Signs of depression

It is estimated that nearly one in four people suffer from depression sometime in their life. Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men and in many cases men and women show different signs of depression.

Depression can be an after effect of things going wrong often it is followed by long periods of stress, worry and anxiety but sometimes it can strike suddenly and out of the blue.

Anxiety a bit like depression is often about things or situations that we think we can not handle or cope with.

Anxiety can lead to depression because they are both linked as depression and anxiety have their roots in things going bad or when we struggle to cope with life events and circumstances.

It may be hard to pinpoint every bodies cause of depression because there may be one or more underlying factors such as environmental worries, lifestyle, health related, chronic stress and in some cases it may even be partly genetic.

Although for a few it might be genetic sometimes it can be a learned and mimicked behaviour that you have picked up from your parents and society, especially for those who had strict, critical or negative and unhappy parents.

During its early years a child can pick up on their negative energy and negative mannerisms and beliefs of those around them. 

If the mother is stressed, anxious or negative, perhaps the unborn baby matches and mimics the negative energy of the mother. 

Recent research has concluded that if any of your close family suffered with depression, then it can increase your chances of becoming clinically depressed by up to fifty percent. 

This does not necessarily mean you will develop clinical depression, but it may increase your chances. If you have happier, successful and positive parents then the chances are it will rub off on you.

Depression is a trance like state that can go on for a long time leaving you feeling weak and vulnerable you might think it will never end. 

It can imprison you in a deep, dark and lonely place within your own mind where you shut yourself off from all that is good in life.

Depression can leave you feeling lifeless and everything can become a battle or huge struggle where you feel lethargic and alone and you probably feel like isolating yourself and hiding from the world with the feeling that you don't want to do anything and everything seems pointless.

But you have to remember that this is not who you really are, it is your depression speaking and controlling every aspect of you. 

You're not a burden and you're not weak

One of the biggest struggles you will have is dealing with the stigma and misunderstanding that is associated with depression, which can leave you feeling that your weak and burden.

Often people who have little or no understanding regarding what it's like to be depressed through their own ignorance and lack of knowledge will offer you advise such as snap yourself out of it or pull yourself together.

Some might even in their bid to help, you might ask you things like? What have you got to be depressed about, you've got everything.

What they don't realize is, although your circumstances can play a role in how you feel, depression is a mindset and state of being and it's not all connected to our physical reality.

There are many people who have very little yet they are generally happy and their many people who appear to have it all yet they suffer with depression. 

Your mindset and your perception about your life and situations have more influence on your depression than they actual situations do.

Ff you're depressed it's through no fault of your own, you did not ask for this condition and if you could instantly snap out of it you would but it's not quite that easy because you very unlikely going to shift from feeling depressed to being happy overnight.

If your really struggling with depression then you should seek out help as well as doing things to help yourself because in the end you are your own best healer.

Some individuals have been stuck in a depressed state for so long now that it has become a normal way of living and a habitual pattern of behaviour and from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed life becomes a tedious battle and struggle to get through the day.

Depression can change the structure of the brain

A BBC Documentary about depression has revealed conclusive evidence that depression goes beyond just being a state of mind and it can actually alter the structure of the brain.

Studies, which are being conducted at the University of Manchester which have been going on for over fifteen years where they studied brain images in depressed people have learned that the hippocampus, which is part of the brain which deals with emotions and memory can shrink to up to twenty five percent in long term depressed people.

This means that the hippocampus in depressed people can change in structure resulting in this part of the brain behaving differently to those who are not depressed.

The good news is with the right treatment this can be reversed and the hippocampus can return back to normal size, but it does take time, it is estimated that depression can be cured so long as you follow a strategy or treatment plan in around three to six months.

Other studies have revealed that depressed people's brains over exaggerate negative images and situations and they lose the connection to true perceptions and reality as they become far more sensitive to the negative and worst case scenario.

