Public Speaking And Speech Tips

If your worried or anxious about having to speak in public or you just want to master the are of public speaking then you may feel relieved to know that nearly all of the top public speakers were in your shoes once and most of them were once bad speakers. 

Most people dread public speaking, some get crippled by the intense fear of it and the mere thought of having to do a public speech can terrify normally strong and confident people. 

For most public speaking is stepping out of their comfort zone, the key is preparation both physically and mentality, because you can do all the preparation you want, you can go over things again and again, you know your topic and you have done everything you possible can for your preparation.  

You know you are capable but as the moment gets ever nearer the nerves and the anxiety starts to creep in and by the time you are about to deliver your speech you become paralysed and overwhelmed by fear. Sometimes you can apply all the best advice available, read all the information and tips but your subconscious mind trips you up at the last minute. 

Instead of enjoying your speech with excitement and engaging with your friendly audience your mind and body are preparing you to fight or run away from a pack of angry lions. Public speaking is one of the biggest fears a lot of people have to face, it can fill you with dread days, weeks or even months before you have to step up on the podium. 

Public speaking is can be the ultimate fear of being the centre of attention. It can evoke fear of ridicule, embarrassment and making a mistake, freezing and forgetting your lines or saying the wrong thing. 

Even the hardened of professionals can still feel anxious before they are about to address the waiting crowd regardless of how many times they have done it before.  Although it is said a little bit of adrenaline and stress should be used as your fuel you don't want to be crippled with stage fright. 

But it is not just giving a long presentation in front of a large audience that sends people all into a quiver and turns them into a nervous wreck. 

There are many other forms of speaking to a crowd that can prove very daunting to the majority of people, such as having to give a best man's speech, a work presentation or even just speaking up in front of a smaller crowd at a social gathering.

Do Your Preparation And Program Your Subconscious Mind

Preparation is a good place to start, be familiar with the room or environment before hand, try and make yourself look presentable in the way you dress, know your subject off by heart, make sure you do your research on the topic you intend to talk about. Try and memorize your presentation so you don't have to read it off a piece of paper.

Be yourself, remember no body is perfect so don't worry if you make a mistake just keep going, keep eye contact with your audience and make sure your subject and information is relevant to the audience, if possible add some humour to your talk and try and have some fun as you engage with your audience, many advise to also add in the odd story here and there.

Some suggest you practice in front of a mirror before hand or even do a dummy run in front of a few family members or friends first, however some experts disagree with this however because they claim it takes away the rawness and naturalness of the speech or presentation.

Make sure all your equipment is working before you start and arrive early at the venue so you allow yourself plenty of time to get prepared, it can be well worth the effort to join a public speaking class if there is one available in your area.

If you feel anxious be aware of your feelings observe them while staying controlled so you don't get to emotionally involved with them, they are only sensations so acknowledge and be aware how you feel but let the feelings flow through you while you give your main focus of attention onto the task at hand.


If you want to master the art of public speaking you need to learn from a professional. The article below has been written by a professional hypnotherapist and master of public speaking so you will struggle to find better help and advice. If you are interested in some professional public speaking tips and advice you are sure to beneefit from reading this article below. 

7 Public Speaking Survival Tips

I used to be terrified of public speaking - now it's natural and fun.

Dry mouth, fast heart, sweaty palms, blank mind - yeah I've been there! It's easy to fear public speaking. But I was never just content with overcoming fear. I wanted to be a great speaker. What I needed was a way of calming down and applying simple techniques and strategies to talk like a pro.

When I'd learned to relax (more of that later) I learned and applied the following four steps.

  1. Reassure your audience - they need to know you know your stuff and you are human!
  2. Hook them by being interesting and relevant. Tell them why what you are saying is relevant to them.
  3. Inspire them by giving them information and ways of seeing that are new and applicable.
  4. Leave them on a high by telling a story them encapsulates your central message.

How do you become confident enough to apply the four steps?

Here's some tips some of which are practical some of which are to do with the way you think about your public presentations and also how you can start to change the way you feel about them.

Tip One

Breath your way to calm. When you breath out you relax that's why people sigh when they're stressed.

Breathing in without breathing out causes hyperventilation and worsens anxiety. Just before your speech take five minutes breathing in to the count of seven and out to the count of eleven (quick count-not seconds!). On the out breath hold it a second before breathing in again. This will produce quick and lasting calm. Remember extending the out breath calms you down.

Tip Two

You have a responsibility as the presenter but relax you don't carry all the responsibility. Presenting is a team effort. Audiences are responsible for politeness, extending their attention and attempting to learn. It's not all you-it's a meeting of two halves. Never mind how they judge you. How do you judge them?

Tip Three

Use metaphor and stories. We all experience life metaphorically. The most technical logical person spends at least two hours a night dreaming! Talk detail if necessary but present patterns with metaphors. Folk from 4 to 104 love stories. Use em.

Tip four

Captivate attention by using words that evoke all the senses. Describe how things look, sound, feel, smell and taste. Paint pictures and sensations in their minds with your words.

Tip Five

Vary your voice tonality and speed of delivery. Keep them alert and engaged. Convey energy when need be and slow down when you need to 'draw them in close.' You are the conductor to their orchestra. And pepper your talk with humour. Your willingness to be funny shows personal confidence and confidence is contagious.

Tip Six

Tell them what they are going to get. What they are currently getting and then what they have got from you. Sell your sizzle!

Tip Seven

Watch and learn from other great speakers until compelling, relaxed speaking is a part of you.

Rehearse positively. You need to rehearse how your going to feel as well as what you are going to present. Don't think about your forthcoming presentation whilst feeling nervous as this creates an instinctive association between fear and presenting. This natural negative self-hypnosis is very common with nervous speakers.

Hypnotically rehearse your speech whilst feeling relaxed. This produces the right 'blueprint' in your mind. In fact when you do this enough times it actually becomes hard to be nervous!

All great speakers know how to use great self-hypnotic rehearsal. Hypnosis changes attitudes and can bring emotion under control. I used hypnosis, to change my instincts around public speaking. Now I just can't get nervous whether it's 50 or 500 people. The world needs great communicators. Go for it!

Cure your fear of public speaking at

Our biggest enemy in life is fear, public speaking is at the top of the list when it comes to fear, sometimes we need to adapt the attitude of it's not going to kill me so I will do it. We have to be more bold and courageous otherwise we become very limited in want we can achieve.

Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis



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