Relaxation Techniques To Help You Experience Deep Feelings Of Relaxation And Inner Peace

How To De-Stress Yourself And Transform Yourself Back To Those Blissful States Of Inner Calm, Peace And Tranquility

Every wondered how great it would be if you could feel calm, cool and relaxed in those once challenging situations and if you could train yourself to remain relaxed and focused throughout, most of your day?

It is possible and highly achievable, to feel more and more relaxed with a bit of self awareness and practice. And you have every reason to want to feel relaxed.

There is nothing better than feeling calm and relaxed, it is a beautiful state of being and feelin good and at peace is what everybody cares about and wants the most. 

Relaxation is being in a state of zero resistance where your muscles are soft and your body is in that sweey feeling  state of inner harmony, peace, flow and balance.

People often resort to alcohol or drugs, to help relax them and stop their negative resistance. 

The trouble with these methods are, they are unhealthy and they only give you temporary relief.

A much better way is to use natural relaxation techniques, which we will cover later in this article.

But first.

The secret to feeling calm is to be aware and mindful of the thoughts, imaginings and situations that trigger an emotional and stressful response.

When you know how to do this. 

Then you will be able to prevent all the strong emotional arousal and sensations of stress before they gather to much momentum.

This will allow you to be able to quickly stop the strong emotional arousal and momentum in its tracks, preventing your feelings and your focus of attention from going negative.  

Because, with the right techniques and with a bit of mindfullness you will be able to prevent all your emotional hyjacking.

This will give you the ability to be able to change your negative momentum. allowing you to be able to direct your focus of attention to take a more calm and positive direction.

This will give you a greater sense of control and self mastery of your feelings and emotions.

Otherwise. If you allow your emotions to hyjack you and gain momentum. 

You will find it hard to focus and think straight and it will make you feel uncomfortable, stressed and irritated. 

Not too mention, that it is also bad for your health and well-being. And, once you let things go to far, that's your day ruined.

If you look back at the times that you have reacted with fear, anger or stress.

You will probably realize that you overreacted and when you analyse the situation. You will see that there was probably much better ways for you to respond or handle the situation.

When you do allow your thoughts and emotions to hyjack you.

Your emotional part of the brain, which is only interested in your safety will take over and your thinking and feelings will switch over from logical and relaxed to survival and your fight or flight response will kick in.

The more relaxed you are:

  • The more clearly you'll be able to think
  • The better you're going to feel
  • You will be able to handle and cope with those stressful situations with a cool head and a calm composure
  • The more creative your brain will be and you will perform and do things much better
If you want to remain cool, calm and composed in all those situations where before you would react with fear, anger or stress.

The Keep A Cool Head audio hypnosis download will train your unconscious mind to generate new calmer behaviour blueprints that will become your new calmer and natural ways of responding.

All your true powers can be accessed, when you're feeling relaxed

Relaxation, flow and inner harmony is actually, your true natural state of being and existing.

When you are in a relaxed state. 

You enter a state of being where you are more powerful than your everyday thinking mind ever could possibly begin to imagine and comphrend.

Because when you're in your most natural, relaxed and flow state.

You will have access to your: 

  • True infinite awareness  
  • Universal intelligence, information and guidence
  • Your true inner powers 
  • You will be at your most talented best 
  • Limitless potential and creativity
When you're feeling relaxed, content and not having a care in the world. 

Your life will become so much easier and everything will seem effortless as you find things in general workout so much better for you.

On the flipside.

Stress and worry, makes you temporary stupid. It also blocks off your true powers, intellect and creativity.

When your mindset is negative and your experiencing stress, tenssion or negative emotions then you just cannot think straight or clearly.

Persistent stress, worry, anger, anxiety and emotional overwhelm can transfom itself into an uncomfortable and often, out of control habit that can become difficult for many people to break free from.

Persisten stress and negative emotions have many health and well-being consequences. 

When we are in a negative 

  • Physical state
  • Emotional state
  • Pschological state
Our bodies enter a state of disharmony and imbalance.

These negative states of being takes us out of our free flowing natural relaxed and feel good state of being and transforms us into survival mode.

Many people suffer from fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness because they have to: 

  • Work long hours
  • Raise their children
  • Fit in their chores
The stresses, chalenges and pressures of modern day living can leave us little time to relax and unwind.

However if you want to feel good, have better general health and live the best and most enjoyable experience possible.

You cannot afford, not to relax. And with a bit of self awareness, practice and mindfulness. You can learn how to remain relaxed during your everyday waking state. 

The more you worry and stress yourself out. The more stress hormones you produce which continues the cycle of stress and worry.

