Awaken Your Inner Spiritual Self And Make The Shift To A Happier-More Contented, Healthier And Powerful You

Are you going through a difficult period in your life at the moment? 

Are you being dogged by persistent and unwanted negative thoughts and feelings or do you feel emotionally overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, low or stressed a lot of the time?

"The say the difference between heaven and hell, is. When you transcend into heaven, you let go of all your emotional pain and suffering"

The good news is. You have not got to wait until you leave this experience, before you can experience those blissful feelings of love, joy, calm and happiness.

Because, with a little bit of self awareness and effort. You can learn how to feel great, here on earth.

You may feel as if you're being punished but your emotions are really acting as your inner guidance system. 

Negative feelings and emotions are a signal that are telling you that you need to address a situation, think differently, make some changes or do things differently?

Positive and calm feeling emotions, are telling you, everything's fine and you're doing things right.

Have you had enough of your emotional suffering and are you ready to embark on a new journey of spiritual enlightenment which will help you to find inner peace, happiness, better wellness and emotional freedom?

Before you can set yourself free so you can feel better and allow yourself to live the life you want and deserve. 

It is essential for you, to learn how to manage your stress and emotions, tap into your spiritual powers as well as being more mindful and present in the experience of moment. 

The meaning of life is not about worrying and stressing yourself about what might go wrong or spending all your time being held hostage by your painful past or negative experiences.

The real meaning of life is about enjoying the present moment or planning for things to go right or planning for a better future.

This may require you to take a good look at yourself and your lifestyles. 

So many people are over stimulating themselves both externally and internally. When what they really need is to calm and slow down their system and themselves. 

Many people think that they need to change things on a physical level to resolve their problems and challenges or obtain or do things on an external level, to make them feel better or happier. 

Of course, in some cases. Changing your situations or getting out of a bad situation can help to relieve your pain and suffering. 

But very often it is a inner sign that you need to do some emotional and mental work on yourself.

The trouble is. Most of us, have never been taught how to manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Because of this lack of understanding and awareness, many people are needlessly suffering on a almost daily basis.

Nobody wants to suffer spiritually, mentally or emotionally. 

But, because people do not know how to control their mind, feelings and emotions. They often rely on or resort to other coping tactics, to try and help them numb, blockout or suppress their emotional pain an suffering.

Such as alcohol or even drugs, distraction methods, escapism or avoidance tactics.

At best, coping measures, only offer you a bit of temporary relief at their worse they make your suffering and pain, worse.

The truth is. You cannot outrun your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but you can learn how to manage and control them and once you have learned how to master your emotions.

"You win at life"

Spiritual healing

Although the mental and emotional work is very important. Your real powers lie in your ability to connect and tune into your true spiritual powers.

If you're suffering and struggling right now you need to know that all suffering can and will pass if you allow it to. 

Can you remember all the good times that you had, before all the dark clouds and negative times, descended upon you and stole your energy, soul and spirit?

Because, everybody has experienced good times. If you think back, it hasn't always been this way nor it does not always have to be this way.

The main things that chain you to your bad feeling times are.

Are your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

So how can you stop your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The really important thing to be aware of if you want to set yourself free, is. 

You can't stop your thoughts, emotions and feelings through trying to fight them, suppressing them, trying to defeat them or by resisting them.

Endlessly fighting with your thoughts and feelings or the voices in your head will never resolve your inner battles and conflicts.

We all have a whole range of thoughts each day. Ideally you want positive, neutral or constructive thoughts, because they carry with them positive or calm feeling energy.

If you stop and pause for a minute, instead of following your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions

You'll discover that there are always better ways of perceiving your world, situations and your life. 

Sometimes a shift in your attitude or perceptions, is all that is needed, to change the way you feel and the direction you're heading.

It is not just your choice of thoughts that are important. How you respond to your thoughts are equally as important. 

Your thoughts direct your actions, feelings and behaviors as they will provide you with a story and commentary of everything you do.

