Weathering The Storms And Stopping The Negative Spiral

The one thing that you and everybody else wants the most is to let go of your negative resistance so you can feel good, calm and at peace with yourself and your world. 

But before you can feel good you have to learn how to let go of all negative resistance.

Everybody deserves good health, good wellness and good well-being and it is basic human nature to want to do well and feel happy and to do well.

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and life is not always easy nor does it always go to plan.

In fact, life can be very unpredictable at times and you just never know what is around the corner. 

Sometimes life can even be very hard at times. We all have our own fair share of 

  • Struggles 
  • Challenges
  • Problems to deal with 
  • Upsets and obstacles to face and overcome
No wonder some people feel fed up, beaten and defeated. Because no sooner do you overcome one problem or challenge, another on crops up.

Its enough to drive you crazy and make you feel like hiding yourself away from the rest of the world.

Although you cannot control life's adversities, upsets, setbacks and disappointments. You don't have to continually carry your emotional baggage around with you day in, day out.

Learning to cope with and quickly come through the hard times and learning how to overcome adversity and turn a negative situation into a positive one is a great life skills to have.

Which can set you on your way to more success, more achievements, a better you and a better life.

You cannot always control everything that happens to you on the outside. 

The key is to try and deal with life's ups and downs as best as you can in a calm and assertive energy.

Because whatever is happening or has happened to you on the outside. 

The less you let it into your head and the less you get emotionally involved with it on the inside the better.

Believing in yourself, your abilities to learn, better your skill levels and grow

Learning how to relax in the face of stress and adversity is one of the most important life skills you could ever learn.

How well you learn to relax and react to external stresses, challenges and fears will determine how well you handle, cope with and get through those challenging situations and times.

When you have a positive mental attitude and you feel calm and relaxed on the inside you ability to handle and come through challenging situations will significantly increase and improve.

When you are coming from a negative feeling place and you have a negative mindset and attitude, you mind will get in your way and it will sabotage your attempts to change or be successful.

A positive mental attitude, backed up with those calm and good feeling emotions. 

Will not only improve your life and increase your skill levels. It will help to motivate and drive you forwards as well as helping to bring out the best in you. Which will give you a greater chance of being more successful.

Changing the way you react on the inside to external situations, obstacles, problems and challenges will give you the edge and help you perform and your peak performance best.

The best way to get your mind working for you instead of against you is to. Accept and let go of what is. Then make a fundamental positive shift in your attitude.

You can overcome any obstacle, challenge or problem with the right information, attitude, self belief and energy.

Do not want to be like anybody else. Instead have faith in yourself and your limitless abilities to continually grow and better yourself and your life.

All it takes is a positive mental attitude a strong self belief in your abilities to learn and continuously and progressively grow and better yourself, your life and your skill levels so you excel in everything you do.

Ending negative resistance

It is human nature to think the worst case scenario first and then to spend ages worrying about it or making ourselves feel scared of what we think might happen or go wrong. 

The human mind does not like uncertainty and although it is OK in some situations for us to remain guarded against genuine things that may go wrong or to to prepare ourselves for any pitfalls, unknown eventualities or unforeseen circumstances.

But dwelling on a problem or constant worrying or negative thinking will have you going around and around in circles, causing you endless misery, emotional suffering and stress, and getting you nowhere.

Just because your mind might perceive the worst case scenario or plan for every virtual unknown eventuality or what might go wrong. 

Does not mean, that imagined situation is certain to happen or if it does. It does not mean that it is the end of the world or it will turn out as bad as you thought.

The thing to be mindful of. Just because you think the worst will happen, you imagine something will go wrong or you feel pessimistic and you see no hope.

They are only perceptions, opinions,thoughts and beliefs and not facts or certainty. 

Because there is always a better option or an alternative choice and better way of perceiving things.

Instead of always fearing the worst. Imaging a better way of perceiving your situation. See and imagine things going well or going right.

If things are not working out for you or if you're struggling or you're going through a bad period.

Accept and surrender to what is or what has happened. As this will help stop the negative resistance. 

Then evaluate your situation and see if there are any positives to be found or better ways of doing things. 

If there are any changes to be made, make those changes or try a different approach or think differently, if need be.

Learning to let go of what you're resisting will help to calm your mind and body which will allow you to think more clearly and constructively.

Relax in the face of stress and challenging situations and learn to disconnect and react calmly to your mind. It will help you tremendously to do some exercise and some deep relaxing techniques. 

Because, when you quieten all that endless negative chitchatter and you're in a state of inner peace and calm.

You will find it so much easier to cope and overcome any challenges, adversities or obstacles and you will find the answers and solutions to your problems or challenges.

You can never calm your mind and body and begin to move on from a bad situation until you accept and surrender to what is bothering you and you let it go.

"What you resist and hold onto, persists and expands"

Just because you have a problem on the outside, doesn't mean that you have to make it a emotional problem on the inside.

