Accelerate Your Learning And Upgrade Your Thinking With Sleep Programming

Overcome Fear, Eliminate Negativity, Create A Positive Mindset, Become A Better And More Successful You, All Whilsts You Are Asleep

Most people want to elinminate negativity as well as grow, expand and make positive changes to their life.

But very often they just haven't got the time or patience to do all the tedious action work, that is often necessary.

But, Imagine. 

Dropping off to sleep and waking up a better version of you.

Wouldn't that be great and wouldn't that be a whole lot easier. 

If all you had to do. To make what you desire and want, to become your new reality. 

Was to put on a pair of headphones, press play and just relax and drift off to sleep. 

Well this is now possible with sleep programming technology.

There are several positive advantages of sleep programming and learning whilst you sleep.

  1. You will be taking full advantage of your sleep time to make those positive changes and transformations
  2. Your everyday critical conscious mind, that often gets in the way and blocks off any of your attempts to make those life transforming changes, will be shut off
Your objective and critical mind can sometimes gets in your way and ruins your chances of making positive and last changes.

But as soon as you fall asleep.

Your critical and objective conscious mind will be shut off.

This is where sleep programming cds can help you overcome this challenging process of trying to consciously change through will power. 

Because. When you play the positive sleep programming cds. 

Your critcal mind, which acts as your own security guard. Shuts down for the night, the moment you drift off to sleep.

This will allow the positive commands and suggestions to go straight into your subconscious mind, where it really matters.

This will significantly increase your success rates and your chances of make those all important positive life changing transformation.

The reason why it is easier to change whilst you sleep is because:

Due to all of your past negative conditioning, experiences and programming. 

During the day, your mind works on its default mode and settings.

Therefore. Your mind uses all your negative programming and experiences as a feedback loop to guage how you thing, act, respond and behave during your everyday waking state.

This means. 

During the day, your mind and body is programmed to operate on auto pilot. 

And it is estimated that, on average.

About 90% or more of the time. During the day. 

You are running on automatic, which is mostly based on your past negative programming, limiting beliefs and emotional baggage.

Let sleep programming do the hard work for you

Most people at some point try to change there negative or limiting programming. 

After all, nobody wants to suffer or feel bad and most people are looking to grow and expand.

But they do it by trying to force themselves to say affirmations or force themselves to think positive through will power.

Or they try and change, whilst they're in a stressful or negative state.

The trouble with this is. 

Its is going to have little or no positive effects or longterm benefits.

Because. Your critical and objective mind and the old negative you and programming. 

Will reject and dismiss most of those positive afirmations and positive thoughts.

And it is virtually impossible to change if your stuck in a stressed or negative state. 

In fact, trying to change whilst your tense, stressed or feeling negative can actually backfire on you and make you feel even worse.

The key to change is when you are at you most relaxed and peaceful state

Ask, yourself.

When are you most relaxed?

Whilst you are asleep.

Your most powerful state of being and your most powerful state for change. 

Occurs when your mind is calm and centered and your body is in a relaxed and balanced state of being and harmony. 

In this natural relaxed and free flowing state. 

Often described as being in the zone or being in the here and now.

You will be in complete control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It is well documented that things go much better for us when we are in the zone.

This is when we are at our most ultimate creative and most powerful state. 

This is where all our desires and intentions start to come true and manifest in our lives. 

In this zone state. We perform at our peak performance best and it becomes easier to make any positive changes.

You can enter the zone state, such as at times when:

  • You are reading
  • Driving
  • Watching a film
Have you ever noticed that when your engaged deeply with something. 

You forget about your problems and issues.

The trouble is:

Most peole struggle to remain in this all natural. Feel good, calm and balanced state which is necessary to have all your wants and desires met.

Usually it does not take long before something grabs your attention or your mind wonders off onto a negative thought, problem or concern.

As soon as the mind starts to overthink, especially a problem or something that is worrying or bothering you.

You enter that negative, fearful and self destructive state.

When our body is out of balance, our mind wonders onto negative thoghts and situations.

We also enter these negative and liw vibrational states when we react negatively to our external world.

