of our thoughts, mind, inner guidance and our inner creative powers, reality would not exist.

Everything starts off in the mind as a thought, idea, belief or perception, and then it gets created through our physical reality.

We think things happen, randomly. But the truth is, everything occurs through a precise series of coincidences, happenings and events, we call, synchronicity.

Those, who have a spirtual understanding, know there are no coincidences, whilst others, will call it, fate, luch, chance or destiny, sometimes the seemingly unexplained, gets labelled as a miracle.

Our intuition can be an insight into the future, you could argue that psychic visions are just a form of creation.

We are all creators so we are all capable of designing and seeing our future before it happens, either way as long as it is benefiting your life in a positive way it does not really matter. 

We are all one, and we are all the same consciousness, having a different experience.

This means we all interconnected, so we all have telepathic communication, abilities which are going on behind our conscious awareness.

We all have the ability to tune into other people's frequency if we focus onto the same vibrational level as them, this is just part of our sixth sense capability. 

People feel uncertain about their sixth sense, but really it is just another part of our natural abilities.

Our sixth sense abilities are probably our most powerful of all our senses, yet it lies almost dormant in most people because they have not learned to tune into the true powers, they really have.

Some credible people believe we all possess psychic abilities, there is growing evidence including some scientific backing that not only are you psychic but their are experiments you can perform that can activate your hidden esp powers. 

There is no doubt that some people have developed extraordinary talents that cannot be scientifically explained.

But, equally there are also many unscrupulous people out there who will cheat and prey on the vulnerable with the sole intention of taking money off them.

So if you want to know how to develop psychic powers you need to go into it with an open mind of curiosity and exploration, but you also need to be cautious to a degree.

There are so many more things still not explained than what we know

Hidden behind our logically thinking and capabilities lies our real true potential that only a few people have managed to tap into. 

Many things seem impossible until someone actually proves them to be possible, nothing is impossible they are just potential possibilities waiting to be uncovered. 

The Chinese have shown miracle healing powers through the channeling of spiritual energies, there understanding is that the universe is an infinite amount of possibilities and choices. 

Once we begin to learn and understand how something works and it can be done, it transforms from the impossible to the possible. 

Scientific Evidence Which Suggest We Do Have Psychic Powers

Extensive scientific studies have been conducted to try and find out if we do have psychic powers.

One test was where subjects were wired up to an EEG device to measure their heart beat, their nervous activity and reactions.

They were then shown a series of random pictures on a computer screen, some of the images were neutral and boring images others were described as emotionally charged, erotic or horrific. 

As they predicted, the subjects reacted with physical and mental excitement to the emotionally charged images while the neutral pictures caused little reaction.

However to their surprise there was a twist to the experiments, as the tests progressed something unexpected happened.

The research revealed that the subjects were unconsciously reacting to the emotionally charged images a full five seconds before they were even flashed across the computer screen. 

These test have been repeated many times since with similar results, this indicates that we can react and foresee the future before it has even happened.

Another series of tests were conducted through out the world known as the Global Conscious Project. 

They used a series of small electrical devices which used random numbers and mathematical equations to monitor emotional responses for chance events.

About 40 of these devices were scattered around the globe to record data which was analysed by scientists to see if there were any significant emotional fluctuations picked up and recorded of the people whenever major events occurred. 

The data showed a big emotional fluctuation at the time of the US Presidential election, there was also another big fluctuation recorded by the devices at the time of the September 11 tragedy. 

The devices recorded a significant emotional response, the surprise was though that the response began to take place about four hours before the actual visible incident of the planes crashing into the buildings unfolded, scientist were unable to logically explain this.

Many police forces in the United States have successfully called upon the extraordinary talents of psychic detectives.

There have been many cases where psychic detectives have tuned into events that have already happened to reveal undisclosed evidence, found the missing body or located a missing person.

They have successful  found things concerning the case which the police departments did not even know about which turned out to be vital evidence to get a conviction. 

The Military and Governments departments have used remote viewers to gather information and to locate and find things that modern technology could not reveal.

A TV documentary revealed that show man and psychic Uri Geller conducted a series of voluntary test to see if he possessed genuine psychic abilities.

These test were performed by American scientists under laboratory conditions. He underwent a series of test where he had to predict certain things as well as doing some remote viewing.

The chances of him accurately guessing one of test was estimated at about a trillion to one yet he got them all right, he made no errors on the other tests.

The conclusion was he had legitimate paranormal and psychic powers

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities 

Let me tell you about my friend Bradley Thompson. He’s a phenomenally successful self-development author, a widely-respected scientist, and perhaps one of the most educated and intelligent people you could meet.

He can also predict the future, reads people’s minds, cures sick pets with his bare hands and spends quite a lot of his time “outside” his physical body. 

That’s because Bradley has developed his psychic abilities.

Bradley has got these awesome powers, but he says he’s nothing special. He’s not the seventh son of seventh son, or born on a night of the full moon or anything like that.

Actually, he was born in a very ordinary-looking hospital in Yorkshire, England just after the British happy hour.

To Bradley, psychic abilities are just another branch of science.

One which we don’t fully understand yet. He believes we all have these gifts, we simply need to learn how to use them.

So, why don’t check this stuff out for yourself?

The ultimate Be A Psychic Course, is one of the best programs if you're interested in psychic development.

The course will teach you how to tap into your intuition and show you how unleash your hidden powers and psychic talents.




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