Experience The Many Positive Benefits And Advantages Of Raising Your Vibration?

"There is nothing you cannot be or do or have, but your dominant intent is to be joyful. 

The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”  

"Esther Hicks".

"If you want it, and expect it, it will be yours very soon"

"Esther Hicks".

The most powerfulest force in the universe and the most important part of the manifesting process, is the free flowing positive and feel good energy.

All negative things, reside in the lower vibrational frequencies. And all the good things in life can be accessed in the higher vibrational frequencies.

You simply cannot access your true powers, solve your problems, maximize your true potential or live your best life.

If you are vibrating in low and negative vibrational, frequency ranges.

The best way to tap into your brain's true potential and limitless powers is by raising your vibration and getting yourself in that positive and calm flow state of zero resistance.

Raising your vibration can set you up for a better life. It will help you unlock your brain's true potential and it will allow you to access, more of the goods things, that life has to offer.

Feeling good is also, what you and everybody else wants the and desires the most and the only way to feel good, is to raise your vibration.

When you change, your outer reality changes to match it

What you imagine you create, what you give your attention to you get more of and what you feel, you will attract.

"As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match".

"Esther Hicks"

Many people struggle to raise and maintain their vibration, mainly because they are more focused and influenced by what is, what they want but don't yet have or what they have come to believe.

To consistently vibrate at the life changing higher frequencies, you have to beat and change your old thought patterns and beliefs, and you have to be a vibrational match to what you want.

If your mindset and feelings are not in alignment with your desires and wants, then you will struggle to get what you want.

There is a very good reason why feelings are defined as positive and negative. 

One brings you good things the other brings you bad things.

The only thing that is preventing you from becoming and having what you want is your old negative self and your negative mindset and emotions.

It can take time and practice and a lot of effort to change by will power and it is often the part that often trips people up and destroys their chances of ever living the life that they desire.

"When you start to raise your vibration and change from within, the world around will start to change for the better"

Whether your desires and wants will show up or not show up in your external world, will depend on your vibration.

You are in charge of your life, your destiny and how you feel.

By raising your vibration you can go on to attract and enjoy the life and all the good stuff, that up until now, you thought you could only dream of.

All you have to do is, spend most of your time vibrating in the positive and good feeling energies. 

The reason why most people fail to make the positive changes they desires and attract the all the good things and life they want is because, they are trying to change, whilst they're holding themselves stuck in a negative feeling place.

You cannot access the life you want, with a negative mindset and you will struggle to attract your desires, or make the positive changes you want, if you're vibrating in the negative frequencies.

When your feelings and mindset becomes a positive match.

Bit by bit, life will start to say yes to all your wishes and all your desires and all the good things that has been waiting for you to claim it, will be soon be on their way to you.

Raising your vibration and changing your limiting and restrictive beliefs, has become a lot easier thanks to the advancement of modern day technology.

Some of the benefits you will get through raising your vibration 

  • Better health 
  • You will have a better night's sleep
  • You may live longer 
  • Feel happier and more relaxed
  • Experience more joy and inner peace
  • You will perform better 
  • Attract more opportunities for wealth 
  • Things will go general well for you 
  • Experience better relationships 
  • You will be more creative 
  • Improved short term memory and focus 
  • You will find it easier to learn new things 
  • You can get more promotions 
  • You will quickly bounce back from setbacks
17 Tips On How To Raise Your Vibration 

If you want a happier and more successful life, then you need to raise your vibrational frequency. The trouble is, most people are stuck in a negative energy due to all the energy blockages and negative patterns of thinking they have accumulated.

1) Be nice to yourself

Your vibration will reflect what you're thinking and saying about yourself and your life. 

There is so much good in our lives, yet most people choose to pick one worry and obsess endlessly about the negatives or we pick faults with ourselves or think we are not good enough. 

When you focus on the negative all the time you will feel negative, if you could learn to be a bit more friendly and tolerant to others and their beliefs, opinions, cultures and how they choose to live their lives and you can learn to be a bit more friendly to yourself, then you will feel so much better for it.

