Think Better And Be More Successful 

Have you ever paid much attention to what you think about? Each day we have thousands of thoughts that race through our head and although you cannot monitor every single thought, you should pay attention to what you're thinking about.

Some thoughts are harmless everyday neutral thoughts, but many are useless, junk thoughts that can be self destructive in nature, whilst others are those worst case scenario bad feeling thoughts.

You should only pay attention to the thoughts that are going to take you in the right direction, whilst you should ignore and dismiss any thoughts that block your success and don't allow you to be happy and feel good.

Destructive or useless thoughts are the kind of self defeating thoughts and stories in your mind that get you to think about why something won't work out, they are geared more to the worst case scenario or they center around why you can't do something.

You know, those unhelpful thoughts, that try to tell you that you're not good enough to achieve a specific goal or be the person you want to be. 

If your thoughts aren't helping you, they don't make you feel bad, or they don't do any good, they focus on what's wrong, then they will generate negative energy and things will keep getting worse for you. 

If you are constantly thinking or talking about what is wrong all the time, what's wrong with you or what might go wrong, or you keep putting yourself down or selling yourself short.

If you think or say you're not very good at, or you tend to have those negative thoughts of why you can't do something, then they should be dismissed, overridden or replaced, or sent to the recycle bin where they should remain.

Junk thoughts are really negative, meaningless thoughts that serve you no purpose. And if you keep them you'll only attract more negativity. 

Ideally you want constructive and positive thoughts, that challenge and replace your old ways of thinking. The kind of thoughts that will bring you the idea's and opportunities that we bring you more success.

So why keep this junk in your head, why think thoughts that make you feel bad? Wouldn't you rather enjoy more success and feel better? 

You can start to move in a positive direction, you can enjoy more success when you change your thoughts and create empowering beliefs that allow you to succeed, enjoy life and get what you desire. 

It's all about using your mind to think things through constructively, to analyze and point your mind in the right direction.

You have to focus your mind off your problems and what you don't have or what you see as your perceived faults, and guide your mind, through your thoughts onto the solutions, or to bring you the things and life that you want.

Think outside the box

You will find that there is so much more to life when you begin to think outside the box and step outside and question and challenge what you think and believe is logical and conventional. 

Very few people pause for a while and stop and question whether there is a deeper meaning to life and our world as we know it. 

Far too often we allow the thinking and idea's of others and the so called normal to keep us confined in a safe comfort zone world of the masses, which becomes further restricted solely due to our limiting beliefs and our own past negative experiences. 

Do you ever ask the question who you are and what is your true purpose or why am I here? Your life is a precious gift, you should not waste your valuable thinking time on worthless worries. 

There matter where you are at at the moment, it's never too late to turn the tide and think yourself into success and happiness, your better new life is only a perception away.

Thinking will either make or break you, most people think by default without giving it much due care or attention, but thinking is a choice we can all use to our advantage. 

The right thinking will make you feel good, it will guide you to go on to living a happier and fulfilling life, when you have a problem or a situation you need to get around good thinking will help you through challenging situations.

The wrong kind of thinking will make you feel bad, causing you endless days of hurt and misery, negative thinking can destroy your confidence and self esteem as well as trapping you into living a life of fear and underachieving. 

The words we speak and think are very powerful and creative, thoughts are the first stage of everything that is and has been, they shape our lives and influence what happens to us on a daily basis.

The moment you awake in the morning is the best time to set your thinking and how you feel for the rest of the day. 

First thing in the morning is when we are at our most receptive, it's the opportunity we have to forget about yesterday and re-program ourselves for a new day and beginning, so take this window of opportunity to say your positive affirmations, intentions and statements.

Thinking is the most important thing in the world, so it pays to take control of your thinking patterns, it can take time to take complete control of your thoughts, but once you do you will be able to mold and design the life of your choosing. 

Change requires a conscious effort, we move forward through positive repetition and practice, learn to dismiss negative thoughts quickly, they will only cause you pain and suffering so there is little point in becoming emotionally involved in them. 

It's time to stop worrying about what might happen and start to focus on things going right for a welcome change.