If you can practice detaching yourself from your mind and feelings you will remain much calmer on the inside which will allow you to deal with and handle what is happening on the outside in a more calm and resourceful manner.

Because if you allow all the negative stuff that is going on your outside world to affect you on the inside then you will create a state of negative resistance which can hold you stuck in a negative trance like state.

Stop self sabotaging

If you allow every little thing in life to upset, annoy or frustrate you then you will spend most of your time stuck in a negative state of stress, anger or sadness. 

Lets face it. There are so many ups and downs and twists and turns in life that you sometimes just don't know what to really expect next.

One day you up, feeling happy calm and energized the next day you're down and feelings stressed out and tired and you just cannot put your finger on the reason why you're emotions are all over the place.

But when things go wrong or you're not get the results or things that you want or life has kicked you in the teeth.

How do you react?

Do you feel as if the whole world is against you, do you yell and scream at the gods and blame everything and everybody else?

Or do you accept it, shrug it off with the attitude of. 

Well it's happened now, there is nothing I can do about it, because I can't change the past.

So for my own peace of mind and inner peace, it is best for me to just let the matter go. Then I'll learn a valuable lesson from my experience and I'll move on or I'll try and find a better way.

When things don't go right. It is so easy to play the victim and refuse to accept, that what has happened is totally not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it.

But sometimes, if you want to grow and better yourself. 

You sometimes have to look at yourself as well and maybe accept some responsibility for you circumstances, actions, behaviors or the direction you're heading and the negative results you're getting.

Most people are actually negatively conditioned, to always think the worst and through a lack of understanding and awareness they often become their own worst enemy?
Although life can deal us some cruel blows at times.

You may need to ask yourself.

Are you the one who has subconsciously been causing some of you downtimes, stagnation, lack of results and bad luck?

Is your current mindset negative and pessimistic do you feel a sense of helplessness and do you feel defeated, can you not see the woods through the tree's.
Because, what if you were the one, who was unknowingly self-sabotaging your career, your happiness, your love life, and your inner peace, without you even realizing it?

Very often, due to our negative conditioning, our own mind is our greatest villain and our own worst enemy.

If you find yourself self sabotaging or you feel self defeated.

Try and focus on all the wonderful things about you and your life or all the wonderful things, times and experiences that good be yours to enjoy in the future. 

As are thoughts and mindset are driven by our feelings and emotions. 

It is often easier to get yourself out of a rut or negative situation to change your feelings and emotions first and when you do, your thoughts, actions and behaviors will follow suit.

Mindfulness and knowing the different mindsets is important for your future successes, inner peace and happiness.

A negative mindset equates to negative experiences and negative actions and behaviors whilst a positive mindset leads to positive actions and behaviors a better life.

Sometime, complacency can lead to mistakes and failures other times you have to learn from your mistakes so you can quickly get back up.

Have a growth mindset, see each setback, mistake or adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow which will set yourself up for future success so you can advance forwards and do really well in your life. 

Let your adversities, mistakes and bad times be your best teachers

How you react to a bad situation and what happens next can be the difference between entering into a negative loop of worry, stress and fear or quickly moving on in a new positive and exciting direction.

When adversity strikes. You sometimes have to embrace, feel and accept it and try and manage the situation as best as you can.

This can mean. Learning how to weather the storm, and try and stay as upbeat and positive as you possibly can until those storm clouds pass and the sun shines down on you once again.  

Because sometimes, when things have gone bad. They can't get better until your mindset and feelings change.

Try to release any negative resistance and get straight back on the road to feeling good.

Everything depends on how we handle or react to a negative situation, the wrong approach and mindset can set us off into a downward spiral which in some cases can end up with our thoughts and life seemingly becoming out of our control.

Your going to have your ups and downs, we are meant to have to face challenges this is how we grow and develop both mentally and spiritually you are strong enough to cope with the difficulties and challenges that life sometimes throws at you as long as you stop dwelling on the situation and focus on finding a solution to your problems. 

What has happened cannot be changed so you need to learn to accept it and let it go, trying to predict the future will result in a life of fear and stress.

How To emotionally detach yourself from your negative thoughts

Do you often find that you get yourself emotionally caught up in a battle and pattern of endless negative thoughts, worry and anxiety?

Do you know that there is a simple and quick way to prevent your self destructive negative thoughts from affecting you and causing you endless emotional suffering and stress?

First of all. A negative thought is neither true or a fact. 

It is nothing more than an assumption, perception or a prediction of what might go wrong or what could happen or something that you have come to believe, as being true.

A thought only really becomes a negative thought when you label it as negative or you attach negative feelings and emotions to those  thoughts.

Sometime you have negative or anxious thoughts thoughts because your mind believes they are helpful or beneficial for you and most negative thoughts are linked to our survival mechanism in some way or form.

Our minds primary job is to steer us away from pain and move us towards pleasure. 

Your negative thoughts are your mind's way of trying to protect you and keep you guarded from and dangers or pitfalls, trying to get you to avoid anything that causes you pain both physically or emotionally.