The part of the brain known as the amygdala, which controls our emotional reactions, including our fear responses and pleasure responses in depressed and anxious people can become too active and emotionally aroused.

Depression and anxiety are closely linked and your amygdala's can become too sensitive to danger, doom and disaster and they can begin to make mountains out of molehills as they try to make sense of your feelings and your perceived version of the world you live in.

Your amygdala's do respond to feedback and self talk so when you calm your mind and body and you begin to challenge your negative beliefs and you start to face your fears bit by bit then they will begin to adjust and stop responding in fearful and negative ways.

In fact, with depressed, they overlook the positive because they have reached such a low point and it has become such a well practiced habit that they have without knowing it trained their mind to only think about the worst case scenario.

Symptoms of depression 

There are many symptoms and signs of depression and every bodies symptoms can vary a bit, depression imprison you in a bleak and dark lonely place and it robs you of the real you and your true identity.  

People who are not depressed have mood fluctuations but they generally return quickly to their base line of happiness whilst people who are depressed remain in the same low mood continuously where they feel empty and void of all other emotions except for the depressed feelings and emotions.

Some of the signs of depression are

  • Feelings of hopelessness and having a pessimistic attitude and mindset
  • Feeling tired and exhausted 
  • Feeling agitated, restless and irritable 
  • Loss appetite or in some cases overeating
  • Loss of interest in socializing and isolatating and cutting yourself off
  • Loss interests and hobbies
  • Feeling dis-empowered and unmotivated
  • In some cases suicidal thoughts or thoughts of life is not worth living
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping to much 
  • Physical symptoms in the body like digestive problems, aches and pain and headaches
  • Feeling low and lethargic 
  • Life seems pointless 
  • Self destructive tendencies 
  • Feeling that the world and everything is against you 
  • Feeling empty and numb


Some of the causes of depression 

At times life can seem to drag you down and even if your the most optimistic person in the world you will still experience difficult and challenging times.

Our experiences can shape our beliefs and perceptions but it's not so much the experiences that cause us all the trouble and although bad experiences can be painful at the time it is the after thoughts that you have about those situations that cause all the emotional pain.

Our early childhood impressions, negative beliefs and bad childhood experiences can be responsible for controlling 

  • Our thought patterns, 
  • Our behaviours, 
  • Our decisions 
  • Our emotions

Your childhood can have a massive influences on your adult life and it can affect every single area of your life, often our childhood beliefs and insecurities can lay dormant for years but years later they can rise to the surface and disrupt our ability to be the person we would like to be.

If you felt unloved, neglected or you were made to feel unworthy by your parents then this can have a negative impact on your self worth, self image and your self esteem that can be the underlying causes of some people's depression later on in life. 

Sometimes depression can be a result of a sudden traumatic experience, but more much of the time it can creep upon you in a more progressive build up of things going wrong, bad luck, bad lifestyle or an unfortunate bad run of upsetting circumstances. 

Often years of stress, bad thinking and worry can eventually take its toll on and you, other factors can be a result of how you react or allow your current situation to drag you down or a bad lifestyle. 

Often years of stress, bad thinking and worry can eventual take it's toll on and you, other factors can be a result of how you react or allow your current situation to drag you down or a bad lifestyle so getting over depression can mean a steady but progressive process.

If you have noticed your showing some of the signs of depression then the quicker you seek out help or do something about the better before you slump into a rut and down into a deep dark and hopeless mindset and physical state.


How you feel will have a massive effect on how you interpret you and what's happening in the world around you. 

If you in a happy and peaceful state, then you will cope far better with the stresses and challenges of modern day life than someone who is depressed because when your down things seem far more insurmountable.

When we feel down on our luck and we are experiencing a low and persistent mood, then our perception of ourselves and our world will be geared towards the glass half empty rather than it being half full.

Depression is fed by our negative feedback about how we respond to and perceive the situations, circumstances and events that we find ourselves in. 

As the depression takes hold, these low mood, feelings will often get worse over a period of time, causing the person to feel hopeless, dejected, demotivated and exhausted. 