Persistent worry, stress and negativity can lead to: 

  • Emotional trauma
  • Obsessive behaviors and obsessive thinking
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Sleeping problems
  • Many health related issues
If you find yourself overly worried, anxious and stressed a lot.

You won't get the much needed relaxation that your body requires to: 

  • Rest iteslf
  • Restore itself
  • Repair itself
There are many more positive benefits of relaxing

  • You will feel better
  • You will think more clearly
  • You will perform better
  • You will feel more confident
  • Things will workout better for you
  • You will look younger
  • Regular relaxation can increase your life expectancy
During your sleeping state.

If you have ever wondered why you dream a lot or you have bad or bizzare types of dreams.

Then, very often the reason for this is because you are going to sleep in a negative state. And this is what is causing your mind to try and solve your unresolved worry or issue during your sleeping state.

Take Advantage Of Technology To Quickly Reach Deeply Relaxed Meditation States of inner peace, balance and tranquility.

Why relaxation is so important

Most people have the tendancy to push themselves to the limit, especially when they're working on their goals or trying to combine their jobs with bringing up the kids, keepin their family and freind happy and trying to fit in all their tasks ans chores.

The problem with pushing yourself to much is it can have a negative impact on:

  • Your health
  • Your wellbeing
  • Your quality of life
  • Your performance levels
The thing to be aware of, is.

Your health and well-being depends a lot on your ability to relax and quiten your mind.

Wouldn't you rather, spend twenty or more minutes a day, deeply relaxing.

If it meant that you would fall ill less and you felt so much better in yourself?

There have been vairious studies that demonstrate the importance of relaxation

One study clearly shows the crucial role relaxation plays in our ability to learn.

Back in 1990s a study that followed violin students at Berlin's Universität der Künste.

Uncovered, that those who structured their time, splitting it into practice and relaxation, were found to be the best violinists.

Not only do we learn better and pick things up easier and quicker when we are feeling relaxed.

Relaxation is also essential if you want to make and positive transformations and changes to your life.

Very often, problems and challenges either melt away or feel less significant when we are relaxed and balanced.

Relaxation is natures way of recharging your batteries, empowering you and giving you more energy and zest for life.

Although people tend to associate relaxation with the odd mini break or weekend away now and again. 

Relaxation techniques, will allow your body to restore and repair itself as well as helping you to calm your mind and body, helping you to restore inner balance and flow.

Regular relaxation will sleep better, and if you keep it up, not only will you have a better life experience, but you can even increase your life span. 

Because of your new found calm, you will experience a better mood and you will feel less irritable, so the people that you surround yourself with will also benefit. 

Unwinding after work

Some people live by the rule of.

Work hard, play hard.

But is this saying a good policy to live by?

We all have to work or do our daily household chores, which is a job within itself.

But, pehaps a better way of phrasing it might be.

Work, smart and efficiently and relax and enjoy your free time.

Because you can begin to train yourself to relax and unwind after work and then you can build on this and take things to the next level.

By teaching yourself how to be mindful and feel more and more relaxed at work and during your day.

Everybody needs a bit of me time

But, how much of your down time to you allocate yourself or put aside to have a bit of me time?

When you have had a hard and stressful day or you are trying to juggle to many balls in one go.

It can be hard for many people to swich off and unwind from the stresses, strains and challenges of their day.

The trouble is.

When you allow to much of your focus of attention to be put on your work or social commitments.

You can reach a point where you can train your mind to mainly focus on your:

  • Work 
  • Commitments
  • Things to do list
  • Worries, goals and problems
This can leave you feeling tired, frustrated, irritated and feeling emotional overwhelmed.

Which does not make you very good company.

When we feel in a stressed or bad mood.

It can cause us to take it on our friends, family and loved ones.

Setting yourself some relaxtion downtime and making this a habit can begin to start to train your mind and body, how to associate your me time with feelings of calm and relaxation.

One you make it a habit and you start to implement some daily relaxation techniques and rituals.

  • You will begin to feel more and more relaxed
  • You will begin to think more clearly
  • You will sleep better and more peacefully
  • You will wake up feeling relaxed and energized
Any build up of stress, tension or negative emotions is always an indication that it is time to relax.

Relaxation and the brain and body

Relaxation should happen naturally and it is the most natural state of both balance and harmony in the mind and the body.

If you observe animals in the wild, they know how to relax and when they should relax, as humans tend to ignore or override the signals the body gives off to let us know, it's time to take a relaxation break or a quick power nap.

Animals will alternate between all the physical activity they participate in and relaxation periods and they listen to what their bodies are telling them. 

Unlike humans who just try to carry on, dosing themselves up with yet more caffeine and high sugary foods and snacks, when their bodies are screaming at them, to slow down and take a rest.

There will be measurable changes in a person's body when they are relaxed or stressed. 

