Self Control And Self Discipline The Route To A Better You And A Better Life

Self control and self discipline or the lack of it can affect us in many aspects and areas of our lives.

In fact it can be the difference between living a fulfilling, happy, healthy and successful life or living a life of struggle, lack, emotional suffering, stagnation, mediocre and unhappiness.

Self control and self discipline can help to keep us out of trouble and prevent us from doing things that we know we shouldn't.

A lack of self control and self discipline can get you into trouble. Derail your dreams and goals and lead you into participating in unhealthy habits and addictions.

Our self discipline controls 

  • Whether we eat healthy or not
  • Whether we pursue and accomplish our goals or whether we don't start them, we procrastinate or we give up
  • Whether we follow a healthy lifestyle or we follow a unhealthy lifestyle
  • Whether we study and learn new skills or knowledge or we stick with what we've got 
  • Whether we over spend or spend less 
  • Whether you give in to temptation or you resist it
  • It determines our levels of success
  • Determines whether we make good decisions or bad decision
  • The difference between whether you make a good impression or a bad one
Unlike the animal species. Humans have been given the choice of self control and self discipline.

We have the ability to be able to distinguish between what is good and bad, what is right or wrong or what is healthy or unhealthy for us.

Humans can evaluate things and situations and they can workout and plan for the possible pitfalls and consequences or the benefits and avantages of our actions and behaviors.

Learning the skill of self control allows you to be more successful in virtually any area or any part of your life.

When we lose our self control and self discipline. Then this can make life harder for you and more of a struggle.

The down side of a lack of self discipline

Many people wait until something goes wrong or the leave things to they decide that enough is enough until they realize that they have to make some life style changes and adjustments. 

We have all been there. We know that we are doing things that will negatively impact our lives or we know that we're doing or saying somehting that we know that we will later regret.

You know what it is like. Our heart or our gut intution is telling us one thing yet we follow our head or we go against our better judgement and inner wisdom.

We have all been there many times when you get that feeling you're about to do something or you know that you've done something that you deep down, you know that you should have.

Even when we know that there will be a price to pay or it will lead to suffering later. 

You still weaken and do it even though you know instantly that you're going to regret it or it will hold you back or slow down your progress of self betterment and success.

Yet with a bit of self control and self discipline. A better decision could have been made which would have resulted in a better outcome for you.

What makes things even worse. 

Even though you know what you're doing is wrong and you know that will be consequences to follow.

You continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. 

Until it becomes a way of living and a hard habit to break. As a result. You never really make any real sustained progress in whatever you're looking to change, become or achieve.

Lack of self discipline also leads to procrastination, which prevents you from getting things done and blocks off your chances of success.

These days. It is all to easy to get distracted off doing the things that you know are necesarily to achieve your goals or get the things done that need doing.

On the other hand. A strong will a strong mindest combined with a degree of self control and self discipline. 

Will take you in the right direction. Infact it can be the difference between you succeeding at what you do and becoming the best version of you and you not doing so well.

A lack of self control and self discipline can derail you in your attempts to achieve your personal and life goals.

It can ruin a good relationship. Lead you down the wrong path in life and even affect your health to a degree.

A strong sense of self discipline can help keep you fit and healthy. Which can even infuence how long you live and what quailty of life you live.

Self control is the first step to betterment

Self control is not all about having control over everthing that happens to you in your outside world. 

Because we cannot always control everything that goes on or how others treat us. 

But, we do have total control of our actions and behaviors and we do have the choice to choose how we perceive a situation and how we choose to respond to lives ups and down and lives challenges.

The first point of learning self control and self discipline starts within the mind.

If you have 

  • A fear of failure 
  • A lack of self belief
  • You self doubt or self sabotage yourself 
  • Low self confidence and self esteem
Then the chances are you won't attempt the very thing that is going to get you what you want or to where you want to be.

