Building Your Self Esteem 

Your self esteem has an impact on every area of your life so it is critical you rebuild the negative self image that you may have carved out about yourself, your talents and your capabilities. 

If you do not value yourself and see your real worth then other people will not notice it either, but when you build your self esteem your life will soon follow and improve for the better. 

Feeling good is a mindset and self esteem is critical for true harmony and your emotional well-being, nobody lives a happy and successful life without having a good healthy level of self esteem. 

Human beings are there own worst enemies, we attract chaos into our life and unless we make the effort to change we will continue to cause problems and create obstacles which will create boundaries and block our route to a happier and more successful life.

If you are not achieving the levels of success in life you desire, if you are riddled with fear and doubt then you have self esteem issues that need addressing so you can break free of your limitations.

We see to go from one problem to another, no sooner have we solved one thing another problem seems to arise. To feel good you first have to be grateful for what you have got, then ask for more. 

When you can see a problem as a challenge to overcome and you dismiss it as a the big issue  you can detach yourself from the stress and emotional overwhelm, this will help you to think more clearly so you can find the solution better.

Life is short so we need to make the most of it, because it is to late to have regrets when your close the end of your current existence on earth, life will treat you well when you start to treat yourself well.

The Difference Between Success And Failure Are Your Perceptions 

Start to change your perceptions and how you view yourself, also be more open to what you are capable of. It is important to change your inner dialogue and use powerful positive self-talk, positive suggestions and statements about yourself, you need to learn to love and approve of yourself and silence that inner critic.

It is also important to take risks (not dangerous ones) and take on new challenges, and when you go through a new challenge praise yourself up after, no matter how good or bad it goes. Because it is always better to have a go even if it does not go well, rather than not try at all, with this attitude and approach you will grow mentally and spiritually.

Other Key Points On How To Improve Your Self Esteem

  •  You have to learn to start liking yourself
  •  Learn to forgive yourself 
  •  Start forgiving others
  •  You need to accept yourself
  •  love and respect yourself
  •  Let go of past mistakes, failures and embarrassments

Start to think highly of yourself and treat yourself the same way as you would treat someone you love or care about. At the end of every week write down several things you have achieved and be pleased with yourself, don't allow the views and opinions of other people to dictate who you are and what you can achieve. 

Decide what you can and can't change and begin to accept all the things you can't change and focus on all the things you can improve on and work through them, you need to try new activities, and break the old negative thinking patterns that can be so harmful, you also need to get out of any negative self-destructing habits and thought processes.

When you do not fully accept yourself and approve of yourself then you will let other people's remarks get to you. You also need to totally accept your present personality, you can still wish to improve, but be grateful for who you are.

Take No Notice Of Hurtful Comments 

You cannot control what others say about you,but you can control how you respond to hurtful comments, nasty comments can only hurt you if you allow them to. You decide to love yourself, we cannot always control what others say about us but we do have the ability.

If you have a low self-esteem and a low opinion of yourself as a result of being criticized by your parents or others around you, including so called friends, don't accept these comments as being true, as long as you learn to like yourself and respect yourself, then it does not matter what others say or think. 

Because it is your opinion of yourself that matters the most and not the opinion of others, we can tend too far to easily believe what others say about us.

You can have two much self- esteem and it is believed that bullies and bigots have too much belief in themselves. 

It is important to raise your self-esteem, because in order to start to build your self-confidence, it is vital that you start to lay the foundations of self-confidence by first improving your self-esteem, as they say "you can fake your confidence but not your self-esteem".

A lot of people suffer from some degree of low self-esteem at times in their life's, and we all need to be able to stand up for ourselves in a calm but assertive way if necessary, however increasing your self-esteem is not about being arrogant, boastful or treating others nastily

The main thing to remember is how we perceive ourselves, so talk to yourself nicely and try to get in the habit of feeling good about yourself, because if you have a low opinion of yourself then no matter how much other people praise you it will be meaningless if you don't believe it yourself.  