Your emotional mind is always trying to make sense of your feelings and your environment, very often if you change your perceptions or feelings, your thought processes will change as well.

Negative thoughts are self destructive, self defeating, self limiting and self torturing. They always put a negative spin on you, your capabilities and the direction you're heading.

Negative thoughts interpret you, your experiences, your life, your world, your situations and events in a pessimistic way.

Thoughts, especially negative thoughts. Often become a well practised and repeated patterns and ways of thinking and looking at you and your life. 

But is is just as easy and a lot less painful to make positive and constructive thoughts a well practised habit.

Being mindful and recognizing your patterns of thinking, behaving and responding will help you identify, interrupt and break and negative thought patterns. 

NLP and self hypnosis are great methods for breaking your old negative, emotional thoughts patterns, responses and learned negative behaviors.

Because learning how to pick up and break your negative and unhelpful emotional thinking patterns, feelings and responses is a valuable, life transforming lesson to learn.

Don't trust your thoughts, change them

Your mind can be very good at jumping to conclusions, making assumptions or trying to predict what it thinks might happen. 

Most of us have evolved to think the worst case scenario and ignore all the better options and alternative ways of perceiving our situations and ourselves.

This can lead you to: 

  • Limiting and tunnel thinking
  • All or nothing ways of thinking
  • Only seeing the worst case scenario 
  • No way out thinking patterns
  • Playing the victim or blame game
  • Pessimistic thinking
  • Over traumatizing or catastrophic lines of thinking and imagining

Negative thinking can be a hard habit to break, often because it is being driven by negative feelings and emotion, this is why it is often easier and a much better approach to change the feelings first.

Any form of relaxation, such as meditation, hypnosis or breathing techniques or engaging in activities such as.

Tai chi, yoga or the alexander technique will help you to change the way you feel.

Another incredibly important thing to be aware of is. 

Those negative thoughts, inner voices and feelings that keep playing in your mind aren't you. They are just a reflection of how you're currently feeling and reacting to something.

At times when that inner negative voice is plaguing and tormenting you.

Ask yourself. How can you be sure that any of those negative thoughts and beliefs are accurate or true?

They are just thoughts and beliefs and all unhelpful thoughts and beliefs can be changed.

An important trap you should always try to avoid is arguing, fighting, putting yourself down or criticising yourself.

It is OK to challenge the way you think and ask yourself questions.

It is good to change the way you think about things or yourself. 

But avoid fighting with your mind, feelings and emotions.

Because if you do that you cannot win and they will defeat you every single time you try.

Let go of your emotional attachment and tap into your inner greatness

One of the hardest things people have to deal with is their emotional attachment.

The sooner you can learn to let go of your emotional attachment, give up the fight, accept what is and let it go.

The smoother your life journey will be and the quicker you will arrive at your desired destination.

Because there is nothing you cannot have, do or become when you're in the zone and you're connected to your spiritual and creative powers.

As soon as any obstacles, challenges or problems arise. Find the best and most calmest way to deal with them or resolve them and try and maintain a positive mental attitude that everything will turn out fine.

Unless you're using your mind to constructively and creatively solve your problems. Do not become internally and emotionally involved with your external problems.

Fix your external problems with an external solution and create a place of inner peace and mental clarity within you.

Should you try to stop or change a bad feeling thoughts?

You don't like the negative thoughts or the thoughts of discomfort entering your head, so how do you stop them?

Instead of spending hours, days, weeks or even months and energy trying to stop negative thoughts and feelings.

I would encourage you to change them.

When you have a negative thought or imaging. 

You can write down each negative thought down on a piece of paper then you can write down beside each negative thought or belief, whether you think it is true or false.

Try and break the emotionally negative patterns by challenging and changing the seed thought or belief.

Use positive, reassuring or encouraging self talk.

Don't pull in the opposite direction of your thoughts and feelings or don't try and suppress or push your thoughts and feelings away.