Although the right kind of positive and constructive thinking is essential if you want to live a successful life, we are not ever taught the importance of thoughts and the relationships they have with our emotions and our reality at school.

We should all learn to think better and more constructive, after all we live in a thought designed reality, so the benefits of our efforts would be much more rewarding for us. 

Sometimes we just go along with what others have led us to believe or we allow our outside experiences to dictate how we think, feel and act, yet this is the reverse way around to how it should be done.

We should take control of our internal spiritual world so we can control how we feel and manifest what happens to us on the outside, sometimes need to learn to think outside the restriction box that so far has kept us imprisoned in a mediocre life.

Take control of your thinking or it will control you

It can even pay to think beyond what logic thinking sometimes tells us, sometimes logic and mediocre thinking keeps us stuck in the life and negative states that we so desperately desire to escape from. 

When you allow your thinking to run on autopilot it can lead us to a life of disaster and bad luck. 

Thinking is the most important part of our life, it decides what feelings you experience, it controls the results you accomplish in your life, yet surprisingly most people cannot even think for themselves properly. 

Yes, everybody has thoughts and mental pictures going on in their mind each day, but for most people the thoughts they are thinking are not of their own choice.

In fact, most people's thoughts are based on events or personal experiences that are happening or what have happened in their surrounding environment.

The average person will allow past and present experiences to control what's taking place in their mind. Constructive and useful thinking is a skill and it takes practice to develop, most people do not even  realize they can take total charge of their own thoughts.

To the majority of people they find it to be just too much effort to control their own thinking, it can seem like too much hard work, you may have even got used to your habitual unhelpful thinking which just takes you round in circles.

The downside to this and it is a very big downside and that this is if you cannot control your thinking, then you cannot change your life and the alarming impact of that is you won't be in control of your feelings or your destiny. 

Destructive thinking patterns can destroy your life and block you from moving forward and out of your current situation or difficulties. 

Your thoughts are an indication of where you're at right now

Your current thoughts patterns are a big indicator of where you are at right now in your life, both emotionally and how successful you have become. 

Your thoughts are also a reflection of what results you're getting out of your life, your confidence levels, your personal achievements, your relationship, happiness, health to a degree and your general well-being.

Everything is a measure of the thoughts, every thought we have is either fear based or positive based. 

Most people think on autopilot, but with a little bit of effort you can learn to take control of your thinking, this will give you a distinct advantage over everybody else. 

It only takes one positive thought to get the positive momentum going which is all you need to begin to change your life. Soon you will be able to unlock your creativity, use your imagination for positive designing and creative problem solving. 

Keep your thoughts constructive and positive and be open to new possibilities, ideas and better ways of doing things. Use your creative vision, be more innovated and you will soon unlock new opportunities. 

Everything you do, the life you experience, the decisions you make, the feelings you have, what you create all starts off as a thought in your mind. 

We all have access to creativity, it's something we've all got and we use it everyday, but creativity is a two way thing, you will either create a better life, you will stand still or you will create bad experiences. 

As we are the creators of our own experiences, then it makes sense to use our thinking to benefit us and our life's.

Where does this creativity come from and how can you use it to improve your own life? Creativity comes from the divine universal intelligence, it's as if everything we want already exists, we just have to learn how to access it.

The divine intelligence is a limitless supplier of information and ideas, you don't have to work everything out for yourself because the answers to your questions are ready and waiting for you, what you want is already yours.

Your mind is an information transmitter, it sends out and receives information in the form of thought, the right thoughts and feelings will attract back a positive match to what you're sending out, the universe will send you back the information about what you're asking or searching for.

You can only achieve anything through your thoughts and emotions, there is no other way, this is why the right thinking is so critical, thinking determines everything, thinking comes before action, ideas's motivation, innovation and inspiration.

We spend to much of our thinking on problems rather than solutions, our ego won't allow us to explore with our mind to see the much bigger picture and possibilities. 

Use your thinking to serve you well, ask the divine intelligence to guide and steer you to what you want and where you wish to go. 

Use your vision and think outside of the box

Analytical and critical thinking is all about vision and creative problem solving, its about learning how to solve problems in a positive and constructive way, it can also pay to enjoy what your doing.