Or it is because you are constantly focused and worried about what you don't want or you are focused on what you think is wrong with you or your life..

Although in some cases, you can use your negative thoughts to help you to prepare better for certain eventualities.

The trouble is. Most of the time, your negative thoughts are either a complete waste of your time and energy or the dangers are not real, low risk or they're very over exaggerated.

Sometimes, when the negative momentum gathers pace. People often get trapped in a vicious cycle of the same old iresome repetitive negative thoughts, that can often last for days, months and even years.

Yet with a bit of awareness and mindfulness. You can learn to move those thoughts on so you can quickly calm your worried, negative or anxious mind and detach yourself from any troublesome or unwanted, negative thoughts.

Meaning no more prolonged negative thoughts and periods of chronic stress, worry and anxiety.

You can do this by using this three step technique.

1) Being aware of any negative or fearful thoughts that enter your mind, but do not try to resist them or change the thoughts and feelings

2) Breathe deeply, relax and accept the negative or anxious thoughts and feelings and allow them to come into your mind freely 

3) Step back and disconnect yourself from your negative or fearful thoughts and allow the thoughts and feelings to continue by themselves without you judging or reacting. Just let them come and pass through you and allow them to dissolve all by themselves.

Once you feel calm. 

You can either replace them or say some positive self statements or affirmations about yourself or you can just let them go or imagine yourself in that situation with everything going well or as you would want it to go.

"It is only a thought and a thought can be changed"

-Louise Hay

Some good positive statements that can destroy negativity are:

  • I have enough
  • I am good enough
  • I am confident enough
  • I am happy enough
  • I am smart enough
  • I am strong enough
  • I am attractive enough
  • I am tall enough
  • I am powerful enough
  • I am happy enough
  • I am assertive enough
  • I am capable enough
If you find that you have stubborn or persistent negative thoughts and feelings that keep on reoccurring. Then the link below will provide you with additional help.

Give up the fight

You can never end your emotional resistance until you learn to either accept, surrender to and let go of whatever it is that is bothering you, you're resisting or you're holding on to.

One of the things that cause us to feel negative resistance is when we try and change things that are not really in our control or we try and change the opinions or behaviors of others.

Another thing that causes us to feel negative resistance is how we choose to react to others or how we react things that happen to us on the outside.

How you train yourself to react to others or stressful or challenging external circumstance has a great impact on your emotional well-being and wellness.

You can only experience good feelings, inner peace and flow when you choose to react calmly to others or your external circumstances.

Another key ingredient of inner peace and good well-being is to be kind to yourself and learn to like and accept everybit of you.

Needing others to depend on your happiness or needing others to agree with you, will never bring you those calm and good feelings that will lead to good wellness and well-being.

Neither will relying on material things or possession or having or wanting, everything to go your own way all the time.

When you can relax and feel optimistic in the face of adversity or uncertainty and you can remain calm and positive when things are not going great.

Then you will regain your true powers and you will feel more and more calmer, happier and content. Just learn to accept, surrender and let it go.

Turning a bad situation into a good one

We all have bad times, and often when adversity strikes our immediate reaction is one of doom and gloom. I guess that is just human nature.

The first thing to do when you're not getting the things you wan or adversity or bad luck comes your way. Is to allow yourself a day or two to feel upset, frustrated or disappointed.

Accept how you're feeling and let yourself feel the feelings and accept what is or what has happened and then let it go, so you can release the negative resistance. Try not to hold onto the negative stuff, for too long.

Go and have some me time where you spend some time relaxing. You may have some big decisions to make, but try not to make those decisions until you have had a cooling off period and wait until your feeling more relaxed.

Although you may not think it. Sometimes good and better things, can come from bad times or negative situations.

Another thing that causes negative resistance is the not knowing.

The human brain is notorious for not liking the unknown and venturing into the realms of uncertainty.

Your mind hates and tries to resist and oppose change. Because your brain, likes things the way they are, even when you consciously want to change, branch out or attempt something new.

Therefore, sometimes when you attempt to make changes or attempt to do something new, you will be greeted by feelings of negative resistance and self doubt in the mind.

Fear of not being good or capable enough or the fear failure and fear, is probably one of the single biggest things that holds people back, stifles their growth and prevents them from making the most of their real powers and true potential.

Often we hesitate, hold back or talk ourselves out of something. Just, because we feel afraid, even though we know logically that there is nothing at all for us to fear.

If you can learn to feel your feelings and let them go and you are brave enough to face and stand up to your fears, and embrace and accept uncertainty with the mindset of 

  • Everything will be fine
  • Whatever happens I'll handle it
  • Everything will workout alright
  • Whatever happens, I'll be OK
Then you will be able to venture beyond your fears, limitations, self doubts and uncertainties.

You can help to stop the emotional arousal and negative resistance. If you accept what you fear and you take away the consequences, then logic will prevail over emotion.

"All is well in my world. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe!"

- Louise Hay



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