You're having those thoughts and feelings for a reason that needs addressing or a problem that needs resolving or releasing.

Sometimes accepting what is bothering you and then releasing it and changing the way you perceive your situation can resolve your problem.

Other times you may need to calm your mind and body and then connect to your spiritual guidance to come up with a answer or solution.

You can do this in the form of:

  • Prayer
  • Asking the universe for help
  • Writing down, whatever it is you need resolving or help with

If you think your alone, then you will struggle to head in the right direction, but once you realize that you have your own spiritual and higher guidance .

Once you learn to tap into your higher self, guidance and powers and energy. Then there will be nothing that you cannot do, achieve or overcome.

When those negative thoughts and feelings strike. 

Get out of your head. Bring yourself back to the now, put all your attention on something external or even your breathing and allow the feelings to carry on and pass through you and away without any resistance whatsoever.

Problems and challenges can be more easily dealt with and overcome, when you're coming from a inner place of clarity of mind and calm of body.

Try not to turn a small issue into a big and long lasting issue.

Negative words cause negative resistance, hurt, pain and suffering.

Change negative thoughts and words to their polar opposite like the examples below

  • Dislike to like
  • Hate to love
  • Can't to can
  • Dreading to looking forwards to
  • Problem to challenge I can overcome

Instead of dreading, worrying and fearing. Change them to I am happy to, I love etc.

Because you cannot create the life that you want, if you're continually fighting with yourself, what is, what has happened or what might go wrong.

Every thought makes its own vibrational energy tune and frequency.

Positive thoughts and feelings of joy, calm, optimism, happiness and love will take you over the river of fear, doubt, negativity, uncertainty and suffering.

A positive attitude and a positive outlook will transform you from a negative thinker to a positive and optimistic thinker and go getter.

Combining the right tools with the right positive energy

You could describe the human physical form of us, as the energetic and digital projection of our inner self.

If you believe that your life is governed by your physical five sense reality and you allow your life to be determined, defined and dictated by your five senses and your past programming.

Then you will risk remaining a prisoner to your five sense reality and you'll be severely limiting and handicapping your true intuition, your inner sixth sense powers and your higher spiritual connections.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail to make the positive changes in their life or they struggle to make their goals, dreams and desires, become a reality.

Is often because they are using self help tools and techniques whilst they are still stuck in a negative, tense and stressful state.

With time, understanding and a bit of conscious effort you can transform from a helpless and negative state to a place of inner peace, optimism and love.

The first step to finding love should always be found within yourself.

If you try and combine self help tools like positive thinking, visualization and affirmations with stressful and tense feelings or negative emotions and negative energy. 

Then you're not going to create a powerful state that is required for making those positive life transforming changes and results that you're seeking.

But when you start to combine positive thoughts, feelings and emotions with positive actions steps then you will finally have created the magic and potent force and energy, that can lead to big and wonderful changes and betterment.

Because when you mix the potent combination of positive thoughts, energy and action together.

Then you will have discovered the secret formula and positive energy force that is required for creating the life and things that you desire the most.

Another added bonus is for you is. 

You're also going to feel better, happier and healthier and you will find everything becomes easier and better for you as you align yourself up with the way nature and the universe intended you to be.

Because as you feel the positive and calm energy flowing through your body the creating energy forces of the universe will set the wheels in motion for you to go and live a happier, better and more rewarding life.

If you're ready to take the next step to your emotional, mental and spiritual mastery that will supply you with the strategies and techniques to get control of your emotions, your life, your true greatness allowing you to create your own destiny and life of your choice.

You may be interested in the Life Mastery Program

Maintaining Your Spirituality-Mental And Emotional Health

If you're like many people. Then there is a good chance that there are certain aspects of your life you are just not happy or satisfied with. 

Perhaps you would like a better or more rewarding job or a better relationships or maybe you want to lose weight, let go of some old bad habits, feel good  or rid yourself of your emotional baggage.