When we are calm, are muscles are more softer, our heartbeat is normal and we breathe freely and naturally and our emotional state is positive and calm.

When we are stressed, angry or anxious, then the body will take on many changes both chemical, emotional and physical.

Our muscles will become tense, we become emotionally aroused, our heartbeat increases, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline will be released into our bodies and our breathing becomes rapid and shallow.

Research also tells us, that beside all the chemical and physical changes that take place when we are stressed or experiencing negative emotions, our mood is also affected.

When we are relaxed, there will be an increase in the release of the feel good endorphins, such as serotonin which promotes feelings of calmness and happiness.

Natural and healthy relaxation techniques

Below are some of the many natural ways that you can help you to loosen those tense muscles, reduce your sensations of stress, chill out and experience deep feelings of relaxation.

Which will help you to feel better, improve your mood, boost your energy and improve your quality of life and well-being. 

1) Guided imagery to relax

You have an unbuilt mechanism within you that can quickly change your state, from positive and calm to negative and stressed and from negative and stressed to calm and positive.

And that inbuilt mechanism is callled your imagination.

Your imagination is powerful and it can help you to create and design and improve your life in many ways.

But if you use it in self defeating ways that it can be your own worst enemy.

The thing to be aware of that can save you a lot of misery and grief is, do not always trust your imagination and do not always believe your thoughts.

Use your imagination wisely and direct it to see things going well and right for you.

If at any time you notice the onset of stress, anger or anxiety arising. 

Imagine yourself at a beautiful or tropical location like you're on a beach or you're taking a walk through a beautiful meadow, by a lake or through a forest.

Engage all your senses and focus on what you can:

  • See
  • Hear
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Feel

2) Use hypnosis to relax and change

Self hypnosis is one of the best ways to achieve deep relaxation and regular rest and repair, it is also a great way to make positive and life changing transformations at the same time.

A short fifteen to twenty minute hypnosis session can give you the equivalent amount of relaxation as several hours of sleep would, along with meditation there is not a better way to relax and unwind. 

The beauty of hypnosis is the more often you use it the quicker and deeply relaxed you will become, the feelings of hypnosis can take you to a level of relaxation that you will not have experienced before. 

Regular repeated use of self hypnosis techniques is a powerful way to reduce emotional stress and maintain calm even in difficult situations.

Relax After Work self hypnosis recording

3) Standing and sitting with the least amount of pain

Although people generally class relaxation with things like meditation or resting and chilling out, you can improve your relaxation sessions and generally feel less tense, by making sure you have a nice poised, balanced and aligned posture.

Because it is hard to feel relaxed and balanced if you're standing or sitting in uncomfortable, painful or tense postures.

If your body has become out of its natural alignment with gravity, then it is going to make you feel tense, irritable and tired, because your muscles will have to compensate for your out of aligned body, which will cause stiffness, a loss of flexibility, aches and pains as well as depleting your energy resources.

The video below will show you how to align your body, so your muscles will relax and you will experience a better feeling mood.

4) Relax and observe nature

Although there are many modern and traditional ways to relax, you can relax in many other ways and forms. 

Walking and observing nature is like an outside natural way of meditation and it is a great way to unwind and relax and forget about your troubles of the day.

Walk away from all your stresses and worries and put all your focus on your surrounding environment.

Relaxing on a beach or at some other scenic or beautiful, tranquil and peaceful location, will quickly bring down your stress levels.

Some people find doing their hobbies can help them to relax, such as reading, gardening, fishing, photography or painting to name a few.

5) Listen to relaxing music

Listening to relaxing music is another great way to relax, piano and classical music can help to reset the mind and body to a more relaxed energy state.

When we listen to relaxing music, our brainwaves and body will mimic the beat and relaxing sound of the music and it will entrain the mind and body to match up with the calming energy of the soothing music.

There are some real good music and relaxation videos available on Youtube.

6) Have a nice warm bath

Have a good soak in a nice warm bath can help you to feel relaxed after a long hard day.

A warm bath is a good way of relaxing and easing those tense or aching muscles, it can also help to ease muscle pains.

According to the latest research. A warm bath, especially if it is taken around 3 o'clock in the afternoon can help boost your mood and even alleviate the symptoms of depression.

The research suggests that a warm bath is equally as effective as exercise to improve our mood.

7) Brainwave entrainment

Many people have been stuck in a negative or stressful state for such a long time that it has become their natural way of being.

These tense, stressed and negative feeling states can rob you of your self confidence and block out all your creative thinking and creative talents. 

Some try to think positive to try and transform themselves to a better feeling state.

The best way to shift to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace is by changing your feelings first, and then once you feel calm and at peace. Then focus on thinking better feeling thoughts.

