Stop Negative Thoughts

Your only a few thoughts away from feeling good and starting the journey to a much more successful life, your also only a few thoughts away from the road to a life of disaster, trouble and strife. 

To much negative thinking can destroy your life, locks you in a world of inner fear, diminishes your health and blocks any chance you achieving the success and quality of life you know is within your grasp. 

True happiness is when you achieve peace of mind, because finding inner calmness is the biggest achievement you can ever make. The only way to find that inner peace is to find ways to deal with your negative thoughts, you do this by accepting the knocks and setbacks you have in life and letting them go. 

The trouble is most people spend to much time thinking, that is OK if your thinking good feeling and helpful thoughts, but if your thoughts are mostly negative orientated then your going to experience inner torment.

Life becomes so much better when you start to become outwardly focused, because it helps to prevent you from becoming negative and anxious, negative thinking can become a habit, the key is to try and be mindful so you can keep your inner dialogue positive. 

You have to aim to only fill your mind with positive thoughts, this means ignoring all negative ones and only following pleasant feeling ones. This requires a certain amount of practice, those who are confident and successful have learned how to be mentally strong. 

It can prove difficult to start with but you need to get that positive momentum going otherwise you will find a lack of positive momentum is the breeding ground for negativity.

Your Thoughts Are Everything 

Your thoughts are everything, thinking is a skill that needs to be developed, How many times have negative thoughts stopped you from doing the things you would like to do or saying what you really want. 

Negative thoughts can destroy relationships and keep you in a poverty stricken consciousness, they cause self doubting and self destruction.

Our thoughts shape our world, the only thing that holds us back in life is our negative thoughts, the more you allow the thoughts to freely roam through your conscious awareness the more you will come to believe that they are true and the more negative energy you will attract into your life.

If you want to succeed, have more wealth, enjoy better health and be in better relationships then you have to stop the emotional arousal and the self destructiveness caused by those unwanted and uninvited troublesome thoughts. 

Once you tame those negative emotions and get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs then you can start to improve your life and feel better at the same time. 

Once you begin to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts it will allow you to succeed and enjoy life, you never here of anybody succeeding in life through thinking negative.

You will never completely eradicate all negative thoughts so it is pointless trying everybody will always have some from time to time, the best option is to quickly deal with them and minimize the misery they cause. 

You can however learn how to eliminate the chronic negative thoughts and the damage they inflict on you and in time those negative thoughts will surface less and less.

You can change the negative beliefs that have been preventing you from succeeding and achieving your goals. Our negative thoughts and beliefs develop over a long period of time. 

They have been installed in our psyche by family, friends, teachers, media and the television but they also come from our own experiences and perceptions.

If you suffer from negative thinking it is because you have been allowing them to stay in your mind which makes them more powerful to such a degree they can dominate and influence your life, behaviours and actions.

The longer you allow them to control your thinking the more disruption they will cause you and they will become stronger and stronger causing more emotional arousal, any positive thoughts will become few and far between as these unwanted thoughts carry on infiltrating your mind.

To make matters worst, your subconscious mind and inner powers will believe these thoughts and idea's and it will accept them as being true. This causes your all powerful creative subconscious mind to automatically respond to your negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

The downside to this is your life and reality not to mention how bad you feel will be created based on your negative thoughts and beliefs, ultimately leading to a life of struggle, emotional hurt thus attracting more of what you don't want.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts 

So what can you do, well you can try replacing them with more positive thoughts which will trigger positive feeling's. When you have a negative thought that say things like you can't do something; use the opposite approach and think of why you can do something.

Challenge your negative beliefs, tell yourself they are not true and they don't make any sense, also tell yourself they are somebody else is belief and they don't belong to you, let your mind know there are not helping you so your going to dismiss them. 

The more you feed your mind with negative thoughts sooner or later your going to start to believe them and live your life accordingly to them.

When you think of what might go wrong, do the opposite and think things going right. When you feel that you can't accomplish something, think of why you can accomplish something. 

You do not have to spend your whole day thinking positive thoughts otherwise you will probably run out, just think about anything as long as it does not cause a negative reaction and induce negative feelings.

By clinging on to your negative thoughts and feelings you are only harming yourself and destroying any chances of moving forward and enjoying your life free of inner emotional pain and suffering.

 If you don't want to think about something don't, just let the thoughts pass and go. positive thinking especially if you act on your positive idea's will empower you and make you feel so much better.


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