With a bit of practice you can learn how to feel good without having a reason once you learn how to get your mind, body and your emotional state in sync, harmony and balance.

Because you already possess the power to rid yourself of your emotional and mental pain and improve your wellness and happiness.

You may have already tried some of the standard self help tips and guidance.

Like, thinking positive, visualizing your goals or saying your affirmations.

These are all good habits and techniques to apply to your life. But they will have little positive effect if you don't really believe them or you don't already feel, calm, happy and positive.

The good news is. It is possible to shift towards a happier, more successful and healthier life. 

But this does require spending a bit more time on working on the parts of your life that need improving or changing and a little less time spent, neglecting or avoid doing all the bad stuff.

Many people are well aware that they need to make some positive and healthy lifestyle changes. 

Because, we all reach a point when we know we need to change things, achieve a goal, overcome a challenge or fix a long time problem that we have been struggling with.

But for many, the thought of making these positive changes can seem a bit scary, unappealing and overwhelming.

Probably, one of the biggest, but most important parts of people's lives that they neglect is their emotional and spiritual health.

The downside to neglecting your emotional and spiritual health means your disconnected yourself from the connection to your inner being and your true authentic self.

Which is preventing yourself from accessing your true inner powers and stopping you from being grounded and present in the peace and calm of the now. 

Spiritual power

If you want better relationships, more success, your own business, feelings of inner peace and happiness or better health.

The first step of betterment has to start with you focusing on your own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Because you're spiritual power is the secret to a better you and a better life and when you learn you to tap into your true spiritual powers, creativity and intuition then you will have access a life beyond limitations.

These days it seems that people spend to much time stimulating themselves and not enough time relaxing and being present in the moment.

Because when you're vibrating in perfect alignment with the universe with a clear focus and clear and calm state of mind and body. 

Then the universe will surrender and open up the door to new exciting opportunities, idea's, circumstances, information, answers and solutions to your problems and people to help, assist and guide you to a better you and a better life.

You often here the words spirit and soul being spoken. The spirit is often described as the non physical part of us that is connected to God, source energy, the cosmic internet, the higher self or whatever you choose to call it.

You could define the spirit as being the true eternal self, of infinite awareness and infinite possibilities which is directly connected to the all knowing universal mind.

Whereas the soul is seen as the mind and body.

Effectively we are spiritual beings having a physical experience through our bodies.

Because our body allows us to interact with our world, so we can have a five sense reality experience.

The mind and the body can trap the spirit in a self imposed prison of limitations and emotional suffering.

In their attempt to lift their spirits, many people turn or look for material things, events or possessions.

But although having material things and situations to look forwards to and enjoy is good, they are never the solution to real lasting happiness.

Material things are just illusions to provide us with fun, entertainment, pleasure and joy.

It is how you feel that really matters and with a bit of practice you can teach yourself to feel good no matter what you're doing.

Therefore it should be your dominant intention and number one priority for you to feel good, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Because once you realize that it is feelings that really matter, because the universe speaks to and responds to the language of feelings.

Then you will realize that you actual need very little to make you feel good and happy and you are the source of your own emotional well-being and happiness.

How we react to external situations has a massive impact and effective on how you feel.

Spiritual help and guidance

When everything is going wrong, when things are at their worst. When you feel as if life is testing you and you feeling isolated and alone and your feelings and emotions, seem as they are out of your control.

When you're looking for things to change for the better on the outside and your helplessly hoping for things to improve by themselves.

These are the times when you need to go inwards and ask for spiritual help and guidance.

This is also the time when you need to surrender and let go of whatever it is that is bothering you and spend some much needed time on working on and taking good care of yourself. 

Deal with your problem or challenge in the best and most calmest way possible, but do not bring your external problems into your internal self.

Because beyond the fear, pain, suffering the uncertainty, lies a better feeling place that you should be heading for.

When you turn inwards and you work on your emotional and spiritual self. 

You will begin to activate the personal power and inner strength that lies within you so you can rise above and come through any external problem, barriers or challenges.

