Help To Improve Your Memory And The Benefits Of Nutrients

Most people convince themselves they have a bad memory or their memory is getting worse when really it is not that bad, instead they have just merely forgotten how to use it effectively. 

If you're having trouble with your memory, then you should always get it checked out by your doctor.

After you have done that there are a lot of self help help things you can do yourself, one tip that is reputed to help your memory is to go for plenty of walks in the country where you can observe nature. 

Being optimistic and upbeat will also do you the world of good as well as learning to relax deeply.Why some people have an exceptional memory is because they have trained themselves and developed it.

We have two parts to our memory, short term memory which lets us record things that we might need as a one off, for example: we might need to make a one time phone call and our short term memory can hold that information for us for a day or two before it is discarded.

Long term memory is the all important memories we need which become stored as a file in our long term memory bank, a bit like a library or a computer hard drive where we can recall a memory and retrieve the appropriate information as and when needed automatically.

 Our memory is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes. It can pay to keep your mind and memory active, doing puzzles is an excellent way of keeping your memory sharp. 

Another good way of improving your memory is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our emotions help us link memories to specific experiences either good or bad.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors for impairing your memory and interfering with memory function. 

When we are stressed the stress hormone cortisol is released into our blood stream which impairs brain function and causes negative thoughts and poor focus and concentration which can play havoc with our memory recall. 

Other emotional states which can affect our memory is depression and anxiety so try and live an enriched and optimistic life.

Scientists conducted an experiment regarding memory loss. One elderly lady who had lost her husband and was confined to isolation in her home started to experience severe memory loss to the extent where she could not even dress herself. 

However, they put her in a special home amongst other elderly people. 

This was a specially designed enriched environment where they were encouraged to take part in numerous activities, gradually her memory and ability to look after herself improved because her life had taken on a whole new meaning and it had become worthwhile again. 

They also performed an experiment with mice where they put them in a large circular device full of white liquid with just one slightly emerged small platform. 

There was no way for the mice to get out so the only way they could escape the fluid was to swim until they found  the platform. 

Then they injected them with a substance which killed off memory brain cells, when they then immersed them in the container they could no longer find the platform. 

The memory, reduced mice were then left in a specially designed enriched environment a mouse kind of play park for several weeks.

When they were then placed into the container of liquid to the amazement of the scientists they were able to remember the safety platform again. So this leads to the question of can we improve our memory if we start to live a more enriched lifestyle.

Keep Your Mind Active And Train Your Memory

Take up and learn new hobbies and interests, learn another language. Keeping your mind active which can delay any memory reduction. 

Reading is another good way, keeping your memory sharp, also watch more information TV and documentaries. The more enriched and positive your outlook and lifestyle the better your memory will be.

A study conducted by the Oxford University found that the vitamins B6 and B12 combined with folic acid, a type of B vitamin could slow down cognitive decline and help control the high  levels of amino acid homocysteine which have been linked to dementia. 

Make sure you consult your doctor first so you don't exceed the stated dose.

The brain needs good quality nutrients to help it function properly.

Other helpful memory boosters are certain herbs such as ginkgo biloba, lemon balm and the herb sage. Omega 3 is also good to improve brain function.

Some Practical Tips You Can Try To Improve Your Memory 

Our short term memory is limited, it has no permanent mechanism to store information, to store things into our long term memory you have to link things together so you form new neural pathways and connections which will allow you to be able to store the information for longer periods.

The worlds leading memory experts do not have a better memory than you they have just learned and practised a system to remember and connects things together and any one can do it. The best way to remember things is to associate images with the word or item.

A method you can use to help you remember items is by associating images to specific location points along side a route you are familiar with. 

All the things you need to remember should be situated at a location you will encounter along your route. 

The route you choose could be a path you travel regularly outside your house or it could be your route you take to work.

A popular one is a route around your house. First walk around your house you can literally do this or you could do it in your mind, depending on how many items you wish to remember.

Pick out some location points such as furniture, electrical appliances, pictures, mirrors anything that stands out. 

Your starting point could be the kitchen, then in one set sequence go to each room one at a time. Say you start in the kitchen or conservatory and work your way around your house using specific points in each room. 

