Subliminal Videos,The Starting Point Of A Better Life

The first rule to achieving a goal or acting the Law of Attraction into motion, is to have a vision, because if you want to get to your final destination, then you will need a road map for your mind to follow, otherwise your goal will have no direction and probably, no, completion or end result.

We have two choices in life, we can live our lives built around our conditioning and limiting beliefs, this is where we allow ourselves to be dictated by our circumstances and current situations.

The trouble is, when you live your life around your circumstances up to date and based around your past conditioning, then most people will probably not be making the most of their creativity.

Or you can live a goal driven life, where you strive to follow your dreams and your true purpose and passions.

The second option, you get to choose what you want to do and have, but before you can pursue your dreams or attempt your personal goals, you will need a clear vision of what you want, so your mind and the universe can help to guide you how to get there.

When you set your goals or make your intentions, you have not got to try and work out the how you're going to get there, that is the job of the universe, your first step, is to have a vision of what you want and have a strong faith that you can accomplish your goals, before you can see or know how it is possible.

When you create a vision of what you want and you back it up with strong positive emotions, then the how part, will reveal itself to you, bit by bit as you go, your job then, is to do the action work.

To get the wheels of the universal forces in motion, you will be required to do two things, the first is to have a visual outcome of what it is that you want to achieve, the second step, is to have that vision powered and driven by strong positive emotions.

When most people set themselves a goal, they are often coming from a negative place of deep frustration or desperation, neither are the right energies that you need to achieve your dreams in the quickest time possible.

There are many thousands of people who work hard to achieve their goals, and although you can get there by working hard, ideally you want to take the path of least resistance, many people work hard, yet they never seem to achieve their goals.

Sometimes, you think that you're doing everything right, you put in the long hours, blood, sweat and tears, and yet you still struggle.

This can leave you feeling very frustrated and exhausted, it just seems as if you're doing everything right, yet there is still something missing.

You read all the books, articles and you follow all the information, yet you still find that your goal and the results you want and think you deserve, still seems to elude you.

When people try to apply the Law of Attraction, they sometimes tend to over complicate things, and when they find that they don't get the results they feel they should be getting, they learn more, and try even harder and harder.

Life is not as always as complicated as we try to make it, and the Law of Attraction, is quite a simple process.
  1. Know/ask, what you want
  2. Create a vision of what you want
  3. Hand over your goals and desires to the universe
  4. Have faith and belief in the process
  5. Make sure you're in alignment with your goals or intention 
  6. Practice the art of allowing
  7. Take action and keep taking action towards your goal 

A Vision Is The Starting Point Of All Creation

Most people have trouble with the visualization process and feeling the positive emotions, and you need the feelings and emotions to be able to get your mind and the universe working for you.

Having a clear vision in your mind is the starting point of all creation, and you cannot achieve a goal without having a clear vision of it.

Unless you have a clear and concise vision, you're not going to know what you really want to do and how you're going to get there.

The visualization process, will put you on the right path and it will give your mind clear instructions to what you want.

Trying to visualize the old fashion way, require a strong mental focus and concentration, most people struggle to achieve visualize at a consistent level, either their minds wander, or their visualization varies a bit each time.

Imagine you are going on a journey, you set your final destination on your satellite navigation,  but your sat nav, keeps on changing the route slightly, the poor directions will make it difficult for you to get to your final destination.

A vision board is good, because they work, by getting you to focus on what you want and how you should feel.

If you want a better version of a vision board, then Subliminal Video's can do all the hard and tedious work for you, by helping you to stir up those positive emotions, deliver powerful positive affirmations to your all powerful and all creative subconscious mind and give your mind a clear end vision of what you want.

The Advantages Of Subliminal Vision Boards

Subliminal videos use a combination of, words, images which are backed up by upbeat or happy music which have designed to bring about fast positive changes. 

The big advantages of using subliminal messages and images are they can access your subconscious mind unchallenged and undetected by your critical logical mind.

How it works is, the positive suggestions and affirmations will go past your senses, so fast that your objective and critical mind will not have a chance to reject them and sabotage your efforts. 