Many depressed people put it down to things like losing their job, losing loved ones or when their relationship ended. Perhaps you may have lost your house, possessions or you have hit on hard times and you have lost or you have little money to name a few.

Although each individual reasons and causes of their depression will vary the symptoms of depression, like low mood feelings and the fact that they have pessimistic thoughts of hopelessness are pretty much universal.

 Some of the reasons why you may feel depressed

  • Low self worth or self esteem 
  • Feeling less or not good enough 
  • Emotional needs not being met 
  • Your basic life needs not being met
  • Your thoughts and your perceptions 
  • Your current situation or circumstances 
  • Your outlook on life and your future 
  • Posture and physiology 
  • Thinking your not achieving your goals 
  • Abuse or trauma 
  • Aging, overweight or unhappy with parts of your body 
  • Prolonged periods or worry and stress 
  • Stuck in a bad relationship 
  • You may feel undervalued or unloved 
  • Seasonal affective disorder 
  • Relationship and friendship issues

Some of the symptoms of depression can be

  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing
  • Fatigue, low energy and tiredness 
  • Physical or mental exhaustion
  • Over eating or loss of appetite 
  • Lack of motivation and drive
  • Persistent sad feelings or prolonged periods of feeling low
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Difficulty in sleeping 
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Irritable or restless behavior
  • Anger or frustration
  • Loss of interest in the things you once enjoyed
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Only thinking about the worst case scenario
Although it is important to be more positive and optimistic or even more important not to be negative there are many other factors that can cause depression. 

You will need to try and pinpoint your reasons and triggers for why you feel depressed, sometimes they are obvious but sometimes you can feel sad and depressed for no obvious reasons.

We all have our own outside emotional needs that need to be met, but sometimes a depressed person can be too reliant on everything being perfect on the outside.

Depression is a learned behaviour and much of it is caused by your perceptions and the beliefs you have formed based on your life so far or the current situation that you find yourself in.

When things aren't going so well for you on the outside it can lead to feelings of depression on the inside. If we feel stuck, were not getting the results we want, or our life is not going in the direction we want then this can lead to feelings of depression.

These days everybody wants more and many people are constantly looking for instant change and instant results where they just want a quick fix for their problem or situation.

Sometimes people can become so fixated on their issue and fixing it that they fail to look into the root cause of why they feel like they do or why they aren't getting the results and life they want.

Change your minset

Although there could be many factors that are contributing to your depression much of it has to do with your mindset and your perceptions of yours, your situation and your life.

Most people have been taught about how to look after their bodies and eat a healthy a well balanced, varied diet, we all know the importance of exercise or keeping active, but very few learn how to become the master of their own mind, thoughts and emotions.

Our feelings and behaviours are attached to our beliefs, our self talk and our perceptions and although it is important that you acknowledge and accept that you have a problem you must not fall into the belief and trap that this is something that you have to live with and learn to cope and adjust your life around your depression. 

If you think and come to believe that you cannot overcome your depression or you're somehow stuck with it for the rest of your life then no matter what you do and even if you get some temporary relief the chances are it will keep on returning.

We create what we expect and what we give our attention too, so develop a strong belief and having the faith that you can and will overcome your depression no matter how long it takes will set a good foundation of intent.

How do you create a strong belief? There are thousands of people who have already successfully overcome depression so if they can do it, then there is no reason you can't as we all genetically and physically built the same.

When you get stuck in a negative cycle, then you will experience those same old destructive thought patterns and negative emotions day in day out. 

Therefore is is essential that you learn how to quieten your worrying and anxious mind so you can give your mind and body some much needed and welcome rest bite from them same old negative thought patterns.

Constant worry and stress will dis-empower you and prevent you from falling asleep at night and if you want to give yourself an all important energy boost you need plenty of rest as well as getting a good night's sleep.