Your inner self talk is also a critical aspect which will determine how you feel and the results you will get in your life. 

Do not allow your past experience or the damaging comments made by others to control how you feel, and don't allow others to or your current situation to control your mood. 

Instead be kind to yourself, get to know your true self and give yourself plenty of self love and praise and be optimistic and expect good things to happen.

Instead of picking on you so called faults and imperfections start to be nice to yourself, let bygones be bygones and make an effort to live in the present and be happy in your own skin and start to be comfortable with yourself and your body.

2) Let go of the past energy blockages 

One of the worse things for lowering our vibration is dwelling on all your past negative memories, mistakes or allowing our previous bad experiences to upset you in the now. 

People tend to play out the same old negative thoughts and images in the mind over and over again.

Everytime you think a negative thought, you will strengthen the bad feeling neural pathways and associations within your mind and body.

When you're thinking and feeling negative. Don't allow the negative momentum to take hold and build. 

Try and avoid talking about the subject, problem or situation that is making you feel bad. Just find somewhere quiet, relax and just watch your thoughts, whilst you remain calm. 

Because once the stress and negativity has taken hold and gained momentum. It is easier to find somewhere to chill out and work on changing your feelings and your state. 

Or do an exercise session, and then chill out.

Do not get drawn into a negative thought process, negative stories or battle with your mind.

If you're having anxious or unwanted thoughts. Then just leave your mind alone to think them.

If you have got some recurring emotional issues, problems, limiting beliefs or persistent negative thoughts or imaginings, and you feel you might need to do some emotional clearing or work.

The there is a simple exercise called Emotional Freedom Techniques. That will help you to free yourself from all your emotional blocks, stress, negativity, anger, sadness or anxiety.

3) Think more positive and general thoughts 

The golden rule of life is. Negative thoughts make you feel bad and positive thoughts make you feel good.

With that in mind, it is wise to release anything that is not serving you or anything that is making you feel bad and give all your attention to what makes you feel good, even if it is made up.

Because there are no limitations or restrictions to what you can think or imagine.

We all have difficult times. But in many cases. It is not the situation that makes you feel bad, it is the thoughts and perceptions that you have about the situation, which causes all the problems.

Reliving your negative past or worrying about your future, will not change things. All it will do is, it will cause you to hold onto your suffering.

"Inner peace begins, the moment that you choose not to allow another person, or event to control your emotions"

"Pemma Chodron"

If a bad feeling, thought comes into your mind. Do not try and hold it back, block it out or attempt to suppress it.

Just allow it to come into your mind, let your mind think it and let the thought pass on bye peacefully. 

Negative thoughts and feelings will randomly come into your mind, but if you pay them no attention, they will soon disappear. Just let them come and go, without you reacting to them.

Avoid getting stuck with bad feeling thoughts that will end up spoiling your day.

The secret is all about, putting the breaks on any negative momentum and getting the positive momentum going and then keep it going.

Positive thoughts will raise your vibration, negative thoughts will cause a resistance in your free flowing energy.

You have not, got to think positive all day long, but a few minutes of positive thinking every so often will help to boost your mood and it will start to create a better future for you.

You do not even have to have a reason to be positive, neither do you have to look for something positive to think about. And you don't have to put any conditions to your positive thoughts.

Just the ordinary general type of good feeling thoughts will be enough.


"All is well. 

Life is good. 

Things are getting better for me

I am doing just fine 

I can feel great, without a reason

Things are working out for me

Good things are coming my way 

I am on the up 

I am making good progress

Every day I am getting better and better

The best is yet to come" 

Another thing that you can do is to buy a poster with positive thoughts and quotes and hang it up on your wall. 

Or write down positive thoughts and quotes on a card and carry them around with you, so you can have a quick glimpse, now and again.

4) Give Up The Struggle 

The common belief is that we have to struggle or try to get what we want. But, sometimes the harder you try. The more what you want seems to elude you.

Negative energies such as those associated with disappointment, frustration, desperation and not having will repel away all the things that you want.

“If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence”.

"Esther Hicks"

It is important for you to pick words that have a positive energy attached to them.