Subliminal videos attack your mind on three levels, first you have the written positive affirmations, secondly, they bombard your mind with beautiful subliminal images of the things you want to manifest into your life. 

The idea of this is to set a blueprint for your mind to follow which will set the all powerful universal creation process into motion.

But the positive benefits do not stop there because thirdly, the beautiful imagery and the feel good beats and music will drum up those all important good feeling emotions. This is vital because the universe responds to feelings and without those positive emotions the changes you want will not happen.

Because those positive emotions are the best and only way to make the changes you desire. Your subconscious mind is the powerhouse, it controls nearly all of your thinking, actions, behaviors and your reality, so it is wise to feed it with as much positive input as possible. 

Most people know that visualization is the tool set the blueprint for your goals, creative visualization will get your mind to link up with the universal laws of creation which will bring to you all the information, idea's, circumstances, people, universal guidance and opportunities that will be required to achieve that better life.

To change on the outside you first have to change your inner beliefs and programming on the inside. We learn through repetition, your life experience at the moment is based on your past conditioning and beliefs. 

Too make any positive changes you will first have to replace any negative conditioning with new, supportive, positive programming, because you cannot make positive changes with those old limiting subconscious beliefs. 

Change Your Beliefs Change Your World

When you change your inner beliefs, then your outer reality will start to change, this where you are now is due to your previous mental programming, your mind is allowing you to perceive what is a match to your present set of belief systems. 

So if you want to change your life, then you first have to change your core beliefs and you can achieve that through subliminal messages and images.

Subliminal videos will allow you to become a vibrational match to the things you want to manifest, which is the key ingredient needed for you to sustain and complete your goals, because the universe responds to your subconscious beliefs and the feelings you omit out. 

Just by investing a few minutes of your day watching a subliminal video can bring about significant positive changes to your life, in other words, they do all the hard work for you which means no more trying to force yourself to visualize against you will. 

Because there is nothing harder than to spend fifteen minutes or so visualizing each day and trying to feel good at the same time whilst you do it especially after a long hard day. 

People just find visualizing tedious, they can do the visualizing but they find it hard to conjure up those all important feel good emotions and without the emotion affirmations and visualization are worthless.

Because it is also very hard to stay focused on your visualizing, because your mind soon tends to wander onto something else. The beauty of subliminal videos is, you don't have to concentrate and focus, you just hit play, sit back, relax and watch.

Another problem is, you need to keep your visualizing consistent but it can be hard to achieve this, and what usually happens is most people vary there visualization a bit each time they do it.

This is why subliminal videos are so effective, firstly they are consistent and tailored to suit you, secondly the byepass your critical conscious mind. 

Thirdly the combination of the soothing and beautiful music with the positive, brilliant images help to evoke those good feeling emotions that are essential for success and life improving changes.

Subliminal videos will help too inspire you too take positive action, they will ignite your inner creative abilities and talents, they will set the universal wheels of creation into motion.

If you keep watching them, then they will keep you focused on how great your life can be and will be, this will enable you to go on to accomplish your goals and desires by putting you into the positive vibration of what you want.

 Use The Creative Gifts You Have Been Given 

What separates us humans from the animal kingdom is, we have been given the ability to create and design our own life and environment through the creative power of our thoughts and imagination. 

We all have the opportunity to dream and imagine anything we wish and we all have the ability to bring those dreams into reality by using the materials and resources that nature has provided us with.

Creative visualization has many benefits many which are backed by countless scientific research. 

Many studies have proven that visualization can improve your memory, your skill levels how you feel because your nervous system cannot tell the difference from an imagined situation and a real life one therefore it can quickly impress your subconscious mind which is where your power to change lies.

Creative visualization is the starting point to changing your life and your future, whether that be, to access more wealth, improve your health, forming new or better your existing relationships, weight loss or starting a new business to name a few. 

Subliminal videos not only take the hard work and all the effort out of creative visualization they will also give you a cutting edge over the more traditional ways of visualization.

You Have To Generate The Right Emotions Positive 

The secret to getting the law of attraction to work for you in a positive way is knowing how to use the right tools in the correct way on a consistent basis to take you to the next level of manifestation. 