You do have the choice to choose to see and perceive things differently, these thoughts you're having are not true, they are just thoughts that are being driven by your depression, therefore you must not accept and act as if these thoughts are true, they are just thoughts and if they make you feel bad then they should be ignored, disregarded or overridden. 

People go through difficult times, sometimes through no fault of their own, but the trick for long term inner true happiness is not to attach to many physical conditions to your happiness.

If you're depressed then you must not assume you are lazy or weak because depression is a state that can suck the life out of you and zap all your strength, energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

One of the steps to overcoming depression is to stop those unwanted negative and self destructive thought patterns so you can start to plan for a better future.

Because once you become the master of your mind you will become the master of your feelings and emotions and when you do overcome your depression you will become so much stronger and more courageous than all those who think you should pull yourself together or those who once labelled you as weak and lazy.

Bit by bit you need to gradually start to reprogram your mind and just start to consider a better option or alternative to all the doom and gloom and there is always a better way to perceive a situation.

Depressed people tend to make negative assumptions and then over hype the negative, this will train and program your mind to only focus on the negative.

Look at things differently and start to challenge and change those negative views and try to do more of the things you enjoy or try to engage in more activities, interests and hobbies.

Start to become mindful and aware of those negative thoughts and learn how to let them pass on bye or replace them with more positive self statements, this will take time but you will get better and better.

Stop Unwanted Thoughts


Use other therapies as well as your medication

There is nothing wrong with taking medication for depression as it can help to stabilize you and pick you up. 

Some people need their medication to help them get through the initial dark stages and to help them to cope, but you should also follow up with a strategy and plan for a better and brighter future.

If you've just sunk into a rut, then the medication may be enough to lift you out of a low mood, but if you're clinically depressed, there will often be an underlying source so you will also need to address the root cause of your depression as well. 

You need to work on yourself, exercise is a great mood lifter as well as deeply relaxing techniques like meditation., you need to build your inner strength as well as working on your physical body.

When your feeling fitter and emotionally and physically balanced and aligned, then you will be more resilient and your coping mechanisms will be strong enough for you deal with whatever life throws at you.

There are many natural things you can do such as massage, meditation and hypnotherapy.

Take care of your body

Although you need to become the master of your own mind and emotions because emotional control is the key to a happy life, you will also need to take good care of your body.

Worry, anxiety, negative thinking and stress will deplete your energy levels, dis-empower you and leave you feeling mentally and physically drained and exhausted.

These days more and more people are living sedentary lifestyles which may contribute to our mood, especially if you're sitting or standing in rounded and slumped postures. Our bodies have been designed to be active.

Exercising and keeping active, active can promote calming and good feeling hormones that can relax and make us happy. 


Your posture and your body are directly linked to how you feel and to a degree your thought patterns so you won't try and obtain a relaxed and upright tension free balanced and aligned posture so that inner energy can flow freely around your body.

Because although you should not bend forwards, collapse or slump you must also avoid sitting or standing stiff, forced and too attention.

Our whole well-being is connected to our physical, mental and emotional health, bringing your mind and body into balance requires effort and motivation because getting out of depression won't happen by fitness but the rewards and benefits will be well worth your efforts.

What you eat can also have an impact on your mood and it is important to keep your blood sugar stable as it can prevent all those mood slumps. Getting adequate sleep and rest can also stave off low moods.

These days more and more people are opting for fast foods, and although there is nothing wrong with that, the basis of your diet should be rich in vitamins and nutrients. 

If you're sensitive or intolerant to certain types of foods, then that can effect on your mood and your body. Your journey to a better and happier life will take time, it's all about getting the momentum going and keeping it going.

You have not got to look for happiness because you've already got everything you want inside of you and at your disposal.

You can get the ball rolling the moment you decide to take control of your own mind, body and life.

Depression is a state of exhaustion, but it's not just a mental state of being your body will also have a massive impact on how you feel. If your body is run down, then this can leave you feeling low and even depressed.