Once you learn how to achieve control of your mind and your emotions. You will have a greater chance of being successful and what you do and become.

To begin with. The first step is to achieve self control of your thoughts because control over your mind is an essential ingredient to gaining self control of your life.

Learning how to control and direct your mind is a great power that anybody can learn to cultivate.

Because if you want to eliminate and get rid of all the bad, the negative, the self limiting and self destructive stuff out of your life.

You have to learn how to work on controlling your mind, actions and emotions.

This starts by observing what is going on in your mind and what types of thoughts you're having that are driving your bad habits, the things that you're not happy with or anything else that you don't like or you know there not beneficial for you.

Awareness is the key to betterment and change.

Sometimes we have to take a good look at ourselves and our lifestyles before we can realize that we need to change things.

Examining are beliefs and attitude as well as looking at our actions, habits and behaviors and realizing where we are going wrong is the first step to betterment.

Knowing what we want and monitoring and changing our thoughts, habits, actions and behaviors will lead us to better self control.

When you have a strong faith in yourself and your abilities. That you can do it, become or have it,

And you combine this with a strong and powerful intent that no matter what, whatever it is you want is is yours. 

Then. You're going to get the life and things that you want

Many people struggle and never really try to better and change their lives in more credible and worthwhile ways.

Because they think that there is nothing that they can do or they have no say or control over their life, careers or their futures.

A good place to start is to begin listening to the thoughts you have and observe the actions and decisions that you take based on your thought processes.

You may also have to evaluate yourself and your life so far to find out how you ended up as things are now.

Do you listen to the advice of others? Do you listen to your inner guidence and intuition.

The universe is always trying to help us and give us subtle clues.

  • Sometimes this can come in the form of thoughts
  • Sometimes it can be what others say to us or tell us
  • Sometimes you may be lead to what you want like in a book, on a TV program, email or article, etc
When we are not listening to universal guidance. We miss out on the answers to our problems or the people and opportunities that can help resolve our problems or bring us the success and opportunities that we want.

Part of self control is all about. Being open and prepared to suspend your beliefs and idea's and be willing to listen to and accept the help and guidence of others.

Very often temptation is stronger than will power and this is one thing that you need to master before you become the master of self control and you lead yourself to a better you and a better life.

Often the real problem lies within ourselves.

This means learning to understand what is causing and driving 

  • Your actions, 
  • Your decisions
  • Your behaviors
When you exhibit a bit of self control and you tackle your problems or you make the changes one at a time.    

Then bit by bit your life will begin to change for the better and you will open the door to bigger and better things.

What areas' of your life is out of control

When we reach a point in our lives when everything seems out of control and we feel that the world is against us or nothing is working out for ourselves. 

Whether that be our thoughts and feelings. Our actions and behaviors, our lifestyle. Whether we are procrastininating, we are not getting the results that we would like, we just can't seem to get ahead or our attitude is wrong.

Thoughts and feelings of overwhelm might kick in and we can reach a point where we just feel stuck, defeated with a sense that we feel that we don't know how to pull ourselves out of our current situation.

Accepting your current situation and surrendering to it. Just let it be and let it go. Can certainly help.

Another option you have is to make a list of all the things that are bothering, upsetting and annoying you or write down the things you want to change, any unresolved problems that you have and anything that you want to do or achieve.

It is important to only deal with one issue or problem at a time or take on one challenge at a time.

But before you do this.

It is best that you spend a bit of time relaxing and working on your emotional and physical state. 

Because the best way to solve a problem or overcome a challenge is to fully understand whats causing it and to then get yourself in the right state of mind and body.

Learning how to pinpoint and identify the things, situations, thoughts and emotions that are responsible for your problems and how you feel is an important step to knowing how to change or overcome them.

Self discipline is also the key to success, betterment and the secret to unlocking the very best version of you. 

There is a lot of information and help these days that can help you solve your problems and help you achieve the life and success that you want.


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