We feel negative and we lose our true power. 

More things tend to go wrong for us and we enter the low vibrational energies of negative attraction, self sabotage and disempowerment.

This is when our mind switches to auto pilot and it's negative default setting.

All the time your mind is overthinking and wondering.

This means you are being run by your subconscious mind and if a lot of your programming is negative.

Then this will reflect in your life in many negative ways as well as impacting your: 

  • Thinking 
  • How you feel 
  • How you act 
  • Your behaviors 
  • How you react or handle challenges
  • What you do or don't do
  • How successful you become
  • And much more
And change becomes virtually impossible.

If you want to take charge of how you feel and your life. 
You have to change your subconscious programming. 

Because once you achieve that.

Your automatic daily subconscious programming will become positive and your mind will be operating from a point of power and positivity.

You can struggle for years and years with the same

  • Emotional issues 
  • Bad habits
  • Low confidence emotions 
  • Low self esteem
  • Obsessive behaviors
  • Sleep related problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Low moods
  • Stagnation
  • Limitations
Just because of your negative subconscious programs.

Yet, just by changing your negative subconscious programming and blocks.

All of a sudden.

Your  problems and issues will seem to dilute and melt away and all of that negative stuff becomes insignificant and just fades away.

Once you have deleted all your negative and limiting programming that has been causing you all that emotional truama, self imposed limitations and suffering.

You will be coming from a good feeling creative place where all your true powers can be accessed and all your wishes and desires can start to come true.

This will open the doorway to new opportunities and idea's and you can start moving forward in a positive direction and you can start to create and design the life you want and desire.

Instead of the one you have inherited through your past negative programming and negative life experiences.

As the new changes start to take hold.

You will soon start to feel better, everything will start working out for you and more thinfs will go your way.

And in general you and your life will start to get better and better.

Because with your new positive, limitless and supportive programming.

Most of the day you will be operating automatically off your new programming instead of your inherited, default, negative  settings.

So if you want to get rid of the old negative stuff and in replace it with the new positive programming and you would like to do it at a time that does not interfere with your daily life and at a time when you're at your most relaxed.

You might be interested in trying the highly advanced Sleep Programming cds.

The best time to change is whilst you're relaxed

Thanks to technology you can get so much more you from your sleep than just mere rest. 

With the new sleep programming CD's, you can now program your mind to overcome a multitude of hurdles while you’re sleeping.

It is well documented that the best time to access your all powerful subconscious mind, the part you need to rewire in order to make positive and long lasting changes is when you're in a deeply relaxed state, and you cannot get any more relaxed than when you're asleep. 

So why not take full advantage of when you're at your most deeply relaxed.

The reason why people struggle to solve their problems or make the positive changes is because you cannot solve a problem or change for the better if you're still in the negative energy that is causing it or blocking off, the solution.

This is where sleep programming comes in, because for many, the only time they're relaxed, is when they're fast asleep.

When you're deeply relaxed, such as when you're asleep your mind will become more susceptible to change and this is where sleep programming comes in because it has been designed to fully maximize your sleep state. 

This is the time when your critical conscious mind is in sleep mode, thus making it an ideal opportunity to apply new positive commands and affirmations.

Meaning they will enter your subconscious mind unchallenged because the logical mind will not be able to interfere or get in the way.

There is a wide range of things you can improve on whilst you sleep

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Boost your career and business success
  • Improve your relationships
  • Increase your IQ score
  • Learn to love yourself again
  • Lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose forever

Sleep is the most important part of our day. It is a time when we recharge our bodies and during the relaxed sleep state our minds become more susceptible to hints and suggestions. 

You're going to spend a lot of your life sleeping so why not utilize this time of rest and susceptibility, you can reprogram yourself without losing any downtime and without having to do anything other than your normal sleep!

It doesn't get any easier than changing whilst you sleep

This is where sleep programming offers you a distinct advantage because the benefits are, you can make those changes without sacrificing any or your down time. 

The good news is, we spend about a third of our life sleeping, so why not put that free time to better use so you can make the most of this valuable but largely untapped opportunity for change and personal growth. 