Sometimes we can think our way into depression and unhappiness. One of the tricks to feeling good is to hold yourself in the peace and flow of the now.

When people develop a problem they can tend to hold it all inside where they endlessly focus on and live their life in the negative emotions of the problem where they allow the focus of attention to cause them endless misery 

Instead of letting go of what's hurting them and starting to plan for a better future they constantly ruin their day because their forever worried or pessimistic about the future or they won't let go of their negative past and they carry their negative baggage into each new day.

Natural cures for depression 

If you want to try a natural cure for depression which you can use with your medication then there are many natural new methods for healing depression that can give you a new lease on life!

Try to mix with positive people, stay active and keep yourself social engaged but also work with your doctor or therapist if you feel it is needed.

People who feel depressed are usually experiencing from either mental or physical exhaustion or even both.

Relaxation of the mind and body are essential to help stabilize you, energize you and give you back more control and relaxation and mastering your emotions is the very essence of hypnosis. 

Hypnosis will help you to make the transformation from the depressed state to a more relaxed and empowered state which will help you greatly to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of depression.

Your improvements will be gradual and progressive and before long you will begin to think less about those negative things and worries that have been draining all your energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

Then, once you get the momentum going you will begin to move out of that negative and depressed state as you find that your attention will shift to a more optimistic outlook as you experience more and more positive and feel emotions.

People think that the obvious cure for depression is to think positive and although it certainly helps to be more optimistic for those who have been stuck in a depressed state for such a long time it can be hard to think positive.

Your thoughts are important, but you might find it easier just to try and ignore those negative thoughts and just think about anything in general as long as it does not make you feel bad.

For people who suffer with severe depression then it can prove far better to try and change your feelings rather than attempting to think positive all day long which can be draining itself.

Our thoughts follow our emotions this means the emotions drive our thinking patterns, therefore if you change the way you feel then your thought patterns will begin to match your current state.

Once we slip into a negative state this evokes similar, likewise negative thoughts and stories in our mind which depict scenarios of hopelessness and doom and gloom which then evoke more negative feelings and this cycle and pattern will continue which will hold you in a negative state. 

Sometimes talking to a therapist can help you to release any suppressed emotions and help you to get things off your chest, however you don't want to keep digging up your past other wise you will activate all the hurt and negative feelings so it is much better to release and let go of your negative past and then focus on a brighter future to get those god feeling emotions.

Try to find your purpose, take up more hobbies and interests or follow your passion so you have something that will motivate you and keep you active.

If your current situation is causing you to feel depressed, then try to see the situation from a more positive lens and instead of it being an all or nothing scenario ask yourself is it the end of the world or a chance to change your direction or do something even better.

When we are allowing what is to determine our happiness, then it can block off all the good, exciting new ventures and positive opportunities that lay before us.

Do you ever hear or sing to yourself songs that conjure up sad feelings, often we have anchors that trigger off both happy and bad times.

Listening to sad songs, especially if you're going through relationship difficulties or reliving the past can make you feel even sadder especially as they can remind you of what you had but now you've lost.

However, you can reverse this into your favour where you think about past happier times and memories which can evoke good feeling emotions so if you find yourself slipping into a negative mood return to a happier memory and stay there a while.

If you find that you experiencing negative thoughts, stories or belief patterns that are responsible for you feeling depressed then try to change the way you see the situation in your mind’s eye. 

Change your beliefs and perceptions that are responsible for making you feel depressed so they not only begin to collapse the negative and limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns but they make you feel better as well.

Your nervous system has no idea between what is real and what is imagine therefore you can use the power of your mind to change the way you feel regardless of your situation just by changing your perceptions of your situation.

The big advantage of using your mind is, you can tell yourself or imagine anything and your body and emotions will have to match your mindset so you don't need any physical conditions or changes to change the way you feel.

Obviously some people are stuck in bad situations which they need to try and change and escape from. Often all you have to do to start to shift out of a negative state is to think or do the opposite to what's keeping you in that negative place.





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