If you suffer from an inferiority complex then you probably find it uncomfortable or you might even feel anxious to even talk to some people who you regard as more confident or better than you, we are all equal and you are as worthy as anybody else no matter what you might think or what others might tell you, the problem being you probably just don't realize it yet.

If other people are constantly putting you down, learn to be more assertive, after all if they are not worried about upsetting you why should you be bothered how they feel, the trouble with people with low self-esteem is they lack the confidence in themselves to stand up to other people. 

Learn to say no if you do not wish to do something, and break the belief that you have to always say yes or agree with everybody, people are far to often to worried about other people disapproving of them, reduce the amount of time you spend with anybody who makes you feel bad about yourself or puts you down all the time.

Try and spend some time thinking about the things you like about yourself, you can make a list and read it every day to remind yourself, if you have trouble finding anything, start with the small things (this could be anything) because it does not matter what they are just get into the habit of finding more and more positive things about yourself.

Such as: I am a good person or I am a good mother/father etc.

Try and spend more of your quality time doing the things you want to do and things that you enjoy doing, instead of trying to accommodate things into your life you don't really want to do, try and do some new things each week especially things that you look forward to.

Let Go Of Past Mistakes 

To build your self-esteem it is also important to accept the fact that we all make mistakes, if you make a mistake learn something from it instead of allowing them to hold you back, and then let it go. 

Never dwell on making a mistake and never beat yourself up over making a mistake, because it is part of life and a part of learning.

You can't progress if you don't keep trying new things and learn from past mistakes, also you can't always please everyone, but you can still diplomatically disagree with someone in a calm manner, yet still remain friends. 

We all have the capability within us to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams, however low self-esteem and negative belief systems often prevents us from achieving our true potential, this can limits us and holds us back, causing us to miss out on so much in life. 

We all have the choice to talk nicely to ourselves and use positive self-talk, yet we all seem to find it easier to be critical and negative about ourselves.

Unfortunately negative self-talk or negative suggestions and statements about ourselves and our capabilities are very powerful and believable, mainly because we far to easily just accept the negative comments and thoughts as being true, yet we find it more harder to accept and believe positive thoughts and statements about ourselves.

Accept Who You Are Unconditionally Including Any Faults

Another guaranteed way of lowering your self-esteem is to constantly criticize and beat yourself up by telling yourself how bad you look, or focusing on how old you look, or not being happy with your body, or taking other peoples criticism of how you look to heart. 

You can look good just by feeling good about yourself. much of looking good is down to feeling good, however most people are their own worst enemy when it comes to feeling positive about themselves and their appearance.

None of us is perfect, so instead of focusing on your negative points try and concentrate on your good points, we all have them if you look for them. 

Sadly these days society seems to be gauged by looks, leaving far to many people feeling inadequate. So start to believe you look great and exert some vibrancy and inner confidence.

We are not all going to look like super models, but everybody can do certain things to improve their own personal self-image if you want to, we can all exercise and eat healthy and keep ourselves trim and improve our bodies, and generally take better care of ourselves. 

We need to start to accept who we are and learn to like and feel better about ourselves, we are all unique. People are sometimes under the misconception that because they believe that they are not attractive other people won't find them attractive either, which is certainly not always the case.

Once you subconsciously feel more attractive you will automatically feel better about yourself which will come across to others, and to a certain degree once you belief you look more attractive you can even start to look better and others will start to see you as attractive..

Develop Some Inner Beauty 

Take each day as it comes, keep active, be optimistic. Count your blessing. Find something each day to be grateful for (does not matter if you repeat the same thing's) Get plenty of exercise, relaxation, sleep and eat healthy. Keep telling yourself you are special. Be happy and content with yourself and your life

Try and avoid negative or critical people. Accept yourself and accept that even though you might not be perfect you love yourself for who you are. 

Allow 15 to 30 minutes each day to worry, then focus the rest of the day on positive aspects about yourself, and your life .Accept that some worries have no solution so let them go, so focus on the thing's you can change and not the thing's you can't


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