The big advantage of sleep programming is, you can drift off to sleep and wake up a new person without having to do anything, each night you fall to sleep is an opportunity to wake up and make a new beginning.

It is well known through out the self help industry that the best time to change is, the moment your about to fall asleep and the very first few minutes on awakening.

The bit in the middle whilst your sleeping which posses even better chances for improvements as been up until now left untapped because you cannot consciously visualize or make improvements when your fast asleep. 

But that has all changed thanks to new technology and better understanding.

This means you can now utilize and take full advantage of the the hours you are sleeping by playing the latest cds that have been designed for sleep programming. 

You cannot make lasting changes and improvements unless you make the changes on a subconscious level.

All new changes and improvements have to start within the mind first, you have to make the changes in your mind before they can reflect outwards in your behaviors, actions and your outer reality. 

Everything that ever happens has to start off as a thought in the mind, then it becomes projected into our reality or behaviors.

Change your inner beliefs through sleep programming

Most people want to change, but they do not like doing the mind work or putting in the time and effort which is necessary to get the results they want, most people have not got the time or patients that is required to make the desired changes. 

And even for the ones that do make the effort they soon lose their focus of attention as they quickly find their mind drifting onto something else. 

Sleep programming is the latest way to learn while your asleep, it is an ideal way to improve your life if you have not got the time to do it in your waking hours. 

It is no secret that the biggest changes take place when we are in a relaxed state this is why techniques such as hypnosis and meditation are so effective for making changes but you're at your most relaxed when you are asleep. 

It's a bit like hacking into the part of your mind to change the unhelpful program-mes while the guards are asleep and thus nothing can interfere with your attempts to change the old beliefs that are holding you back.

Learning while your asleep makes personal development easy. 

Because, you do not have to motivate yourself to do anything and you will be making greater use of your sleep time, finding a simple solution to create the life and circumstances you desire is the best route to take.

Sleep Programming One Of The Most Powerful Tools For Personal Development

Creating the life you want should be easy, simple and effortless, all you need is to develop new skills and replace old limiting beliefs and bad habits. 

Life should be free of negative resistance, accept what happened and let it go, things go wrong, that's part of life just don't dwell on them.

Set your goals but do not put too much pressure on yourself, turning your dreams into reality should be fun and enjoyable, they should not be stressful and frustrating. 

We think if only I had more money or confidence and although they will make our lives better, our pursuit for them can cause us to try to hard and do too much, this can actually push the things we want away from us.

Trying to increasing your confidence, lose weight quickly, improving your relationships, becoming a luckier person, letting go of stress, become a super-positive thinker or speed up your brain capacity is achievable for anybody. 

But life is too short to stress ourselves out by trying to hard to work at changing, self development should be made easy and effortless in this modern day age, we can sometimes end up feeling frustrated because we think we are not reaching the levels we expect we should. 

A lot of the time we are making improvements without even realizing it, sometimes we don't realize how far we have come because we forget how bad we used to be, small changes each day can make a massive difference over a longer period of time. 

Many people do not get the time, patients or energy to put in the required amount of work they need to do to achieve their ambitions, many also cannot maintain the necessary amount of concentration which is sometimes needed to get the results you desire.

But imagine if it was possible to make the changes you want without having to make any effort on your behalf, what if you could learn while you were asleep. 

Well. it is now possible thanks to and it's all down to an ingenious audio technology known as "sleep programming."

Sleep programming is officially more powerful than hypnosis. It's recently been proven by San Diego University -- and is used daily by the US Government to help train new military recruits. 

How does it work? Simple! Just play one of the special Sleep Programming CDs on loop as you fall asleep and then get ready to wake up a new person.

This is considered to be the fastest and most exciting way to change, the big advantage of sleep programming is it will leave you free to focus on all the things you want to think about and do in your normal waking hours. 

Just listen to the audio recordings at night and then let the changes happen and forget about trying to change during the day.

You Can Find Out More Information By Visiting 

The Learn While You Sleep Website 





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