Scientists have proven that positive words and thinking helps you to accomplish more, and a positive mindset and attitude will also help you to overcome setbacks much quicker.

Many people use words such as.

"I must or I need"

When they think about creating a better life.

But these evoke feelings of, It is hard work or it is more of a chore or what you want is hard to get.

If you want to feel more empowered and inspired. Use words like. 

"I would love to" or "I intend or plan to".

Once you begin to get the positive momentum going.

Write down or affirm to yourself all the good things you have and all the progress you're making no matter how small. 

Start to replace what you don't want or you don't have to what you do have or what you want, just focus on having or defining what you want as if you already have it.

  •  I have plenty of money 
  •  I have perfect poise 
  •  I have loads of energy 
  •  I have a loving relationship 
  •  I have perfect health 
  •  My confidence is increasing 
  •  I am good at or I am getting better at
  •  I am abundant
  •  I am heading in the right direction 
  •  Everything is always working out for me 
  •  I would like to feel comfortable and relaxed in all situations 
  •  I would like to have more confidence 
  •  I would like to feel good when things aren't working out 
  •  I would like to feel good 
  •  I would like to be optimistic even at times when I feel low
  •  I am doing my best 
  •  I am heading in the right direction 
  •  Things always come good for me 
  •  I am making progress 
  •  I am moving forward in a positive direction 
  •  I knew I would be wealthy 
  •  I knew I would be successful
These are just a few examples you will have to make your own to suit your wants and needs. You don't have to believe this yet, you just want to stop the habit of saying negative statements like.

People get stuck because they allow the results and evidence of what is and what they are getting at the moment to keep them in the negative energy of " It's not happening". 

But you need to be in the energy of what you want, before it shows up in your experience, to achieve this use sayings like, " I knew I would ------" 

Because you want the feeling of what you want even though the evidence of what you're seeing and experiencing is reflecting a different story.

Once you break that habit you have to then believe that you can and will get what you want. 

Your mind may put up some resistance as it tries to cling on to the old beliefs, but be persistent until these new ways of thinking become a habit. 

5) Relax your mind and body 

To sustain that good feeling energy you need to keep your mind and body relaxed, regular deep relaxation is essential if you want to keep in that higher vibration range. 

There are many forms of relaxing, this could be taking a stroll in the country or park whilst observing nature and your surroundings, listening to soothing music, pursuing your hobbies or having a weekend away.

One of the best forms of relaxing is to practice meditation, it is now well documented about how beneficial and powerful meditation is for you, meditation will help you to quieten that mind and calm your body, during meditation you will reach a state of no resistance. 

Most people struggle to shift their focus of attention from negative to better feeling thoughts, meditation or deep relaxing techniques such as hypnosis or visualization exercises can help you with that all important transformation. 

If you begin to feel stressed or anxious, go virtual and imagine yourself on a tropical beach and engage all of your senses.

Once you stop the negative thoughts you can take advantage of this and switch to more general and pleasing thoughts, when your mind is quiet take full advantage of this period. 

If you try meditation and you are still struggling to calm your racing mind, then do not abandon it, because that really indicates you need to do it more.

6) Practice showing some gratitude 

Show plenty of gratitude and appreciation, showing gratitude is a sure way to raise your vibration it is something you should practice, being thankful and showing your appreciation is a quick way to raise your vibration. 

Showing gratitude states there are plenty more of what you want to come to you. 

Try and cultivate the habit of being thankful for every good thing that you already possess and all the good things that are coming your way, no matter how big or small they are. 

Try and be kind and helpful to others, be generous where you can and offer help or donate to people who are not so fortunate as you.

7) Laughter, smiling and having fun

One of the best things that will help raise your vibration are, laughter and humour, as children, we have fun, but as we become older we can start to take life too seriously. 

Introduce more laughter into your life, watch more funny films or comedy shows, try and have fun in everything you do, stop taking your life to serious and avoid trying to be too perfect.

Smiling regular can improve your mood. Exercise is also good to raise your frequency, again if you're stuck in a low vibration it can be hard to motivate yourself to do anything. 