Thanks to modern technology like Brainwave Entrainment. You can transform the way you feel by simply putting on a pair of headphones and hit the play button.

Some of the benefits of regularly listening to Brainwave Entrainment recording are:
  • Helps you to eliminates self sabotag
  • Helps Improve your visualization skills
  • Helps you to unleash your inner creativity
  • Helps you to boost your self confidence
  • Helps you to tap into the universal guidence and higher intelligence
  • Helps you to enhance your body, mind and soul connection
  • Helps to improve your focus and concentration
  • Helps you to feel deeply relaxed and balanced
  • Helps you to improve your health
  • And much more
You can enjoy these deeply relaxing and mood boosting feelings with the Audio Relaxation Session

8) Mindfulness

With all the challenges and stresses and strains of life these days and the pressure to keep up with the rising cost of living.

We seem to be an ever increasing society that is teaching itself to react emotional more and more to our outside circumstances and situations.

Add on top of the this, many people have become body conscious and insecure. It seems that many people are losing control over their feelings and emotions.

Emotiomal intelligence and mindfulness are an important tool and life skill that can help you to become the master of your emotions.

Knowing your triggers and be able to pinpoint the thoughts, imaginings and your external emotional reaction triggers will help you to be able to step in and quickly calm yourself down.

When you notic the onset of negative emotions, do not try to immediately change the way you feel, niether try to resist or suppress your feelings.

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Release any tension
  • Let your mind and feelings be, just observe and stay detached from your thoughts and feelings
  • Keep your focus on what you're doing or keep your focus external
The secret is not to want to try and stop, avoid or resist your feelings and emotions and your anxious thoughts.

Just change the way you react to your mind and your emotions. Let them be and just carry on with what you're doing.

9) Emotional overwhelm

One of the quickest ways to stress yourself and make you feel tense is to tell yourself that you need to rush or you need to get too many things done, to quickly.

When we feel that we have to rush, meet deadlines, get too many things done or we think too far ahead. It causes emotional overwhelm, stress and tension.

The secret is to relax and take your time to do things. Work at a nice and comfortable pace and take on thing at a time.

Do not physically try to rush. The funny thing is, when you relax and work at a natural pace, you tend to do things better and sometimes quicker.

Make a list of your task in order of prioity and do them, one at a time, starting with the most important first. Set yourself a realistic time line to complete.

Although you may need to plan ahead or set your vision or goal. Take one small step at a time and don't think further ahead than your next step.

Don't take on too much all in one go. it is OK to be busy, busy busy, but we all need to get some good quality me time and relaxation time.

10) Avoid too many stimulants

Try and limit your caffeine and alcohol intake or anything else that stimulates you.

When people feel tired, this is a signal that they need to rest for a while or they need more sleep.

However, many people ignore these signals and even worse. They grab a high sugary or high caffiene drink to help wake them up or get them through these natural signals to rest.

If you begin to feel tired during your day. Try to grab a quick five to ten minute power nap and make sure you relax and get a good night's quality sleep.

Before you go to bed. Have an unwinding down period.Turn off all your electrical devices and spend half and hour deeply relaxing and chilling out.

These days, more and more people are using computer gaming devices which bombard you with action packed images and stimulation that can trigger the release of adrenaline and symptoms of stress.

To make matters worse, gamers are responding with stress and their fight or flight response, whilst they're remaining sitting down, so they don't burn off all their accesseive energy. 

For some this pattern gets repeated day after day.

Try not to spend too long at one go on these devices and avoid going on them late at night.

Striking the right balance of relaxing and keep active is the key to a healthy, calmer and happier you. 

11) Meditation for the ultimate state of relaxation 

Disconnecting yourself from your problems, worries and emotional baggage and quieting your minds and relaxing your body with meditation can help you, reach a deep state of relaxation, inner peace as well as helping you recharge your physical, mental emotional states.

1) Meditation can help to boost your health. Regular meditation can reduce inflammation and it can help to improve your immune sytem and even lengthen your life expectancy.

2) Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety by helping you to regulate and manage your emotions as well as helping you to solve problems and worry less.

3) Meditation can help to improve memory, give you a better focus, improve your concentration, increase your intelligence and boost your creativity. 

4) Meditation will help you to let go of negative emotions and baggage as well as helping you to keep your mind in the present moment. You can use your new found skill of mindfullness and bringing yourself back into the here and now, during your daily life, should you find yourself engaging in negative thoughts and emotions.

5) As well as lowering your stress levels, meditation can improve your mood, which will make you more productive and efficient, and the more you practice relaxing, you will find you will have less trouble with negative emotions and your focus and awareness will expand. 

Take Advantage Of Technology To Quickly Reach Deeply Relaxed Meditation States of inner peace, balance and tranquility.


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