Turn That Frown Upside Down  Lift Your Mood By Just Smiling

As the old cliché' states it cost nothing to smile, there are many health benefits to gain by just re-adjusting your facial expression, but according to the latest research it suggests that smiling is good for your health, happiness and general all-round well-being.

 But the benefits of smiling does not stop there, it is believed that smiling can even help you to live longer, when you smile you are signalling to your body that everything is OK, your body will respond to this signal by releasing your feel good endorphins. 

The good thing about smiling is that even if you fake a smile you will still receive the positive benefits, and you do not even need a reason to smile either, as a forced smile will still improve your mood no matter how bad you feel. If you approach a stranger and smile at them you will be greeted with a much warmer and friendlier response than if you walked up to somebody and scowled at them.

The latest research is now suggesting that smiling can even add on years to your life. Smiling will put you in a more positive mood thus it will make you feel better. They say that smiling for about ten times a day can help you to live longer and the good news is it will not cost you a penny. 

But not only does smiling bring joy and happiness to you, it can also lift the people around you, and you do not have to a exaggerated or over the top smile because even a slight smile can make you feel good. 

The old saying turn that frown upside down is one you should always bear in mind. When you find yourself half way through a negative conversation, just smile and don't finish the negative statement or conversation.

Smiling Can Evoke Positive Feel Good Moods 

Research by psychologist Robert Zajonc suggest " that there is compelling evidence that smiling makes people feel happy and evokes positive feelings, while frowning has the opposite effect to smiling and decreases positive feelings, and Robert Zajonc and his colleagues found that regular smiling leads to psychological changes in the brain which cools the blood, which makes people feel more happy." 

So it is important to get into the habit of smiling because when you smile the body is fooled into believing everything is al-right and this can help combat stress, psychologist suggest that the muscles in a face are connected to our mood which they call the facial feedback hypothesis, and they believe that facial expressions do affect our feelings, thoughts and emotions and the emotions which are linked to smiling are joy and happiness.

The good news about the connection between facial muscles and emotions is that the feedback loop works both ways, when we are natural happy and smiling it is associated with positive emotions.

But because our facial expressions can change our emotions and feelings if we are feeling down or tense, when we change our facial muscles to a smile for a few minutes because of the loop our emotions respond to the smile, because basically we are tricking ourselves into feeling a positive emotion.

People who smile think more positive and they usually achieve more and feel happier because they are more optimistic. Research suggest that people who are more optimistic are generally more healthy and they are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle because of their positive outlook.

It is a well known  fact that positive and optimistic people are more successful and often live longer, as opposed to frowning which is associated with a more pessimistic outlook of life. 

The old saying that more muscles are required to frown than to smile has been passed on through generations, meaning it is more exhausting to frown than it is to smile and the body has to work harder when we frown, but there are more reasons to smile because frowning is associated with stress, frustration and tension.

Smiling and laughing has both physical and emotional benefits, and regular laughing can also help people overcome depression, and frequent smiling is believed to be helpful to lower blood pressure, increase your immune system helping you catch fewer colds, so smiling is a valuable tool which we all posses which has many positive benefits.

However this can work both ways and if we smile our mood can improve making us feel more relaxed, especially if we combine a smile with slow deep breathing. 

Smiling regularly can lift our mood because when we smile it releases endorphin's (including serotonin) the body's natural pain killers and feel good neurotransmitters, which help make us more happy and shift us to a more positive and calm energy state.

Smiling Will Make People Warm To You

A very simple but effective way to feel better more often is to smile and this simple but often forgotten expression can have an instrumental effect on how you feel, smiling more often can change the you feel, plus smiling will also help your breathing because when you smile it opens up your airways allowing more air to flow up your nose.

When you smile it will draw other people to you and make them feel more at ease, it gives a signal of trust which is understood in every country. Smiling is regarded worldwide as the expression of happiness. it is contagious and it makes a person come across as more pleasant, trustworthy and sincere, people who smile are recognized as more friendly and sociable.

When you greet someone with a smile it makes them feel more welcome and at ease, and smiling will increase your chances of having a conversation with a stranger especially if they are the opposite sex, because people who smile come across as more approachable and friendly, smiling is also a powerful communication and persuasion tool.

There is believed to be eighteen different variations of smiles globally which are used for different situations, some are to greet you with a warm welcome other forms of smiling are for a gesture of acknowledgement that you understand something. 

Smiling frequently can also help you look younger and more attractive, when you smile it lifts the muscles in your face and helps relieve facial tension, and it is the facial tension and frowning which causes the deep wrinkles and frown lines.

Smiling can also help people get a job and gain promotion at work, because people who smile come across as more pleasant and confident and sociably friendly to their employer, and a regular smile will make you stand out more, smiling is especially beneficial if your have to interact with customers in your line of work. 

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Over the years most of us have spent too much time frowning and grimacing and eventually this becomes a habit and are natural facial expression is one of frowning. in order to break this habit and learn how to naturally smile more often we need to retrain our minds to make smiling become a habit.

Research suggest that people who are happier live longer than people who are depressed so because the health benefits from smiling are so beneficial it is something we all need to do a little more often.

Sometimes trying to force yourself to smile can be short lived because no matter how hard we try we can soon become distracted and resort back to the old habit of frowning. 

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All you need to do is just Smile More



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