Emotional guidance system

When we allow external factors and events to determine how we feel then we are giving away all our real powers.

Many people still rely on external things and factors to determine their happiness levels

Although many people still perceive themselves as flesh and body. The larger and more greater part of us is non physical. 

If you think about it. You'll quickly realize that your thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions are all non physical energy and information.

When you only perceive yourself as being a physical being, living in a physical reality. 

Then you're effectively limiting and restricting yourself and you're allowing and relying on your five sense reality to control you on an emotional, mental and physical level.

This can make you a victim of your circumstances and negative experiences. Instead of being a conscious creator of your own reality, experiences and destiny.

When you begin to lose touch with your true authentic self and your connection to the universal cosmetic internet.

Then you're denying yourself of your true inner spiritual powers, intuition and your connection to a higher source of guidance, information and greatness.

If you want to live the best life possible and you wish to feel good and tap into your true inner powers and greatness. 

Then It is important for you to learn how to listen to your emotional guidance system and follow your intuition.

Often through a lack of understanding and awareness. Many people have lost control over their feelings and emotions which can shift them into negative energy and  low vibrational energy states.

Low vibrational energy states can cause an imbalance in the bodies energetic field that can cause mental and emotional imbalance and disharmony that can lead to depression, sadness, anxiety, fear, stress, tension and anger.

If you listen to your emotions then you will start to see that they are important messages that are coming from your inner being or subconscious mind that is trying to tell you that you need to pay attention to something.

Often the messages that are coming from our inner being are trying to tell us that we are focusing too much on what we don't want or what is making us feel bad, instead of giving our attention to what we do want.

Learn to listen to your emotional guidance system and use them to guide you to better feelings and a better life.

Upgrade your emotional, spiritual and mental control and make life transforming positive changes to you and your life 

There are many people who are seeking more happiness, better relationships, better health and wellness and there are many people who desire to make positive life transforming change.

One of the reasons why some people get stuck is because they lack the motivation or tools the need that will allow them to make it happen or allow them to see their goals through to completion.

Life isn't always easy and sometimes the journey ahead to get to from where you are now to where you want to be.

Can be difficult and fraught with many obstacles and challenges, ups and downs and highs and lows.

The more you can enjoy the life you're already living and the more you can cherish what you have. The easier your journey to spiritual enlightenment, self discovery and fulfillment will be. 

If you feel that you think you could do with a bit of friendly and professional help and guidance then a natural therapist, mentor or coach can help you achieve all your wants and desires.

Anybody is more than capable of bettering themselves, bettering their lives and making profound and positive changes to their lives.

All it requires is the right information, tools and a bit of effort and commitment. 

The key to success, goal achievement and manifesting your spiritual and emotional desires into your physical reality. Begin with working on the inside first.

Because although the action work is important, it needs to be backed up with a the right positive attitude which should be combined with the required emotional and spiritual work.

For some people. The standard self help tools like, positive thinking, visualization, CBT and emotional clearing and emotional  pattern changing exercises can help to get you started and even bring you success.

Although these self help techniques can help, especially if you're already in a pretty god emotional place. 

For many people. There emotional issues, their bad habits, their traumatic negative experiences, their internal patterns of thinking, imagining and responding.

have become so ingrained and wired into their mind and body. They can make controlling and changing their negative thinking  patterns, behaviors and emotions so challenging and overwhelming.

It can prove just too difficult for them to make the changes and to get the breakthroughs that they're looking for and what they really and truly need to make them feel better and to make their lives better.

This is certainly true for those who have been experiencing deep rooted emotions and negative thought patterns such as fear, anxiety anger, depression, self sabotage, fear of failure, doubt and guilt.

If this is the case. You may need more a more advanced level of training and professional help to help you get control of your feelings and emotions and to help you to think more clearly, positively and constructively.

LIfe Mastery Program is a specially formatted program that can offer you that personal and professional advanced level of training, help and guidance.

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