If you choose your house try and make a mental rehearse walking through your house in the sequence you choose, but stick to the same route each time.

Say you start in the kitchen; find say four or five fixed locations, say for your first point it could be anything like a microwave, then a cooker, then fridge and last the kitchen table. 

That would give you four fixed location points. 

Then move to your next room; say it's the sitting room and choose another fixed point like the TV, then the small sofa, then large sofa, window sill etc. 

Keep moving from room to room, finding a fixed location if your next room is the hall choose a fixed location it could be your phone, picture or ornament, bottom of the stairs, top of the stairs. 

Continue through every room until you have enough locations for the amount of things you want to remember.

If you want to remember more than, say ten items or things to do, you can add more fixed objects per room. Keep going through each room in your mind until you have your route well rehearsed.  

You can try a walk through of your route before you memorize it first. So when you have some things you want to remember for the day. It could be some items you need to fetch from the shop or things you need to do.

An example, could be, you want to remember your shopping list, say you want to buy some bread, milk and butter, etc. 

Begin your route in your mind, say you start in the kitchen and your first location point is the cooker.  Place your first item the loaf of bread  on top of the cooker. .

Then move onto the next piece of furniture or appliance, the next could be the fridge, place your next item on your list on the fridge, then move to the table and so on.

Then proceed through your house room by room and visualize your next item in front of or on your location object: as go along. Why bother doing all this, because it will help improve your memory and recall.

You can give each location a number starting from one to ten or one to twenty. If you want to remember 20 items or more just add another location point to each room. 

If you use a route outside your house remember some familiar points such has people's doorways or signposts or traffic lights shop windows etc.

Then any time you want to check your lists of things you need to remember or do imagine yourself walking through your route starting at point one then move on to the next point and so on, take a look at each location and the task or item should come back to you.

 If you are having trouble on one item either start again or move to the next location and come back later, because even if you forget one item.

You can still move on to the next and still remember the rest of the items on your list. If you want to remember even more items because there is no limit just add a third or a fourth location point in some of the larger rooms

If you want to go further and remember bigger lists just imagine you have another extra level on your house with even more imagined rooms say a games room, study etc. 

Remembering Numbers

You can do the same process if you wish to remember numbers. Attach an object or image to all the numbers between 1 and 9 and replace the number with your object. 

Say for example number nine could be an image of a cat because a cat has nine lives. 

Four could be a tyre, because a car has four tyres, five could be a gold ring because of the twelve days of Christmas song or you could just pick your own image and object it could be anything.

Then lets say you want to remember a new phone number, lets say its start with a 9549.

Just start at your kitchen and on your first location point you would put an image of a cat, then on the next one there would be a gold ring, then a car tyre, then another cat make it a different color and so on.

Use A Story Format To Help You Remember 

Another way of remembering items is by using a story, say you have a list of items you would like to remember, like a hat, umbrella, phone, bag, watch, laptop, picture. 

Make a story up and add in images of the items. 

You could make a story of you walking down the street. It has started to rain so you put up your umbrella, you phone your partner and tell her you have bought a new hat.

You pass someone in the street who has got a bag and watch you like, you pass an advert in a shop with a big picture of a laptop there is also a picture in the shop window, just be creative.

Remembering a stranger's name can be hard for some of us.

A trick memory experts use is to characterize, people's features and link them to an image which sounds a bit like their name so they can easily remember peoples names when they first meet them. 

So lets say you meet someone new called mike, without telling him to pick out any prominent feature on his face. First get yourself focused on their name, say to yourself repeatedly what is their name. 

Then say he as big ears, you could create an image of a microphone clipped to a pair of big ears. 

Another example, you meet a girl called Alison, who has dark eyebrows, you could imagine an ally with a giant pair of dark eyebrows in it.

When you see then weeks later don't try and recall the name think of the distinctive image and connections. It is important to look after your memory, don't lose it because we are lost without it.

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Some promising results have shown that this can be achieved in some cases just by adding one nutrient to your diet and improvements have been noticed in several weeks.

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Medical Disclaimer

The information on this page is for information use purposes and it is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information for the diagnosing or treatment for health conditions. If you suspect that you have a health condition, always consult with your doctor.

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