Ask For Divine Help By Using The Power Of Prayer

At Times of crisis when we reach a point of desperation we sometimes fall back on saying a prayer request as a last ditch plea and cry for help. We some how instinctively know the power of prayer but very seldom do we call upon one of the most potent forms of help and guidance. 

Your never alone, there is a divine power far greater than anything we know or understand, this force is there to help and guide you if only you would ask.  The first question we should ask ourselves is, should we be saying our prayers on a daily basis instead of using them as a last resort strategy as a cry for help when all else as failed.

Most people will turn to god when they believed they think they have done everything else that is possible or at times when their situation seems hopeless and beyond help. In hindsight prayer should be done long before our situation has reached a point of despair, we should practice the art of prayer on a regular daily basis instead of allowing our situation to get to bad.  

As children we are taught to prayer, yet as we start to get older and supposedly more wiser we soon disregard humans most heavenly and divine source of assistance and help. 

Prayers gives us the strength to fight all that is bad in the world and our lives, our power lies in love and peace and not in fear and hatred. God has given us everything we need in the power of thought, feelings and the power of asking. We have a choice to feel good yet far to often we take the path of negativity and fear.

Use Your Higher Powers

Yet with the power of god you can do things you don't even know you can do yet, most people do not even realize how powerful they really are. With god you can become successful, you can overcome all your troubles and move forward into a better life. 

You can draw things and opportunities towards you, god has given you the choice to live the best life possible if you choose, yet for most they let their life and feelings be decided for them by the past and a fear of the future. To start your better life, you have to let go of the past and create your own positive desired future.

God is part of you, god is inside of you and all around you, things expand through you, just remember you are never alone, you can never be alone because god is always with you. God is with you in your mind body and soul. God will give you the power and strength to motivate, empower and energise yourself any time you wish.

Nothing can prevent you from becoming the person you want because god and us are all one. God is the supreme power, no other force is equal. With this in mind you can stand tall and rise above fear, doom and negativity. 

As your one with god this means nothing can stop you because nothing can stop god, be empowered and inspired that you have this divine source of power and creativity on your side. With your own strong beliefs, inspired action and the power of god you can create your own chosen future, you have the power to change your mood just by thinking different thoughts.

With the power of god you can overcome all your issues, you may not have the answers yet, but that does not matter because god does. God will guide and direct you, god will send or put you in touch with everything you need as long as you have faith, belief and you spot the help when it comes to you, because god will deliver what you ask in many different ways and avenues.

You Have To Ask First

God cannot give us an answer to our problems unless we first ask him for help. You have to tell god what it is you specifically want him to do about a specific difficulty or problem you have in your life first, only then will you receive an answer to your problems. 

If there's no question, there's no answer. Most of the time, people have this backwards. So they wait for an answer to their solution and they wait and wait and then they wait some more but nothing ever happens.

If you want gods help you have to ask god first. God knows what you're going through, but god will not interfere or help you with your troubles until you ask him first. Prayer is a form of setting your attention with focus and faith in order to receive help and guidance. To many people praying is a form of a miracle, but really they are not miracles they are a natural form of receiving and guidance. 

To have your prayers answered you have to have the faith and belief that you're going to receive what your asking for. Many people claim that their prayers do not get answered but you have to have the right vibrational match to your belief to have your wishes granted.

Most people do not end up with what they want because they are still more focused on what they don't want instead of putting their focus on what they do want. If your praying for something you don't really believe will happen then your not likely going to get what you want.

Prayers are a form of creation, it is one of the most potent forms of creative energy. You have to believe and have total faith your going to receive what your asking for before you even get it in order to get your prayers answered. 

To get your prayers to work for you then you have to shift your thoughts to believing that you can have what you want and it is coming to you without seeing any evidence of it first. 

The golden rule is to think thoughts to find ways of believing before you actually see it in your reality. Sadly most people self sabotage all their positive efforts and intentions.

Use The Positive Power Of Prayer To Improve Your Situation 

There is no particular time or place to pray, you can do it anywhere at any time, you can pray for yourself or you can prayer for others. You don't have to on your knees to pray, you don't even have to have your eyes closed to pray. 

You don't even have to pray loud you can do it silently or through your thoughts, prayer works so you don't have to work every thing out for yourself, god already knows the answers for you. Any form of self imposing question is a request for gods help.

God has given us all the strength and courage to deal with the challenges that life can some times throw at us but sometime people can reach a point of helplessness. If your situation appears to be beyond your control do not feel embarrassed to seek divine help.


You don't have to be at a stage of desperation to benefit from the power of prayers, you can ask help for things that can benefit or better your life any time you wish or desire and always remember it is better to stay positive than it is too allow things to go to far.

The law of attraction gurus often mention the importance of saying your prayers, we try to do things alone but sometimes we need help or a mentor and one of the best mentors is the creative power and force that designed us. 

Whenever your saying your prayers always be polite and grateful, use the words please, appreciate and thank you. Use the power of prayer to help solve your problems or help you in the healing process alongside the treatment of your doctor but not as a substitute.


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