Sometimes it is better to break down a bigger problem down into stages, take one step at a time to reduce the stress and emotional overwhelm, this makes things more manageable and less daunting.

You don't have to try and figure it all out by yourself, let the stress and worry go and focus with a calm energy on what you want, ask the universal intelligence for help and solutions, instruct your mind and the divine to "show you how too ....." (state what it is you want).

Most of our time is lived out in our mind, so you want to make your inner world a place of peace, agreement and positive creativity. Learn to make the most of this unique gift, make your thinking serve a worthwhile valuable purpose for you.

All High Achievers Tune Into The Creative Universal Intelligence 

Many high achievers, the highly intelligent and the worlds leading thought experts all have very similar brainwave frequencies. 

To tap into your true potential you need to access your peak performance levels, in other words you have to be in the zone, once you reach this relaxed state of mind you will be able to access the divine intelligence and retrieve the information you seek.

You cannot reach this mental state unless you learn to control your thoughts and mind. Use the power of your thoughts to transform and improve any aspects of your life, you can unlock the limitless untapped potential in your mind, you do not have to settle for what you have got at the moment. 

Your life is a mirror of your thoughts, your quality or lack of quality in your life, what you achieve or become resolves around your thoughts, quality thoughts equals a better quality of life. You cannot become prosperous if you don't think prosperous thoughts.

If you do not take control of this wonderful power you have at your disposal then you will live your life by the rule of you current thinking and beliefs, your experiences and thoughts will control you, when it should be the other way around.

The chances are your thinking will lead you into the concept that you are a victim, if you allow this to happen your past experiences will dictate your here and now and your future will look bleak, this can cause endless stress and anxiety.

Change the story in your mind 

You can become a slave to your own thoughts, how we feel is a direct result of what story we are telling ourselves. 

The body responds to stories, we are constantly telling ourselves a story, but most of them are negative and fear based, we play the same old record in our minds over and over again on loop, we cause ourselves needless fear, misery and suffering.

We have our own assortment of stories of which we say to ourselves in our inner world, here we have virtual arguments, we frighten ourselves to death on a daily basis and we fill our mind with with heartache, suffering and pain. 

Are you fed up of all the stress and negative emotions you are inflicting on yourself, ask yourself this question? Would you hurt and punish others as much as you hurt and punish yourself sometimes.

It would be so much more beneficial if you changed the record and you learned to develop your thinking skills. It's way time we stopped being our own worst enemy. 

You have the power to reject any negative information that enters your mind, if it's making you feel bad or your thoughts are not helping you then its time to replace them with new beliefs.

Think of it like this, once you gain control over your thoughts and it will take a bit of practice at the start, not only will you feel better because you cannot feel bad and good at the same time, so when you think good feeling thoughts you will shut the door to bad feeling ones. 

It will also open up the window of opportunities, your awareness will expand and you will move forward in a positive direction.

Once you become a master of your thoughts you will become a master of your feeling's, emotions and your destiny, not to mention you will turn into that person you so long to be and the course of your life will be decided more by you and less by chance.

Learn critical thinking skills 

We learn through thinking, it's not all about positive thinking, critical thinking can help us analyze thing's to see where we might have gone wrong so we can improve an idea allowing us develop a project or business. 

We can use thinking to invent, design, create and problem solve. Some thought patterns can help to motivate and inspire us, we set goals by first thinking about what we want. 

Constructive and positive thinking does require some effort, we sometimes need to make a conscious choice. 

But once we learn how to keep our thinking and feeling's in control this then allows us to direct our thoughts on to things that are going to help us instead of just allowing our thoughts to roam freely at will. 

What we achieve, who we become and how well we succeed in life depends on the information we relay to our subconscious mind, we do this through repetition of thought.

Master The Art Of Thinking And Change Your Destiny

You cannot change your life until you change your thinking, this is why thinking is so critical, if you feel stuck or you think you could be achieving so much more then the only way to change your current situation is to think differently.

We enter this world with the freedom to think how we choose, but it is not long before we our thinking is molded and shaped by others around us and not always for the better.  

If you want to make the most of the god given talents you have access to then it is a good idea to develop your thinking skills.




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