Stuck In A Rut - Wake Up Each Day Feeling Inspired, Happy And Fully Motivated

Are you happy with where you are in your life at the moment and are you happy within yourself or do you feel as if you're stuck in a bit of a rut?

These days people have more material possessions and more of everything than ever and many have a better standard of living.

Yet, reports suggest that people's levels of happiness haven't gone up. So why is this?

Well, material possessions or having the latest trends, may give you a temporary feel good bost. But it is clearly not the answer to overall, long term happiness and satisfaction.

Many people decide that they want to be successful, thinking that more money will bring them more happiness.

There is no doubt that being wealthier can make your life easier, but success alone, doesn't guarantee happiness.

But when you combine success with doing something you enjoy or following your passion. Then that is a better combination for happiness and it will take you out of a place of stagnation and feeling stuck in a rut.

Therefore instead of looking for the next material possession or thing to give your mood a boost. Why not shift your attention on to following and pursuing the things that will bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction and joy.

How to get out of a rut

Because. We have all been there, where we feel like we're stuck in a rut and were just going through the motions of life. 

Nearly everybody seems to be living for the weekend, which is kind of wishing their life away from Monday to Friday.

When you live your life like this. Then what tends to happen is. You have a good weekend relaxing and enjoying yourself. 

Then come Sunday night. Those Monday morning thoughts begin to change your mood and all of a sudden the dread of having to face another long and hard working week kicks in.

Or maybe you're a hard working house mom who has to face another stressful week of looking after your children and running and looking after your home.

Come Monday morning you feel flat, unmotivated and uninspired as you know you have to face another challenging week.

Probably doing something that you don't really want to do or you'd rather be doing something more fulfilling with your time. 

Nearly everybody at some point in their life have probably felt that they are stuck in a rut. I think most people at times yearn to do something a bit more exciting and challenging.

Something that stimulates them, inspires their inner passion and something that interests them.

Everybody wants time freedom. So they can live their life on their terms and do the things that they love and enjoy doing.

But we all have to work and earn a living. Or bring up our children and look after our homes. Which is a full time job in itself and unfortunately, not everybody can have the job or career of their dreams.

Stay in the present moment

Most people tend to have the same old repetitive thoughts, habits and behaviors. Most of people's thoughts are often negative, damaging and self limiting.

So many people are suffering with their own inner insecurities, self doubts and fears.

The thing with fear. We tend to attract more of the things and situations that we fear the most.

What you do and become has a lot to do with your beliefs, your thought patterns, your perceptions and how you feel.

The things that you tend to fear and worry about happening and what you're feeling from within has a big impact on your actions, behaviors and what you experience, and whether or not you move forwards or stagnate and stay small.

Before you can free yourself emotionally and escape from a bad place or difficult phase of your life and make the positive changes that you want the most.

You first have surrender and give up the fight. Because if you refuse to accept something or you carry on resisting it, then you cannot change it.

To be and feel your best. You should ground your attention in the here and now.

Because if you keep looking backwards and giving your focus of attention to what was or what is. Or you keep projecting into the future and worrying about what might go wrong.

Then you will create a mental, emotional and physical state of disharmony and imbalance in your bodies energy fields and your physical state of being.

When you keep focusing on those same, self destructive, self defeating, self sabotaging thoughts and old bad habits and patterns of behaviors.

You will blockout the good and all the new positive thoughts, ideas and exciting opportunities that are available and waiting for you.

Because before you can access the new, you have to let go of the negative and bad stuff.

Gratitude is a good way of staying in the present moment and helping you to feel calm and at peace.

Use your creative imagination and your time wisely

Some people like the feeling and security of a safe routine and way of living. 

Where they tend to stick to doing pretty much the same things each week, watch the same TV programs and they visit the same places, week in, week out.

To the extent where it can become like a "Groundhog type of daily routine.

But after a while a safe routine can start to become tedious, mundane and boring. If you have a repetitive and boring job on top of this. 

Then this can leave you feeling that you're even more in a rut. Our mind is a continuous processing machine and it needs something to focus on.

The risks of being stuck in a rut can lead some people to seek out things that might offer them a bit of excitement.

Like, gambling, having an affair or doing other things that we might regret later.

One of the best ways to get yourself out of a rut is to get your creativity going and begin to work on something that excites you, stimulates you or gives your mind something positive and constructive to focus on, like.

  • Setting yourself a goal 
  • Writing a book 
  • Starting a new project 
  • Starting a new hobby 
  • Starting a small business or second source of income  
  • Starting your own blog
  • Travelling and visiting new places
  • Learning new skills 
  • Learn a new language 
  • Keeping yourself fit and healthy 
  • Becoming a quiz expert
Making the most of your time, using your creative talents and keeping yourself busy with new challenges and goals is a great way of giving your life new meaning.



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