If you're genuinely run down then, you need plenty of rest first, but once you have recharged your batteries take regular exercise, such as a brisk walk, swimming, cycling or dancing to name a few.

Reading can help to make you feel good, some books can inspire you, it is also a good way to de-stress you by taking your mind off your daily troubles.

8) Body posture and balance 

How you feel is not all about your mind. 

Because of the mind and body connection, it is also important to keep your body relaxed.

Although many experts focus on positive thinking and calming your mind. It is, as equally as important to keep your muscles, soft and your body calm and balanced.

Because it is very hard to feel good. If you are standing or sitting in tense and uncomfortable postures.

Ideally, you want to be relaxed, poised and at your natural height, so you can experience that free flowing energy around your body. 

Try and avoid slouching or stiffening. All your joints should be free, and you should stand at your natural height and expansion, without any tensing, stiffening or attempting to hold yourself up.

9) Be more optimistic

Try to be more hopeful ad optimistic, developing hope will begin to take you away from a negative state. 

Most people who overcome anxiety and depression achieve it because they get out of those negative thought patterns that send them spiraling down and they replace them with positive thoughts of hope and optimism.

Having a new found optimism will soon start to raise your vibration, set some new goals and positive intentions, then start to take action towards achieving them. Always remember that there are always better options and better ways of perceiving most situations and enjoy your goals.

10) Do not feed your negative ego

Another thing that stops us from experiencing more love and joy is our ego's and our insistence to feed it. Our ego can be our own worst enemy, it can restrict the flow of all that is positive and prevent all the good things from coming into our lives.

We spend most of our day talking to ourselves, much of this is negative and self destructive, we tell ourselves how bad we feel, we dwell on things going wrong and how bad things are going for us, all this negative self talk is keeping us stuck in a feel bad low vibration. 

When you become a slave and victim too your own ego your life will be full of battles with yourself and other people, change the I can't to I cans. 

Your true power lies in the here and now, you cannot experience negative emotions when you're in the present moment, sometimes we try to hard in life, sometimes we try and sometimes we worry far too much what other people think about us. 

Try not to over think or over analyze everything, sometimes we just think to much, practice staying more externally focuses, listen to what other are saying, observe your environment, read a book or just get outside and look at nature.

When you master the art of thinking about what you want, regardless of what your outside circumstances or your current situations are at the present moment and you stay positive even at times when things are not going so well, then you will keep your vibration high. 

11) Breathe properly 

When we enter a fearful or stressful negative state our breathing becomes shallow and physical and chemical changes take place in our bodies, our mind will be flooded with negative thoughts and scenarios. 

When you breathe deeply, your body will relax with you, practice taking some slow deep breaths making the out breath longer than the in one especial when you start to begin to feel stressed anxious or challenged. 

Try the 7/11 technique where you breathe in for 7, hold for 3 and then out for 11, anxious or challenged, slow deep and controlled breathing can also raise your vibration.

Having a nap can also help to raise your vibration, because when we sleep, we aromatically fall into a none resistant state, why? 

Because when we are asleep, we are not focusing on, our troubles and problems. Again, this is why meditation is so beneficial to quieten the mind and put is into a none resistant state.

12) Eating a healthy and balanced diet 

The foods you eat can have an impact on how good you feel, it is far better if you can stick to a healthy, well balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.

If you feel energized several hours after you have eaten a meal then you have eaten good healthy foods. If you feel sluggish and lethargic then that could mean you have eaten, not so healthy foods.

Organic and fresh foods are believed to be the best source of good feeling foods.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones, omega three are great for your brain and your mood, nuts are also good as well as olive oil. 

Getting the right amount of healthy nutrients is a must if you want to feel good, magnesium is especially important as it helps to relax you and makes you feel better.

Fast foods or junk foods high in sugar content are not so energizing, what you eat can also affect your mood and your anxiety levels the next day. 

Avoid overdoing the alcohol and smoking and drug abuse is classed as low vibration substances.

According to Dr Mark Hyman. 

"Good foods, upgrade your body and boost your mood, whilst bad foods, can downgrade your body, and affect how you function and feel".