The ones who have successfully mastered the law of attraction have gone on to create the life of their choice, they know how to utilize their creative powers and they know how to keep focused on their desires even when things are not always going well.

We all know that the law of attraction when used right can change your life, the hard part is to keep out of those negative states and to remain in the feel good frequency ranges and stay in the zone. 

To become who you want and to live the life you want, you have to make the law of attraction a way of life, you cannot apply it part time and expect big results.

There is no point in watching a subliminal attraction video and getting yourself all inspired, motivated and upbeat if a bit later you're going to go back to thinking negative. 

Once you have watched them you need to keep the positive momentum, going so you need to quickly dismiss any negative thoughts and only think about things that will make you feel good.

The video below is a small sample which will demonstrate what you can create. With subliminal videos once you have made your own personal creative attraction movie and you have added your own affirmation to benefit you then it will be  exactly the same each time you watch it with no deviation. 

You might think that it is difficult to create a personal movie that looks as good as the demonstration one, but attraction movies are simple, easy and fun to create and you can begin to see and notice the results and changes within a few weeks of regularly watching them.

Most of us have been conditioned to see the negative first, your life is based on layers of past perceptions, experiences and memories many of which are bad experiences or limiting beliefs. 

You cannot allow your past to restrict your future because your future is just possibilities that are waiting to happen depending on your intentions and your energy, so make your intentions good and your energy positively.

Subliminal videos will help to change those limiting negative beliefs so you begin to see the positive even in times of adversity. What the attraction movies do is, they arrange and bring to you all the synchronicity, idea's, information and opportunities, then it is up to you to take inspired immediate action. 

Because the universe, however, cannot do the action part for you.

Subliminal Videos The Easy Way To Manifest Your Goals

This new technology, which is backed by scientific evidence means no more pain stakingenly tedious visualization, don't get me wrong visualizing is a powerful tool if you have the dedication necessary to make it work  

The advantage of subliminal videos is you can add your own affirmations and pictures along with your very own favorite music, all this combined will automatically raise your vibration and give you the feel good emotion which is required. 

Subliminal videos takes the old concept of vision boards and affirmations to a whole new level. Subliminal videos are the new tool to get the Law of Attracting to work for you. 

But not only that the images and affirmations will not change from day to day, unlike most peoples visualization attempts meaning your goals will be constant and clear with no chance of unwanted deviations.

Subliminal videos should be used every day until you get the desired results, they will speed up your dreams, but you must take action on the ideas that will flood to you, especially if your goals are more wealth. 

Subliminal videos have long been proven to impact your thinking and change your beliefs, It has also been proven that it takes around 21 days for any new thought pattern to become a habit. 

So if you use subliminal messages for at least 21 days straight, you will develop a new habit and a different but better way of thinking. It can also help to have occasional top ups if and when needed. 

Especially if you need a little extra bit of motivation. When you use subliminal videos you will experience better thoughts, better emotions and better idea's, outcomes and actions.

Attraction Movies To Do The Hard Work For You

You may have seen the Law of Attraction at work bringing you positive results in your own life, at times. But if you’re not using the right tools for the job! That’s right. 

At this moment, you’re using ‘manifestation’ techniques that are dated and probably they are just aren’t good to truly activate the Law of Attraction.

It’s like trying to play Bach with a children’s keyboard. Or write elegant scripture with crayons. You might get some results, but it just isn't powerful enough. 

Most people understand the basic principles too manifesting which are your thoughts, feelings and emotions, we all know the key to successful manifestation is visualizing and using your imagination.

Subliminal self help videos will give you a shortcut that will help you achieve your dreams and goals much quicker. This means you can start to experience the results you want without having to force yourself to visualize each night.


 Life Changing Subliminal Videos

Subliminal videos will help you to move towards your dreams and goals because they can easily help you to access, influence and reprogram your all powerful subconscious mind.  

So why not forget about all the laborious 19th century visualization techniques and take the easier route and allow modern technology to do all the hard work for you. 

The best time to play your subliminal videos is, just before you drop off too sleep or first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up.



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