Use Thought Field Therapy To Let Go Of All Your Fearful And Traumatic Memories

Your emotions will either make you or break you, they can very quickly turn us from feeling calm and relaxed into a state of panic in a very short period of time, if we cannot change our emotional state it can lead to long periods of stress, anxiety anger and depression.

Things that happen to us in our outside experiences can be the catalyst to a lot of pain and suffering. All our bad experiences and traumatic life events can become an emotional memory, our emotions set the bench mark for how we think, act and behave. 

It only takes is one anxious thought to trigger a full blown anxiety attack, where most people go wrong is the try and resist their thoughts and emotions. This approach however is futile, the more you try and do battle with your thoughts and feelings the more intense and severe they will become.

Your body is a flow of energy, the energy should flow freely with no resistance just like the water running through a hose pipe, this is the state they call the flow state or in the zone. If you bend the hose pipe it will cause a blockage, this will cause the pressure to build up. 

Your emotions are the same, when you try and resist your feelings you create a blockage in the energy flow around your body, this causes a build up of pressure, like the hose pipe if you release the blockage the water flows freely and naturally. Thought Field Therapy will help you to release your negative emotions by freeing the blocked up energy.

There are many different emotional states we can experience, but they all either lie in the positive band or negative band. Our emotions dictate what kind of thoughts we have, if your feeling angry you will think mostly angry related thoughts, if your feeling anxious then many of your thoughts will be fear based and so on. 

You can start to shift your emotional state by changing the thoughts you are thinking and we should all learn how to take control of our own thinking. However sometimes we can be stuck in a negative state for so long that it can prove difficult to focus on more positive feeling thoughts or the emotion is so overwhelming that the negative thoughts just keep on returning.

Thought Field Therapy is a technique that any one can learn and use at any time you feel emotionally overwhelmed. It will help you to release any negative or unwanted emotion, traumatic experience or limiting belief. Thought Field Therapy works on negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, depression and guilt.

It is only when we make an emotional transformation from negative to positive can we then begin to experience a more peaceful and joyful life. When we are in harmony and balance, we allow the body to do what it's supposed to do, which is to function and operate at it's most efficient and optimal state. 

In this positive and balanced state the body will be more adapt to restore and repair itself more efficiently and you will begin to reap the benefits as you start to experience a much better quality of life.

 Release Emotional Pain Very Quickly

Thought Field Therapy is a slightly different version of Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is widely endorsed and used by one of the leading self-help therapists Paul McKenna.

Instead of tapping and stating and affirming what your problem is you actually focus on the problem or memory while performing the procedures. This unlocks the code which is keeping the issue running in your mind and you keep repeating the process until all the distress has gone or you can't bring the distress down any more.

Paul McKenna often uses this technique in conjunction with his other methods to help people overcome seemingly impossible cases and he has demonstrated its effectiveness on his Sky One Show " I can change your life" and he has also proved the capabilities of Thought Field Therapy in a Nationwide experiment on ITVs morning program GMTV to cure hundreds of people of their fears and phobias.

Today and increasing numbers of Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists are realizing and practicing Field Thought Therapy, and it has been proved to resolve even the most complex issues a lot quicker than traditional and conventional methods.

Field Thought Therapy is an effective and perfectly safe technique that can be used by anyone and any culture, and once you have learned the technique you can apply it any time you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, and you can use it any time of the day especially if you feel anxious or overwhelmed about a forthcoming event or stressful experience you may have to face in your day to day life.

You focus on what's bothering you or your problem which is often known as tuning in and while you hold the problem in your thought process you then have to perform the sequence of tapping along with the added techniques.

This can be a very effective way of unblocking the blocked energy which releases the negative emotion which has been fuelling your problem and discomfort so you can restore your body back to the correct and healthy balance of energy and you can very quickly overcome fears, phobias and anxiety with this simple technique.

Thought Field Therapy can be used for a whole host of unresolved emotional problems fears and phobias, stressful experiences, emotional traumas, post-traumatic stress, and loss of a loved one or if you have been the victim of a natural disaster or it can be used for everyday worries and anxieties or feelings of overwhelm.

Even doctors and psychologist are starting to accept the fact that the body and mind has an electromagnetic energy field and when we develop a problem and focus on that problem it disrupts  the natural and healthy flow of energy around the mind and body and they are starting to use this Thought Field Therapy as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques on their patients.  

You will know when your bodies in balance because you will experience that sweet calm relaxing feelings where you mind is calm and your muscles are relaxed.

Thought field therapy is a combination between modern day science and ancient Chinese acupuncture, and although it may seem a little strange it is a scientifically proven and effective technique for reducing stress, anger, fears, trauma's, compulsions and depression,

Dr Roger Callahan discovered that tapping in specific patterns on certain acupuncture points of our body, produces rapid, reliable and long term benefits and has a profound effect on our emotions and feelings.

Scientific studies have shown when this tapping procedure is implemented it reduces the amount of stress chemicals in our body and also aids the release of the feel good endorphins which induce states of calm and relaxation to our mind and body. 

This simple and effective technique can also reset the way our brains respond to stress, and scientific studies show that acupuncture can reduce depression and stress by up to 80 percent.


Thought Field Therapy Tapping The Healer Within By Roger Callahan 

This is a paperback book which demonstrates the techniques of how to use Thought Field Therapy and how to very quickly overcome life long fears, phobias, emotional traumas and overwhelm. 



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