Some experts say that, different foods carry a different vibration. So it might pay to listen to your body, and try and eat the healthy foods that agree with you the most.

Some people seem to be sensitive to certain types of foods.

14) Embrace challenges 

When you learn to embrace challenges instead of fearing them then you will be able to come through anything. We all have problems, but we hold onto our problems when we give the problem our undivided attention and we live our lives in the emotion of the problem.

Without problems or challenges we would not grow and create, but instead of fixating on the problem you should focus on the positive outcome and you have to realize that there is sometimes a journey to get from the problem to the solution.

Things are not perfect if they were, there would be no more evolution. Without the challenges and problems we cannot advance to a better society or better ourselves and our lives. 

What keeps you from solving a problem is staying in the negative energy of the problem, the answers will come when you learn how to get in the flow and you are at peace with yourself and what is.

Look for ways to improve your situations, search for answers, but take your attention off the problem. Your mind is programmed to search for answers or bring you back relevant information so if you're struggling just ask your mind.

Mix, with like minded people who are positive and like to have fun, do not dehydrate, water is one of the best energy boosters (do not drink excessive amounts of fluid in a short period though). 

Pets can also help to give you a lift or you can go for a walk to see the animals and wildlife. Take a nice holiday and just chill out and have some much needed fun.

Keep yourself hydrated, drink adequate amounts of water, (not in excessive amounts) 

But, it's not just drinking water, spending time in or around water can help raise your vibration. Water is very relaxing and therapeutic, just listening to water can make you feel better as well as having a long relaxing bath. 

Listen to upbeat or relaxing music, be careful not to listen to much sad related songs, especially if they stir up painful emotional memories. Also avoid listening to too much negative news and media coverage. 

Too many violent TV programs or shows and films that cover people's problems can also lower your vibration. Listening to relaxing or upbeat music is a great way to raise your vibration, but be aware that sad songs can lower your vibration.

15) Try not to allow outside events to affect how you feel 

You can feel good in nearly all situations depending on how you perceive those situations, were not talking about the horrific acts some humans have to suffer or in times of bereavement, but in general most of the time we turn trivial things into big problems, we perceive each problem as if it's the end of the world.

Outside events can go wrong for you from time to time, even positive minded people have things go wrong for them, the difference is they don't allow outside circumstances to get them down for to long.

But, no matter what your current situation is, even in times of adversity keep smiling and be glad you have the choice to bounce back and come back stronger, try and find a positive in every negative situation if you can. 

Because you always have the power within you to manifest good things and better times back into your life by keeping positive and optimistic and out of each mini crisis lies a better opportunity that is waiting for you. 

Remember, it is not the situation that lowers your vibration, it is your perceptions and how you respond to your outside situations and events.

16) Keep the good flowing energy around your home 

You will spend a lot of time in your home so try to keep the positive energy flowing, flowers and plants can uplift you as can water features or fish aquariums. 

Display some nice vibrant pictures, your choice of colours can help to maintain a feel good energy.

Crystals are also known for their energy properties. How you arrange your furniture is also believed to make a difference in the flow of energy around your home, do not have to much clutter.

Successful and wealthy entrepreneur Kelly Hoppen is a firm believer in fen shui and crystals, she even admits to having a wealth corner in her home, having a Vision board in a room can boost your positivity, you can also benefit from carrying cards with positive affirmation of your choice written on them.

17) Cease the window of opportunity in the morning

If things are going wrong or you have had a bad day then you have already allowed the negative momentum to go too far. 

If this is the case, meditate, go for a walk in the country or the park or do something you like, then get an early night and bounce back the next morning full of new found hope and optimism. 

So as soon as you wake up force yourself to think about the thoughts that make you feel good, you can even start the process off as you start to drop off to sleep, this will set you up in the right mood and frame of mind in the morning or spend a few minutes meditation to set you up for the day ahead. 

As you wake up you will have a small window of opportunity to set yourself up to have a good day, seize this window and focus on better feeling thoughts, this is the time to say your positive affirmations, if you don't, yesterdays problems will soon become your dominate thinking and feelings again.


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